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January 25th, 2016, 12:47 pm #1

February spoilers

• Noah fears the reveal of the accident that hit Billy, and Adam can relate to this.
• Adam becomes Noah's protector.
• The rivalry between Luca and Adam grows.

• Abby deals with big problem #1 -- her bumpy relationship with Max.
• Abby's big problem #2 takes shape -- which involves Ashley.

• Hilary realizes that Devon is the love of her life, and Devon is elated.
• Hilary's scheming side surfaces and she decides she wants to be one of Genoa City's top power players.

Dr. Anderson, Nick/Sage/Dylan/Sharon:
• The last week in January, Nick and Sage plot together to investigate Dr. Sandy Anderson. As part of their plot, Nick&Sage agree that Nick will pretend to cozy up to Sandy.
• In February, Dylan thinks the baby's birth story is odd -- and Dylan begins to have suspicions about Dr. Anderson. How will Sharon react to what Dylan digs up?
• The reveal about Dr. Anderson's secrets will not be the end of this storyline. According to Pratt, related "new mysteries" will develop.

• Billy focuses on making things right with Victoria.
• Victoria struggles with what she wants (Billy) and the trust issues their relationship has given her.

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February 1st, 2016, 1:46 pm #2

Spoilers for week of February 1st

Monday, February 1
Billy makes a decision; Phyllis makes plans; Jack turns to Adam for assistance; Barton wants to know what's going on with Sage.

Tuesday, February 2
Jill schemes to bring Cane and Lily back together; Hilary considers her options; Dr. Anderson shocks Nick.

Wednesday, February 3
Adam works to trap Luca; Sage gets caught.

Thursday, February 4
Billy conceals a secret; Noah is afraid of getting caught; Chelsea forces Adam to make a decision.

Friday, February 5
Nick opens up to Sharon; Luca plans to take Victor down; a familiar face shows up in town.

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February 6th, 2016, 1:37 pm #3

Spoilers for week of February 8th

Monday, February 8
Nick and Sharon discover the truth about Dr. Anderson; Billy makes up for lost time with Victoria; Adam opens up to Chelsea.

Tuesday, February 9
Victor takes an aggressive position; Noah makes a move; Sage makes a startling discovery.

Wednesday, February 10
Jack talks to Neil about his drinking; the pressure becomes too much for Ashley; Stitch has a surprise for Abby.

Thursday, February 11
Billy and Victoria get intimate; Patty gets a visit from Paul and Dylan; Summer enters the fold at Newman Enterprises.

Friday, February 12
Phyllis initiates her plan; Nikki and Victor work together; Luca talks to Adam.

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February 13th, 2016, 1:21 pm #4

Spoilers for week of February 15th

Monday, February 15
Billy romances Victoria on Valentine's Day.
Cane meets Lily for a secret rendezvous.
Nikki works her magic with Victor.

Tuesday, February 16
Adam challenges Luca.
Ashley suffers a setback.
Phyllis struggles to keep her secret from Jack.

Wednesday, February 17
Hilary steals the spotlight from Neil.
Sage is haunted by nightmares of Christian.
Nick urges Dylan to close the case on Dr. Anderson.

Thursday, February 18
Adam rocks Victor's world with shocking news.
Abby worries about her future with Stitch.
Phyllis warns Summer about Natalie.

Friday, February 19
Victor is out for revenge.
Billy confronts Chelsea.
A crisis with Noah unites Nick and Sharon.

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February 21st, 2016, 10:55 pm #5

Spoilers for week of February 22nd

Monday, February 22
Marissa tells Dylan that she's the one who hit Billy; Nikki is outraged when she learns Victor turned Noah in; Kevin and Mariah wonder about Natalie's loyalty; Victor pulls a gun on Luca and orders him out of town.

Tuesday, February 23
Nikki tries to contact Elise Moxley; Hilary needles Ashley; Nikki hears Jack telling Neil about Victor replacing him with a lookalike.

Wednesday, February 24
Phyllis and Billy bond; Chelsea opens up to Dylan; Sage asks Adam for help.

Thursday, February 25
Dylan asks Sharon about Nick; Luca and Summer get close; Victor feels the walls closing in.

Friday, February 26
Chelsea makes a shocking discovery about Adam; Phyllis and Jack clash; Nick and Sage make a major decision.

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February 28th, 2016, 3:11 am #6

Spoilers for week of February 29th

Monday, February 29
Jack and Billy talk about Marco, and Phyllis; Phyllis wants Summer to keep it secret that she's been helping Billy; Chelsea fears losing Adam; Victor asks Natalie about the camera in his office.

Tuesday, March 1
Victor runs out of luck; Sharon and Dylan clash over Noah; Nikki makes a difficult decision.
Devon Martinez debuts as Shawn Taylor.

Wednesday, March 2
Victor stands on his own.

Thursday, March 3
Ashley covers her tracks; Kevin takes a stand against Luca; Billy is in trouble with Victoria.

Friday, March 4
Phyllis finds a new ally in her vendetta against Victor; Hilary makes a move; Stitch gets in trouble.

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February 29th, 2016, 5:03 pm #7

Victor is Going Down!

It looks like Victor’s (Eric Braeden) time at the top is coming to an end next week. The Young and the Restless spoilers reveal that the Newman patriarch is getting arrested and will finally answer for his crimes.

You may see the end Victor’s epic run as the most powerful man in Genoa City. His future looks bleak, and he could be facing these dark times alone. The truth about Marco has come to light and not many will stand behind the man who brought such a destructive force into their lives.

Upcoming teasers not only show Victor in handcuffs, but also in the hospital. Victor may be powerful in the boardroom, but he’ll have no power over his heart. His body will fail, his family will fall apart, and his company could be on the brink of collapse.

Who will run Newman Enterprises while Victor’s away? The last time he was in jail Sharon (Sharon Case) stepped up to the plate. This time, the top contenders for CEO are Victoria (Amelia Heinle) and Adam (Justin Hartley)–and there’s no way they’ll agree to share the spotlight.

Victoria has been waiting her whole life to be the one in control, but Adam’s thirst for power is just as strong. Even with Victor away, the Newman family war will rage as strong as ever.