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Suggestions for newer detectorist

Detector Man
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Detector Man
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April 11th, 2018, 3:13 pm #1

Great advice from one of the forum masters (sincerely)....
my humble opinion about metal detecting......MD ing is also known as dirt fishing...when you purchase a fishing license you do not get a guarantee that you will catch fish. As a newer guy here is what I think about detecting and equipment. When i retired i tried astronomy....not for me i found out quickly - very quickly. I tried detecting and i was instantly hooked!...i dont care if it was a quarter or a diamond/gold was love at first sight. I dont care what i dig up, i always get a rushhhhhhh.....ive dug up more than my share of me.
HOWEVER here are my own rules if you get into this hobby.

RULE ONE it does not matter what machine you use, you have to get that coil over the target.
RULE TWO most targets are merely inches from the surface WAITING for your coil to go over them and be dug up
RULE THREE you should dig up time you will figure out why
RULE FOUR the most expensive machine is COMPLICATED to operate if you have minimal experience (I know from personal experience) and you will be frustrated and there is
no guarantee you will find MORE treasures with high end machine
RULE FIVE no need for pinpointer -just an addictional cost - if your machine pinpoints decently...i have one and i never use it with my "old" school detector
RULE SIX if your machine has tones, focus on that. Tones will tell you a LOT.
RULE SEVEN dont bother with 20 machines. It does not make you a collector it makes you a HOARDER. Unless youre been at it 20-40yrs.
Select one ALL purpose machine like the MXT will do it all. If that is over the budget the darling low end machine is the Garrett ACE (various models available) and neither do not need to be new. There are MANY great machines available on various forums.

Do not waste your money on the machine du jour. In the next 6 months there will be MANY other new machines du jour. Thats just the way it works......more bells and whistles allegedly without ANY guarantee you will find more....All machines have their minuses and some plusses
I hope the Minelab lovers will not pounce on me very hard. Personally i like my XLT and my MXT Pro but to each his could buy several MXT Pro machines for the price one minelab.......

Dont ever forget my NUMBER ONE RULE !!! i cannot stress that one enough. Does not matter how much or how little your machine cost if that coil is NOT over that target, it wont matter.
There is a rules of conduct i chose not to get into that....look it up....and have the proper digging tools to recover your target. Again it does not need to be a 40 dollar lesche trowel/shovel. Plenty of great alternatives.

Thank you for reading my post.

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