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Week of 5/9

May 9: Brody catches up with her and slaps cuffs on her
May 10: The alters have a meeting of the minds and a new personality emerges
May 13: Brody gets assaulted

Tuesday, 5/10 John listens to Natalie's urgent phone message and ignores it. Kelly and Marty fight with a knife and broken bottle.

Wednesday, 5/11 Natalie confronts Marty. John tries to stop Kelly from bleeding out.

Thursday, 5/12 Someone is about to take the fall for Marty’s deception. John makes a horrifying discovery about Natalie.

Friday 5/13: Baby Liam is in danger


Coming up: May Sweeps, Cable Guide and SOD spoilers...

Echo confronts Clint about the recording.

Things get hot and heavy between Blair and Tomas.

A man with Todd's old face appears.

Todd finds out what Jack did to Shane.

The bullying continues.

Natalie gets proof that John is Liam's father.

John ignores Natalie's frantic call.

Things between Marty and Kelly get physical.

John tries to stop Kelly's bleeding.

Tess develops a new personalty.

Ford is furious to find out that Tess knew something that could have kept him from losing Ryder.

Brody arrests Tess.

Brody's at the receiving end of an assault.

Tess takes Natalie's baby.

A college intern named Baz appears on the scene.

Baz is connected to one of Llanview's newer residents.



Kelly and Marty's argument turns violent.
Tomas encounters Todd.
Echo vows revenge on Viki and Dorian.
Jessica's mind becomes even more unhinged.
Natalie learns the truth.


(The Tape)
Natalie hears Marty's confession on tape; Joey and Aubrey bond over Ryder.

(Finding John)
Natalie searches for John; John believes Todd and Tomas are hiding something.

(The Roof Encounter)
Natalie confronts Marty; Viki overhears a conversation between Clint and his physician.


Tess is arrested

Natalie leaves John an urgent message after listening to the tape of Marty's session

Kelly is gravely injured after an explosive argument with Marty

Liam is in a precarious situation

Jessica and her alters struggle for control

Viki demands that Clint be honest with her

Tomas faces Todd


SOW: Week of May 9

Jessica struggles with her inner demons. John ignores Nat’s message. Viki demands answers. A baby is in danger. Kelly and Marty do battle.


Todd and Tomas circle one another, like prize fighters… Tess splits again, into a new alter entirely as Jessica suffers in a way she’s never suffered before… Watch out, Brody, you’re about to get clobbered… Natalie’s eyes are opened to the lengths Marty went to drive a wedge between her and John. Yes, Natalie learns Marty fixed the DNA results… Natalie goes about trying to give John the heads-up about Marty but in entirely the wrong way. She should do a face-to-face… John commits the biggest blunder of his life: he blows off Natalie’s phone message trying to warn him about Marty… Marty races against time to shut Natalie up… Marty goes after Kelly, wounding her. It’s a bloodbath!… John intervenes with a wounded Kelly, doing all he can to just make her not hemorrhage further… When Natalie tries to have it out with Marty, she goes flying, injuring herself almost fatally… John then comes across (his) Natalie laid out cold… The next target of Marty’s is gonna be Natalie and John’s baby boy, Liam… Echo wants to rain destruction down on Viki and Dorian for what they did to her.


Beginning Wednesday, May 11, Jessica Brennan displays an entirely new side to her personality.

She turns into Wes, named after Brody's deceased former Navy Seal buddy, whom Marty had a fling with a few years back.

In the ensuing chaos, look for Wes to hit on some of Llanview's female residents and act just like one of the boys.

Read More At:

http://www.soapoperanetwork.com/soaps/o ... ews-ladies

Monday May 9:

Cutter shares his plan.

Tess is arrested by Brody.

Natalie vows to listen to Marty's taped confession.

Tuesday May 10:

Jessica struggles with her alters.

John ignores Natalie's frantic message.

Things turn physical between Kelly and Marty.

Wednesday May 11:

John tries to stop Kelly's bleeding.

Natalie seeks out Marty.

Echo vows revenge against Dorian and Viki.

Thursday May 12:

Viki makes Clint admit how serious his condition is.

John discovers something horrifying about Natalie.

Someone is at risk of taking the fall for what Marty's done.

Friday May 13:

Someone hits Brody over the head.

Liam is in danger.

Tomas and Todd come face to face.


Sneak Peeks: Brody arrests Tess. Cutter outlines his demands to Clint & Joey. Tomas swears he didn't shoot Todd. The Cramer women rally around one of their own. Can't Miss: Wed, May 11: Jess becomes Wes. HOTW: Fri, May 13: RH returns.



Tess and Cutter admit that they married each other out of spite, and now they’re stuck in a crummy motel room with no money, no allies and no plan. Brody arrives and he’s determined to get through to Jessica so he forces a kiss on Tess, with unexpected results. Cutter admits to Joey, in front of Aubrey, that he married Tess to get his hands on the Buchanan money, and tells Joey to inform Clint to have the checkbook handy if they want to get Jessica the help she needs. Aubrey denies any knowledge of Cutter’s scheme, but Joey is seeing the light. When Joey informs Clint of Cutter’s demands, Clint keeps his dire medical condition secret. Joey confesses he thinks Cutter and Aubrey are in this scam together and Clint confirms, but persuades Joey to keep this knowledge under wraps until they get Jessica back. Meanwhile Jessica’s latest alter, Wes, who is patterned after Brody’s old Navy Seal comrade, slips away from Cutter and Brody and winds up at Capricorn where “he” comes onto Aubrey and Rama. Joey rushes to Kelly’s side when he learns of her injury and he and Dorian console one another. Joey confesses he doesn’t know what he would do without Kelly in his life.

Kelly is burning with desire (for Joey), and waits for John in his office for a little distraction. Marty overhears John and Kelly making arrangements to hook-up at his place later. Natalie tries to call John to tell him what she heard on the tape, but he doesn’t pick up, so she takes Liam and goes to find him in person. Kelly finds Marty waiting in John’s room, and things get out of hand. Natalie arrives at John’s, which appears empty, and discovers a note directing John to meet on the roof so she goes there to find Marty preparing a romantic dinner for John. John discovers Kelly bleeding on his bathroom floor. John goes with Kelly to the hospital. Kelly manages to tell John that Marty stabbed her and that she heard Natalie in his room. Assuming John is close behind her, Natalie confronts Marty with what she learned from the tape. Marty is determined to keep Natalie from telling John he is Liam’s father, and the ensuing struggle sends Marty over the edge, literally! Natalie hesitates before pulling Marty to safety, but Marty doesn’t hesitate to push Natalie off the roof. The information Kelly provides about her attack sends John back to the Angel Square Hotel where he finds Natalie’s broken body. Natalie barely manages to reveal that Marty has Liam on the roof. Brody comes upon John and Natalie and rushes to the roof to rescue “his son”. When he gets to the roof Marty gets the jump and knocks Brody out. John takes Natalie to the hospital. She is frantic about Liam but John can’t reach Brody. Brody regains consciousness and discovers Liam and Marty are nowhere to be found.


Viki learns of Clint’s imminent death. Todd continues to insist that Tomas tried to kill him while Tomas continues to insist he is innocent. Tomas dodges Tea’s questions prompting her to resign as his attorney. Blair’s feelings for Tomas are conflicted. Dorian, Starr and Blair wait for Kelly to come out of surgery. Viki arrives to support Dorian and is horrified when she learns Natalie has been injured and Liam is missing.


Cutter reveals his plan that he married Tess because he’s after the Buchanan money on Monday, May 9.

Kelly finds a vengeful and crazy Marty in John’s room, determined to let Kelly know once and for all that John belongs to her on Tuesday, May 10.

Brody and Cutter are present when Tess yields control to a new personality, Wes, based on Brody’s old Navy comrade Wednesday, May 11.

Natalie and Marty’s struggle results in Marty’s going over the side of the roof, where she clings to the edge. Natalie considers letting her fall, but ultimately pulls her to safety. Marty, however, is not so generous on Thursday, May 12.

Joey’s devastated over Kelly’s condition. He sticks close to her, but she barely comes to. When she’s wheeled off for surgery, he breaks down in Dorian’s arms on Friday, May 6.

Soap Opera Source

Brody walks in just as Natalie is about to play Marty's confession about Liam's paternity

Natalie packs up Liam and then sets out to track down John

John ignores Natalie's request to return her call

Marty overhears Kelly try to make plans to meet John for a tryst

A heated confrontation with Marty leaves Kelly clinging to life

Natalie encounters Marty on the rooftop

Natalie's threat fuels Marty's murderous rampage

Natalie pays a steep price for saving Marty's life

Kelly warns John that Natalie had been in the apartment prior to John's arrival

John makes a grisly discovery in Angel Square

John refuses to leave Natalie's side

Marty disappears with Liam

Tess and Cutter realize that their marriage was motivated by spite

Cutter assures Tess that he has a plan to reverse their fortunes

Brody decides to stop playing it safe with Tess

An internal struggle paves the way for a new personality

Aubrey and Rama meet "Wes"

Joey and Aubrey bond over Ryder

Cutter confesses to marrying Tess for a piece of the Buchanan fortune

Cutter offers to have Jessica committed for a price

Aubrey tries to do damage control

Joey begins to have doubts about Aubrey

Joey turns to Clint with his concerns about Aubrey and Cutter

Clint cautions Joey not to tip off Aubrey and Cutter until Jessica was safe

Joey races to Kelly's bedside

Clint admits to Viki that he's dying

Viki is curious how Dorian ended up with Clint's tape of Echo's admission

Todd denies any knowledge about the file that Kelly and Blair found

Todd learns about the CIA file on Tomas

Starr and Blair discover that Todd has an encrypted CIA file like Tomas

Téa decides that she can't represent her brother

Tomas and Todd have a face-to-face encounter


Natalie fills up Brody’s insecure holes.
After hearing the entire contents of Marty’s session with her therapist, Natalie goes running to – her phone.
Natalie tries to get a hold of John by phone, to tell him the glorious news – that he and she did make Liam.
If only John would pick up or even listen to Natalie’s phone message. But he won’t. He’ll regret that move later.
Kelly tries to ignore her heart pangs for Joey, who’s taken.
Kelly tries to forget about Joey by hanging around John. The two of them plan a date together for that night, not knowing Marty is around the corner taking all of this in for herself.
Kelly goes into John’s bachelor pad, thinking it’s gonna be just her and then John. Will Marty do?
Marty delusionally informs Kelly to back off now, now that she and John have reunited as one, and she’s not into sharing.
Kelly and Marty throw down in the battle to end all battles. They face off with Kelly wielding a knife and Marty wielding a broken bottle.
Marty out-beefs Kelly, gutting her rival like a fish and leaving her drowning in her own blood.
John comes upon the bloody scene in a bathroom, with Kelly as Marty’s victim. He does everything he can to patch Kelly up.
John makes sure he spirits Kelly to the ER STAT.
Kelly fights through the pain to alert John to Marty as the attacker, as well as Natalie being in his room at the time. Natalie??
Joey and John are drawn into Marty’s drama when they concern themselves, with love, for Kelly’s dire welfare.
Joey won’t leave Kelly, even if she barely knows he’s near.
Watching Kelly go into emergency surgery puts Joey in a vulnerable spot. He shatters emotionally, leaning on Dorian for support.
Dorian and Joe hold each other up, in light of what Marty did to Kelly.
Dorian must break Joey’s heart once more with info about Kelly.
Joey exposes his heart for Kelly and his utter loss without her, when confiding in Dorian.
Aubrey gets steamed at what Joey does.
Dorian, Blair, and Starr are called upon to loan Kelly their strength at the hospital, post-operation.
Natalie follows up her phone call with a personal visit to John’s place, while toting baby Liam. Nobody’s there, that she’s aware of (Kelly was in the bathroom bleeding to death, remember?).
While Natalie is walking around John’s place, she is oblivious to the fact that Kelly is lying in the bathroom in a puddle of blood (before John comes by to rescue her).
Natalie picks up a note she believes was written by John, asking her to go on the roof for a rendezvous. And she goes—with Liam!
Natalie opens the door to the apartment building roof, only to see a crazed Marty standing there, ready for a battle.
Natalie can’t believe Marty is on the roof and has decorated it like a restaurant for a date with John.
With an assurance (not backed up by any facts) that John is fast on her trail, Natalie practically goads Marty into a fight.
Natalie outs Marty as the perpetrator of a terrible DNA switch.
Natalie promises she will make sure John knows what Marty did, prompting a ferocious attack.
Marty tries to shut Natalie up by any means necessary, to preserve her imaginary love affair with John.
Marty attacks Natalie, both in the grips of a battle for their lives.
At first, Natalie puts Marty over the roof, hanging on for dear life.
For a split second, Natalie wants to just let Marty kick the bucket off that roof, but conscience gets the better of her.
Natalie takes pity on Marty and helps the psycho up… only to pay for it when Marty has no qualm about knocking Natalie off clean.
Ultimately, Marty triumphs over Natalie, shoving her off the roof to the ground way below.
Marty causes Natalie to fall off the roof of the Angel Square Motel and land in a bloody, broken heap.
John must next contend with a fallen Natalie, on the brink, and his missing baby, Liam.
Natalie transmits crucial information to John about Marty shoving her off the roof and grabbing Liam.
Brody assesses the Natalie situation with John, then heads to the motel roof to get Marty and Liam. Neither Brody or John know yet that Liam is John’s.
As soon as the roof doors open, Marty ambushes Brody, rendering him unconscious, so she can baby-nap Liam out of there.
John leaves Brody on the roof to take care of Marty and Liam, so he can make sure Natalie gets to the ER STAT!
Now John has two women he loves in the hospital struggling to survive.
Natalie begs John to find Liam, but John needs to find Brody on the phone first.
When Brody comes to, he springs into action with John to find out where Marty took off with Liam.
John and Brody are launched into another murder investigation when they see Dr. Bulhari’s body laid out like so much dead meat.
When Viki visits Dorian at the hospital to be a friend while Kelly’s recovering from surgery, she is told that Natalie, too, has been attacked severely and that Liam is gone.
Viki wrings her hands over Natalie’s precarious state.
Clint does something good for a change. He issues a public alert to whomever knows about Liam’s whereabouts to come forward, for a million smackeroos.
Joey and Aubrey get a little closer while tending to baby Ryder.
Ford gets to spend some time as a dad to Ryder.
Ford gives Aubrey a heads-up about Jess, Tess, …
James and Starr make sure Ford is doing alright, given the circumstances.
Cutter and Tess acknowledge to one another that they had to become man and wife. But now what do they do in this motel dive with zero funds?
Fully in the catbird’s seat, Cutter lays out his terms to Joey and Clint.
Cutter has Joey go to Clint to fork over lots of dough if they want to see Jessica get therapy. It’s news to Aubrey, who’s also in the room when Cutter makes his stipulation known.
Joey thinks Aubrey’s full of it when she swears she had no idea Cutter was up to this.
Joey confers with Clint about what to do with Cutter—and Aubrey.
Clint verifies that Joey’s on the right track in suspecting Aubrey and Cutter of going after the Buchanan fortune.
Clint doesn’t disclose to Joey that he’s dying in a few weeks.
Clint asks Joey to sit on this info about cons Cutter and Aubrey, until Jessica’s health is restored.
Joey never lets on to Aubrey that he’s now onto her games.
Aubrey brings Rama in on a confidence.
Brody castigates Tess for her antics, says he’s over it, and tries to tough-love Jess out.
Brody prepares to take Tess into custody for trying to annihilate Ford.
Before Brody can put the handcuffs on Tess and read her the riot act, she goes and pulls another rabbit out of a hat.
Brody plants a luscious kiss on Tess, praying that it will jar Jessica back. It doesn’t, it jars another alter out eventually, an old war buddy of his named Wes.
Cutter gets mean, squarely in Brody’s face—over Tess.
Brody and Cutter trade barbs back and forth, while Tess fights to shove a new alter back inside. This new alter comes out anyway, alarming Brody, Cutter, and Ford.
Brody goes down like a pile of bricks.
Brody and Joey must abandon Wes to help out with what’s happened to Kelly and Natalie, because of Marty…leaving Jessica’s male alter free to cruise Capricorn for babes.
Wes flirts shamelessly with Rama and Aubrey, like he’s an average, all-American, straight horndog.
Cristian watches Wes like a hawk, to make sure this alter behaves—while Brody’s off saving the world.
Repetitious Theatre: Todd points the finger at Tomas for the near-miss, and Tomas says, Not me!
Tomas keeps evading Tea’s inquiries about the classified stuff.
Tea feels she has no other option than to drop Tomas as a client. Blair doesn’t even know what to make of Tomas.
John puts Todd under the microscope about this classified status.
Todd repeats his refrain: Look to Tomas, not me.
John’s all, like, both these jokers – Todd and Tomas – are up to something and not letting on.
Todd drops something about Tomas on Blair, who remains back and forth on the subject.
Tomas and Todd circle each other, like boxers in a ring.
Even from behind bars, Tomas maintains his innocence in Todd’s shooting at Rodi’s.
John deepens his probe of Tomas’s classified CIA status, as well as any link to Todd. He runs into several dead-ends.
Wait until Friday when Roger Howarth (original Todd) surfaces with a mystery. Is he Todd?
In reaction to Clint’s dire heart condition, Viki goes to the source for the full details.
Viki expects Clint to be completely on the level about going belly up.
Charlie packs up and makes tracks somewhere far away, leaving a devastated, furious Echo behind.
Echo envisions putting the hammer down on Dorian and Victoria.
Viki begins to ask herself questions about Dorian getting her hands on Clint’s secret tape in the first place.


Week of 5/16

An intimate secret is revealed.

One man is shocked by what he learns.

Someone resorts to drastic action to keep from losing everything.

And one person spirals out of control.


Down the road previews:

Marty descends further into madness, posing a danger to several Llanview residents

The Buchanans face a major life-changing event

Todd emerges from his coma and has to confront what Jack has become

Another alter emerges from Jessica -- as Tess finds herself a new husband

Bo and Nora worry that the truth about Matthew will be exposed


Casting Update:

On Wednesday, May 18, Austin Peck returns as smut peddler Rick Powers, when a certain something or someone gets under his skin and later tries to take advantage when a golden opportunity suddenly presents itself.

Following conservations this week with Tomas (Ted King), Parisian gallery owner M. Claude Calmar (Matthew Conlon) turns up again on Tuesday, May 17.

Determined not to give up until she gets the scoop on the identity of Eddie Ford's real killer, WVL-TV Reporter Blanca Morales (Carolina Bermudez) continues to inch closer to the truth beginning Thursday, May 19. But will she find what she is looking for, or will her quest led to unintended consequences for several Llanview residents?

Tamela Aldridge ends her run as Dr. Sabrina Buhari on Wednesday, May 18. But will the troubled shrink leave town of her own volition, or at all?


Week Of 16-20: Todd tries to get Tomas to confess. Marty goes on the run. Nate blows up at Matthew. Ford learns the truth about Tess. Clint makes a confession. Dani catches Matthew & Destiny kissing. Viki forces Clint to tell her the truth about his condition.


Ford realizes that his former wife is a man.

Something about Cristian and Rama sharing an electric moment.

Brody and John discovers Dr Bulhari's dead body.

Clint offers a million dollars for the return of Liam



Marty tries to flee town.
Ford learns his ex-wife is now a man.
Someone turns up dead.
Clint offers a reward for his grandson's safe return.
Nate blasts Matthew for trying to make him be the fall guy.


SNEAK PEEK: Week of May 16

John and Brody band together to find Liam and Marty, Wes protects Marty, Clint confesses to murdering Eddie Ford, and Dani spies Matthew and Destiny kissing.

Soap Opera Source

Wes helps Marty

Matthew and Destiny encounter Marty and Liam

Matthew wonders why Destiny is distant since they lost their virginity together

Dr. Buhari is found murdered

Clint makes a public confession


Marty adds child-napper (Liam’s gone!) to her growing list of crimes against Llanview society… John and Brody must put aside their grievances to work together to hunt Marty down and make sure Liam is safely returned… Marty becomes a fugitive from justice… Jessica’s male alter, Wes, could turn this whole woman-and-baby hunt around… Tess’s latest state has Ford fit to be tied… Marty aims to get out of town in a hurry… Wes aids and abets Marty… Todd does everything in his power to provoke a confession out of Tomas… Nate reams Matthew out for letting him twist in the wind as a murder suspect all this time… Dani feels discombobulated to see her former boyfriend, Matthew, all over Destiny now… Viki pressures Clint to reveal more than meets the eye… Clint lets it be known he’s been holding back bigtime: he actually did put the final nail in Eddie’s coffin. You mean it wasn’t Matthew?!


Coming up: May Sweeps, Cable Guide and SOD spoilers:

Dani sees Matthew and Destiny kissing.

Matthew's life could be at risk when the truth about him killing Eddie comes out.

Nate lashes out at Matthew for letting him take the fall.

Clint makes a confession.

John is convinced Todd and Tomas are hiding something.

Todd tries to get Tomas to confess.

Tomas gives Todd a warning.

A man with Todd's old face, who's referred to as TM, appears. Visit T.M.'s character profile for speculations.

The bullying continues.

Kelly grabs a knife to defend herself against Marty, who grabs a bottle in retaliation.

Natalie gets proof that John is Liam's father.

Natalie searches for John but finds a note at his place asking someone to meet on the roof.

Marty is confronted by Natalie on the roof.

During a struggle with Marty, Natalie falls over the roof's edge.

Liam is kidnapped.

Marty bumps in Matthew and Destiny while trying to escape Angels Square with Liam.

Joey and Aubrey bond over Ryder.

Cutter makes his plans known to Clint and Joey.

Joey finds out about Aubrey and Cutter's real relationship.

Jessica develops a new personalty, Wes, named after Brody's dead Navy Seal buddy.

Wes is developed to push Brody away.

Ford finds out Tess is now a man named Wes.

Wes heads to Capricorn and sets 'his' sights on some unsuspecting ladies.

Clint offers a huge reward for Liam's return.

A college intern named Baz appears on the scene.

Baz is connected to one of Llanview's newer residents.


Spoilers / Articles From May 17th Issue Of SOD SOW

Paraphrased & Reworded:

Thorsten Kaye turned OLTL down when he was asked to return to reunite with Marty.

RC talks about being faced with ending the show & how to figure out who ends up with whom & such. Insiders & Agnes Nixon are hopeful that AMC & OLTL may find a new network. A AMC vet says that AN isn't giving up.

OLTL Goes Crazy With Marty Going Nuts, Jess Having A New Alter, & RH Coming Home

Crazy Marty:

Kelly goes to see John at his place and is greeted by a crazy Marty. Marty sees both Kelly & Natalie as threats to her happiness because she wants John all to herself. RC says how amazing SH is & how she brings a lot of excitement to the story. Marty tells Kelly that John belongs to her. Kelly gets a knife to defend herself & Marty gets a broken bottle. Marty's intention is not to hurt anyone, but blood is spilled. It leads to a moment of crisis for John and Joey after they learn what happened. It's a wake up call. Meanwhile, Natalie is shocked when she learns that Liam is John's son after listening to the tape. MA says how happy Natalie is. She tries to call John but he's not picking up. So she heads to his place. When Natalie arrives, she finds a note saying to meet on the roof. She goes there only to find a unhinged Marty. RC says how it's a clash of the titans and really exciting. RC talks about how intense the scenes are. The women struggle on the roof & someone goes over the edge. When John arrives more lives, including Liam's are in danger. As to whether Marty ends up in St. Ann's, RC says that Marty is pretty out there but there's a long way for her to go. There's an unexpected twist that puts Marty smack in the middle of a totally different story.

Jess Is A Man

Cutter's plan to milk the Buchanan's out of their money by marrying Tess hits a roadblock when Brody arrests her for Ford's attempted murder. Brody is desperate to reach Jess and kissed Tess in hopes of bringing her out. Cutter & Brody argue, while Tess begins to emerge as a new alter: a man named Wes. Jess has based this persona off of Brody's old pal. It's to push him away. RC says it seemed logical to give Jess a male alter and it throws a monkey wrench into her romantic problems. Brody, Cutter, & Ford now have to deal with a guy. She's still a woman, but she talks to them like a guy & it freaks them out. When Brody & Joey are called away to deal with Natalie, Kelly, & Marty, Wes makes no time and goes to Capricorn and sets his sites on the ladies of Llanview.

Roger's Back

Todd & Tomas' connection becomes even more tangled when RH returns to the canvas. Tomas keeps swearing to Blair that he didn't shoot Todd while he's in jail. John continues to investigate why the CIA has confidential files on Tomas & Todd. John cannot seem to find out what's in the files or why they exist for both men. RC says there's another layer to the mystery & a lot to be revealed. RH returns at the very end of May 13th's episode. Whether or not RH is the real Todd is being kept a secret close to the vest by the show. RC says how they now have both TSJ & RH, so you have to watch who you're referring to when you say 'Todd.' To avoid confusion, TSJ will be referred to as 'Todd' while RH is referred to as 'TM' for the moment. RH's true identity will be revealed eventually.


MA has an interview. Marty wants to tell John as soon as she hears Liam's his. Natalie is hopeful this will repair her & John's rift. She's not thinking about Kelly or anything else. She's sure this will change everything. When Natalie finds Marty on the roof who set up a romantic setting for her & John, she's almost cocky about finally getting the goods on Marty. But she soon has reason for severe fear. MA says the stunt coor rocked.


JPL talks a bout Rex freaking out about Shane & how he's taking his cues from Gigi on how to parent Shane in this situation.

GT has an interview. She talks about what John & Kelly have. How it's turned into an organic relationship & isn't just about Joey & Natalie anymore. They like being in each other's company. She says how it's not as easy thing to play since what Jolie had was so real. GT is asked if Kelly loves both John & Joey & if John will be torn between Kelly & Natalie. She says how you can have conflicting feelings & still be in love with someone else. She says how John/Kelly is a curve ball since they love other people & this complicates things. She talks about Kelly/John & Kelly/Joey & she says she hopes the show keeps exploring both. She then talks about Kelly & Marty's showdown.


Soaptown Loose Lips Spoilers

ONE LIFE TO LIVE: Those rumors that Brandon Buddy will return for the finale seems to have alot of steam behind it. Brandon Buddy's rep has said Brandon's return has been verbally confirmed between him and the show and he will be returning as Cole before the show goes off the air......Also hearing that even though Howarth is returning and we will see the tale of two Todd's it is being said he will make an early exit, as he did not sign on for the finale when he was negotiating a return, which if true again things change, it makes me think that Trevor just may be the real Todd, if there is even a real Todd at all....Hmmmmm, Guess we will have to wait and see.....What connection does Todd and Tomas have that they hate each other so much and why is John wondering the same thing?....Will Thorsten return as Patrick on OLTL also? HIS body was never found as well so it seems every time Kaye plays a character they die but not really. HIH? Oh yea this is a soap opera! Remember on PC he died and came back as a vampire?.....Get ready for some exits sooner then later as TPTB are cleaning house before the so called end.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE: Major upheavals and reshuffling coming in late July some swill stay and some will go. Just heard the newest addition to the cast is not a happy camper. When he signed to come on they was no talk of cancellations. Seems Anne Sweeney made promises that were all false and never intended to keep her word. She knew what was coming down and didn't bother to mention it.....Another cast member keeps going back and forth with what they want to do. First they said they wanted out then they said they wanted to stay till the end. The sad thing is this cast member was offered parts and a few guest shots and now feels trapped between self-interest and loyalty, other cast members are also going through the same problem....Look for Cole to return sometime in August or September deal still in the works......More personalities come forward for Jessica and the newest is Wes a young kid who is very similar to Viki's Tommy. But lets not forget about Bess who is returning sooner then later......Could Nate be going after Ms Deena who came to Llanview for James and now has intentions of going after baby bro.....Liam REALLY proves to be the new Hope as Liam faces another crisis after John rescues him from Marty.


May Preview From Soap Opera Network

Marty's reign of terror leaves many lives in danger.

Tomas gives Todd a serious warning.

Cutter takes drastic action to hang on to his meal ticket.

Joey realizes the obvious finally.

Clint tries to make things right.

Matthew and Destiny share a special bond.


Spoilers / Articles From May 10th SOD & SOW

SOW – May Sweeps – RC talking
Liam and Ryder both have big story in May. Ryder’s custody is decided and this escalates the hatred between Ford and Tess. Plus, there is a very good chance that the truth will come out about Liam’s paternity, and one of the parents will know, if not both. ( great pic of Jolie/Liam, old pic, but love it)

SOD – Natalie has the Proof!
As Marty and John seem to rekindle their romance this week, Nat comes one step closer to learning that Marty is responsible for Liam’s paternity switch “the truth would be life changing” says MA

After offering to help Gigi and Rex, who think they’re about to listen to a recording of Shane’s private therapy session, Nat discovers the voice on the tape is really Marty – but doesn’t realize she has the truth at her finger tips “everything about Marty baffles her” says MA “she just thinks Marty is insane. She’s constantly there and trying to do something, whatever it may be. Nat just doesn’t trust her. It’s like, what’s up with this chick?”

Rex & Gigi persuade Nat not to listen to the tape anymore “If Nat has that information, the chances things could get better again would be much higher” says MA. Regardless, she agrees to hand over the evidence to Rex, who promptly returns it to the doctor. Meanwhile, Marty thinks she’s got all her bases covered and desperately tries to reignite the spark she once shared with John by kissing him.

By week’s end, Nat zeros in on obtaining the tape and finding out what Marty has up her sleeve. Can Nat win back John once and for all? “She doesn’t know how John would react, but I think I can say that if he knew the truth, there’d definitely be a bigger chance of him starting to forgive her” nods the actress “the pain with Natalie lying, combined with the fact he lost his son, is what made it so much more difficult to get past.”

As for Brody, “It would definitely hurt Brody a lot” says MA “ I don’t know if it would take away from their friendship, but it’s one of those things where people take news differently than you may expect. The last thing she wants to do is crush Brody anymore than she wanted to crush John. She doesn’t want him to be hurt just for her own happiness”.

SOD Recap Section – Does Nat have romantic feelings for Brody? MA “they’re working really hard together and trying to work around crazy obstacles. Everything is heightened so I think it’s natural that something would happen”


Spoilers For May from ABC.com

*Clint's health takes a nose-dive, and he ends up on death's door.

*The truth about Matthew killing Eddie Ford can't stay bottled up forever. When it does come out, Matthew's very life could be put at risk.

*Marty has completely flipped out, and this month, it's not just Natalie in her sights. Anybody who threatens her "relationship" with John is fair game, so watch out, Kelly!

*Joey finally learns the truth about Aubrey and Cutter.

*Jessica and Tess learn that they may not be the only personalities struggling for control.

*And finally, the moment we've all been waiting for: Roger Howarth returns to One Life to Live! Yes, you are going to see him – but is he Todd?



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May 12th, 2011, 10:50 pm #2

Daytime Royalty

Week of 5/16

Monday May 16:

Marty bumps into Matthew and Destiny while trying to escape Angels Square with Liam.

Matthew asks about Destiny's distance since losing their virginity together.

Todd tries to get Tomas to confess.

Tuesday May 17:

Cris and Rama have an electric moment.

Ford finds out Tess is now a man named Wess.

Wess is tricked by Cutter into stopping at the Minute Man Motel.

Wednesday May 18:

Dani sees Matthew and Destiny kissing.

John and Brody find Dr. Buhari’s dead body.

Clint puts up a million dollar reward for news on Liam's whereabouts.

Thursday May 19:

Destiny begs Dani to stay quiet in regards to Matthew.

Nate lashes out at Matthew for letting him take the fall.

Brody and John try to find Marty and Liam.

Friday May 20:

Blanca tells Rex that Clint copped to the DNA test.

Nora and Bo hear Clint telling Blanca he killed Eddie Ford.

Wess won't rat out Marty.


Week of 5/23

On Thursday, May 26th, Ilene Kristen pops up again as Llanview's favorite drunk Roxy Balsom, when she takes matters into her own hands, and tries to handle a precarious situation as only Roxy can.

Vimal (Nick Choksi) will receive some interesting news on Friday, May 27th.


Coming up: May Sweeps, Cable Guide and SOD spoilers...

Matthew's life could be at risk when the truth about him killing Eddie comes out.

Nate punches Matthew, who collapses.

Blair hears something about Tomas from Todd.

Tomas gives Todd a warning.

The bullying continues.

Joey finds out about Aubrey and Cutter's real relationship.

A college intern named Baz appears on the scene.

Baz is connected to one of Llanview's newer residents.


A Tale of Two Todds

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) -- If you've been living under a rock, you may not have known that Roger Howarth was returning to ABC's "One Life to Live" beginning Friday, May 13. The only question was whether or not he'd be playing the role of Todd Manning or some new character that just happens to look like Todd pre-2003, when Trevor St. John took over the role after it was revealed his initial role as Walker Laurence was really Todd with a face lift. In "The Tale of Two Todd's," Howarth marks his triumphant return to the drama series with the infamous scar and all, so what's the deal? Who is truly Todd?

Based on images released today by the network, it looks like St. John has in fact been portraying an impostor Todd, while Howarth's Todd looks to have been locked away in some sort of psyche ward for the past eight years.

According to ABC, Howarth began filming on Wednesday, May 4. "One Life to Live" Head Writer Ron Carlivati made the decision to quickly insert Howarth on the show shortly after the network canceled the long running soap opera citing poor financial returns from Madison Avenue.

What Do You Think?

(pics in link)

http://www.soapoperanetwork.com/soaps/o ... s-llanview

Erika Slezak Interview

http://www.soapoperanetwork.com/soaps/o ... n-llanview


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May 13th, 2011, 3:52 am #3

Okay, so what's the scoop on Clint? All I read was "imminent death" and "medical condition." Is this something you think they'll do since the show is ending? Sort of like Alan Spaulding on GL? Oh, how sad.


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May 13th, 2011, 7:32 pm #4

Nope its even sadder than Clint dying....Rumor has it Matthew will provide Clint with his miracle new heart :(

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May 13th, 2011, 10:13 pm #5

What we are seeing now on OLTL was filmed back in March, so none of this was influenced by the cancellation notice.

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May 14th, 2011, 4:59 am #6

I think that almost makes it worse. I just dont see a need for more Bo/Nora tragedy cancellation or not.

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May 16th, 2011, 5:05 pm #7

jbrr1212 wrote:I think that almost makes it worse. I just dont see a need for more Bo/Nora tragedy cancellation or not.
I agree....seems a little unnecessary now. Kinda like twisting the knife. Thanks for the scoop.


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May 20th, 2011, 5:07 am #8

Daytime Royalty

Week of 5/23


Something is terribly wrong with Matthew.
Marty needs Todd's help.
Bess gives Brody a clue regarding Marty's whereabouts.
Roxy hires a psychic to help locate Liam.
Vimal learns his wife has been lying to him.


SNEAK PEEK: Week of May 23.

Joey confronts Aubrey about her lies and schemes, Matthew collapses, Marty asks Todd for help, and Cutter puts the squeeze on the Buchanans.


Bo and Nora are baffled when Matthew collapses for no apparent reason

Joey confronts Aubrey with her lies

Viki refuses to believe that Clint killed Eddie Ford

Bess claims that Todd knows where Marty is

Roxy consults a physic about Liam's disappearance

James and Starr declare their love for each other


Matthew drops to the floor from head trauma that will eventually flatline him. Bye, Nate. It was nice knowing you… Marty uses the trump card to get away with two attempted murders: Todd Manning… Todd will not be able to refuse Marty for fugitive assistance either… Brody puts Todd through a severe wringer… Tess and Wes may be of little use to Brody. But Bess will drop a gem about Marty’s next move… Roxy consults a telepathic to hunt down Marty and recover Liam… Cutter demands his cut from the Buchanans… Joey expects Aubrey to get real. He lets her know the con is up… Vimal realizes through some facts made known to him that Rama has been deceitful.


Monday May 23:

Joey lays into Aubrey for her lies.

Bo and Nora debate Tomas' innocence.

Matthew collapses.

Tuesday May 24:

Tea is shocked when Todd suggests Tomas live with them.

Bo and Nora are desperate to find out what's wrong with Matthew.

Viki questions Clint's claim that he killed Eddie.

Wednesday May 25:

James plans for a romantic evening with Starr.

Cutter demands Viki and Clint pay him well.

Brody asks Todd why Bess claims he knows where Marty is hiding.

Thursday May 26:

Roxy hires a psychic to find Liam.

Brody apologizes to John for blaming him for Liam's disappearance.

Marty begs Todd to hide her.

Friday May 27:

Starr and James profess their love.

Rama confesses to Vimal that she was never pregnant.

Nate tells Deanna his punch may have caused Matthew's condition.


Coming up: TV Guide, Cable Guide and SOD spoilers...

David returns.

Roxy hires a psychic to find Liam.

John professes his love to Natalie and promises never to leave her.

Natalie tells John that Liam is his son.

Brody asks Todd why Wess claims he knows where Marty is hiding.

Marty begs Todd to hide her.

Matthew's life could be at risk when the truth about him killing Eddie comes out.

Nate punches Matthew, who collapses.

Bo and Nora are desperate to find out what's wrong with Matthew.

Matthew is deemed to be nearly brain dead.

T.M. screams, "I've been here for eight years?"

The bullying of Shane continues.

Rama confesses to Vimal that she was never pregnant.

A college intern named Baz appears on the scene.

Baz is connected to one of Llanview's newer residents.


Exclusive: More Tragedy for One Life to Live's Bo and Nora
May 13, 2011 09:59 AM ET
by Michael Logan

Can things get any crappier for One Life to Live's Bo and Nora Buchanan? Oh, yes indeed. The fan-fave couple - played by Emmy winners Robert S. Woods and Hillary B. Smith - are currently in a mess o' trouble because their teen son Matthew killed Eddie Ford, the town psychopath, and they have yet to report it. Their intentions are good - they're trying to find the best way to help Matthew (Eddie Alderson) through the legal system - but it's a clear obstruction of justice made worse by the fact that Bo is the police commissioner and Nora is the D.A. Now they've got bigger problems: This coming week, their kid is punched in the head during an altercation with Eddie's son, Nate. On May 23, Matthew will collapse and, later, he's diagnosed as being very nearly brain-dead. Then comes word that Bo's brother Clint (Jerry verDorn) needs a new heart or he will die. You can see where this plot might go. TV Guide Magazine spoke with Woods and Smith about this tragic one-two punch for the Buchanans and - of course - that even bigger blow called cancellation.

TV Guide Magazine: Before we discuss Bo and Nora's troubles, let's get the real-life trauma out of the way. How are you guys dealing with the end of OLTL?
Woods: We were all blindsided by the news that we'll go off the air in January, but we're doing OK, I guess. It's weird. We thought we were in pretty good shape.
Smith: When I was on The Doctors we got canceled and we were only two weeks ahead back then. It was so abrupt. I like that we have seven months to get our act together. Even before we got the official word, I kind of thought we were in trouble and I was concerned that they'd stop us before we had a chance to write appropriate endings.
Woods: All of us are determined to go out on top - proud, strong, head held high.
Smith: I want us to go out with every fan celebrating how much they love the show, not by boycotting us as some people want to do. We should keep OLTL vital and alive for as long as possible so that when we do go off the air we all feel satiated. After that, we can decide how we want to react, but while we're still on the air, let's celebrate. I know there's a feeling of great helplessness and ownership. How can you do this to what is mine? Our show is a legacy that keeps our audience connected to the past, to their upbringing, to their mothers and grandmothers. And it's being dismissed. Our fans aren't just heartbroken about losing their soap, they're heartbroken for the genre.

TV Guide Magazine: Despite all of Bo and Nora's troubles, isn't it great they're going through this hell together? There are so few real couples in soaps anymore. Watching you two back together makes us feel better about the world, schlocky as that sounds.
Woods: It's what this medium is all about. It's about the decisions you have to make that put you to the test. Bo and Nora are being tested emotionally, physically and spiritually but they're hanging together and fighting as a team. They make each other strong enough to take on the world, which is cool.
Smith: We're living in an ADD world and so many relationships reflect that. Despite their struggles and estrangements in the past, Bo and Nora have an enviable relationship, and that's what people want to watch. [Laughs] Just this morning, a lady at Lord & Taylor told me how lucky I am to be married to a real hunk like Bo Buchanan. Woodsy, she told me to tell you, "Hey, from Mae at Lord & Taylor out in Bridgewater, New Jersey!"
Woods: I might have to make a trip out there. [Laughs]. That reminds me of all the times women have come up to my wife, Loyita, and said, "I wish I had a husband like Bo Buchanan." And Loyita always says, "Yeah, me, too." [They both laugh hysterically]
Smith: One time back in 1990-something, one of the people in our production office called me to get a hold of Bob because he was on vacation. I had to explain that we were only married on the show.
Woods: Hey, if you can fool the people you work with who should know better, that's a real testimonial!

TV Guide Magazine: Aren't Bo and Nora in major hot water here?
Woods: They're trying to figure out how to go about dealing with the murder legally while still doing what's best for their son.
Smith: They're stepping through a minefield of emotions. Neither will be able to live with themselves if they break the code of ethics they live by. They know what the end result is going to have to be. They just have to figure out the process, the best way to approach the inevitable, while still trying to wrap their heads around the fact that Clint manipulated all of them. He manipulated their son into killing someone. That's huge.

TV Guide Magazine: This is one of those great soap stories that has every viewer thinking, "What would I do if my kid was in this kind of trouble?"
Smith: A friend of mine has always said to her child, "If something bad occurs, you call me immediately and tell me exactly what happened - the truth and nothing but the truth - and I'll grab a shovel and help you bury the body!" The important thing is to tell the truth, confess to what you did and own it. But Bo and Nora are having trouble with that.
Woods: And as angry and resentful as they are with Clint, because you can so easily hate the guy, they still love him because that's what they're always about.
Smith: Well, Bo can love him. Nora can't!

TV Guide Magazine: Even if they ultimately to do the right thing, dragging ass like this is really bad. They're guilty by reason of delay.
Smith: They are definitely obstructing justice and Nora could be disbarred.
Woods: They could both be out of jobs and disgraced in the community. But because this is about their son they love so much, they're ready to go right to the edge. How close to the edge can they get and find the best possible outcome for this? How much time can they buy?

TV Guide Magazine: And then, suddenly, both Matthew and Clint are dying.
Smith: Things get so bad that Bo and Nora actually set aside the murder — their minds just can't handle that much. Decisions need to be made about Matthew. They're told he has minimal brain activity just as Clint's condition is suddenly worse. They're being jerked around from one tragedy to another. It's too, too much. Matthew's getting worse. Clint's getting worse. All they need now is a tornado to hit Llanview.
Woods: And Bo has horrible guilt, feeling responsible for causing Clint's heart attack. But at the same time, Bo wants him behind bars, paying for what he's done. Yet here's Clint barely fighting for his life. It's pretty complicated stuff.

TV Guide Magazine: This sounds like strong, really adult drama, the kind we haven't seen on a soap 10 times before.
Woods: I'll tell ya, this story has pulled a lot out of me. Needless to say, there are a lot of times when you come to work thinking, "Oh, God, let's get this done and go home." But this material, man, you can really do something with it!

TV Guide Magazine: When Clint knows he's terminal, he goes on TV and confesses to killing Eddie Ford, a pretty decent if not downright heroic thing to do. Don't Bo and Nora think, "Hey, why don't we just shut the hell up and all this will go away?"
Smith: Oh, Nora goes right there! Of course, she does!
Woods: [Laughs] It's like, "Hey, here's the solution to our Eddie problem! Wanna go have lunch?
Smith: [Laughs] "Works for me! I think we're kinda done here."
TV Guide Magazine: OK, you wisenheimers, there will be happier days for Bo and Nora, right? Tell me they will live through all this tragedy to jitterbug again.
Woods: [Laughs] It'll have to be at a much slower tempo! Nothing on this body moves as fast as it used to. Loyita and I recently went to Billy Warlock's house for his birthday. We're having a lot of laughs and a few drinks and then we all start dancing. Well, the next day, I am so stiff I cannot move and Loyita's knee is as big as a cantaloupe. So I don't know about any more jitterbugging.
Smith: Oh, my God, even back in the day we would do those jitterbugging scenes and be using Tiger Balm for weeks!

TV Guide Magazine: It sure would be a great way to end the show in January.
Woods: Well, maybe we could do a fox trot in the last episode. Maybe a waltz. [Laughs] But definitely no barrel rolls!

http://www.tvguide.com/News/Tragedy-One ... 33034.aspx

Soaptown Loose Lips Spoilers

ONE LIFE TO LIVE: If you haven't heard the news it seems OLTL is eliminating cast members sooner then expected. I told you that TPTB are thinning out the cast and it looks like Matthew just may be the first to go thanks to Nate who punches Matthew after finding out he killed Eddie and tried to put the blame on him. ...When Tomas tells Todd he knows what he did, Todd does a complete 180 and allows Tomas to stick around. Guess we know what that means... And speaking of Tomas, Ted King has a clause in his contract that guarantees him payment if ABC decides to let him go. Smart move on his part. He also made added a clause that he has the option to leave if he so desires but with no payment. Guess it's a wait see if he will stay or go.....When Howarth returned to ABC many of his ex cat mates were thrilled to see him return. Those rumors that Roger had a fling with one cast member which added to his exit have been put to rest now that he is back....This was mentioned a while ago but things are changing and rewrites are coming in like mad. Tale of Two Todds has been written four times and they say they have it right this time or so they say....What if someone was behind Marty's breakdown and they have been manulipating her since she got out of the St Anne's and who would have something to gain if they did? Why does Marty call Todd when she goes missing?..ROXY ARLERT!!!!


Susan Haskells exit

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — Last week on ABC's "One Life to Live" viewers were left on the edge of their seat after Marty Saybrooke lost her rocker and killed her therapist Dr. Burhari (Tamela Aldridge), assaulted cop Brody Lovett (Mark Lawson), nearly stabbed Kelly Cramer (Gina Tognoni) to death and got into a battle with Natalie Buchanan (Melissa Archer) that resulted in Ms. Buchanan being thrown off the roof of a building while Marty looked on gleefully above (not to mention kidnapping her baby), all the while obsessively preparing a romantic dinner for her fantasy boyfriend John McBain (Michael Easton). This week has thus far proven to be an another equally eventful week on the the soap as Marty has gone on the run now that the police are hot on her trail. And just what about that missing therapy session tape? All we can tell is to expect someone very unexpected to take possession of it.

While on the lam, Marty gets mixed up with not one, but two men looking for a little action -- smut peddler Rick Powers (Austin Peck), and Wes, Marty's gal pal Jessica's (Bree Williamson) personification of her old boytoy Wes Granger (played by Justin Paul Kahn from 2008-09), prompting the psychotic shrink to think Jess is the crazy one (imagine that). Now, you might think that all this would mark the beginning of the end for Ms. Saybrooke, but you'd be wrong...technically.

As previously reported, Susan Haskell, who portrays Marty on "One Life," is reportedly leaving the drama series. While a network representative was unable to confirm those reports when news broke in early April, Soap Opera Network has since learned that the actress is indeed leaving the drama series in the very near future. While a last airdate has not been set nor will ABC release the information, we have been assured, however, that when Marty leaves you'll not only be left on the wondering how that.just.happened, but you'll be glued to your TV set for weeks to come in the aftermath!

We've learned there's a major reason why, but we just can't spill it! Say it ain't so!

In the meantime, look for Marty's path to get intertwined with several more Llanviewites, including Todd Manning (Trevor St. John), the man who twice raped her, and his mysterious brother-in-law Tomas Delgado (Ted King), one of which will learn her dirty little secret. But will she uncover what Todd is hiding as well? And what will become of baby Liam? Tune in to find out!

http://www.soapoperanetwork.com/soaps/o ... ell-is-out

Robin Strasser leaving early

She tweeted...

I'll have to leave OLTL sooner than the cancellation date, for compelling health reasons. Unable 2 meet high standards I owe our great show.

BUMMER! Darn right. WISDOM indicates a GRACE-full exit, before I fall on my bum. "Always leave 'em laughin". With Tuc and luck, hope I will!http://twitter.com/#!/robinstrasser