Jason Grow WWII veterans photos

Jason Grow WWII veterans photos

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23 Nov 2017, 16:25 #1

Closing this weekend at the Cape Ann museum. If you haven't seen them, go. A fantastic job
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23 Nov 2017, 16:44 #2

It is even better than the original show at City Hall. You can see them all at once...which gives it more presence as a collection.

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23 Nov 2017, 20:59 #3

I regret missing Jason’s talk last week at the museum as well as the CAM exhibit. My former landlord’s photo is really wonderful.

Perhaps, I hope, he’ll be showing the WWII Veteran photos again at the Legion Hall’s 2018 centennial???

BTW the Veteran’s Day wreaths in front of the Legion were beautifully in abundance (nearly a dozen) and on sturdy poles zip tied. They withstood some good winds and looked great.