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Spoilers for the week of July 31st

Monday July 31:
Sharon gets another disturbing call from Crystal on the hotline.
Hilary reveals to Jordan that she got the commercial.
Cane works to hide his actions from Lily.

Tuesday August 1:
Billy gives Jesse a choice.
Victoria and Billy battle back.
Lily asks Cane what he's done.
Jordan makes an admission to Hilary.
Sharon's attempt to help backfires.

Wednesday August 2:
Lily has finally had enough.
Lauren wants a truce.
Phyllis wants Billy to back away from Victoria.

Thursday August 3:
Victor shows his power.
Nikki justifies her dalliance with Jack.
Victor's concerned about Victoria.
Mariah's feelings are obvious.

Friday August 4:
Phyllis schemes to keep Victoria and Billy apart.
Mariah speaks honestly with Devon.
Nick squares off with Scott.


Cane's attempt to shield Lily backfires.
Billy pressures Jesse.
Nikki and Jack's romantic clinch at the Abbott cabin is photographed through the window.

Coming up...
Victor gets the upper hand where Nick's concerned.
Victoria receives a reality check.
Ashley turns to Neil for help.
Sharon gets a distress call.

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Spoilers for the week of August 7th

Monday August 7:
Billy tries to reach Victoria, who wakes up in Hochman's bed.
Hilary tells Jack that Vikki spent the night with Benjamin Hochman

Tuesday August 8:
Ashley asks for Neil's help.
Billy questions Victoria's judgement.
Victoria hollers at Billy.
Jack wants to keep a secret with Phyllis.
Mariah feels torn.

Wednesday August 9:
Cane gives something up for the sake of his family.
Sharon's safety is at risk.
Graham keeps Dina in the dark about something.

Thursday August 10:
Jack gains a new ally.
Nick strives to be more independent.
Chelsea is asked for advice.

Friday August 11:
Victor has plans for change at the Newman Ranch.
Tessa needs Zach's help.
Nikki and Dina argue about Jack.

Nick fires his financial advisor with ties to Victor.
Billy squares off with Benjamin Hochman.

Coming up...
Cane decides what to do next.
Tessa reveals her past.
Billy stands up for Victoria.
Victor causes a shake-up in the family.

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Spoilers for the week of August 14th

Mon Aug 14
Victor gets the upper hand in his feud with Nick.
Sharon gives Scott a makeover.
Victoria and Billy clash about her personal life.

Tue Aug 15
Chelsea faces a big decision.
Cane and Lily ask Mattie to keep her distance from Reed.
Mariah presses Tessa for the truth.

Wed Aug 16
Billy forms an unlikely alliance.
Sharon enlists Scott's help to find Crystal.
Ashley and Ravi experience cabin fever.

Thu Aug 17
Jack retaliates against Billy.
Cane offers up dirt on Brash & Sassy.
Graham covers for Dina.

Fri Aug 18
Hilary makes a new enemy.
Jordan makes a move on Lily.
Phyllis is forced to choose sides.

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Spoilers for the week of August 21st

Monday August 21:
"Y&R" is pre-empted for coverage of the solar eclipse on CBS.

Tuesday August 22:
Victoria shows up at GC Buzz seething with anger at Hilary
Abby tells Nikki she's moved into the tackhouse.
Nikki has concerns about the developments at the ranch
Victoria confronts Hilary.

Wednesday August 23:
Nikki surprises Victor at the ranch.
Victor sets out to confirm an alliance.
Nick wonders if Chelsea has an issue with Faith staying at the penthouse.
Chelsea sets Nick straight.
Jordan tells Hilary they should move on.

Thursday August 24:
Tessa takes a risk.

Friday August 25:
Billy takes advantage of an opportunity.

Jack wants Phyllis to play dirty.
Victoria confronts an unapologetic Hilary and vows to fight back.
Cane and Juliet grow closer after a concern arises for their unborn child.

Coming up...

Scott decides to handle things on his own.
Cane has a new ally.
Hilary rankles Mariah.
Billy goes too far.
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Spoilers for the week of August 28th

Monday August 28:
Billy agrees to go the extra mile for Victoria by deceiving Phyllis
Jack wants Phyllis to play dirty.
Jack tells Phyllis she should want all or nothing.
Victoria wants to know Billy's shady plan.
Nick tells Faith she can't go see Victor.
Nikki wants Victor to fix things with Nick.

Tuesday August 29:
Sharon comes to a stunning realization.
Tessa worries about her relationship with Noah.
Nikki urges Victor make amends with Nick.
Mattie witnesses a close moment between Lily and Jordan.
Tessa comes clean about her past.

Wednesday August 30:
Ravi proves to be a distraction for Ashley.
Victor quizzes Abby about her relationship with Zack.
Chelsea issues Hilary a warning.
Sharon makes a startling connection.

Thursday August 31:
Nikki wonders about Jack's intentions.
Hilary messes with Devon and Mariah's relationship.
Ashley is distracted by Ravi.
Ashley works to repair her family.
Nick tries to bridge the gap between Chelsea and Faith.
Billy crosses the line.
Ashley is forced to defend Jack!

Friday September 1:
Ashley discovers what Graham's been up to.
After Mattie accuses Lily of having a new boyfriend in Jordan, Lily takes steps to ensure the kids maintain their relationship with Cane.
Victoria learns Phyllis was in cahoots with Hochman and a confrontation ensues.
Victoria kisses Billy.
Nikki questions Jack's loyalty.
Hilary meddles in Devon and Mariah's relationship.

Billy has a proposal for Victoria — that doesn’t include Phyllis, and Nick is forced to break down very complicated family feuds to make them palatable to Faith.

The fact that Billy (Jason Thompson) wants to bring down Jabot isn’t news to Victoria (Amelia Heinle).

That he is willing to commit underhanded acts to achieve his objective, isn’t either. That he wants to involve her… OK, that’s kind of new.

And that Victoria is willing to go along with his shady scheme is new to Billy. Will he tell her about swiping Dina’s (Marla Adams) computer password?

Will he tell her it didn’t work? Will he tell her what he intends to do next?

Jack (Peter Bergman) knows that Phyllis (Gina Tognoni) is insecure about her relationship with Billy. For one thing, it didn’t exactly start off on the right foot. And, for another, a part of her still suspects that Billy is in love with Victoria.

Jack, being the nurturing, supportive ex-husband that he is, does everything he can to make Phyllis even more anxious. And then he warns her to watch out for Victoria. Professionally speaking, of course. Why, what did Phyllis think he meant?

Faith (Alyvia Alyn Lind) is unhappy. And we all know what that means — every adult in Genoa City must turn themselves inside out, trying to figure out how they can fix this crisis that takes precedence over all others.

Faith is unhappy because she wants to go see Grandpa Victor (Eric Braeden). Now!

Nick (Joshua Morrow) isn’t about to let that happen, especially after Victor held Faith’s bedroom furniture hostage. And disowned Nick. And cut off his country club membership.

Faith wants to know why. Will Nick tell her all of the above??

Coming up...

Abby sees another side to Zach.

Phyllis comes clean.

Tessa talks candidly to Mariah.

Victor and Nick square off.

Cane gets unexpected news.