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October 11th, 2017, 1:04 pm #1

And Twitter is having fun:


Brace yourselves, here come the Facebookers #facebookdown

So #facebookdown I was just in the middle of taking a quiz on which flavor chip I am 

Facebook is down, global productivity is up. #facebookdown

BREAKING NEWS: Millions of people deprived of birthday wishes. #facebookdown

refresh refresh refresh. turn off wifi. turn on wifi. refresh. google search "is Facebook down"  #facebookdown 

Omg! #facebookdown How will people know your kid went to school? How will people know you did something w/o them?

Facebook is down and thousands suddenly don't know what to do on their lunch break. #facebookdown 

Just Finished Going Door to Door
to Show My Neighbors what I have
for Breakfast. Now It's cold and Soggy. 
Thanks For Nothing  #facebookdown

We've resorted to post it notes on our office wall with all the clever things we'd be posting now! #facebookdown