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Spoilers for the week of June 5th

Monday, June 5th
Hilary tells Cane and Lily their marriage is validation two people can stay committed to one another.
Juliet tells Billy she'll make her own luck.
Victoria faces a new hurdle at Brash & Sassy.
Paul reports that Chloe is being buried today.

Tuesday, June 6
Nick and Chelsea's plan backfires
Reed flirts with Mattie
Kevin attacks Nick.
Hilary thinks Juliet has a strong case.
Victoria tells Cane they're being sued.

Wednesday, June 7
Cane bends the truth
Scott's relationship with Sharon troubles Lauren
A shocking secret comes to light.
Billy can't believe Juliet's accusations.

Thursday, June 8
Devon expands his empire
Juliet confides in Hilary.
Jack grows suspicious about Graham and Dina.
Jordan sees Hilary in a different light.

Friday, June 9
Victor makes a dangerous decision
Nikki lashes out at Tessa.
Ashley and Jack make a plan.
Abby takes Dina's advice about romance.
Juliet sues Brash & Sassy for sexual harassment.

Coming up...
Billy makes a big decision regarding Phyllis.
Kevin gets a shock when he searches for Chloe.
Victoria gets ready to fight back.
Reed uses his charm on Mattie.
Nikki becomes uncertain about Tessa.

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Spoilers for the week of June 12th

Monday June 12:
Nikki becomes uncertain of Tessa's loyalty to her.
Abby worries about Victor's reaction if he discovers she teamed with Jack.
Scott accepts Victor's challenge.
Kevin watches Chloe in Dr. Harris' house.

Tuesday June 13:
Billy and Phyllis move forward together.
Dina receives an offer from Jack.
Cane yells at Victoria.
Leslie seeks information from Hilary.
Kevin won't leave without Chloe.

Wednesday June 14:
Jack and Ashley are concerned about Graham's agenda.
Charlie and Reed square off.
Victoria won't settle.
Neil grows worried about the future of his family.

Thursday June 15:
Nick stands up for Vikki.
Abby starts dating.
Scott and Sharon's relationship heats up.

Friday June 16:
Michael gives someone bad news.
Devon warns Cane.
Ashley comes up with her next move.

Coming up...

Cane is caught between a rock and a hard place.
Jack gets unexpected news from Dina.
Nick learns a secret.
Nick is warned by Victor.


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Spoilers for the week of June 19th

Monday, June 19
Victoria wishes she felt more confident
Phyllis and Billy discuss his ex-wife's emotional well-being
Ashley wants to start over with Graham
Cane isn't pleased about Jordan embracing Lily.
Michael counsels Victoria
Phyllis and Victoria vie for Billy's attention

Tue 6/20
Victor pits Abby against Scott
Jack offers Gloria an intriguing assignment
Nikki's behavior troubles Sharon.

Wed 6/21
Damaging evidence spells trouble for Cane
Nikki asks Tessa to keep a secret
Victoria loses patience with Juliet.

Thu 6/22
Nick and Phyllis discuss their past
Jordan sees a new side of Hilary
Lily faces a tough decision.

Fri 6/23
Ashley gives Jack a reality check
Sharon demands the truth from Nick
Nikki surprises Victor.

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Spoilers for the Week of June 26th

Monday June 26:
Mariah questions Tessa signing her life away to Devon.
Sharon learns what Nick's been hiding.
Nick has something big to tell Chelsea.
Cane issues a warning to Hilary.

Tuesday June 27:
Lily and Juliet square off.
Jill returns to find things aren't as she'd hoped.
Colin wants to help Cane.

Wednesday June 28:
Jack capitalizes on Brash & Sassy's weakness.
Jordan makes an admission to Chelsea.
Billy works to help Victoria.

Thursday June 29:
Lily finds out the truth about her husband and Juliet.
Hilary causes issues.
Dina and Jill face off.

Friday June 30:
Dina has upsetting news for Ashley.
Victor grills Tessa.
Cane seeks forgiveness.


Jill returns, and is set on reuniting Billy and Victoria.
Jack won't back down from Victor when it comes to Nikki.

Coming up...

Neil and Devon host a Fourth of July party.
Kevin takes a risk.
Juliet faces off with Cane.