How the Communists won WWII

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I noted that Chris posted a link to some Camp X info and also an Esprit de Corps publication about crime and corruption in the Canadian military. 

I also noted the take on Prime Minister Harper vs. Pierre Trudeau. I totally agree with the comment that who do not have to have military experience 
to be a good Prime Minister. 

I would just like to add my own recommendation for a book that needs to be read. It is AMERICAN BETRAYAL by Diana West published by St. Martin's Griffin, New York 2013.  It sort of mirrors the work 
I am doing regarding Canadians in British Intelligence. It confirms the fact that the western allies, in particular President Roosevelt, were deliberately working
to hand as much of the world over to global Communism as possible. In Canada it was the King government and in the UK the Labour branch of Churchill's coalition government. 

As for Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, the riding around Montreal with a German helmet propped atop his brainless noggin is the last of our worries. What I have been trying to pry from the Canadian government
is proof that in 1944 when Pierre was attending Harvard that he was a member of their Communist/Socialist Youth Group ( along with many other confirmed Soviet agents) and was a courier for Soviet agents working out of Earl Browders Communist Party of the USA. This at the same time that future Prime Minister Lester Pearson was a member of External Affairs in Washington. Former GRU agent Elizabeth Bentley's testimony describes Trudeau to a certainty while also stating that Pearson was also handing military secrets over to the GRU.  

I'd like to see Esprit de Corps cover that!  In fact I contacted them about my research and typically NO REPLY.