Happy Indigenous People's Day!

Happy Indigenous People's Day!

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09 Oct 2017, 18:36 #1

At least in Cambridge, Denver and many other cities across the country. If the feds decide to officially change the name of Columbus day, would you be ok with it?

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I call October 9 Lief Erikson Day anyway.
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I think it's odd that Columbus never stepped foot in North America. He landed in the Caribbean were he brought disease and pestilence and he may have been Spanish and not Italian. Not to mention others were in North America before Columbus, yet we still celebrate him. At least I get the day off.

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Well this will be something to keep people busy before it is time to pretend people don't let them say Merry Christmas.

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Columbus Day needs to fade away...but 'Indigenous Peoples' Day' is not the right replacement name, even if the sentiment and reasons behind it are sound.

Dun Fudgin
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I don't believe Columbus ever set foot in Ohio yet they named a city after him! If they dump Columbus Day to Indigenous Day they'd have to rename the city Indigenous, Ohio! Makes proper sense to me.

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Celebrating Columbus Day is like celebrating "Hitler Day". Aside from the disgrace of honoring this turd, what is the significance? A 3 day weekend for some? How many are GLAD he came to the Carribean and remember him fondly? At all?