Western PA Solo Canoe Rendevous

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Western PA Solo Canoe Rendezvous 2017 - A reminder, and fresh invitation, to everyone to what will be the 10th annual Western PA Solo Canoe Rendezvous. Held always the first full weekend in June, which this year will be June 2/3/4, (Friday-Sunday) 2017, at our regular home at Cooper’s Lake Campground, Portersville/Slippery Rock PA. A deliberately informal gathering of enthusiasts and afficianados of solo canoes in particular (but tandems are welcome too…) We have the best of the current canoe manufacturers present (Hemlock, Colden, Savage River, Slipstream, Merrimack, Dogpaddle, possibly others) with demo models for you to try out; a selection of classic canoes that you just don’t see that often; some FreeStyle paddling instruction and Interpretive demos; a Candlelight paddle over the night-darkened pond if the weather allows; some beautifully restored wood/canvas canoes from our local Three Rivers Chapter of WCHA; and much else. An event dedicated to the goal of immersing oneself in canoes and canoe folks in all of their variety and diversity for 60-some hours to the Exclusion of All Other Reality. The event itself is free, though our host campground assesses a fee for camping and for day-trippers. Information is available at our websitehttp://www.wpascr.org

(click on “message board” – anything with 2017 in the thread title will contain current info, and clicking on “prior years” will take you to pictures of Rendezvous’ past) and also on our Facebook page (“Western PA Solo Canoe Rendezvous”). You can “like” us there, but you’ll like us a whole lot more in real life, so come be with us. It’s a Very Nice Affair Indeed! See you there…