Fall Lake Info

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July 7th, 2017, 12:34 am #1

I'm planning a trip to Fall Lake Campground in September. We'll camp there and day trip. I've been through Newton and Pipestone portages and all the way to Crooked before, but what else connects to Fall? I'm looking at the portage to Muskeg/Mud/Ella Hall but finding little info on those lakes. I also recall wasn't there a long trail to Basswood from there? What info is there about that? Can portage wheels be used on that if it still exists? I also recall the rumor of a sunken steam engine off the end of the long portage in Basswood. I notice the full length of that portage from Fall to Basswood is not marked on the Paddle Planner map. Also is the creek from Mud to Muskeg to Basswood navigable? What about the creek from Ella Hall to Good and portage into Basswood? Are those creeks navigable in September or are they too low by then? Any hot fishing spots over that way? What other activities are going on in September if a day trip is by car instead of canoe? Any feedback would be welcome. Thanks.