New Book "Canuck GI: The Peculiar Life of a Canadian Soldier"

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New Book "Canuck GI: The Peculiar Life of a Canadian Soldier"

Peter A. Brandt
Peter A. Brandt

July 5th, 2010, 3:59 am #1

Hi everyone,
I wanted to get the word out that I have a new book just released titled "Canuck GI: The Peculiar Life of a Canadian Soldier." When I was in high school I was what you would consider a "late bloomer" in body and mind. I knew it was time to leave my parents home and I decided, after my father put the idea in my head, to join the army.

I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I headed for boot camp and although I was small for my age, my inner tenacity kept me going and before long I was a member of the 2nd Battalion, Royal Canadian Regiment. The military was nothing like anything I had imagined and I must admit I was caught off guard. But that didn't make me quit (although at times I really thought about it) and after 20 years (and a remuster to Aero Engine Technican) I retired.

I have put together a video about myself and my new website you can view below.

I have a really cool website with pictures and videos and I invited you to come and view it. All of my books can be seen at my website. The link to Canuck GI is below. ... randt.html

To purchase it in Canada, please see ... 668&sr=1-9

At the bottom of each book page are links to amazon locations around the world where you can buy my book.

Anyway, thanks for letting me post. I hope you come and visit my website.

Peter A. Brandt