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I don't want to start yet another Fuller discussion, so I'm going to lock and pin this for a while as an information-only topic.  There really is no short version when it comes to the Fuller property story, but I'll try.  I'm prompted to do this after realizing that many residents are unaware of what is happening at the property.  Feel free to share.

In 2015, the City put out an RFP to purchase/develop the Fuller property.  One response was submitted, the Administration negotiated for over a year and signed a purchase and sale with Fuller Mixed Use Ventures LLC (FMUV) - a joint venture by the Y, Sam Park and Windover/Dolben.  The proposal is for a new YMCA (Y), some retail (Park) and 200 luxury one and two bedroom rental units (Windover/Dolben).

By City Ordinance, the developer is required to make 15% of the units (30 units) affordable.  The ordinance allows for the developer to make a case to the City Council that providing affordable units on-site would create an economic hardship and the Council can allow a payment-in-lieu of on-site affordable.  At various City meetings, the developer has made it clear that they are taking a firm stand against providing affordable and are requesting they be allowed to make a payment in-lieu as part of the Special Permit process which has just begun (the deal has not yet closed).

FMUV responded to the RFP with an offer of $5.1m.  During negotiations, they offered to add $500,000 more to the purchase price as a contribution to the Housing Trust in-lieu of affordable inclusion.  The Administration accepted the proposal and signed a P & S.  At some point after, the Administration stated that the City would transfer $1.5m from the now $5.6m purchase price to the Housing Trust to satisfy the inclusionary housing ordinance obligation.  The developer is offering $500,000. and the City is kicking in $1m from the sale proceeds.  The Mayor has said that we can just call the purchase price $4.1m.  Those negotiations did not follow the ordinance procedure (the Administration does not have the authority to make a deal regarding the Inclusionary Housing Ordinance) and FMUV is now making their hardship case to the Planning Board and ultimately, the full City Council, who will vote on the Special Permit and its terms.

At a City Council hearing to approve the Overlay Zoning for the property, many residents spoke in support of the project in general but also spoke against allowing the payment in-lieu of providing the 30 affordable units.  This issue is the biggest sticking point for many residents, as is how much the actual payment in-lieu would be and the fact the developer wants to make the payment in-lieu from the purchase price.

There are all kinds of issues and opinions surrounding the enforcement of the inclusionary housing ordinance for this project.  You can follow that in this thread as well as keeping up with meetings and the progress of the Special Permit application:


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