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Need help identifying synthesizer toy from the 80s

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No longer a newbie!
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When I was a kid in rural California in the early 1980s I went to a day care facility where they had various toys. One time there was a toy that was in reality a kind of loop synth kind of similar to a 303. It was essentially a ray gun toy but there were various knobs for attack, decay like a real synthesizer would have. When you held the "trigger" down, your loop would play and you could adjust the knobs while you had it held down. I only got to play with it for a few minutes because there were a lot of kids to share with.

I'm asking here instead of at a vintage toy forum because of the nature of the toy, in my memory it was more like a beginner synthesizer than like a crappy toy raygun. Do any of you remember anything like this? I'd like to buy one as a gift for my nephews.


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