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Huck Finn wrote: Captain Carlo Bronco Sinagra was my cousin. His mother Margret Todd Sinagra was my fathers sister. His father Joe Sinagra Senior's sister was Margret Sinagra Destino. Little Joe as we called him was Carlo's brother who passed away a few years ago. Carlo's widow Phylis Sinagra who was a look a like for Jaqualin Kennedy also died a few years back due to a complication in a proceedure at Brigham & Womens Hospital. My fathers sister Margret passed away one could say twice. First was at the viewing of her granddaughters wake after being killed near the Crows Nest , the final was at the AGH soon afterwood. James Sinagra was Joe's brother and he was the father of the Late Lucky Sinagra who used to be the Meat cutter at the old Stop & Shop. Glenn Guittar was I believe the son of Sandy Guittar. They are sadly missed . Of what I know of the family boats would be the Etta Kay, The Dawn , and The Alligator.

Huck Finn
Hey Huck,
I’m the great granddaughter of Margaret and Joe Sinagra...The little Joe you reference Carlos brother is my grandfather, my fathers father... I totally forgot about nana Margaret falling sick after the death of my Aunt Vickie! I’ll never forget going to visit Nana Margaret at the elderly housing on prospect street...she always gave my brother and I a dollar and some candy, I’ll always remember how elegant she was, her hair was always perfect and she dressed to impress...Miss them all dearly

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A Sinagra,
  Ouch,  Unfortunately Huck Finn has also passed on. His wife survives and I see her at Georges sometimes. I am sure you know both her and Huck and will try to send you a message on here.

I sent you a private message.
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Thanks for sharing your memories, A Sinagra.

Love this:  " ... her hair was always perfect and she dressed to impress ..."

I know several ladies of a certain age who fit that description and they totally rock.

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seeing these old posts is sad.  Frosty, who posted about being in a fatal accident, later died herself in a fatal accident.
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