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Daytime Royalty

Week of 8/1

The week of August 1, Rex makes an important decision and later receives a visit from beyond the grave. However, things aren't always what they seem, which leads Echo (Kim Zimmer) to become concerned about her son's state of mind. But just how far will Rex go to try and prove that what he thinks he is seeing is real?

More at: http://www.soapoperanetwork.com/soaps/o ... farah-fath

Coming Up:

Rama helps Vimal where his parents are concerned.

One of the men claiming to be Todd is arrested.

Viki comes face to face with T.M.

Starr challenges T.M.

John reveals the real Todd Manning in the beginning of August.

John figures out what Origami Cogs means.

Markko returns for David's movie premiere.

Dorian and David leave Llanview, as well as Kelly and Joey.

Brody and Natalie decide to move in together.

John finds out that Liam is his son.



Todd's loved ones can't believe their eyes.
Rex has a vision from beyond the grave.
Viki comes face-to-face with the man with the scar.
Bo and Nora reconsider letting Clint take the fall.
John holds the DNA test results on both Todds.


SNEAK PEEK: Week of August 1.

Rex has a shocking vision, Bo and Nora rethink their decision to let Clint take the fall for Eddie’s murder, Todd’s children have different reactions to learning of the man with Todd Manning’s original face and John holds the answer to who is the real Todd Manning.

Soap Opera Source

The Mannings demands answers

Rex has a vision

Bo and Nora question the wisdom of letting Clint take the fall for Matthew's crime

Viki sees her brother

Starr asks questions that only her father could answer

John gets the results of the DNA tests


One of the two Todds faces jail time and charges… Viki meets the man who resembles her brother, pre-plastic surgery… Starr gets in a few pointed words to “Todd,” to try to sort this out… By the end of this week, John points out the real Todd to everybody concerned, based on his DNA results… Gigi’s spirit has a word with Rex. Perhaps she can straighten him out… Nora and Bo have a change of heart about allowing Clint to fall on his sword for Matthew.


August Preview From ABC.com

The truth of the two Todd Mannings is finally revealed! Find out which Todd is the real Todd.

All sorts of truths are being revealed this month, including Bo and Nora finding out that Nate is responsible for Matthew's injuries -- leading to a major confrontation -- and the truth about Destiny's pregnancy. The question for Destiny is: will she keep the baby?

Rex is driving himself crazy with what he believes are visions of Gigi. But when he pursues what he believes to be Gigi trying to send him a message from beyond, it's going to lead him down a rabbit hole that involves more people than just him.

Plus, Clint is sentenced for Eddie Ford's murder, Starr kisses Baz -- and it will change her relationship to James-- and Natalie finds out that Todd knows something about baby Liam.


Spoilers & Poll Results From July 25th SID

Set your DVR
As Tomas reveals a secret on Mon July 25, John and the Original Todd find themselves in the line of fire. John agrees to help solve the mystery of the 2 Todds on Tues July 26, but Jack can’t help suspecting that he’s the only thing John has on his mind come Thurs July 28. After accusations are made on Fri July 29, everyone wants answers about the Todd situation on Mon Aug 1. As one of the men claiming to be Todd is arrested on Tues Aug 2, Viki finally comes face to face with the original model on Wed Aug 3. Starr issues a challenge to the man who might be her dad on Thurs Aug 4 (Eeeeeee can’t wait for this!!). And while Viki remains confused about the whole situation on Fri Aug 5, John finally reveals which guy is real Todd on Fri Aug. 5.

When will the Big Secret come out?
At this point, Nat and John are pretty much the only people not to know Liam is their son. But that could change soon…

ML/Brody talking – “we have tried to add as much complexity as we can to this story. It’s a good combo of all of us playing our complicated history”. And it is not over yet! This week, the good guy seems to be on the verge of finally getting the family he’s always wanted when he and Nat decide to move in together and raise their son. ML “that’s all Brody ever wanted”. (HUH??)
But when a soap character is poised to have their dreams come true- and they have built their happiness on a lie- it’s time for the rug to be pulled out from under them. Aware that Vimal knows that Liam is actually John’s, Brody does what any man determined to protect what isn’t actually his would – he issues a few threats. And they do the trick. Vimal agrees to not let John know, although it’s pretty clear he’s only doing this for the time being. Given Brody’s history of instability, how far will he go to keep the truth from coming out? Will his dream of having a family turn into a nightmare? ( Me – Would they have him Kill Vimal???)

Polls - No ME or MA in the polls Boooo, Jolie in couples poll # 8.
59% like Jess/Brody, 41% Tess/Ford (Who are these people lol??)

Vimal/Todd Stand Out Scene – Todd telling Vimal about Liam.

Remote Patrol – Editor’s hate to see Brody screwed over again, but they see it coming. “with a Nat/John reunion clearly in the making ( Me: Loved that!!) and Jess seeming to see Ford through Tess eyes, we’re starting to fear that Brody may yet again wind up odd man out”.


TM encounters John and asks for his help. John is leery of his claims of his imprisonment, but realizes TM's a target after they're shot at. Tea shows up to speak to John and TM hides.

Dorian walks into the middle of a heated argument between Todd and Baker. They quickly change their tune and Baker tells Dorian that he's just handling a security issue for Todd.

Dani makes up with Nate and renews her trust in him.

After Tea leaves, John takes a DNA sample from TM and tells him to stay put - but while TM is left alone, will someone discover him?

Tea continues to search for answers to Todd's questionable actions - will Todd make a confession to her?

Todd finds John snooping around his office, but John covers for himself. After John leaves, Jack tells Todd that he thinks McBain is still trying to pin Gigi's death on him. Todd coaxes Jack into going to see Vicker Man - but they have no idea that Rex is still out for justice and has a new plan.

Nate arrives at the premiere and panics when Rick is there, posing as a reputable film maker. Will Rick reveal Nate's secret?

Ionia arrives just as David and Dorian give their red carpet interview. Will Ionia and Dorian be on their best behavior?

As the movie begins, all of the attendees will be in for a major shock. Several unexpected events will occur at the premiere.


Dorians exit story

In the new TV Guide it says Dorian leaves town to become Senator after the previous Senator is caught up in a Weiner type scandal.


More Coming Up Spoilers From Soaps.com

"Hold The Diploma" airs instead of "Vicker Man" at the premiere.

Everyone sees Nate naked onscreen.

Though Todd doesn't recognize the earrings Blair's wearing, from their first wedding, T.M. and Tomas do.

Markko returns for David's movie premiere and savors in his success while Ford waits tables.

Bo and Nora wonder if they did the right thing by allowing Clint to take the blame for Eddie's murder.

Clint agrees to talk to Dorian about dropping the charges but is troubled by Rex's demeanor.

Rex is faced with a shocking vision from beyond the grave.

Rama helps Vimal where his parents are concerned.

Vimal's parents find out Rama isn't pregnant.

Roxy gives Rama a job.

John reveals the real Todd Manning in the beginning of August.

One of the men claiming to be Todd is arrested.

Todd's family can't believe their eyes and demands answers.

Viki comes face to face with T.M.

Starr challenges T.M.

Dorian and David leave Llanview, as well as Kelly and Joey.

Brody and Natalie decide to move in together.

Viki notices Ford and Jessica's new bond.

John finds out that Liam is his son.

The Todd Manning we've known for the past eight years leaves town for good.

Tina and Cord return to Llanview.

Kimberly Andrews returns to Llanview.

Greg Evans may be turning up in the coming months.


St. Johns last day on set
Sources tell Digest that Trevor St. John's (Todd) final day on set was today (7/22) and that the actor bid farewell to the OLTL cast and crew by treating everyone with a full day of yummy craft services treats, including breakfast, snacks and lunch. "It was really nice of him," says an insider.

http://www.soapoperadigest.com/content/ ... st-day-set

Bree Williamson not going to the web?
One Life to Live could soon be minus a Jess, Bess and a Tess. Now wouldn't that just be a mess? The new issue of Soap Opera Weekly has an item marked "RUMORVILLE" that states there's buzz Bree Willliamson could be leaving the role of Jessica Buchanan once OLTL ends its television run this January.

http://daytimeconfidential.zap2it.com/2 ... -they-move

Tina & Cord return
Digest can confirm that OLTL's John Loprieno (Cord) and Andrea Evans (Tina) are set to return to Llanview in September. The duo was last seen on-screen in 2008 for the show's 40th anniversary. "It's like going home," says Evans. "Of course I'm thrilled to be doing it." See the issue of Digest on sale 8/2 for more from the actors.

http://www.soapoperadigest.com/content/ ... ets-return

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While I'd love to be excited for a Tina/Cord return, I still haven't cleared my mouth from the rotten taste of Tina's 2008 return. BLECH!

A Gigi ghost is on the horizon??? Sounds like the writers have run out of ideas.

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I'm looking forward to Tina/Cords return mostly because I think they need to be there for the finale. I'm still kinda treating the TV end as the end until I see what the new OLTL will look like. I just have a feeling it will be a very different show. I get having a bad taste in your mouth after Tinas last visit it was pretty awful.

I coulda done without Gigis ghost as well but I guess we cant be that lucky.I'm not sure whats worse a Gigi ghost or JPL trying act either way I think my ff button will see alot of use during that.

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Do you think Tina and Cord will stick around until the end? I just assumed it was a temporary thing, probably because Andrea Evans living on the west coast played a factor in why she didn't stay for long in '08.

I can't imagine that the online show will be much like the televised version. Certainly they won't be able to afford Erica Slezak.

SOD gave JPL the performer of the week award. I couldn't even stand to read what they said about him. Just closed it and set it back down.

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July 29th, 2011, 6:46 pm #5

I havent heard anything about the duration of their stay, I guess I just assumed they were sticking around lol. Even if it is just a cameo as long as its well done I can live with that. Tina and Cord (especially Tina) should be seen before the end.

There have been lots of raves about JPL lately. I still dont see it....Maybe we're missing something. Or they have lost their minds!

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Daytime Royalty

Week of 8/1

Monday August 1:

Nora and Bo try to figure out who hurt Matthew.

Rex is faced with a shocking vision.

Todd's family demands answers.

Tuesday August 2:

Bo and Nora wonder if they did the right thing by allowing Clint to take the blame for Eddie's murder.

One of the men claiming to be Todd ends up in jail.

Wednesday August 3:

Tea confronts T.M.

Viki lays eyes on T.M.

Nora is forced to explain in court.

Thursday August 4:

Starr challenges T.M.

Todd's kids have conflicting reactions to T.M.

Friday August 5:

John finds out who the real Todd Manning is.

Viki feels conflicted.

Destiny makes a decision that affects her future.


Nate admits his guilt
Clint's family rallies around him during his arraignment
Tea confronts the man with Todd's original face
Destiny considers her options and makes a decision about her future
Bo figures out the truth about who caused Matthew's injury
Can't miss: Tuesday, August 2 - Nora tells the judge that she's no longer prosecuting Clint for Eddie's murder
Highlight of the week: Thursday, August 4 - Viki sees the man with Todd's original face



As the shock of seeing the man with Todd’s original face fades, Todd’s family demands answers. Todd insists the man with his original face is an imposter. The man with Todd’s original face pleads with Starr and Jack to believe in him. Starr is confused, while Jack sides with Todd. Blair and Tea are at a loss. When Baker refuses to answer John’s questions, the man with Todd’s original face pulls a gun and is arrested. Before he’s taken away however, he shows Blair a picture of their wedding and insists they are married and kisses her. One by one, Todd’s loved ones confront the man with Todd’s original face in his jail cell. Tomas and Todd each tell their stories of involvement in the CIA. Todd continues to insist he is the real Todd and he doesn’t know who the imposter is. Tomas, on the other hand, eventually is forced to admit he doesn’t know who is the real Todd. The feds force John to release Baker to them before he can get any answers. The man with Todd’s original face learns Starr has a baby and they share an emotional moment that leaves Starr torn. Tea argues with the validity of the DNA results, but John calls a meeting with Todd’s family and prepares to reveal the results.

In the aftermath of the confusion at the premier, Rex rethinks his revenge plot. He goes home and confesses to Gigi’s picture. Echo shows up to express her gratitude to Rex for getting the charges dropped against her. Rex tells her he almost exacted his revenge against Todd and his family, and says he saw Gigi. A concerned Echo tells Rex she understands why he would conjure up Gigi’s image, but Rex insists she was real. Later Rex sees Gigi again, but she disappears before he can catch up to her. Echo worries that Rex is losing his mind.


Clint is released from the hospital and appears in court to be arraigned on charges. Nora explains to the judge why she isn’t prosecuting Clint for Eddie Ford’s murder, but Clint pleads guilty to the other charges and the judge holds him in jail until he can stand trial. Meanwhile, when David offers Bo a stick of gum and tells him that Nate gave it to him, Bo figures out that Nate is responsible for Matthew’s injury. Shawn, Vivian, Dani and Destiny meet at Vivian’s office where Destiny’s pregnancy is confirmed.


Bo and Nora arrive home from a visit with Matthew. Destiny shows up, hungry for news about Matthew on Monday, August 1.

Dorian warns Echo that although she had the charges against her dropped, she plans to run her out of town on Tuesday, August 2.

Téa confronts the man with Todd’s original face at his jail cell. He insists that he is the true Todd Manning and presses his claim on that life – including paternity of Danielle on Wednesday, August 3.

Viki’s stunned to see the man with Todd’s original face. He emotionally pleads with her to believe he’s really her brother on Thursday, August 4.

Todd is unhappy to learn Starr isn't sure if he's the real Todd and grateful Jack is. He's worried that Tea isn't totally convinced on Friday, August 5.

Soap Opera Source

Monday August 1:

Nora and Bo try to figure out who hurt Matthew.

Destiny sees Nate with the same type of gum wrapper Nora showed her.

Nate confesses to Dani about Matthew after his guilt gets the best of him.

Vivian tells Shaun Destiny might be pregnant.

Rex is faced with a shocking vision.

Todd's family demands answers.

T.M. begs Starr to believe he's her father.

Jack sides with Todd.

Blair's blown away when T.M. pulls her into a kiss.


Starr and Jack are divided about who the real Todd Manning is

The man with the scar kisses Blair to prove that he's her husband

The man with the scar offers to take a paternity test

The man with the scar learns about Hope

Todd claims to have no idea who the man with the scar is

The Feds step in before John can get answers from Agent Baker

John reveals the results of the DNA test

Rex has a change of heart when he sees the man with the scar

Rex is filled with remorse

Rex sees Gigi

Echo fears that Rex needs professional help

Shaun learns that Destiny might be pregnant

Destiny seeks out Bo and Nora for news about Matthew

Destiny is stunned to see Nate chewing a familiar brand of gum

Nate tells Dani about his fight with Matthew

Destiny and Dani confide to each other

Clint faces a judge

Nora announces that she has decided to drop the murder charges against Clint

The judge refuses to show Clint any mercy

David points Bo in Nate's direction

Nora learns that Bo knows who attacked Matthew

Dorian remains determined to run Echo out of town


Week of 8/8

On Monday, August 8, Tonye Patano reprises her role as Destiny's grandmother Phylicia Evans when the troubled teen confides in her and asks for her help with the matter after receiving some important information from Dr. Vivian Wright (Kearran Giovanni). Meanwhile, Matthew (Eddie Alderson) receives a special visit from his big brother David (Tuc Watkins), and the two share a little bonding time.
More At:

http://www.soapoperanetwork.com/soaps/o ... r-new-life

Coming up:

Madame Delphina returns to help Rex but may uncover a few Llanview secrets.

Starr's relationship with James is affected after she kisses Baz.

Clint is sentenced for Eddie's murder.

Nora and Bo find out that Nate is the one who hurt Matthew.

Destiny's pregnancy is revealed when she confides in the woman who acted as her mother all these years, her grandmother.

Rama helps Vimal where his parents are concerned.

Dorian and David leave Llanview, as well as Kelly and Joey.

Natalie finds out that Todd knows something about Liam.

John finds out that Liam is his son.



John tells Todd's family what they've been waiting for
Nora confronts Nate
Vimal has a warning for Brody
David, of all people, has more information on the Todd Manning mystery


SNEAK PEEK: Week of August 8.

John reveals the results of the DNA test to Todd’s family

Nora has important news to share with Bo

Soap Opera Source

More Coming up Spoilers:

Nora alerts the judge she won't be prosecuting Clint for Eddie's murder.

John reveals to everyone who the real Todd Manning is.

David has some information that could help in regards to the Todd Manning mystery.

Rex insists Gigi is real.

Dani tells Destiny what Nate did to Matthew.

Nate tells Ford the same.


Nate faces Nora

Destiny's confession to Matthew is overheard

More secrets about the mystery of Todd Manning are revealed

Rex searches security tapes to find proof that Gigi is alive

Starr and James' relationship takes a turn

Brody learns that someone else knows the truth about Liam's paternity


SOW article Blair Kisses "Original Recipe Todd"


Blair can't believe what's happening when the man with Todd's face pulls her in for a kiss this week. "It's original recipe Todd," laughs Kassie DePaiva (Blair). "It's hot hot hot. She's a little dazed and confused. He sounds, he looks, he smells like her Todd and I think she is blown away by it. Circumstantially, it's pretty crazy, but she's moved by it, for sure."

The entire Manning family is, in a word, confused. "Her breathe is knocked out and the same thing happens with Tea. Everybody is [thinking] 'Huh?' Now it's the tale of two Todds and we'll see how it all pans out."

Where does this leave her burgeoning romance with Tomas? "Her relationship with Tomas certainly is important," DePaiva confirms, "but at every turn he seems to be lying to her about something. So, of course, She's going to be suspicious of that; he tells her one thing and does another. Blair's had enough of that. She's got a lot to think about, but most importantly, she's got to protect her children and their relationship with their fathers."

Spoilers From August 9th SOW & SOD

Blair and "Todd" Kiss !

KDP who plays Blair in interviewed for this article mentions that Blair breath is knocked out and she believes the same thing happen to Tea too when they see the orginal Todd. It is also mentioned that Todd pulls her into a spontaneous smooch. KDP also says that Blair's a little dazed and confuse and that he sounds, looks, and smells like her Todd, plus she blown away by it.

Both SOD and SOW mentions that DF (Cristian) has taped his last day in Llanview and will make an early exit from the canvas


SOW has articles about RH Todd and Rex seeing Gigi's Ghost.

SOW has a two page timeline article with pictures about the Many Loves OF Todd Manning which includes: Blair Cramer, Tea Delgado, Rebecca, Marty Saybrooke, Evangeline Williamson, Kelly Cramer and Margaret Cocharan.

SOW had a fullsize pullout poster of Terri Conn and Austin Peck


Michael Fairman's Interview With Ron Carlivati

http://michaelfairmansoaps.com/one-life ... 011/07/28/

Wendy Moniz joins the show

There IS a GOD! One of my favorite bad girls from daytime, Wendy Moniz, is returning to her soap roots! Moniz, who was last seen in daytime playing Dinah Marler on GUIDING LIGHT, will be in the recurring role of Mayor Finn on ABC Daytime's ONE LIFE TO LIVE come September, replacing Dorian when she leaves Llanview.

The actress who was also seen in such primetime series as THE GUARDIAN, NASH BRIDGES, and DAMAGES, is married to former GUIDING LIGHT co-star Frank Grillo.

More info will be posted when available...



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July 31st, 2011, 4:52 am #7

UGH @ JPL getting lots of raves. I guess if they like what he does, I can see them praising him for his current storyline. But he's all fluff to me. Like he has three different emotions he plays and just uses them accordingly. BOOOOOOOOOOO!

So cool that Wendy Moniz is joining the show! Loved her on GL and The Guardian. Makes me chuckle that she's still married to Frank Grillo, as she lured him away from his first wife. She must be doing something right. Hope that OLTL will write something for her better than the crap that's airing now.

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August 2nd, 2011, 7:11 pm #8

OMG I love Robin Strasser....

TV Guide exit interview
http://www.tvguide.com/News/Robin-Stras ... 35931.aspx

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August 3rd, 2011, 4:43 am #9

Strasser is great! I love her honest opinions, as it's far more refreshing than those half-wits who do nothing but tow the party line.

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Daytime Royalty

Week of 8/8

John announces to all those concerned the results of the DNA test he conducted secretly on Todd and MWS… David seems to also provide pertinent data to enlighten everybody on the Tale of Two Todds… Nate has to deal with an angry Nora about hitting Matthew… Nora relays the latest huge deal to Bo… Vimal gives Brody a serious heads-up, sending the cop into a tailspin.


John unveils the DNA test results to the Manning clan on Mon Aug 8, but as it turns out, someone else knows the truth on Tues Aug 9. The 2 Todds square off again on Fri Aug 12, and it seems David might hold an important clue to the unfolding mystery. By Wed Aug 17, the real Todd’s identity is disclosed. Of course, this means it’s time to deal with the women in their lives. You certainly won’t want to miss what happens when Blair and Tea lash out at the men around whom so much has centered on Fri Aug 19


Monday August 8:

Nate is confronted by Nora.

John reveals to everyone who the real Todd Manning is.

Tuesday August 9:

A surprising person holds the key to who is the real Todd Manning.

Destiny is overheard telling Matthew about her pregnancy.

Wednesday August 10:

James and Starr's relationship changes after she makes a confession about Baz.

Nora has urgent news to tell Bo.

Thursday August 11:

Rex obsessively looks for Gigi in the security tapes.

Brody finds out from Vimal that someone else knows he's not Liam's father.

Friday August 12:

David has some information that could help in regards to the Todd Manning mystery.

Clint appears for his sentencing after an unpleasant night in custody.

The two Todd's face off.


August 10: Starr and James make love
August 11: Vimal tells Brody who else knows about Liam's paternity

Blair puts the Todds to the kissing test
Delphina has contact with a mysterious presence
Clint makes a move
John leads a raid on the compound



David and his “pa” have a conversation about Nate’s fate. David assumes Nate is going down for hurting Matthew but Bo isn’t telling. Meanwhile, Nora is upset with Bo for not arresting Nate. Bo explains that Nate knows about Eddie’s murder. Nora confronts Nate, who admits to everything, leaving Nora to make a painful decision. Destiny sees her mother, and asks her to sign a consent form so that she can terminate her pregnancy. Destiny and Mrs. Evans grow closer to mending their fractured relationship. Mrs. Evans agrees to sign the consent forms, and Destiny goes to see Matthew and tells him that she’s decided not to have the baby, unaware that Nora is listening to her conversation. Nora begs Destiny to have her child and to allow Nora and Bo to raise him. Upset, Destiny races from the room. Nora explains to Bo about their grandchild. Mrs. Evans is upset when she learns that Destiny is reconsidering her options and confronts Nora about her interference.

The mystery of the two Todds grows murkier after John reveals the DNA results. A new test is required after the shocking reveal. Dani shows up and comes face to face with the man who has Todd’s original face. Tea comforts a tormented Dani. Viki volunteers to allow the man with Todd’s original face to stay at Llanfair. Todd awaits the results of the new test, while the man with Todd’s original face appeals to Viki. Viki thinks there may be only one person who can untangle the mess. Meanwhile, Jessica sees the man with her uncle’s original face for the first time, and he conveys his disbelief that she could work for Todd and never realize he was an imposter. Jessica confesses that she’s felt some disconnect with Todd. Todd tries to persuade Blair to help him convince Starr that he’s her real father. Blair is still uncertain, and surprises Todd with a kiss which leaves her undecided. Tomas tells Blair he will unravel the mystery and hatches a plan with John to raid the compound (with Brody’s assistance) and find the truth about the two Todds.


Starr and James make love. Natalie finds Rex pouring over security tapes looking for Gigi. Natalie is concerned for Rex, and calls Madame Delphina to provide some answers. Delphina reaches the great beyond for a clue . . . “spotted pony”. Neither Natalie nor Rex knows what to think of it. When Clint’s attorney argues that incarceration is tantamount to a death sentence, the judge agrees to home confinement and Viki steps in to provide Clint a home in which to be confined.


John opens the results of the DNA test in front of the people who know Todd Manning better than anyone. Everyone barely has a chance to react to the shock when John delivers another huge jolt on Monday, August 8.

Mrs. Evans signs the form allowing Destiny to get an abortion. David spends some quality time with Matthew on Tuesday, August 9.

Todd reminisces with Tea while the man with Todd’s original face does the same thing with Viki on Wednesday, August 10.

Jessica sees the man with Todd’s original face making himself comfortable at Viki's, for the first time on Thursday, August 11.

David helps the two possible Todds with information that could help them solve the mystery on Friday, August 12.

Soap Opera Source

John reads the results of the DNA test and then delivers some more surprising news

Dani meets the man with the scar

Viki opens her home to the man with the scar

Jessica and the man with the scar talk about the man claiming to be Todd

Tomas vows to Blair to get to the bottom of the mystery

David surprisingly has answers for both Todds

Nora is not pleased with Bo's decision not to arrest Nate for assaulting Matthew

Bo reminds Nora that Nate knows that Matthew killed Eddie

David visits Matthew

Vivian informs Destiny that parental consent is needed to obtain an abortion

Destiny and her mother talk about their estrangement and Destiny's pregnancy

Nora overhears Destiny confide to Matthew that she's decided to terminate her pregnancy

Nora pleads with Destiny to allow her and Bo to raise the baby

Bo and David walk in before Destiny gives Nora an answer

Mrs. Evans resents Nora and Bo pressuring Destiny about the baby

Starr proves to James that she isn't interested in Baz by making love to James

Rex resents Echo telling Natalie about his visions of Gigi

Natalie decides to call Madame Delphina for answers

Madame Delphina's clue is "spotted pony"

Rama urges Cris to find love

Clint's health declines during his incarceration

Viki steps forward when the judge changes his mind about where Clint should be confined


Viki pays bail for the man claiming to be the real Todd with the original Todd face.
John reviews the results of the DNA test he conducted: Both Todds share the same DNA, comparatively from the scene of the gang-rape of Marty. The test solves nothing.
One of the two Todds calls for a follow-up DNA test.
Someone in the mix already knows the real Todd.
Viki could be the key person to unlock the identity of the real Todd.
Dani sees for herself what’s going on with this man who claims to be the real Todd, putting him through the wringer.
The Tale of Two Todds really destroys Dani.
Tea wraps her loving arms around her devastated daughter Dani to make it better, somehow.
Jack earns major points with Todd Manning with his staunch loyalty.
Viki opens up her mansion, Llanfair, to the man with Todd’s original face.
The man with Todd’s original face tries to work on Viki to listen to his reason, choose him. He shows off the regurgitation of all Todd’s memories.
The man with Todd’s original face loves himself in Llanfair, just like the real Todd would.
Jessica and the man with Todd’s original face come upon one another.
The man with Todd’s original face gives Jessica hell for not once questioning this so-called Todd Manning of The Sun in all her work with him.
Jessica admits to the Man with the Scar that she did always feel less close to that other Todd Manning.
It occurs to Viki that there could be a way to settle this Todd confusion once and for all.
Todd walks down memory lane, fondly, with his Tea.
Blair and Starr grapple with who to believe: the Todd who’s been living among them for eight years, or this new Todd with the original face.
Todd goads Blair into tag-teaming Starr into believing he’s the real deal.
Still confused, Blair decides to compare her kiss with the man claiming to be Todd, and this Todd Manning. The kiss doesn’t lead her any closer to the real Todd.
David puts his two cents into the Todd equation. FWIW. David’s not just blowing smoke either, he may be a key here.
David tries to make the Todd situation a comedy.
Todd and the man claiming to be Todd get in each other’s personal space.
Tomas goes to smooch Blair, and does, but then she gets cold feet.
Blair backs off from continuing on with anything with Tomas.
Blair explains to Tomas that she finds it hard to warm up to his lips if she can’t believe a damned word out of them anymore.
Trying to infuse her with confidence in him, Tomas forewarns Blair of his plan to join up with John and Brody, then charge the Feds’ compound (where the Man with the Scar was held for eight years), tossing the joint for answers.
John, Brody, and Tomas uncover a mind-opening sighting at the compound.
Rex goes on a wild goose chase for Gigi in the flesh.
Natalie walks in on Rex frantically perusing security tapes, hoping to spot his Gigi in one of them.
Echo shares her worry with Natalie that Rex has gone off the deep end seeing Gigi everywhere.
Fearing for Rex’s sanity, Natalie summons psychic Madame Delphina.
Madame Delphina prophesizes to Rex and Natalie that the clue to Gigi’s apparition lies in “spotted pony.”
Rex and Natalie stare at her then each other, quizzical about spotted pony relating to Gigi.
Rex barely has the strength and energy to fight off a mounting sense of defeat.
David visits upon a convalescent Matthew.
David gawks at the fact that Nate’s still traipsing around town and not in ‘cuffs. He presses Bo about this.
Bo and David go over Bo’s plans for Nate, given the young man’s confession. It isn’t as harsh as David thinks it’ll be.
Bo doesn’t show his cards to David in the slightest.
Nora lets her displeasure known to Bo for sitting on an arrest of Nate.
But Nate has the ability to finger Matthew in Eddie Ford’s murder, Bo reminds testy Nora.
Nora shows her bitch side to Nate, who sings like a canary.
Nora is dismayed to be in a tough situation.
Bo takes care to make David feel better.
Clint’s attorney earns his keep by winning over the judge on lessening the penalty from prison time to home confinement.
Clint listens as the judge issues his verdict on the various charges: Clint must stay in a responsible caretaker’s abode.
Viki volunteers to house Clint in her abode. Done.
Destiny makes up with her relatives.
Destiny meets with her mom Phylicia to get her to sign off on an abortion.
Destiny’s mom puts her John Hancock on the abortion consent form for Destiny.
Destiny and her estranged mom work things out, personally.
Destiny thrashes out her condition with her grandmother.
Destiny drops her pregnant then soon-to-be-aborted state on Matthew, just as Nora leans in from the outside, eyes glowing with distress.
Nora barges in to implore Destiny not to kill her and Matthew’s unborn bundle of joy. Nora suggests she and Bo can be the surrogate parents.
Destiny doesn’t have the courage to withstand Nora’s barrage, and so bounces out of there in a hurry.
Guess what, Bo? Nora blows Bo’s mind with Destiny’s latest.
But what Nora said to Destiny got through and scared the young woman, who is suddenly unsure about an abortion.
Destiny’s mom criticizes Nora for messing with Destiny’s head about the abortion.
Phylicia extends a sincere thank-you to Dr. Vivian for being there for Destiny.
Nate lets slip an important matter to Dani.
Vimal distresses Brody with the knowledge that there are others in on the big secret paternity.
Starr drops the dime on Baz (for smooching her) to James.
Starr and James grow closer and stronger as a couple, until they are one flesh.
Rama relays to Cristian that she’s happy now back with her husband Vimal. She also apologizes to Cris for their flirtations.


Madame Delphina, a teen pregnancy and DNA tests results flip things upside down in Llanview this week. Get ready for all the juicy spoilers for the week of August 8!

Rex/Gigi/Natalie/Madame Delphina: Rex will try everything he can think of to prove his visions of Gigi are real. Echo will be concerned about her son, and tell Natalie about his recent behavior. Natalie is going to ask Madame Delphina if she can help. Madame Delphina will give Natalie a mysterious clue, "Spotted Pony". The clue will baffle Rex and Natalie. Will Rex and Natalie be able to figure out the clue? More importantly, are Rex's visions supernatural, or is someone in Llanview behind the Gigi sightings?

Destiny/Phylicia/Vivian: Destiny will be torn over what decision to make regarding her baby, but will ultimately choose to terminate the pregnancy. Vivian will give her some words of wisdom, and Destiny will finally reach out to her mother/grandmother Phylicia. The mother and daughter will start to make up, as Destiny spills her guts about her pregnancy. Phylicia will stand behind Destiny's decision and sign the papers necessary to go through with the procedure.

Before going to hospital, Destiny is going to stop by the rehab center to speak with Matthew. Destiny will tell Matthew that she has decided to have an abortion, as Nora listens in. Nora is going to plead with Destiny to rethink her decision. Nora says she and Bo will raise the child The pressure of everything will be too much for Destiny and she will run out of the room. Bo is going to show up and wonder what's going on. Nora informs Bo that he will soon be a grandfather. Later on, Phylicia will find out from Destiny about Nora's offer and be pissed that she may have changed Destiny's mind. Phylicia and Nora will have it out over Nora's words with Destiny. Will Destiny decide to keep the baby?

Rama/Cristian/Vimal/Brody: Rama is going to tell Cristian that she and Vimal are back together as husband and wife. She will apologize for making him think something was possibly happening between them. Elsewhere, Vimal will inform Brody that Todd knows his secret, too. Will Brody confront Todd?

Clint: The judge will sentence Clint to prison time, but his lawyer will manage to get him out of it by suggesting house arrest. Viki is going to offer to have Clint stay at Llanfair to serve his sentence. The judge will grant Clint's request. Will Viki and Clint grow closer?

Todd(s)/Viki/Tea/Blair/Tomas: The DNA test results will be revealed, but they won't solve anything. The results prove BOTH men are Todd Manning! Another DNA test is going to be ordered to prove the identity of the real Todd Manning. Viki is going to offer to take in Original Todd at Llanfair. Todd will not be pleased by Viki's actions. Dani will run into Original Todd and the two will chat. Jack is going to stick by Todd's side, but Blair and Starr will not be so sure. Original Todd and Tea will share a special moment chock full of memories.

Later on, Original Todd is going to have a run in with Jessica. He will not believe that she worked for Todd and didn't realize it wasn't the real Todd. Jessica will admit that she felt something wasn't quite right with Todd. Meanwhile, Todd will ask Blair to help him prove to Starr that he is her father. Blair is not going to be open to Todd's suggestion. In turn, Todd will kiss Blair, but it only makes Blair more confused than ever. The two Todd's will have a showdown at Llanfair. Tomas is going to decide to team up with John and Brody to solve the problem of the two Todds. They will plan to investigate the mysterious compound. David will have some wise words for the two Todds. Could Todd and Tina's mother, the "late" Irene Manning, have the answers everyone is searching for?

Nate/Nora/Bo/David: Nora will be more than upset that Bo didn't arrest Nate. Bo will inform Nora that Nate knows Matthew killed Eddie. She is going to have a not so nice talk with the young boy, and be left with a difficult decision to make. A little later, David and Bo will have a talk about what will happen to Nate. David is not going to be pleased to find out that Nate is not in jail and will try to find Destiny. What will happen to Nate?

Starr/James: Starr will admit to James that Baz kissed her. As a way to show James how much she loves him, Starr will take James to bed. Where do Starr and James go from here?

Sneak Peaks at Next Week (August 15):
Aubrey wants to make Rex her next man.
The Real Todd Manning is finally exposed.
Someone from the past shows up at Llanfair.
"Spotted Pony" means something to David and Cutter.
Nora tries to call a truce with Phylicia.
Natalie tells Brody about Madame Delphina's mysterious clue.

Daytime Confidential

Week of 8/15

A schemer sets their sites on a new target.

One woman tries to make peace with another.

Several people are confronted over their actions.

And someone requests to see a key piece of evidence.


Week of August 15:
What does the clue "spotted pony" really mean?
The real Todd is revealed
Aubrey goes after the new rich man in town
Nora wants what she can't have
Natalie asks John for the tape
Dorian and Kelly make a decision about their futures
Nora's olive branch is rejected



Someone from the past returns to Llanfair.
Aubrey sets her sights on Rex.
The real Todd is finally revealed.
Dorian and Kelly decide their futures.
Nora tries to make peace with Phylicia.


SNEAK PEEK: Week of August 15.

The real Todd Manning is revealed, Natalie tells Brody about Delphina's puzzling comments, David and Cutter both react to the clue about the "Spotted Pony" and John arrives at Llanfair with a surprising person.

Soap Opera Source

Cutter is furious that Rama shared secrets with Rex

Natalie asks to see the tape that was found with Gigi


John has a certain, key individual in tow when he visits Llanfair… The real Todd Manning is revealed, causing havoc with Tea and Blair… Tea and Blair rip into the guilty party… A presumed-dead or former character rises from the ashes… Nora tries to make nice with Destiny’s mom, Phylicia. But Phylicia ain’t havin’ it… Nora commits the sin of coveting the elusive… Natalie requests John hand over that cassette to her… Madame Delphina’s “Spotted Pony” clue means nothing to Natalie or Brody, whom Natalie tells, but to Cutter and David, it means a lot… Dorian and Kelly pack up to leave Llanview for good, each for different reasons and different paths… Aubrey targets Rex for his wealth.



The Mannings are divided as the mystery of the two Todds continues to unravel, and the real Todd Manning is finally revealed.
A familiar face makes a shocking return to Llanview to help solve the Todd dilemma.
A clue from the great beyond sends several Llanview residents far from home in an effort to decipher a clue.
Dorian makes a important decision regarding her political future, which may or may not include David. But how will her political aspirations affect her loved ones?
Clint encounters someone from his past, who has taken on a surprising new career and identity. However, he isn't the only Buchanan to cross paths with this person -- two others do as well.
Aubrey and Cutter's secret past is finally revealed -- but will a reunion be in their future? And could one of them have family in Llanview?


Loose Lips 7/31

Trevor St John has left the building but not before he showered the cast and crew with a full on luncheon. He also gave Kristen Alderson a bouquet of flowers and I hear it was very very sad. When I go to NY in a few weeks I will get the full story from Trevor. And if you know Trevor he will tell it like it is and be truthful, something ABC doesn't know how to do....John reveals the results of the DNA test to Todd’s family, but Tea argues with the validity of the DNA results, and John calls a meeting with Todd’s family and prepares to reveal the results. Torn between two Todds, while Jack believes he is the real Todd, Starr has her doubts. David has something to do with the reveal also when David has information that may shed some light on the Todd


In a recent interview Florencia Lozano was asked who the real Todd is and she replied “I don’t know if I can tell you that” she smiles before offering a riddled tease “I don’t think I would call him a fraud. It’s not really what you think but probably not totally unlike what you think”........John will gather the entire Manning clan and finally answers who the real Todd is. But John drops another bombshell, further complicating the situation and leaving the group with more questions than answers. John, Brody and Tomas work together to discover the truth once and for all. As they begin to probe into the findings, it turns out that an unexpected individual holds the key that will unlock the mystery of which man is the real Todd Manning....I hear a Roxy and Echo story is coming, sort of a tale of my two moms and how Gigi's story isn't necessarily what it seems. This was mentioned by Zimmer in a recent interview. Could someone have hired a Gigi lookalike to haunt Rex? This Gigi is all done up like a "spirit" and has yet to utter a word even though she can see Rex is in pain and if you know how much she loved Rex her spirit would never do that to him. Rumor has it that Rex finds the date of Gigi's death scratched out. Not sure where this date is, but it did make me wonder about the possibility of a lookalike.


Spoilers From August 8th Issue Of SID


Interview with FL - Interesting comment. Sounds like they are Twins? So dumb!! At least it sure sounds like RH is real Todd.

SID asks who the real Todd is. FL “I don’t know if I can tell you that” she smiles before offering this riddle inspired tease “I don’t think I would call him a fraud. It’s not really what you think but probably not totally unlike what you think” LOL Huh??

Her comments on TSJTodd . FL says Tea can’t turn her feelings off for the man who has been in her life the last 8 years. “She can’t easily do that. She loves him. There’s real complexity to it” Tea is dealing with a range of emotions “terror, disgust, repulsion, fear, but on the other hand she also feels like, please don’t take this away from me”.

The Tale of 2 Todds Mystery Deepens

When John gets the Manning family together and provides the answer to the million dollar question, the family is in for yet another shock. John drops the bombshell, further complicating the situation and leaving the group with more questions than answers.

When Dani has her first encounter with Todd # 1, she is confused and doesn’t know what to make of him. And while Jack makes it perfectly clear that he believes Todd # 2, Blair and Starr have their doubts about him. Likewise, Viki is also trying to make sense of it all. But it soon dawns on her that there is really only one person who can help solve the mystery. Meanwhile, one of the Todds is not satisfied with the DNA test results and demands that a second test be taken.

When Blair pays a visit to Tomas, they share a kiss, but she pulls back. He figures it’s because she’s reeling from her kiss with Todd # 1. But Blair shuts him down, saying her hesitation stems from Tomas secrecy and his role in almost killing Todd #2.

While waiting for the second DNA results, the 2 Todds each make personal appeals to the family about being the actual Todd

Later, Blair takes it upon herself to do something very surprising, and John teams up with Brody and Tomas to discover the truth once and for all. And as this trio begin to investigate, it turns out that an unexpected individual holds the key that will unlock the mystery of which man is the real Todd Manning.

GH has the cover, as usual.


More Detailed Todd Spoilers From SOD SOW; August 16th Issue

John presents a DNA test to prove who the real Todd is. John gets Todd's DNA from Marty's rape in 1993, and they compare the two Todds' DNA to that. Blair, Tea, Jack, Starr, and Viki all gather to find out the DNA results. Viki bails TM out of jail so he can be there too. However, the DNA matches both men. Both Todds demand another test.

Viki decides to let TM stay at Llanfair. She wants to get to the bottom of this. Todd sees it as a betrayal by Viki, but she's just trying to get to the truth. Viki's on the fence about who he is and how to treat him. She feels a certain pull toward him. TM says he doesn't understand how they can both be Todd. Viki suggests there could be a person from the past who could answer that, but they have no way of getting in touch with him/her.

Tomas joins forces with John and Brody to solve the mystery. They raid the compound where TM was held and try to find the big boss who Baker reports to. At the same time, the two Todds argue. David gets involved and has a funny take on the drama, and holds an important piece of the puzzle.


Lots Of Coming Soon Soaps.com Spoilers

Viki bails out T.M.

T.M. is allowed to stay at Llanfair.

Jessica comes face to face with T.M.

Both Todds' DNA matches the DNA found in Marty's past rape.

John, Brody and Tomas join forces to find the truth and raid the agency.

Blair gives both Todds a kissing test.

Someone from the past may hold the key to who the real Todd Manning is.

The real Todd Manning is finally revealed.

Clint is sentenced for his crimes.

Madame Delphina returns to help Rex but may uncover a few Llanview secrets.

A clue, "Spotted Pony," surfaces and causes a reaction from David and Cutter.

Starr's relationship with James is affected after she kisses Baz.

James and Starr make love.

Aubrey sets her sights on a new rich man, Rex.

Nora's olive branch is rejected.

Dorian and David leave Llanview, as well as Kelly and Joey.

Natalie asks John for the tape from Marty's recorder.

Natalie finds out that Todd knows something about Liam.

John finds out that Liam is his son.


We Love Soaps interview with Kim Zimmer- (long video interview)