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Daytime Royalty

Week of 4/4

A secret is exposed.

Someone is pushed to their breaking point.

Backed into a corner, one person tries to shift blame to another.

An unlikely pair grow closer.

And a mother needs a boost of confidence.

Soap Opera Network

Week Of April 4-8: Rex and Gigi face a parents worst nightmare. Bo and Nora are shocked about who really killed Eddie. Starr tells Blair about Jack. Viki is devastated. Marty gets under Natalie's skin.



Viki goes on the warpath.
Shane reaches his breaking point.
Things get steamy between Tess and Cutter.
Bo and Nora are floored by Clint's accusations.
Langston receives a tempting offer.

Soap Opera Network

Starr talks to Blair about Jack's recent behavior

Blair admits to hitting Jack

Starr finds Marty spending time with Hope

Bo and Nora refuse to believe Clint

Rex and Gigi discover their son standing on the ledge of the school's roof

Téa has a talk with John

Marty does her best to drive John and Natalie further apart

Natalie is determined to stand by her father

Viki blasts Echo

Things heat up between Tess and Cutter in the steam room


Spoilers From April 5th Issue Of SOD / SOW
Paraphrased & Reworded:
Casting News:

JT (Markko) returns as apart of Langston's send off.

Staying: SOW says that despite rumors that TSJ is out as Todd, their sources tell them that TSJ is back on set taping and that TSJ has lot's of story coming up as Todd Manning. AT has been placed on contract as Todd's son, Jack.

Eddie's Killer Revealed: Clint's arrested for Eddie's murder. With Rex's help, Bo gets evidence that Clint was at the Minute Man the night of the murder. Rex stumbles on a porno shoot & asks if he can see footage from the night of the murder. He sees Clint leaving Eddie's room in the background and wiping clean the finger prints on the gun. Natalie & Viki reel from the news about Clint. Clint keeps warning Bo that if he goes down, Bo's family will as well. Nora meanwhile is getting her memory back and remembers that she went back to the Minute Man and was outside the hotel room. SOD asks if Clint or Nora is the killer. RC says it's one of them, unless there's really a surprising twist. The identity of the real killer is revealed at the end of the week.

Bully Story: Blair doesn't believe Dani when she tells her about Jack's true nature. Jack lashes out at Starr when she accuses him of being responsible for Shane's asthma attack. Rex gets on Shane's webpage & then confronts Jack. Later at the school, Shane is taking a shower & Jack & his crew steal his clothes. When Shane goes to get his clothes, Jack rips Shane's towel off. When Shane gets home he goes on the Net & finds out a naked video has been made of him. Shane can't take it anymore. Jack is shaken by what his actions soon lead to.

David & Dorian: David gets a call that someone wants to make a movie about him and he needs to be on set pronto. David tells Dorian that he has to leave & the wedding needs to be postsponed. She says no, & they get married in a courthouse. Viki is maid of honor & Bo is best man. After wedding, David & Dorian head out of town. David needs to be on set asap, and a little twist will happen.

Sneak Peeks: Jessica returns briefly and wants her baby. Clint reveals who murdered Eddie. Rex learns about Jack harrassing his son. Dani confronts Jack. James catches Deanna just in time. Viki finds Charlie in a surprising position. Can't Miss: Monday, March 28: Kourtney Kardashian plays Kassandra Kavanaugh.


Coming up, which includes Cable Guide and SOD spoilers.

Dani tells Blair about Jack bullying Shane, but Blair doesn't believe her.

Jack snaps at Starr, who questions him about Shane.

Rex confronts Jack after seeing Shane's MyFace.

While taking a shower at school, Jack grabs Shane's towel and takes a photo of him.

Gigi and Rex are faced with the unknown regarding Shane.

In the end, Jack's shaken by the results of his actions.

David gets a call about a movie opportunity.

David and Dorian leave town.

Viki spots Charlie in a very upsetting position.

Nora and Bo refuse to believe Clint's accusations on who killed Eddie.

Eddie's real murderer is revealed, which shocks Bo and Nora.

Tess takes Natalie's baby.

John sticks up for Marty, who leaves St. Ann's.

Marty taunts Natalie.

Markko visits Llanview.

Langston leaves Llanview after being offered a movie deal.

James tries to talk his ex, Deanna, out of making an adult film with Rick.


Week of 4/11

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) -- Despite earlier reports to the contrary, it now appears as if Friday, April 8 will not be Brittany Underwood's last airdate as Langston Wilde on "One Life to Live" after all. But that doesn't mean that fans should get their hopes up that the show has had a sudden change of heart and decided to keep Underwood, who has been with "OLTL" since 2006, on the canvas.

Instead, the actress will be leaving the following week. On Tuesday, April 12, Langston shocks her best gal pal Starr (Kristen Alderson) with the news that she is leaving town to work on a movie, at the request of adopted mum Dorian (Robin Strasser). That's right, it seems that she and David (Tuc Watkins) learn of some unrest on the set of "Vicker Man: The David Vickers Story," and decide to take over as the film's producers. Futhermore, they want Langston to pen the script for the biopic which, of course, means she has to relocate in order to do so. So much for a dramatic exit...

On a related note, Jason Tam makes his brief return as Markko Rivera on Monday, April 11. But just what brings Markko back? Judging by the timing, it could mean that he is working on the movie as well. Remember that he is a film student at UCLA, after all. What do you think?

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Daytime Royalty

Week of 4/4

Shane is discovered nearly dead on the roof, in a thwarted suicide attempt… Rex and Gigi are bowed with the enormity of the bullying their son tried to keep from them… Rex and Gigi interrupt Shane contemplating a serious end… Starr bursts Blair’s ignorant little bliss about her perfect, precious monster of a son Jack, with what that little jerk did to Shane… Bo and Nora reel at the truth of Eddie’s perp reveal… Viki crumbles in the face of Charlie’s cheating… Viki just may turn into bad news Niki… In any event, Viki takes ferocious proactive action… Marty bugs the heck out of Natalie… Tess gives Cutter a tongue bath… Langston has a shot at the bigtime, doing what she loves. But it would take her out of Llanview.


Starr is unnerved after an encounter with Marty on April 5th

Marty needles John and Natalie about their inability to overcome obstacles on April 8th


Monday April 4:

Viki can't believe Charlie and Echo are in bed together.

Starr tells Blair all about Jack bullying Shane.

Nora and Bo refuse to believe Clint's accusations on who killed Eddie.

Tuesday April 5:

Tea confronts John.

Starr finds Marty with Hope.

Rex and Gigi find Shane about to jump from a roof.

Wednesday April 6:

Tea and Shaun bond over Dani and Destiny.

Natalie makes a connection with Clint.

Blair tells Starr that she hit Jack.

Thursday April 7:

Viki lets Echo have it.

Bo supports Rex.

Starr assures Blair she's a good mother.

Friday April 8:

Marty taunts John and Natalie about not having a future.

David and Dorian return.

Tess and Cutter kiss in the steam room.


Week of 4/11

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) -- As the Buchanan family sins are one by one being exposed for all of Llanview to see, Wendy Williams returns again as her on-screen persona Phyllis Rose, who saves the best for last for fans of "Access Llanview."

As we previously reported, Williams will be making her next appearance on "One Life to Live" on Friday, April 15, when she dishes out more dirt on the Buchanan clan while Nigel (Peter Bartlett) and Rama (Shenaz Treasuryvala) stay glued to their television screen at the family's compound. Also watching the show is Mayor Dorian Lord (Robin Strasser) who gets upset by something she hears, and decides to confront the person at the center of all the controversy, which results in a rather Asa-esque moment. Then on Monday, April 18, Phyllis drops her biggest Buchanan bombshell yet. While we can't spill the beans, we can tell you that you do not want to miss a moment of the heart-stopping turn of events. Tune in to find out what happens!

http://www.soapoperanetwork.com/soaps/o ... o-llanview

Natalie gives John back his ring on April 11th

Marty asks John if he would forgive Natalie if Liam was his on April 15th

National Enquirer

Charlie confesses he is in love with Echo to Viki

Tomas finds Tea going through Todd's things


Fans of Llanview's favorite new Indian delights Rama (Shenaz Treasuryvala) and Vimal Patal (Nck Choksi) can take comfort in the fact that "One Life to Live" does not appear ready to write them off in the sunset...at least not yet anyway. In the coming weeks look for more drama for the couple as they remain separated from one another. Look for Rama to be inadvertently linked to another man. Vimal, meanwhile, returns on Monday, April 11, when he becomes suspicious of someone he encounters as he awaits a visit from his beloved. The ripples from this chance meeting will result in major consequences for many aching hearts in Llanview. As we wait for the drama to play out on screen, here's a look back at how both actors ended up in Llanview.

Since making their daytime debut several months ago, Treasuryvala and Choski have been embraced by many "One Life" fans who applaud the show for its recent attempts to diversify its cast. Choski, who also recently joined the cast of "The Electric Company" as Tuxedo Pete, told Soap Opera Digest in an interview earlier this year that how he put his personal touch on the role of Vimal, saying "There's this cartoon, 'Doug,' on Nickelodeon, and Doug is always saying things like, 'How did I get myself into this mess?' I feel like Vimal is trying to scrape by and do the right thing, and then all of a sudden, he's like, 'How did I get myself into this mess?!' He's just trying to find the best way out. He's out of his league, you know."

He also explains how quickly he learned he had gotten the part after auditioning for the show, noting "It was one page of sides. It was funny, because I actually knew everybody in the room, all the other Indian guys I see at other auditions. They called me back, and then by 5, they told me I had gotten the part. Within a day-and-a-half, this whole thing happened. It was gonna just be the three episodes, but then before the first episode was done, they were like, 'We've got to keep this character around [laughter].'"

As for Treasuryvala, the Bollywood movie actress has appeared in a number of Indian films, including "Delhi Belly," which is currently in production. She has also hosted a show for the Travel Channel and of "MTV's Most Wanted" on MTV Asia. In January she explained to Soap Opera Weekly how exactly she envisioned Rama's background, saying "It was an arranged marriage. She was very young when she married him. But she has grown to love him, he is her family now and he is a good husband and sends money home to his parents and hers. But Rama does wonder what it would be like to be with other men." To learn more about Treasuryvala, click here

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Week of 4/18

A surprising confession is made.

Someone is attacked.

One woman has a decision to make.

And an unlikely pair team up to get what they want.

Soap Opera Network

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) -- After dragging out the storyline for nearly four months, "One Life to Live" is finally ready to reveal the identity of the person who murdered Eddie Ford. As we previously reported, John Wesley Shipp is heading back to Llanview as the recently deceased Ford brothers abusive father. While his return is expected to be brief, the actor tells Soap Opera Network that "you can bet it's going to be DRAMATIC!" In the coming weeks Shipp will appear in several flashback scenes as the murder mystery finally begins to unravel.

With Clint Buchanan (Jerry verDorn) arrested for Eddie's murder this week, little brother and Police Commissioner Bo Buchanan (Robert S. Woods) and Llanview P.D. appear to be to declare the crime "case closed." However, while the evidence against the Buchanan family patriarch appears solid, a series of cryptic riddles and some finger pointing from the prime suspect himself begins to plant seeds of doubts in the minds of some concerning his guilt. At the same time, fans continue to speculate that perhaps either Clint's sister-in-law Nora (Hillary B. Smith) or his nephew Matthew (Eddie Alderson) could be the true culprit.

Further blurring the line between Clint's guilt and innocence are comments from two of the actors themselves. Shipp tells fans on his Facebook page that "man oh MAN y'all are missing obvious (if you think about it) suspects...and/or outcomes." Meanwhile, Smith tweeted earlier this week that she was "Heading to work today after a lovely weekend of precious sleep. Sad stuff coming up! But I get to work with my Matthew and Bo!!!"

But what about Eddie's ex-wife Inez (Jessica Leccia)? Is she still considered a suspect? Judging by Smith's comments, it appears she may be somewhat of a non-factor in the upcoming reveal. "I truly miss Jessica Leccia. We had some good giggles. I miss Jessica, but if Inez comes near my man.... OOOOOOOoooooooo."

No first airdate has been confirmed by the show, and Shipp admits that even he isn't exactly sure when his scenes will air, saying "I was told [April] 7th (not likely) the 5th, straddling the first weekend in April the 1st-and-4th option (which dramatically makes more sense. Also, around the 26th I will be in newly created 'flashback' scenes to the Dayton Chop Shop."

So who really murdered Eddie? Tune in to find out! In the meantime, sound off with your thoughts.

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April 4th Issue of SID


Natalie tells John to choose

Natalie gives John an ultimatum reconcile with her and be Liam's dad or move on forever!! Meanwhile, Marty is looking at Natalie's DNA test results. Marty visits Starr and Hope, Marty thinks about the paternity of Natalie's baby. Natalie then tells Clint that she still has feelings for John and Tess and Ford grow closer and Natalie and Brody have a close moment as well. Marty runs into John and Natalie and she goads them about the status of their relationship and whether they have a future together. Then after Marty leaves, Natalie sees that John has a copy of Liam's sonogram. After having caught him red handed, Natalie tells John that he can't have his cake and eat it too. Either he needs to be a family with her and Liam or he needs to let go. Will John decide to be with Natalie and Liam and will Marty reveal what she knows about the DNA test results or continue to keep quiet?


Rex/Gigi find Shane before he takes the plunge off the building, but that doesn't mean their nightmare is over. RC tells SID it's just the beginning for the Morascos and the Mannings "you've seen how much pain Shane is in, and it only escalates and gets worse. We are coming to a critical juncture in the story. It's going in a lot of different directions, but that relationship between Jack and Shane is going to remain, and it's going to take on different permutations"


Coming Soon Spoilers Incl. From Cable Guide & SOD

Tomas finds Tea going through his things.

Natalie returns John's engagement ring.

Marty asks if John could change things, and Liam were his, would he forgive Natalie?

John is caught by Natalie looking at Liam's sonogram photo.

Natalie makes John decide to either reconcile with her and be a father to Liam or turn their backs on each other forever.

Marty looks at Natalie's DNA test.

Charlie confesses to Viki that he loves Echo.

Jack's shaken by the results of his actions.

Eddie's real murderer is revealed, which shocks Bo and Nora.

Tess takes Natalie's baby.

Markko visits Llanview.

Langston leaves Llanview after being offered a movie deal


April Preview From Soap Opera Network

John surprises Natalie with his actions.

Kelly learns some interesting information.

Bo and Clint have a showdown.

Téa makes an odd discovery.

Viki and Charlie's marriage takes another hit.

Soap Opera Network

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) -- On Tuesday, April 26, "One Life to Live" will pay homage to Erika Slezak's 40th anniversary with the show with a special episode dedicated to the six-time Daytime Emmy winning actress and her long-suffering alter ego Victoria Lord. However "One Life's" Head Writer Ron Carlivati asserts "It's not a tribute to Viki or Slezak, but, rather, an opportunity to let Slezak shine for a full hour. It was a way to show what she can do. It's really a tour de force for Erika." Even so, it is nonetheless an honor for the actress, who nearly passed on the chance to audition for for the role back in 1971. For many "One Life" fans, it would be hard to imagine anyone else in the role of the long-running soap's only remaining original character.

The episode will feature Viki in every scene and focus on some of her most recent trials and tribulations, such as her failing marriage and her daughter's battle with DID.

In an interview with the Scripps Howard News Service, Slezak recalls her initial shock when she learned how little time she had to prepare after landing the role of Viki. "When my agent said, 'You've got the part,' I thought, 'Oh great! I probably have a week to prepare.' He told me I started the next day. I panicked." Prior to auditioning for "One Life to Live," Slezak tried out for the role of Nurse Mary Kennicott on "All My Children," only to be turned down. In a twist of fate, "AMC" would kill off the character just four years later.

"I had 60 pages to learn every day for a week. I would memorize all day long and then memorize and say my lines out loud on the train ride home that night. I know the other people [on the train] thought I was crazy," she laments about her first days on the show.

After 40 years on the job, one might suspect that Slezak would be slowing down in her approach. Not so, says "One Life to Live's" Executive Producer Frank Valenini, who states that "Erika never takes anything lightly. She is always prepared. There's a tremendous reality to Viki that the audience can relate to."

The legacy she has left on "One Life to Live" and the impact she has made on the daytime genre was apparent earlier this month, when the show's cast and crew celebrated the actress' important milestone with a surprise party on the set. Included in the celebration was a special video tribute to Slezak from her television peers, which featured Barbara Walters, Regis Philbin, Susan Lucci, and Anthony Geary, among others. Overwhelmed by the display, Slezak expressed her appreciation to everyone for their kind words and gestures and even joked that "You got Barbara Walters? She doesn't speak to me when she sees me!"

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Daytime Royalty

ABC.com April Preview

Bo and Nora have to cope with the revelation that Matthew killed Eddie Ford -- what's the right thing to do, in their shoes?

Marty goes totally off the deep end, and ends up setting in motion a chain of events that will not only affect Natalie and John, but half of Llanview.

Todd wakes up from his coma with a mission -- to get revenge on the man who put him there. And he heads straight for Tomas.

The battle for custody of Ryder is finally resolved, but not before Clint has a huge setback that will affect his life and everyone's around him.

And finally, Erika Slezak celebrates her 40-year anniversary playing Viki on April 27th.

And just in time for that big milestone, an old enemy of Viki's slips back into town.


TV Guide Interview About Eddie Ford's Killer

It's no April Fools' joke. At the very end of today's episode of One Life to Live, viewers learned that the killer of creepy psychopath Eddie Ford (John Wesley Shipp) is none other than Matthew Buchanan, the high-school junior played by Eddie Alderson. We all know Matthew's mom Nora [Hillary B. Smith] had been kidnapped by Ford but we've never seen so much as one scene between Ford and Matthew, so the kid has not high on the suspect list. TV Guide Magazine chatted with the 16-year-old Alderson about this unexpected reveal in a riveting whodunit.

TV Guide Magazine: This is wild! We all remember when you joined OLTL 10 years ago and you were just a little peanut. Now you're a grown up killer!
Alderson: I was really excited when I found out it was me. This is a big story and they could have chosen a lot of people to be the killer. I think this'll be shocking for the audience. I don't know that they saw this coming. I certainly didn't!

TV Guide Magazine: You didn't, even for a minute, think you were a suspect?
Alderson: Not really. They had moved Matthew over to the dark side, which has been so much fun to play, and he'd gotten a little meaner. He'd been butting heads with the Ford family for months. But, no, I honestly didn't think he'd murder someone. [Laughs] Especially someone he'd never met before!

TV Guide Magazine: That's right! This murder could be one for the soap record books. Usually in a whodunit, the perp has some sort of relationship with the victim. Did you have to keep the secret long?
Alderson: Not so much. I found out pretty recently, just before we filmed the flashbacks showing the murder. They didn't want anything leaking so I didn't tell anyone. And no one in the cast seemed to be suspecting Matthew so no one brought it up to me. It was pretty easy to keep quiet, actually.

TV Guide Magazine: On the April 4 episode, we will hear a phone call between Matthew and his uncle Clint [Jerry verDorn] proving Matthew's guilt. What's the deal with that?
Alderson: For the last few months, the only person who had Matthew's back — the only one Matthew could trust — was Clint. After he kills Eddie he doesn't know what to do. He thinks his life is over, so he calls Clint and admits what he did. And there is a recording of that call. Matthew was having a hard time keeping the murder to himself. It was like a ton of bricks on his shoulders. He had to look at his friends and family and lie right to their faces, acting like everything's normal when, in fact, he was going totally crazy inside.

TV Guide Magazine: Then, on April 6, we see flashbacks of the murder itself. How was that to shoot?
Alderson: Like everything these days, we had to do it pretty fast, but I think it turned out well. It was very cool to do. You'll see Matthew admitting everything to Bo [Bob Woods] and Nora, and during that we see the murder and what led up to it between Matthew and Eddie. I think his parents will fight tooth and nail to not have him serve prison time.

TV Guide Magazine: Mom's the district attorney, dad's the police commissioner. Uh, do you maybe see a little conflict of interest here?
Alderson: Bo and Nora are sick and tired of having bad things happen to their son. They want the best for him and will help him through the legal system. Yeah, it's personal, but I think they'd do that for any kid in Llanview.

TV Guide Magazine: On the upside, Matthew did a lot of people in Llanview a big favor, which oughta count for something. Was he mentally stable when he killed Eddie?
Alderson: I don't think Matthew was in his right mind. He was so freaked out that his mom was missing and he was scared of Eddie — that guy was a very frightening character — and he wanted everything to go away so he pulled the trigger. Matthew's been a good kid his whole life until fairly recently. Ever since he was paralyzed a year ago, things have gone bad for him — from breaking up with Danielle [Kelley Missal] to getting bullied at school. Clint showed him that if you act like a true Buchanan people won't mess with you. Sometimes you have to be mean and do things maybe you shouldn't do. But that's how stuff gets done. I don't know if all this would be happening if Clint hadn't been such a big influence on Matthew. He really looks up to Clint. In fact, Clint is more of an icon and father figure to Matthew than Bo is.

TV Guide Magazine: Will Matthew learn a big lesson from this and straighten up his act?
Alderson: I can't speak for the writers, but I can't imagine he will go so far as to kill someone ever again. Because this is really haunting him, night and day. He tries to shut it out, he wants to forget about it, but he can't. He regrets it. I think Matthew appreciates life a lot more now. Eddie Ford was a bad guy but he was still a human being. He had a life. He had three sons. So, yeah, I think Matthew will clean up his act. But I hope not forever. [Laughs] As an actor, being on the dark side is so much better!

http://www.tvguide.com/News/One-Life-Li ... 31356.aspx

Soaptown Loose Lips Spoilers

What did Marty have to tell Natalie and Brody? What have I been telling you for months and months that the switch is not what it appears to be. Marty's reveal takes away all Brody has left, namely Liam. Brody does not handle this well at all. Look for Brody to go off the deep end in a matter of speaking. But there may be another twist as well coming. Seems Natalie will help Brody as John did with Marty. The reveal won't be coming as soon as we hope and sadly John is the last to know.....The upcoming attempted suicide of Shane will bring many stories together. Natalie up-ends the investigation into Todd's shooting. An unlikely source forces Tomas to unveil his true identity. The reveal fallout impacts the final arc of the bullying story and impacts Jack in a major way. Now if they only had a decent actor to play Jack this story would be off the charts. I have tried to give Andrew Trischitta a chance and have been patient hoping his acting would improve but it only gets worse. They need to bring back Carmen LaPorto FAST!!!

Week of 4/4

Viki is shocked to find Charlie and Echo together. On Tuesday, April 5, Viki is devastated by what Charlie has to say. After bumping into Téa, Viki vents to her sister-in-law. Later, Viki gives Echo a piece of her mind on Thursday, April 7. Elsewhere, Bo and Nora are stunned by Clint's accusations. David and Dorian return home with some bad news. Langston receives a tempting job offer. Aubrey seeks Rama's help. Cristian and Rama inch closer. Aubrey notes Joey's growing jealousy of John and Kelly. And Rama makes an accidental confession.

The Inside Story: No Way Out
Shane returns to school on Monday, April 4. Destiny tries to get Shane to talk to the principal. Meanwhile, Rex and Gigi are desperate to find their son. Shane makes a fateful decision. Starr tells all to an unbelieving Blair. On Tuesday, April 5, Rex and Gigi try to stop Shane before it is too late. Blair is less than pleased with Jack's attitude. Blair and Starr give Jack an order on Wednesday, April 6. Rex and Gigi ponder what to do next. Destiny confides in Shaun. Bo gives Rex his support. Brad tells Jack about what happened to Shane. Destiny talks to Matthew. Starr reassures Blair. And Nora tries to comfort Destiny.

A Closer Look: Love Hurts
James reminds Deanna that he is with Starr now, but decides to take pity on her nonetheless. Starr is surprised to find Hope with Marty. Alone, Marty continues to think about Natalie and her baby. Téa confronts John about investigating her brother, and forces him to take a hard look at himself on Tuesday, April 5. Tomas probes Dani for information. Shaun and Téa bond over their problems. John thinks about Liam. Natalie makes a confession to Clint. Tess and Ford share a warm moment, as to Brody and Natalie. Marty walks in on John and Kelly kissing on Friday, April 8. Natalie realizes John still cares about the baby. Brody and Ford argue. And Tess and Cutter have another encounter.

Soap Opera Network

When Shane returns to school, the reactions of the other students prompt him to give Jack his inhaler. Destiny tries to cheer him up and to persuade him to report the bullying to the administration, but Shane is convinced that will only escalate the problem. Rex and Gigi grow concerned over Shane’s note and ask for Echo’s help. They also call Blair, who tells them Jack said Shane’s at school. When Rex and Gigi arrive at the school, Shane is on the roof. Rex and Gigi manage to talk Shane down and in the emotional aftermath at the hospital, Rex has a breakdown with Bo, and Gigi falls apart in front of the nurse. Starr tells Blair the full story about Jack, but Blair doesn’t want to believe it until Starr shows her the evidence on MyFace. Brad tells Jack he’s in deep trouble and that Shane almost jumped off the roof. When Blair confronts Jack, she’s appalled by his lack of concern for Shane and she reacts badly. Later Blair admits to Starr that she hit Jack, but Starr reassures Blair that she’s a good mother.

Starr is shocked to discover Marty is out of St. Anne’s. Marty expresses her wish to be part of Hope’s life. When Starr leaves, Marty reveals she’s still obsessing over Natalie’s child. John is confronted by Tea over the investigation into Todd’s shooting. Tea defends Tomas, and the conversation turns to Natalie when Tea again tries to persuade John to put away his pride and have the life he wants. When Tea leaves, John reflects about Liam. Kelly shows up looking for scoop for her story, and John kisses her, which Marty sees. Marty taunts Natalie and John about how they’re moving on from each other. Natalie sees that John keeps a copy of Liam’s sonogram. Aubrey gets a load of Joey’s jealousy over McBain and Kelly.

Viki accepts some responsibility for Charlie being vulnerable to Echo while she was so wrapped up in her own problems. Charlie tries to comfort her, but she tells him hands off. When Viki implies that Charlie’s relationship with Echo is a meaningless affair, Charlie sets her straight. James pulls away from Deanna’s kiss and tells her he loves Starr, but when he realizes Deanna is broke and has nowhere to go, he invites her to stay with him. Dorian and David persuade Langston to take over scriptwriting duties for “VICKER MAN” which they are now producing. Rama distracts Joey, while Aubrey and Cutter canoodle. Cutter and Tess share a steamy kiss.

Bo and Nora don’t believe Clint’s assertion re: who killed Eddie Ford. Viki’s horrified to discover Charlie and Echo in bed together on Monday, April 4.

Rex and Gigi are horrified to find Shane poised to jump from the school roof and learn in tortured detail the depth of their son’s unhappiness on Tuesday, April 5.

Natalie visits with Clint and admits she’s not over John. Blair and Starr take Jack home and make him take the Shane video off his computer on Wednesday, April 6.

Viki tells Echo off. James settles Deanna into his apartment since she’s got nowhere else to go. on Thursday, April 7.

Tess and Ford share a close moment; so do Natalie and Brody. Kelly looks for a scoop from John, but gets a kiss instead on Friday, April 8.

Soap Opera Source

Shane reaches his breaking point

Destiny encourages Shane to report the bullying, but Shane refuses

Rex and Gigi try to find Shane after they read his alarming note

Shane heads to the school's rooftop to end his life

Rex and Gigi learn just how miserable Shane has been

Rex and Gigi desperately try to make Shane see that life is worth living

Rex and Gigi take Shane to the hospital for treatment

Rex leans on Bo after Shane's suicide attempt

Starr tells Blair about Jack's vicious online bullying

Blair is furious when Jack shows no remorse for torturing Shane

Blair orders Jack to take down the video

Jack learns of Shane's suicide attempt

Viki realizes that she's partly to blame for Charlie's affair with Echo

Charlie confesses that he has feelings for Echo

Viki confronts Echo about the affair

James tells Deanna that he loves Starr

James is confused why Deanna is in Llanview after ending their relationship

James offers Deanna a place to stay when he realizes that she is broke and homeless

Marty asks Starr to let her be a part of Hope's life even though Starr and Cole broke up

Marty talks to Hope about Liam's paternity test

Marty finds Kelly in John's arms

Natalie wonders why John kept a copy of Liam's sonogram

Téa demands answers from John about Todd's shooting

Téa defends Tomas when John begins to ask questions about her brother

Téa gives John some food for thought

Aubrey picks up on Joey's jealousy over Kelly and John

Rama admits to Cris that Vimal is in jail because of her

Dorian and David enlist Langston's help with the script for David's movie

Bo and Nora refuse to believe Clint when he names Eddie's killer

Shane goes numb as his high school classmates gawk at him online—in his birthday suit.
Rex takes matters into his own hands—as any loving father would—when he makes Jack fight someone his own size.
Gigi and Rex try not to lose their minds after reading Shane’s goodbye letter. They immediately galvanize to track him down before he does something drastic.
Rex and Gigi get a hold of Blair who—via Jack—sends them to the school to find Shane.
Destiny shows Shane compassion and wisdom, from her own bullying experience. She also tries to steer him into reporting the bullying to the principal.
But Shane would rather avoid his bully Jack at all costs, feeling that nobody can do anything about the bullying.
Shane travels to the top of this building, looking out over the edge, just wanting all of this to go away.
Starr makes sure Blair is informed of Jack’s bullying of Shane, as well as the extent of the bullying.
Blair can’t hear Starr say a bad word against Jack. But then MyFace doesn’t lie.
Rex and Gigi bring Shane away from the ledge and back towards his life.
Brad alerts Jack to the hell that he’s gonna have to pay, for what he did to Shane and for what Shane almost did (jumping).
Blair takes up the issue of bullying Shane with her son Jack. But Jack reacts as if she merely asked him about the weather, compelling her to physically shake him out of his hardened indifference.
Jack’s apathy turns Blair’s stomach. She can’t take any more of his monstrous posturing and goes to slug him. Hard.
Jack whines about a lack of a father figure (Todd) in his life. Like that’s an excuse.
Jack yells at Blair for her terrible mothering, and says it’s because of that that he’s in such dire straits.
Blair puts herself down as a terrible mom, when she goes to Starr with the slapping of Jack.
Starr upholds Blair as a good mom, and Jack as the terrible one who deserved the discipline.
Blair and Starr drag Jack back home, then watch as they have him delete the nasty video of Shane from the computer files.
Rex and Gigi escort Shane to the hospital for after care, shaking inside.
Rex and Gigi shatter in the aftermath of Shane’s bullying.
Bo takes care of Rex after what Shane went through.
Gigi loses her poise when talking with the nurse.
Jack and his bullying has put Gigi and Rex through hell too.
Shaun and Destiny go over the nightmare Shane has had to endure.
Viki interrupts Charlie making it with Echo.
Viki screams bloody murder at Charlie and Echo.
In the middle of all this drama, Echo must answer a summons to help with Shane. She is only too happy to peel out like the Flash.
Alone with Charlie, Viki reams her cheating husband out.
Viki offers to take the fall for the cheating by explaining to Charlie that it’s probably due to her preoccupation with other drama.
But when Viki describes Charlie’s extra-marital escapades with Echo as insignificant, he corrects her, by saying it goes deeper than that, it might be love.
Charlie’s admission of caring for Echo as more than a slut on the side drives Viki away.
Viki grabs a hold of Echo, and the two of them engage in an all-out brawl.
Viki gives Charlie the cold, cold shoulder when he approaches.
Viki will let Tea in on some innermost thoughts.
Nora and Bo can’t believe what Clint is saying about who really murdered Eddie. It’s not Clint, it’s not Nora, it’s… gulp!... Matthew!
Destiny confers with Matthew about an important matter.
Nora reaches out to extend some compassion Destiny’s way.
Clint and Natalie open up about the recent series of events.
Natalie admits to Clint that she hasn’t been able to get over John.
Dorian and David make their way back into town, after their adventures.
David and Dorian bring with them a let-down.
David and Dorian pitch an idea for a career for Langston.
David and Dorian need a scriptwriter for their new Vicker Man project. Langston needs a new start, so…
Natalie and Brody make like a real cozy pair, finding empathy and a little more maybe.
Tess and Cutter get it on in their slurpfest, part 2.
Tess and Ford, however, do get on better.
Ford and Brody go back and forth in bitter dispute.
Starr catches Marty all over Hope. This makes for an uneasy situation.
Marty campaigns (to Starr) to be a better person for Hope and be more involved as grandma.
As soon as Starr’s gone, though, Marty’s back to obsessing about Natalie’s baby Liam.
Marty probes Natalie and John as to their designs for pair-bond recovery—or not. Then, she gets nasty, hitting below the belt.
Natalie queries John as to Liam’s ultra-sound, and why he’s been looking at it.
Marty wants to know whether John would take Natalie back if he found out Liam belonged to him after all.
John clutches Liam’s ultra-sound, like a life raft.
Natalie observes to John that he is acting like he wants back in, what with his continued interest in Liam’s welfare.
Marty peruses Natalie’s DNA test results, with interest.
Natalie pressures John to decide to be with her again or end this misery right now.
Natalie hands back John the wedding ring as an answer.
Marty makes the most of John and Natalie’s estrangement, twisting the knife.
John puts Tea through her paces regarding the longlost brother, Tomas, and his possible role in Todd’s shooting.
Tea gives John hell for going after Tomas for the attempted shooting of Todd or whatever.
Tea tries to get John to shape up, fly right, and stop moping about Natalie.
Tea gives John plenty of food for thought regarding his real feelings of love for Liam.
Kelly follows leads on an article in progress, when she meets John again. The two wind up making out when he lays his lips on hers.
Marty gets an eyeful of John with Kelly, making out.
Marty chides John and Natalie about their estrangement, now that Kelly’s in the picture.
Tomas picks Dani’s brain for clues, for his own personal agenda.
Tea and Shaun find common ground, through their siblings’ troubles.
James puts Deanna off, because of Starr and his relationship.
James tells Deanna not to get any ideas about hooking back up.
Moved by compassion for Deanna’s homelessness, James still extends his kindness toward her by opening up his place for her to hang her hat, temporarily.
Aubrey looks to Rama for a leg up.
Rama keeps Joey preoccupied so Aubrey can hook up with Cutter.
Aubrey grows unsettled by Joey attaching himself to Kelly’s every move with John.
Cristian catches Rama’s eye. The two chat each other up.
Rama ends up blurting out something she didn’t mean to.


Week of 4/11


Viki and Charlie's marriage comes to an end.
Marty has a tough question for John.
Tomas catches Téa in the act.
Starr and Deanna come face-to-face.
Natalie leaves John with some food for thought.

Soap Opera Network

SNEAK PEEK: Week of April 11

Natalie returns John’s ring, Kelly learns new information about Aubrey and Cutter, Marty wants to know what John would do if things were different, Viki and Charlie part ways.

Soap Opera Source

Ford finds Cutter and Tess together

Natalie returns her engagement ring to John

Marty wonders if John would forgive Natalie if Liam were his son

Markko makes an appearance

Starr is upset when she learns about Langston's plans to leave town

Clint tells Kelly that Aubrey and Cutter are lovers

Charlie and Viki end their marriage after Charlie admits that he's in love with Echo

Rama and Nigel watch another edition of "Access Llanview"


Marty poses to John whether he would reunite with Natalie if he thought Liam turned out to be blood… Natalie returns the wedding ring to John, sadly but firmly… Tomas disrupts Tea’s rummaging of Todd’s possessions… Clint clues Kelly into evidence he’s been holding onto that will indict Aubrey and Cutter… Markko makes his way back to Langston… Rama makes Nigel’s acquaintance. They become fast friends… Charlie drops the “L” word on Viki, but for her rival, Echo… Starr meets Deanna, finally.



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April 5th, 2011, 12:43 am #4

wrote:And finally, Erika Slezak celebrates her 40-year anniversary playing Viki on April 27th.
And just in time for that big milestone, an old enemy of Viki's slips back into town.
I only skim through these because it's more fun when I don't know what's going to happen, but I noticed this and I'm intrigued. Could it be who I think it is?


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April 5th, 2011, 6:52 pm #5

I understand not wanting to be spoiled, alot of times I dont really read them all either I just skim as I'm copying them. I think it is who you think it is. There was a casting call out for a Slezak body double....

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Daytime Royalty

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) -- "One Life to Live" minor casting odds and ends for April and beyond.

Matthew Conlon returns as Paris art gallery owner M. Claude Calmar on Friday, April 22, when he pays Tomas a visit.

John Wesley Shipp appeared in new flashback scenes on Wednesday, April 6, and will again on Tuesday, April 26.

Carolina Bermudez, as we previously reported, will play a reporter named Blanca in five episodes of "OLTL" beginning Monday, April 11. In a new interview, the radio DJ says that "Working on 'One Life to Live' has been such an amazing experience and I can’t wait for everyone to see how I shake things up in Llanview. Working with a cast I’ve admired since I was a little girl is incredibly surreal and I’m so grateful for the opportunity." Bermudez's radio co-host Elvis Duran praised his co-host, saying "Carolina is perfect for a soap opera role, considering she rarely knows the difference between reality and fantasy. Now they can get a dose of her drama queen tendencies."

Kassie DePaiva (Blair) has weighed in on Roger Howarth's return to "One Life," tweeting that she was "Thrilled Roger Howarth will b back. Between Ted [King], Trevor [St. John], & Roger... 3 amazingly talented actors. Possibilities r endless. Kudos 2 'OLTL!'"

David A. Gregory (Ford) informs fans they haven't seen the last of the Ford brother's mother Inez Salinger (Jessica Leccia), saying simply that "She'll be back :)." And he states that, while he isn't sure of his exact airdates this month, that "[He does] remember April being a busy month for Ford lol."

Connie Renda will return in the coming weeks as a nurse at Llanview Hospital. Renda last appeared in two episodes in January in scenes with Natalie, John, and Marty, following the birth of Natalie's baby Liam. "Hello everyone! I shot 2 episodes of One Life to Live! The episodes air January 14th and 17th! Was lots of fun to shoot! Lots of drama as the neonatal nurse," she wrote on her website back in December. Although her next airdate has not been announced, Renda noted on her website a few weeks ago "'One Life to Live' once again! After the last episodes, you'd think the nurse would have been fired! Maybe just reprimanded, because I'm very grateful to be doing another episode as a nurse. Air date TBD... will write more soon."

John Rochette taped scenes as a Doctor back on January 13.

Speaking of doctors, look for a new one (listed in breakdowns as Dr. Buhari) to debut on Thursday, April 7. While the person cast in the role remains unknown at this time, look for the new recurring doc to share scenes in the coming weeks with several Llanview residents, including Rex, Gigi, Shane, John, and Marty.

Chris Campanioni (aka Chris Cuba) played the male porn star in scenes on Friday, April 1 and Monday, April 4. Also during those same porn scenes, Isaac Hirotsu Woofter played a film crew member.

Click here, here, and here to watch a couple of newly uploaded video auditions of different actresses trying out roles recently on "One Life to Live."

Several "OLTL" cast members have commented on the great work that their younger co-stars Austin Williams (Shane) and Eddie Alderson (Matthew) have done lately with regards to their respective storylines. David A. Gregory (Ford) said on Facebook that "Eddie's my dressing room buddy at 'One Life' - so proud! Between him and Austin as Shane this week, these dudes are on fire! Eddie Alderson TORE. IT. UP. Today [April 6]! Also, good to see JWS back as Papa Bear." Mark Lawson (Brody) said "Agreed. The young men are really bringing it." And Eddie's older sister Kristen Alderson (Starr) tweeted that "Awesome 'OLTL' show today [April 5]! My brother is a good little actor! or should I say murderer....lol. How cool was it when Clint said Matthew killed Eddie!!! GAVE ME CHILLS!"

Kristen also tweeted on April 3 that "My script for tomorrow made me cry."

And the song used in the montage at the end of the April 5 episode was "The Water" by the group Hurts.

http://www.soapoperanetwork.com/soaps/o ... -7-edition

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) -- Here today, gone tomorrow. Tuc Watkins latest stint in Llanview as David Vickers Buchanan has proven to be like all his others...faster than a New York minute. On Monday, April 11, just as David and his lady love Mayor Dorian Lord (Robin Strasser) settle into married life, they are faced with a tough decision regarding their future together.

That's right, after returning to "One Life to Live" on March 15, Watkins already has both feet out the studio door. However, as fans have come to expect with the actor, a rep for the show reminds us that he is bound to return sooner or later for yet another brief stint. In the meantime, however, look for the newlyweds to discuss whether or not they can handle a long distance relationship with David supervising production of his biopic on the West Coast, while Dorian remains in Llanview to tend to her mayoral duties.

Watkins originated the role of David in 1994 and has played the character on and off first leaving the show in 1996. He has also appeared on "General Hospital," "Beggars & Choosers," and "Desperate Housewives."

http://www.soapoperanetwork.com/soaps/o ... ends-again

Week of 4/11

Monday April 11:

Markko visits Llanview.

Ford demands Cutter take his hands off Tess.

Natalie returns John's engagement ring.

Tuesday April 12:

Starr is surprised Langston plans to leave Llanview to write David's movie.

Clint informs Kelly the flash drive proved Cutter and Aubrey are lovers.

Charlie confesses to Viki that he loves Echo.

Wednesday April 13:

Charlie and Viki say goodbye.

Rex and Gigi contemplate what to do about Shane.

Starr has a lot of questions for James after meeting Deanna.

Thursday April 14:

Viki finds out about Shane being bullied from Clint.

Tess takes the next step to make sure Viki doesn't get custody of Ryder.

Tomas finds Tea going through his things.

Friday April 15:

Marty asks if John could change things, and Liam were his, would he forgive Natalie?

"Access Llanview's" Phyllis Rose reports.

Rama and Nigel share a love of Phyllis Rose.


Coming up, which includes Cable Guide and SOD spoilers:

Jack's shaken by the results of his actions.

Tomas tries to get information out of Dani.

Todd wakes up, wants revenge and plans to start with Tomas.

Natalie makes John decide to either reconcile with her and be a father to Liam or turn their backs on each other forever.

Marty's latest actions affect a lot of people.

Aubrey witnesses Joey's continued jealousy where Kelly's concerned.

Tess rattles Viki and causes Niki Smith to return.

Tess suggests she and Niki team up.

It's possible Jessica will develop a new personalty.

Tess takes Natalie's baby.



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Daytime Royalty

Week of 4/25

SNEAK PEEK: Week of April 25

John tries to find out what Marty is hiding

A struggle for dominance plays out between Jean and Viki.

Soap Opera Source


Natalie wants answers from Marty.
Viki battles the voices in her head.
John goes to great lengths to win over Marty.
Rex lets Gigi in on a little secret.
Deanna has high hopes for her and James.


Natalie demands to know why Marty is carrying around Liam's paternity test

John decides to have dinner with Marty

Rama and Cris continue to be drawn to each other

Tess and Ford brace themselves for the judge's decision

Clint gets a visit from his children

Jean tries to gain control

Dani tells Téa about the syringe


Natalie demands Marty stop beating around the bush and confess to what is going on… John plays nice, so he can coax truth from Marty… Viki and a second alter, Jean, fight it out to be boss… Rex allow Gigi to see what he’s really about… Deanna intends on reuniting with James.


(Natalie Confronts Marty)
Natalie destroys Liam's paternity test results following a confrontation with Marty; Deanna reveals the true reason why she ended things with James.

(The Tape)

Charlie interrupts Niki and Echo's fight; Starr reveals her feelings about Deanna to Blair.

(The Custody Fight)

Ford and Tess do not want to expose Niki; Viki passes out at court. Actress Erika Slezak's 40th anniversary episode.

(The Custody is Determined)

The judge deems Tess and Ford unfit parents; John cancels his dinner date with Kelly.

(The Kiss)

Marty plants a kiss on John; Blair and Tomas go on a date.


Monday April 25:

Cris and Rama grow closer.

Blair anticipates her date with Tomas.

Natalie demands to know why Marty's still carrying around Liam's paternity results.

Tuesday April 26:

Deanna wants to rekindle her romance with James.

Ford and Tess await the outcome of Ryder's custody suit.

Natalie and Joey visit Clint.

Wednesday April 27:

Jean Randolph struggles to emerge.

Viki passes out with exhaustion.

Tess and Ford want to keep Niki a secret.

Thursday April 28:

John cancels out on Kelly and plans to have dinner with Marty.

Rex makes a confession to Gigi.

Aubrey's feelings for Joey cause her and Cutter to clash.

Friday April 29:

Tomas and Blair go on a date.

Tea finds out that Dani and Nate found a syringe in Todd's room.

John tries to uncover what Marty is hiding.


(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — As we previously reported, Brian Kerwin (Charlie Banks) has been let go by "One Life to Live." However, despite the fact that his character's marriage to Viki (Erika Slezak) is all but over, don't look for the actor to exit Llanview for several more weeks as more drama lies ahead for Charlie.

Even though Charlie was recently reunited with his old flame Echo Di Savoy (Kim Zimmer), that doesn't mean the lovebirds will be riding off into the sunset together. That's right, there's about to be some trouble brewing between the pair courtesy of Viki and Dorian (Robin Strasser). But how will Charlie react when he learns what Echo has been keeping from him? Tune in to find out!

According to Soap Opera Digest, Kerwin's final airdate is expected to be Wednesday, May 11. He joined the show in 2007 and was nominated for Daytime Emmy Awards for the role of Charlie in 2008 and 2010. He has also appeared on Broadway, in "The Young and the Restless," and in countless other television series, including "Desperate Housewives," "Nip/Tuck," "Frasier," "Law & Order," "Without a Trace," and "Beggars & Choosers."

From April 25th Issue Of SID


There's a 1pg piece on John being Liam's father.

It's full of many of the details that happened in today's eppy, so I won't bother to type it. However...the last 2 paragraphs say the following...

Talking Points
A bit thrown off by Dr. Saybrooke's comments, a concerned Kelly gives John a heads-up about the shrink's not-so-subtle warning. Hoping to get through to Marty, John heads to the hospital to speak to Dr. Buhari about his troubled ex. However, he runs into Natalie instead, and it's not exactly a pleasant encounter. She seeks comfort with Brody, and they continue to grow closer.

Guilty Party
Later, John sees Liam, and his emotions get the beter of him when he holds the tiny tot in his arms. Meanwhile, back at the hospital, Marty makes a confession to Dr. Buhari. She divulges that Liam is John's son and not Brody's, and she switched Natalie's paternity test results. Then, the devious doc comes faces to face with Natalie, and a war of words ensues. But the situation takes an interesting turn when a determined Nat tracks down the proof that John is actually Liam's father. Will she rush to tell the man she loves? If so, will John be able to forgive Natalie and become a family with her and Liam?

(hmmmm...I wonder if that last part is referring to Nat grabbing the PT papers from Marty?)

PS...there's a 1/4pg size picture of John holding Liam . It's from before he new the truth and it's in John's 1-room dump


April 25th SID Spoilers About Todd's Future; Comments From Roger Howarth


The In Depth Story: While OLTL is being coy about Todd's future, we do know that Howarth's return doesn't mean TSJ is out. "We are thrilled to have Roger return," says FV. "As OLTL vieweres know, St. John has been playing the role of Todd since 2003. We have a great story planned that will involve both actor."

Howarth played the Lord heir on and off between 1992-2003, after which he portrayed ATWT's Paul until its cancellation. Regarding his comeback, the actor hints that things are about to turn upside down. "We are going to have a lot of fun telling this story," He teases, " and I am excited to see how it will unfold."

Certainly, it will be intersting to see how OLTL's writers will pen Howarth's comeback, especially since St. John assumed the role as the "new" todd with a totally-reconstructed face. And Tomas' odd preoccupation with manning has only added fuel to the fire. Whatever the outcome, it's going to be must-see TV!

Howarth begins taping in May.

There are 2 pics accompanying this article. One is of RH's Todd and Starr in front of what looks like a tent in the living room. The second pic is of Tea, St. John's Todd and Tomas.


Info + Interview From May 3rd Issue Of SOD

The magazine confirms that there was a casting called issued for an actress to play Eve McBain, Michael and John's mother.

Editor's Choice goes to...

David/Dorian's reunion and Bo/Nora/Rex getting the goods on Clint for Eddie's murder.

This will make some people laugh. Under the title "Stories We Wish We Could Forget", OLTL gets picked for:

Stacy Morasco Fiasco-2009
Mendorra Reboot-2008
Santi Family Drama-2004

Viewers' SoundOff

Snap Out Of It (that's the title of the letter)
John and Natalie belong together and this stupidity with Kelly is just not cutting it! Kelly needs a much stronger storyline and writing than this, anyway. Sorry, but John needs to crawl out of the hole he's in and get his family back, stat!

Take Five with Sean Ringgold (Sean, OLTL)
What movie makes you cry?
"Mask, starring Cher and Eric Stoltz"

What co-star would you like to take on a road trip?
"Robert S. Woods"

What film role do you wish you had played?
"Vin Diesel's role in "The Fast and the Furious."

What gets on your nerves?
"People who don't keep their word and don't return phone calls."

What do you wish you had a never ending supply of?