Want RMC Uniforms? Shameless Greedy Plug

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Want RMC Uniforms? Shameless Greedy Plug

John Cameron
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John Cameron

28 Jun 2007, 10:56 #1

The following four RMC Scarlet tunics are surplus to my collection and rather than EBay them, I'm
offering them as a LOT on a first come first served basis to the denizens of the board:

1. X88 Experimental tunic made of melton.
2. Sealed Pattern RMC Woman's tunic.
3. Tunic X87 Experimental, without buttons (never had any).
4. Standard issue tunic.
All are in excellent to unissued condition, some minor shelf marks from storage on a couple of them.
I'm looking for $100 for the LOT, that works out to only $25 EACH, people. Shipping is extra at cost. If the buyer is in the Ottawa area, they can be picked up to save shipping costs, and also get a FREE postwar Cdn Army Greatcoat.
I accept cash, rare wines, or gold pressed latinum.... Paypal or Interact preferred.

I also have a quantity of Sealed Pattern DEU items such as green, blue and tan shirts, jackets etc. I'll be putting up a list on my website shortly. Prices will be about $5.00 each plus shipping or FREE (shipping costs only) to Canadian Museums Association or Organisation Of Military Museums of Canada members.


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06 Jan 2017, 21:54 #2

Hi John, I know you posted this ad 10 years ago, but I've just stumbled upon it now. Are you still in Ottawa and do you still have military memrobeilia available?

Please contact me if you do! Cheers

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09 Jan 2017, 20:11 #3

Rebecca - I believe John Cameron still runs the online Military Police Museum, and you may have more luck contacting him directly via his website.


Good luck.
Michael Dorosh