kampfgruppe chill

richard binkhuysen
richard binkhuysen

April 19th, 2008, 12:53 pm #1

Surching for all kinds of information about KG Chill.
In return I can give some information you don't know.

For instance there are still some trenches left of the HKL That ran from the "Engte van Woensdrecht"(small strip of land between Easter and Wester Scheldt :"Stelling van Bath" build by the Dutch) towards Wouwse Plantage.
On that part of the HKL was on the left and right,the 16e Schiff Stamm Abteilung of the Kriegsmarine was stationed and in the middle the Fliegerhorst(airfield) wich had on the east,south and west minefields.

The northern part of that line was Southernsection of the Panzer Sperre "De Zoom"under Nieuw-Borgvliet and Molenbeek (Bergen op Zoom)
Just a few weeks ago the last section was demolished.

Northernsection of Panzer Sperre "De Zoom" :Waterschans(Bergen op Zoom)-Railwayline Bergen op Zoom/Roosendaal.

Easter Section:Railwayline towards Vijverberg-towards roundabout sportcomplex Roozenoord.

Last part that never was build was a large minefield:Roundabout Roozenoord/Mondaf(Lager for refuling and rearming Panzers)/Molenbeek)

Kampgruppe Dreyer was called Hermann Goering Division by the Germans
Lt Col von der Heydte was ordered to Germany and gave command of FJR6 to Cpt von Heutz on Oct 27 1944 and FJR6 without the exeption of 10Komp was releaved by HG Div. and Dreyer was put in charge to develop an attack on Antwerp(Fall Braun) in accordance with the Battle of the Bulge.
His HQ was in a farm at Nieuw-Vossemeer.
Dutch underground fighters of the O.D. (Orde Dienst-Military Wing),battled for 5 days with one Zug of approx 25 german paratroopers armement: MG and mortar near this HQ.
Positioned in the ferryhouse in Oud-Vossemeer they tried to keep the only mainlandlink,the ferry,from destruction.
They failed earlier at the Tholen Bridge.
Most of the time 5 resistance fighters,armed with a few rifles,one stengun and a some granades.
They lost one man and captured one Leutnant Meuller,obergefreiter and one jeager before the candians arrived 5 days later.
And although everything was told by dutch spies there was not much that they could do.
Sametime 2 officers and personal friends of Dreyer deserted ,but he thought they were captured.
He was furious to lose 3 Officers within a few days.Also Armenians of the 743 Bau Pioniere Btl surrenderd or deserted.
They had a longtime arrangment for an uprise with Dutch resistance but were all arrested (the England Spiel-King Kong case)
Several times they tried to contact the Allies

In the railwaydam(under Mattenburg) were everybody is talking about,only 4 heavely armed paratroopers were stationed.
Maybe the remnents of 1018I.R. were stationed somewhat further down the line towards Rilland.

And last what I heard was that only 2 paratroopers were responsible for the carnage at the Huybergsebaan that was litterd with Allied wrecks.
104 man of HG were captured in Huybergen

Canadians give rapport about recovering an Elephant at Woensdrecht during the battle.

Dutch give report about 30(pantservoertuigen)panzer/armouredcars parked at Parallelweg in the evening(near trainstation)

German forward artillery observer give report about a sonic boom and a Tiger tank who fires just behind him.
Germans use a captured Sherman on the eastside of the Airfield.
Tankcrews operate in 24hour shifts.refueling at Mondaf.
Crew is quartered in Halsteren.

Berlin used the radiopost in Woensdrecht(And I'm not sure if this is the one at the airfield or the in the polder) to keep contact with Ijmuiden(NL),St Nazaire(France) and the U Boats in the Atlantic

Germans knew on 4 sept 1944 (before Market Garden)that a large attack will take place due to large movement of armour from Antwerp over Turnhout towards Geel.
From Antwerp towards the north is no largescale offensive movement to be expected
Order for 85ID to prepair movement to Woensdrecht is given.
Main target for FJR6 is Bidge at Beeringen (Belgium)

HQ Chill : Kasteeltje Plantage Centrum.

HQ von der Heydte:Villa Mattenburg,Don Camillo (Grote Markt-Bergen op Zoom),Villa Bergina (Halsterseweg-Halsteren nowadays Bergen op Zoom)