Towards a DNC For the People

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Towards a DNC For the People

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In part this is an email from Tulsi Gabbard (U.S. Rep. Hawaii) ---

The DNC’s approach of casting out those who haven’t fallen in line with the establishment and who are demanding real reform is destined for failure and further losses. While we await the final recommendations of the DNC’s Unity Reform Commission, we must make sure our voices are heard now, as we fight for a new path forward that is more inclusive and strengthens our democracy.

Will you sign our petition demanding the DNC establish accountability measures in their decision-making processes, eliminate undemocratic superdelegates, and ensure open or same-day registration primaries to ensure we return to a party structure that is about people? ... 71030-subb

It doesn't matter if you supported Hillary or Bernie—it’s long past time to stop the counterproductive infighting and name calling.