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Jim Abbot
Jim Abbot

6:03 PM - Sep 12, 2007 #1

I just looked at the back of my PCMR cap badge and noticed a manufacturers name I had not seen before. PMP Ltd., Vancouver. They also have a logo on it, a conjoined MP like the RCMP uses. Does this mean anything to anybody? It has folding tangs, mounted vertically; that is they fold up and down.



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12:17 AM - Oct 09, 2018 #2

Hi Jim,  

Yes, the manufacturer was "Pressed Metal Products" (PMP) of Vancouver. I recently showed the former owner of PMP one of my PCMR badges and he was very pleased to learn they are of interest to collectors!

The Dry-Bak uniforms of the PCMR were made (mainly?) by Jones Tent and Awning of West 11th Avenue in Vancouver. It is interesting that the Bessborough Armoury was (and still is) at 2015 W 11th Avenue, across the street from Jones Tent and Awning.

The officer responsible for the PCMR was a former WWI 29th Bn CEF officer: LCol T.A.H. (Tammy) Taylor. LCol Taylor was responsible for amost 15,000 armed reserve soldiers, and his office was somewhere in Bessborough Armoury. We, of the 15th Field Artillery Regiment Museum and Archives, would love to know which office he occupied so that we can place an appropriate plaque on the door. Any help finding this information would be very welcome.

Our Museum is also interested in obtaining PCMR material, in addition to the jacket, rifle, capbadge and copies of The Ranger that are already in our collection. 

Stu McDonald