Oh Boy - More News Out of Gloucester - Headless Tuna Update

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Island Annie wrote: Imagining the conversation on the call to Tally's....

They were probably wondering what's the charge for  tuna tow!

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"The mysterious autumnal tale of Gloucester's headless bluefin tuna has taken another arresting turn."

A beautiful lead !

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Sean Horgan rocks.  Underrated, overlooked - he never fails to entertain while informing.

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Well after extreme detective investigation they caught the one person north of Annisquam who is likely to pull such a stunt and entertain the entire nation for a few days in the middle of despair about more serious transgressions. I bet Trevor Slattery is about as astonished as I am.
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Astonished?  Not so much.
I am however bewildered at the fact that these two career criminals couldn't hatch a better plan, not get caught on video, leave evidence in the neighborhood, etc etc etc
They deserve every page of the book about to be thrown at them.  
As they say, Karma's a bitch.

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And there's more per the GD Times:
The Gloucester man accused of dumping a headless 400-pound bluefin tuna in the woods off Revere Street was arraigned Monday on three state charges and was served an enforcement action from NOAA's Office of Law Enforcement for landing a tuna out of season.
Harold E. Wentworth, 40, of 24 Liberty St., was arraigned in Gloucester District Court on charges of improper disposal of waste, expelling trash or litter from a motor vehicle, and operating a motor vehicle after suspension of his license for operating under the influence.
Wentworth's first pre-trial hearing is set for Feb. 5 in Gloucester District Court.

Later, as was foreshadowed in the criminal complaint against Wentworth, officers from NOAA's Office of Law Enforcement served him with the enforcement action report for illegally harvesting tuna out of season.
Ally Rogers, OLE spokeswoman, confirmed the enforcement action report was served, but said she had no current information whether other crew members of the fishing vessel Went-Way will be served similar enforcement actions for participating in the illegal harvesting and landing of the tuna.
She also said it was not clear at this point how the separate state and federal cases will proceed.
Officers of the Massachusetts Environmental Police arrested Wentworth on Friday evening as he returned to Rockport from fishing on the first day of the reopening of tuna season. He was booked at Rockport Police Station and was released on bail Friday night, according to police.
Wentworth is accused of illegally harvesting the giant bluefin tuna and landing it off the Went-Way at the Pigeon Cove Fishermen's Co-Op in Rockport on Oct. 20 — 15 days after the close of the initial fall tuna season. The landing, according to police, was caught on surveillance footage. 

Then, according to the investigation report that also involved NOAA OLE agents and police from Rockport and Gloucester, a witness observed Wentworth dragging the tuna carcass behind a vehicle as he drove up Revere Street on Oct. 23 before dumping it onto private property in the woods opposite 59 Revere St.
Authorities recovered the tuna carcass from the woods on Oct. 24, using a wrecker from Tally's.
The Environmental Police said in its criminal complaint that it also possesses surveillance footage of Wentworth driving the vehicle up Revere Street, dragging a large object behind it.
Ben Richard, the attorney representing Wentworth, did not immediately respond Monday to requests for comment.
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