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January 1st, 2016, 4:47 pm #1

Spoilers for week of Jan 4th

Monday, January 4
The Abbotts come together after Billy is rushed to the hospital.
Jill pleads with Billy to wake up, and lashes out at Victor.
Dr. Neville gives Ashley advice.

Tuesday, January 5
Victor has a warning for Marisa.
Noah covers his tracks.
Chelsea and Victoria bond.

Wednesday, January 6
Jack makes a business decision.
Adam avoids catastrophe with Chelsea.

Thursday, January 7
Victor opens up to Nick.
Mariah tries to deal with her feelings for Kevin.
Dr. Anderson rattles Sage.

Friday, January 8
Victor reveals an unexpected alliance.
Abby questions her relationship with Stitch.

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January 10th, 2016, 1:42 pm #2

Spoilers for the week of Jan 11th

Mon Jan 11
Jill asks Simon to give Billy help.
Kevin envisions success.
Neil submits to temptation.

Tue Jan 12
Victor talks to Nikki about their marriage.
Lily and Hilary square off.
Jack must make a painful decision about Billy.

Wed Jan 13
Adam becomes a target.
Victoria gets ready for an uncertain future.

Thu Jan 14
Billy's condition takes a turn.
Mariah seeks answers from Noah.

Fri Jan 15
Chelsea wants the truth from Victor.
Paul gives Dylan good news
An unexpected visitor surprises Kevin.

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January 18th, 2016, 3:46 am #3

Spoilers for the week of Jan 18th

Mon Jan 18
Chelsea worries about Adam's safety.
Mariah smells a con.
Luca orders Noah out of Marisa's life.

Tue Jan 19
Sharon clashes with Dylan.
Nick and Sage question Dr. Anderson's motives.
Victor enlists Kevin's help.

Wed Jan 20
Jack blames himself for Billy's setback.
Victoria prays for a miracle.
Victor demands the truth from Natalie.

Thu Jan 21
Paul searches for clues about Billy's accident.
Stitch struggles to keep the peace between Abby and Max.
Dylan takes charge in the search for Adam..

Fri Jan 22
Adam tries to escape.
Victoria reconnects with Billy.
Victor and Chelsea join forces.

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January 23rd, 2016, 6:14 pm #4

Spoilers for the week of January 25th

Genoa City residents come together to help rescue Adam. The hostage exchange goes well for Adam. However, everyone loses sight of Natalie, who uses some stunning moves to get away. Adam’s kidnapper is then revealed to the audience, changing the game in more ways than one.

Both Kevin and Natalie realize the other is a con. Their friendship goes from bad to worse when Natalie makes a special request that puts Kevin in an awkward position.

Nick finally realizes that Dr. Anderson is hiding something big and schemes with Sage to discover the truth. Will they learn exactly who she is and what she wants? Seduction becomes the name of the game as Nick uses his powers of persuasion to get Dr. A to spill it all.

Dr. Neville works closely with Ashley to come up with a medical protocol for her condition. Ashley is aware that Neville has a history of smudging the ethical lines, and remains nervous about the treatments he wants to use.

Abby struggles to get along with Max and wonders where she’s going wrong. She’s tried to get close to her stepson and worries she made a mistake by marrying Stitch.

Monday, January 25
Adam's life is in danger during Chelsea's fashion show; Nick gets close to Dr. Anderson; a surprising alliance comes to light.

Tuesday, January 26
Jack opens up to Billy; Natalie looks to make a deal with Kevin and Mariah; Sage battles back.

Wednesday, January 27
Ashley makes a move with Simon; Abby sets boundaries with Max; Dylan sticks up for Nick.

Thursday, January 28
Victoria comes face to face with Natalie; Marisa confesses to Chelsea; Noah asks Luca about his plan for Victor.

Friday, January 29
Hilary argues with Nikki about Neil; Phyllis has questions for Billy; Jack urges Ashley to return to Jabot.

Dr. Anderson tells Sharon that Sage is fixated on Sully, which makes Sharon nervous/frightened.
Sharon is already stressed over Dylan's new job, so she asks Dr. A to adjust her meds.
Dr. Anderson convinces Sharon that she's all better and can be med-free.
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