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(SoapOperaNetwork) -- The latest "One Life to Live" comings and goings for the month of March.

For all those wondering where in the world is Matthew Buchanan (Eddie Alderson), don't worry. He will be seen again on Tuesday, February 22, when he has an encounter with Shane, and again on Wednesday, March 2, when he receives some unpleasant news concerning a member of his family.

Peter Bartlett is back as Nigel, also on March 2, when he learns something important about his employer while watching an episode of "Access Llanview" with host Phyllis Rose (Wendy Williams), which is all thanks to Vimal (Nick Choksi).

Sean J. Cullen returns as Dr. Edward Levin as March 2 as well, when he, Clint, and Viki are one-upped by Tess, who delivers some shocking news.

Ilene Kristen is back as Roxy on Monday, February 21, when she returns to a horrifying scene at her hair salon. Look for her to pop up again on Friday, March 4, when she and Natalie have an interesting encounter with "Jessica."

Jessica Leccia pops up again as Inez, mother to the Ford brothers, on Thursday, March 3, when Todd puts the screws to her, demanding she tell him what he wants to know or else.

Nafessa Williams, who was recently cast in the contract role of Deanna, will make her "One Life" debut the week of March 21.

Former "Days of Our Lives" and "As the World Turns" heart throb Austin Peck will first air as "Rick" on Friday, March 25.

And Steph Garcia will appear again as a Buenos Dias waitress on Wednesday, March 30.

http://www.soapoperanetwork.com/soaps/o ... ting-notes#

OLTL's HW Ron Carlivati Addresses Todd Drama!

The scribe recently hinted to Digest that the rumors (and multiple on-screen teases) surrounding Roger Howarth's (ex-Paul, ATWT; ex-Todd) possible return to Llanview aren't for naught. "We know that Todd has a different face and that's an established part of the story," he explains. "We're playing on that history and use it in the mystery that we started to tell with Blair and Tomas. The savvy viewer will notice. So it opens up a lot of questions and possibilities. There is definitely an element of the mystery that is connected to the way Todd used to look," he offers.


Coming up, which includes Cable Guide and SOD Spoilers:

The bullying against Shane gets physical.

Matthew isn't willing to help Shane.

Echo is confronted by Dorian about sleeping with Charlie.

Vimal's confession spares Clint from going to prison.

Bo lashes out at Rex for keeping the truth about David from him.

Eddie's real murderer is revealed.

John visits Liam.

Marty receives a visit from John.

Natalie refuses to give up on John.

Viki tries to gain Ford as an ally.

Langston will leave Llanview after being offered a movie deal.

Rick arrives on the scene.

Starr gives Dani advice.

Stress starts to affect Dani and Nate's relationship.

Inez is threatened by Todd, who wants to know where Dani and Nate are.

Blair finds out Tomas is Tea's brother.

Tomas pleads with Tea to leave Todd.

Todd doesn't have a good feeling about Tomas.

Tomas plans to deal with Todd, and when they come face to face Tomas says, "I'm here because of you."

Tomas has a very big impact on Blair's life.

John pulls Todd down when he realizes someone has a laser aimed on him.


Week of 2/28

2/28 (Leaving Todd)
Tomas tries to talk his sister into leaving Todd; Joey punches John.

3/1 (Roxy's Surprise)
Roxy is angered after finding Kelly in John's bed; Dorian demands answers from Echo

3/2 (The Arrest)
Brody attempts to arrest Ford; Rex reveals the truth to Bo

3/3 (On the Hunt)
Todd issues Inez a threat; Nora tells Bo to search for David

3/4 (The True Identity)
Natalie figures out Tess's true identity; John pays Marty a visit


Blair learns of Tomas' connection to Téa

Brody and Langston are determined to stop Tess and Ford from marrying

Bo and Nora are stunned by Vimal's confession

Bo learns the truth about David

Television host, Phyllis Rose, debuts her new show, "Access Llanview"

Todd tries to get some answers from Inez

John decides to visit Marty

Charlie learns that Tess is back

Viki has a talk with Ford


John goes to St. Ann’s to see about Marty… Rex calls Clint’s bluff by turning around and blowing Clint’s lie to Bo’s face – about throwing David in prison overseas and… Blair reacts to Tomas and Tea’s sibling status. At least they weren’t former lovers… Tomas works on Tea to ditch this Todd, straight away… Todd puts the scare into (eternal victim) Inez, if she doesn’t do as she’s told… Bo, Nora and Tea’s jaws simultaneously drop as Clint skates again from the long arm of the law… Vimal comes forward to drop more bon-mots… Dorian is determined to harass Echo until the truth comes out about the cheating with Charlie… Real-life talk show host, Wendy Williams, appears on TV as Access Llanview talk show host, Phyllis Rose… Viki gets to know and warm up to Ford… Viki is gonna need someone in her corner.


From ABC

Monday, 2/28
Blair learns that Tomas is Téa’s brother.
Joey throws a punch when he finds John with his hands on Kelly.
Will Brody and Langston arrive too late to stop Tess from marrying Ford?

Tuesday, 3/1
Dorian confronts Echo about sleeping with Charlie.
Cutter comforts Dorian about David.
Bo, Nora, and Tea are shocked as Clint is spared prison when Vimal makes another confession.

Wednesday, 3/2
Wendy Williams debuts as '”Access Llanview” host Phyllis Rose.
Rex tells Bo the truth about David Vickers.
Viki talks to Charlie about Jessica’s mental illness.

Thursday, 3/3
Starr tries to convince Dani to go home.
Todd corners and threatens Inez for information on Dani and Nate’s whereabouts.
Bo is devastated by Rex’s betrayal.

Friday, 3/4
Viki tries to win an ally in Ford.
John visits Marty at St. Ann’s.
Téa witnesses Todd’s latest over-the-top actions.



Tomas urges Téa to leave Todd. Blair learns of her mystery man's true identity, and gets an earful from Todd. James and Starr reach a new understanding. Starr tries to persuade Dani to go home on Thursday, March 3. Starr confides in Dani, and James in Nate. James pushes Nate to smooth things over with Todd. Todd demands Inez tell him what he wants to know. Later, Todd puts the fear of God into the teens just as Téa arrives. Téa issues Todd a stern warning.

The Inside Story: How You Doin' Llanview?
Rex tells a sympathetic Gigi what he knows about David on Tuesday, March 1. Bo, Nora, and Téa are horrified when Clint is deemed a free man. Vimal changes his story. Aubrey thinks she and Joey should consider making new living arrangements. Nigel receives the good news about Clint while watching Access Llanview on Wednesday, March 2. Bo and Nora talk to Matthew about his Uncle Clint. Bo is shocked by Rex's confession, and refuses his help. Nora has some words of encouragement for Bo. Dorian misses David. Cutter gives Dorian a shoulder lean on. And Gigi comforts Rex.

A Closer Look: She's Got Personalities
Brody and Langston are too little, too late on Monday, February 28. Brody finds an excuse to take Ford and Tess into custody. John gets sucker-punched by Joey. John and Kelly discuss their one night stand. Roxy is upset to find John and Kelly together, and urges John not to give up on Natalie. Echo is confronted by Dorian. Echo pays Viki a visit. On Wednesday, March 2, Brody and company arrive back in Llanview, where Viki, Clint, and Dr. Levin are waiting for them. Turning the tables on Jessica's loved ones, Tess delivers some surprising news. Tess works to reassure Ford on Friday, March 4. Ford tells Viki what Clint did to him. Tess tries to put one over on Roxy and Natalie, who begins to get suspicious of her sister's behavior. And Marty is pleased to learn that John and Natalie have broken-up.

Soap Opera Network

Rex tells Gigi about Clint imprisoning David, and admits that he’s known for quite some time. Gigi encourages Rex to come clean with Bo. Rex meets with Bo and confesses. Bo suffers another setback when Vimal recants his statement, exonerating Clint of any involvement in the DNA switching. Bo rejects Rex’s help to find David. Gigi comforts Rex and encourages him to make things right with Bo. Nora sends Bo to Morocco to rescue David. Cutter sees Dorian’s torn photo of David and she opens up with him about her true feelings for David.

Langston and Brody are too late to prevent Tess and Bobby Ford from marrying. Brody trumps up charges against Tess and Ford as an excuse to arrest them. When the foursome arrives back in Llanview, Clint, Viki and Dr. Levin meet them to take Tess to St. Ann’s. Clever Tess informs them only her husband can commit her. Viki tells Charlie about Jessica’s relapse. When Bobby Ford becomes annoyed with Tess’s lack of progress in getting his son, Tess assures him everything is proceeding according to plan and sets about accomplishing phase two of her plan. No one has gotten word to Natalie that Tess is back, so when Tess shows up at Foxy Roxy’s, Natalie allows her to take Ryder. Viki tries to convince Ford to help her with Tess, but Ford tells her that Clint’s heavy-handed tactics leave him no choice but to work with Tess to get his son back.

Tomas tries to convince Tea to leave Todd. Blair learns that Tomas is Tea’s brother. James and Starr clear things up. Starr tries to convince Dani to go home. Todd finds the kids, and Tea shows up in time to see Todd’s latest rampage and rescues them. Tea threatens to leave Todd. Joey finds John with his hands on Kelly, and takes a swing at him. John and Kelly examine the turn in their new relationship. When Roxy finds Kelly in John’s bed, she had some harsh words. Roxy tries to convince John to patch things up with Natalie. Later in the week, John visits Marty. Dorian confronts Echo about sleeping with Charlie. Echo shows up at Llanfair and tells Viki there's something she needs to know.

James and Starr clear the air. Joey throws a punch when he finds John with his hands on Kelly. on Monday,February 28.

John and Kelly examine their new relationship. Aubrey seizes on an opportunity to suggest that she and Joey move in with Clint at Asa’s mansion on Tuesday, March 1.

Wendy Williams debuts as '”Access Llanview” host Phyllis Rose. Clint, Viki and Dr. Levin arrive to take Tess to St. Ann’s, but Tess outfoxes them as only her husband can commit her now on Wednesday, March 2.

Todd corners Inez and threatens her until she tells him where Nate and Dani are on Thursday, March 3.

Marty is pleased that things have worked out just as she’d hoped and makes a cryptic comment about John having lost his son on Friday, March 4.

Soap Opera Source

Spoilers From March 8th Issue Of SOD & SOW; Todd Swap. Tuc Watkin's Return Date


Todd Swap

TSJ & RH have the cover of SOD with that title, but it's mainly all gossip. SOD says that TSJ's contract expires next month & he will try his luck out for pilot season in L.A. SOD says this has led to spec that RH may be coming back. Insiders say that RH has been approached about coming back, but not necessarily to play the role of Todd Manning again. SOD says how the Tomas story & reairing of the 1995 episode has viewers thinking that RH is indeed returning and would be playing Todd again. SOD says spoilers reveal major drama coming up for Todd & his relationship with Tea and something big happens to him & John. SOD asks if the show is setting up a switch with actors. A setsider says that if TSJ doesn't get a pilot he will likely stay, but that doesn't mean the show doesn't want RH too. SOD says they have learned that a West coast soap wants RH as well, but he turned them down because he is busy auditioning for pilots.

Tess & Ford Wed

The duo wed in a Vegas vampire themed chapel. Brody and Langston are too late to stop it. Langston is very hurt. But he's only marrying Tess so that he can get his son.


Tuc Watkins returns the week of March 14th.

Vimal & Rama

Actor who plays Vimal talks about how much trouble Vimal is in & how Vimal & Rama will be dealing with lot's on the show. He talks about how they were an arranged marriage, but they really fell in love.

Sneak Peeks:

Blair learns the truth about Tomas.

Vimal takes the fall for Clint.

Dorian admits what she really feels for David.

Todd gets the truth from Inez.

Nora tells Matthew who they suspect killed Eddie.

Natalie sees that Tess is back.


Week of 3/7

National Enquirer:

Joey breaks into Clint's safe.

Dorian tries to prove that she is over David by kissing Cutter.

Tea tells Blair to stay away from Tomas.

Tomas ask Blair on a date.

Todd and John are gunned down in front of Rodi's


Week Of March 7-11:

Joey breaks in to Clint's safe. Cristian and Tea both warn Blair about Tomas. Dorian will do anything to prove she's over David. Todd makes a startling admission. Bullets fly outside of Rodi's.



Joey is suspicious of Clint.
Todd makes a surprising admission.
John and Todd are caught in the line of fire.
The search is on for David Vickers.
Dorian has more than a few choice words for Charlie

Soap Opera Network

Coming up, which includes Cable Guide and SOD spoilers...

Viki, Clint and Dr. Levin are there waiting when Tess and Ford are returned to Llanview.

Dorian lashes out at Charlie for cheating on Viki.

Ford admits to Viki what Clint did to him.

Echo visits Viki.

Marty is happy to hear John and Natalie broke up.

The bullying against Shane gets physical.

Gigi comforts Rex when he admits he knew about David.

Bo lashes out at Rex for keeping the truth about David from him.

Joey breaks into his father's safe.

Nigel hears the news about Clint through Access Llanview.

Nora urges Bo to look for David.

Nora shares her theory on who killed Eddie with Matthew.

Roxy finds Kelly in John's bed.

Langston leaves Llanview after being offered a movie deal.

Rick arrives on the scene.

Inez tells Todd the truth.

Stress starts to affect Dani and Nate's relationship.

James urges Nate to straighten things out with Todd.

Tea witnesses Todd flipping out on the kids and gives him a stern warning.

Cris warns Blair to be cautious of Tomas.

Tomas plans to deal with Todd, and when they come face to face Tomas says, "I'm here because of you."

Todd confesses his fear of losing everyone he loves.

John pulls Todd down when he realizes someone has a laser aimed on him - shots are fired.


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Daytime Royalty

Week of 3/7

Ford confides to James about Tess

Todd admits his deepest fear to Téa

Todd takes delight in witnessing John's misery

Someone takes aim at John and Todd outside of Rodi's

Cris warns Blair not to trust Tomas

Joey gains access to Clint's safe

Dorian kisses Cutter

Dorian confronts Charlie about his affair with Echo


What’s going on at Rodi’s? Stay away if you value your life. Todd and John do not stay away but are in the middle of the firestorm… Todd says something startling – sure to drop jaws… Dorian fronts like she ain’t about David any more. She may go to extremes to back up her words… Dorian chews out Charlie… Téa and Cristian caution Blair against rushing full steam ahead with anything to do with Tomas… Joey illegally gets into Clint’s vault.


Spoilers from Soap Opera Network

One person's past is investigated.

A mother goes to drastic lengths to protect her child.

And someone is fired from their job.

Bo learns the truth from Rex that Clint had David thrown in a Moroccan prison and left for dead. The pair then reluctantly head for the desert nation to find the elusive Buchanan heir. However, once there things don't go as smoothly as planned, and their search soon takes them elsewhere -- to a more tropical climate, after receiving an important clue on Friday, March 11.

Soap Opera Network

Monday March 7:

Cris warns Blair to be cautious of Tomas.

Ford admits to James he has plans for Tess.

Todd confesses his fear of losing everyone he loves.

Tuesday March 8:

Gigi finds John drinking in the morning.

Joey breaks into his father's safe.

Dorian kisses Cutter in an attempt to prove she's over David.

Wednesday March 9:

Joey shares his suspicions regarding Eddie's murder with Clint.

Natalie finds out that John fired Gigi.

Tea urges Tomas to stay away from Blair.

Thursday March 10:

Todd revels in John's misfortune.

Natalie breaks down in front of Brody over John.

Tomas asks Blair on a date.

Friday March 11:

Rex and Bo continue looking for David in Morocco.

Dorian lashes out at Charlie for cheating on Viki.

Todd and John are gunned down.



Bo begrudgingly accepts Rex's help while in Morocco. Clint fishes around for information from Nora on Tuesday, March 8. Nora makes Clint aware that Matthew knows the truth. Joey tells Nora about the connection between Clint and Eddie. Matthew confides in Destiny. Aubrey is caught red-handed. Clint walks in on Joey rummaging through his safe. Dorian tries to make a point to Cutter. Joey confronts Clint with his suspicions on Wednesday, March 9. Aubrey acts fast to prevent Clint from showing Joey the flash drive. Dorian raises hell with a cheating Charlie on Friday, March 11. Echo's plan backfires. Charlie tries to reason with Echo. Viki wonders what Dorian is up to. Bo and Rex inch closer, and learn that David is somewhere far removed from his Moroccan prison cell.

The Inside Story: An Alternate State of Reality
Tess takes off with baby Ryder on Monday, March 7. Langston becomes privy to Ford's scheme to outsmart his new bride. Starr and Langston bond. Viki interrupts John and Marty's discussion. John spots Brody and Natalie together. Marty is happy with the turn of events. On Tuesday, March 8, John fires Gigi after she makes an admission about Natalie. John and Kelly's conversation is sealed with a kiss. Gigi and Natalie talk. Kelly thinks of Joey while with John. Natalie unleashes her anger on John and Kelly. Natalie has some news for her brother. By Thursday, March 10, Natalie breaks down in front of Brody. Baby Liam suffers a medical crisis. John doesn't like what Téa tells him. Todd takes pleasure in John's pain. James inadvertently sees a new side of Tess, which Starr witnesses. Through a little arm twisting, Viki and Téa get Clint to agree to their plan on how to deal with Tess. Ford has second thoughts after coming to a realization. And Langston is shocked by what she sees.

A Closer Look: Caught in the Crosshairs
Téa subdues Todd and holds him hostage while Dani and Nate make a hasty retreat. Todd makes a surprising admission on Monday, March 7. Tomas makes a cryptic phone call. Cristian remembers Tomas from his days in Angel Square, and tells Blair to watch her back. Tomas decides to stay in Llanview. By Wednesday, March 9, Téa tells her brother he's free to leave. Téa warns Tomas to stay away from Blair. Todd contemplates having Tomas deported. With his parents preoccupied, Jack continues to bully Shane. Todd, Blair, and Gigi are summoned to Llanview High. Tomas asks Blair on a date. Todd wants John to investigate his brother-in-law. Someone starts shooting at Todd and John on Friday, March 11. And Gigi is caught in the line of fire.

Soap Opera Network

Tea knocks Todd out and ties him up to keep him from going after Dani. Todd makes an emotional confession. Tomas makes a mysterious phone call about Todd. When Blair tells Cristian about Tomas, Cristian warns her to be cautious, because there was something suspicious about the circumstances under which Tomas left town. Tea tells Tomas she’s handling everything and there is no need for him to stick around. Tomas informs her he’s sticking around, and Tea assumes it’s for Blair. Tea warns Tomas to stay away from Blair. Meanwhile, Blair is telling Todd to get his act together and that she and others will be keeping watch to make sure he does. Todd threatens to have Tomas deported. Todd, Blair and Gigi are called to the school. When they arrive they learn that Shane and Jack are suspected of taking some money. Blair tells Tomas about Cristian’s warning and Tomas admits Tea warned him about Blair. Tomas asks Blair for a date.

Natalie goes to find Brody to tell him that Tess has Ryder. Marty tells John there is something important she must tell him about Liam, but Viki interrupts. John goes looking for Natalie but finds her with Liam and Brody, which leaves him hurt and angry. In the morning, Gigi shows up for work at Rodi’s and finds John drinking heavily. When Gigi tries to defend Natalie, she lets it slip that she knew Natalie was lying to John and John fires her. Kelly shows up, and seeing the state John is in tells him he needs to find a better way to deal with his problems than drinking, so they kiss again but Kelly pulls back because of Joey. When Gigi tells Natalie that John fired her, Natalie goes to find him, and walks in on John and Kelly. Kelly and Natalie trade barbs and Natalie demands that John rehire Gigi. Joey and Kelly have a close moment that is interrupted when Natalie shows up and tells Joey that she found Kelly with John. Natalie breaks down with Brody over John. The two bond but suddenly something appears to be wrong with Liam. Todd takes great pleasure in rubbing John’s face in his problems. Then Todd turns around and wants John to investigate Tomas. John doesn’t want to listen when Tea compares her relationship with Todd to John’s and Natalie’s. As Todd leaves Rodi’s, someone starts shooting at him. John comes to Todd’s rescue and starts returning fire. Gigi gets caught in the crossfire but John gets her safely to cover.

While Tess is relishing her freedom, Bobby Ford is planning to have her committed, but his financial circumstances present difficulties. Tea, Viki and Clint try to make a deal with Bobby to commit Tess, but he declines. Langston and James are shocked when they discover Tess isn’t locked away at St. Ann’s. Clint catches Aubrey snooping in his desk and informs her the flash drive is locked in his safe. Aubrey talks Joey into trying to get the flash drive back but Clint catches them in the act. Joey tells Clint he’s suspected of murder and that Joey believes there is proof on the flash drive. Aubrey tries to keep Clint from revealing the video. Bo and Rex begin to mend fences, and Rex gains access to David’s cell, which they discover is empty. Bo and Rex that David is at St. Blazes with Alex Olanov. Gigi warns Echo away from Charlie. Charlie and Echo kiss.

Tomas comes in and reveals he's sticking around. Cristian tells Blair to stay cautious about Tomas because Cristian has thought something was sketchy about the way he left home and never came back on Monday, March 7.

Nora doesn’t reveal the nature of Bo’s business, but she informs Clint that Matthew now knows Nora and Bo believe Clint killed Eddie Ford on Tuesday, March 8.

Neither Blair nor Todd is keeping a close eye on Jack, who continues his reign of terror on Shane on Wednesday, March 9.

James, despite having taken precautions to avoid Tess, has another uncomfortable encounter with her while he’s naked. Starr walks in on it on Thursday, March 10.

Dorian gives Charlie hell for cheating on Viki with Echo. She tells him he won't tell Viki about it if he breaks off with Echo immediately on Friday, March 11.

Soap Opera Source

Tess is unaware of Ford's plans to have her committed

Ford realizes that things are easier said than done

Marty is on the verge of telling John something about Liam

John is hurt when he sees Natalie and Brody with Liam

Gigi finds herself out of a job when John learns that she knew about Natalie's secret

Kelly advises John that drowning his sorrow in alcohol isn't the answer

Kelly pulls back from another heated encounter with John when thoughts of Joey intrude

Natalie walks in on John and Kelly after she learns that Gigi lost her job

Joey gets an earful about Kelly from Natalie

Natalie and Brody are concerned when they notice that something is wrong with Liam

Téa takes drastic steps to keep Todd from following Dani and Nate

Cris recalls that Tomas left home under questionable circumstances

Cris advises Blair to be wary of Tomas

Téa warns Tomas to leave Blair alone

Todd is tempted to have Tomas deported

Jack continues to bully Shane

Things escalate between Jack and Shane, so the parents are called in

Rex shows up in time to help Bo

Rex and Bo are surprised to find that David's cell is empty

Rex and Bo continue to search for David

Clint tries to get some information out of Nora about Bo's trip

Nora warns Clint that Matthew is aware that Clint is suspected of killing Eddie Ford

Aubrey and Cutter are eager to get their hands on the damaging video of them

Aubrey manipulates Joey into breaking into Clint's safe

Clint plays cat-and-mouse with Aubrey when he catches Joey and Aubrey trying to open the safe

Todd is the target when shots ring out


Marty makes the most of her conversational time with John. She is beyond happy about his split with Natalie.
Viki’s arrival cuts short Marty’s conversation with John. It’s too bad, because Marty apparently was going to drop another bombshell on John about Liam.
John walks around like a man in a fog, an alcoholic, apathetic fog.
Gigi checks in at Rodi’s to start her day as a server when she gets a load of John, all strung out.
John trashes Natalie, but Gigi will not have it.
Gigi lets it slip that Natalie had confided in her awhile ago about the baby’s paternity, which angers John.
John makes an outburst against Gigi, then cans her.
Gigi has a private conversation with Natalie about what John just did to her.
Natalie decides to go looking for John to talk him into taking Gigi back.
Kelly tries to provoke John into shaping up when he shuts her up with a kiss. She is the one, however, who stops it, because she’s still into Joey.
John and Kelly find themselves making out, once more.
She can’t help it. Kelly daydreams about Joey, even when she has John in her arms.
Natalie finds John, smooching all over Kelly.
Natalie calls out Kelly as a tramp. Kelly gives as good as she gets.
Natalie dismisses Kelly, to order John to be nicer to Gigi and let her back in.
Upon seeing John loving on Kelly so carelessly, Natalie lets loose with a rampage.
Joey and Kelly begin to make progress when Natalie pops up.
Natalie transmits to Joey the latest about Kelly still hanging around John.
Tess grabs baby Ryder and goes off somewhere, freaking everybody else out.
Natalie alerts Brody to Tess’s latest actions.
John goes to check on Liam. He really does love that kid.
John gets jealous when he opens the door to Natalie and Brody, acting as parents to Liam.
Natalie cannot hold it together any longer; she emotionally crumbles when around Brody.
Natalie and Brody notice baby Liam has become unwell. They have to go quickly to the hospital to help the ailing infant.
Téa does everything in her power to protect Dani – from her own father, Todd, who’s been out of control and violent lately.
When it looks like Todd’s about to pounce on Dani and Nate, Téa steps in and conks him on the head senseless.
Téa sits on Todd until Dani and Nate can run far far away.
Todd wrangles out of his confines by sweet-talking Téa.
Todd and Téa go a round before having sex.
With his rough walls down, Todd gets painfully real with Téa about amping out because he’s certain his loved ones will end up going away, with him all alone.
Téa tenders sweet-nothings to Todd, to cheer him up.
Téa assures her brother Tomas she’s got this covered, bye.
Téa tries to usher Tomas out the door, way out of town.
Tomas declines leaving, at Téa’s request. He says he still has some work to do.
Téa receives Tomas’s stay as him falling for Blair.
Tomas is seen on the cell phone buzzing about taking care of Todd.
Tomas says something eye-opening and menacing to Todd, something about his mission includes taking care of Todd.
Blair makes a big deal about Tomas in her life, when talking to a wary Cristian.
Cris cautions Blair to be on her toes with Tomas, as Cris senses Tomas walked out on his family years ago for sinister reasons.
Protective, Téa also cautions Tomas to let Blair be, and maybe Blair’s too much for him to handle.
Tomas and Blair exchange notes about Cris and Téa’s admonishments.
Regardless, Tomas tries to take Blair out socially.
Blair denigrates Todd for mishandling his daughters this way. She warns him that she and Tomas plan to make sure he behaves.
Todd bats around the idea of having immigration throw Tomas out of the country.
Téa compares her dysfunctional relationship with Todd, to what John had going with Natalie. This puts John in a fouler mood.
It gives Todd immense pleasure to see that John’s suffering. Todd makes sport out of it.
Todd tries to enlist John’s help in examining Tomas’s background.
John’s too busy tossing back the booze to care what Todd wants. John puts Todd off by saying it’s not his job to be a P.I.
Bullets start flying around Rodi’s, just as Todd and John come around.
The bullets head straight for Todd. John pulls Todd out of the range of fire.
John begins to reconsider helping Todd, because it seems Todd was nearly made into gunpowdered mincemeat.
Gigi wanders into the field of fire at Rodi’s, but not before John plays hero to her too.
Out for the count, loved ones circle about Todd, urging him to come out of it.
Viki and Téa persuade Clint to be on their side when resolving the Tess problem. It takes some doing.
Tess lives it up in Jessica’s body.
Sneaky Ford concocts a means to turn on Tess, just when he needs to. See, as her husband in name only, he’ll be able to legally commit her to St. Ann’s. Langston gets to know about what Ford plans to do to Tess. If only he weren’t so dirt poor and prone to giving in to temptation.
Ford changes his mind about fooling Tess, after some consideration ($$$).
Viki, Clint, and Téa approach Ford to sign off on committing Tess. He just can’t do it, he needs Tess too much.
Despite warnings to run the other way if Tess is around, James finds himself in her sights.
James is practically nude when Tess gets a hold of him.
Starr dislikes what’s going on with Tess and James.
Langston has her eyes opened when Tess still remains at large.
James can’t believe Tess isn’t locked away yet.
Langston and Starr have some girl time together.
Langston ditches Ford for a movie career.
Clint talks up Nora, trying subtly for data-gathering on Bo’s next move.
Nora gives nothing of Bo’s mission away to Clint.
Nora notifies Clint that she let the cat out of the bag about him to Matthew.
Nora outright says she and Bo charge Clint with suspicion of murdering Eddie.
Clint nails Aubrey for going through his personal things.
Clint makes the most of busting on Aubrey, by smugly relaying that what she’s looking for so desperately is safe in his vault.
So naturally, Aubrey in a round-about way coaches Joey in the fine art of going through Clint’s valuables in that vault—but for another reason: to determine Clint’s guilt or innocence in the Eddie murder.
Like a cuckolded fool, Joey gets into Clint’s vault, for answers.
Before too long, Clint strolls in, loudly observing Joey foraging around in the vault.
Joey goes to Clint with some questions, demanding answers about the murder.
Aubrey outsmarts Clint, averting disaster (Clint revealing her true motive to Joey via the true flash drive).
Joey ties Eddie in with Clint in an important position, when he blabs all to Nora.
Nigel tries to make Clint see the light.
Matthew whispers the truth of his innermost thoughts to Destiny.
Who really killed Eddie Ford? Was it Matthew, not Clint? The truth will be known this week.
Dorian puts Charlie on the spot for his sins, making him be true to Viki or else Viki will learn of his indiscretion with Echo from Dorian.
Gigi gets involved, sermonizing at Echo: Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s husband.
Charlie puts his lips on Echo’s.
Echo thinks she can just waltz in and take Charlie away from Viki, and he’ll willingly go.
Charlie takes a shot at making it clear to Echo there will be no repeat of their night together and that he remains even more committed to Viki.
Viki speculates as to Dorian’s next series of antics.
Dorian attempts to teach Cutter a lesson.
Looks like David’s gonna have a rival for Dorian’s affections. Cutter receives a buss from Dorian.
Rex hurts because Bo shunned him over keeping Clint’s secret (throwing David in prison).
Gigi cheers Rex up. Try with Bo again, is her advice.
Rex tries to join up with Bo to bring David back from his prison in Morocco.
In the Moroccan prison, no one will give Bo the time of day.
Rex begs Bo’s forgiveness. Bo gives it. The two then try to get a hold of David together.
When Bo and Rex finally do reach David’s prison cell, there’s no David inside. But there is a sign of where he could be next.
A sign shows itself to Bo and Rex, pointing them in the direction of Alex and St. Blaze.
Bo and Rex must travel to another destination to see David.
Tough to watch, but Jack is shown really putting the screws to poor Shane.
Jack beats and batters Shane around, getting away with it.
Todd, Blair and Gigi must attend to their troublesome sons at the high school. The principal/vice principal summons the parents in to sort through a stealing incident.
James’ Deanna waltzes in, ready for trouble. He didn’t expect her to pop back in his life after these years.
Who’s Rick? He’s here.


Paraphrased Spoilers:

-At the cabin, Tea knocks out Todd to prevent him from going after Dani. Todd figures out a way to get Tea to release him. Once free, Todd and Tea argue and end up making love. Todd tells Tea that he fears he will lose everyone he loves. Tea comforts Todd and promises him that everything will be ok.

-While Tomas talks to someone on his cell about Todd, Blair tells Cristian about Tomas. Cristian tells Blair that he remembers Tomas from his childhood and warns her about Tomas.

-Tea starts to get use to having Tomas back in her life, but warns him to stay away from Blair. Blair tells Todd that she doesn't like how he treats Dani and Starr and that both she and Tomas will be keeping their eyes on him.

-Todd vows that he won't let Tomas become a problem for him and asks John to investigate Tomas. As they are leaving Rodi's, someone begins shooting at Todd and John.


Coming up, which includes Cable Guide and SOD spoilers:

Tomas plans to deal with Todd, and when they come face to face Tomas says, "I'm here because of you."

Todd's life is at risk after the shooting.

Todd's family rallies around him.

The bullying against Shane gets physical.

A girl from James' past, Deanna, arrives on the scene.

After finding a clue, Bo and Rex head to St. Blaze's to confront Alex about David's whereabouts.

Many fight for custody of Ryder.

Nigel makes a serious appeal to Clint about what his life has become.

Eddie's real murderer is revealed.

Langston breaks up with Ford.

Langston leaves Llanview after being offered a movie deal.

Rick arrives on the scene.

Todd is pressured by an outside force - the person at the other end of Todd's mysterious phone calls.

John refuses to investigate Tomas for Todd.

Kelly has to break up the tension between John and Brody.

Todd wants to have Tomas departed.

Todd's life is at risk after the shooting.

Dani realizes that Todd only wanted to protect her.

Dorian makes a deal with Charlie.

Jack makes plans to humiliate Shane.

Bo and Rex find David's cell empty.

Rama makes it clear she will expose Aubrey


Spoilers From March 15th Issue Of SOD & SOW

Rex is devastated over his break up with Bo. Gigi tells Rex not to give up hope. Rex follows Bo to Morocco. Bo is stonewalled at the prison. Rex shows up & the two quickly make up & go on their search for David. They find that David's cell is empty, as well as a clue. This clue leads them on another plane.

The Todd Mystery

RC (Head Writer) has interviews about what's going on with Todd. Regarding Todd's behavior with Dani & Nate, Todd is being pressured by an outside source that we haven't seen, so that stress is maybe causing his overreaction with Nate. These phone calls Todd is getting will kick off a new storyline for him. Todd keeps reminding his caller that he doesn't work for or take orders from them. Regarding Todd's family, he's very worried that he's going to lose them. Regarding Todd & Tomas, RC explains that they have instant hate for each other. Tomas wants his sister and niece away from Todd. Tomas claims it's because he read about Todd, but there's the mystery of how Tomas is connected to Todd & why he wants Tea & Dani away from Todd so much. Todd plots to have Tomas deported, even though he's American. Cris is also wary of Tomas. Tomas remembers Tomas back from his childhood. While Tomas appears to be this cultured nice guy, Cris tels Blair he always felt there was more than met the eye about him. Tomas is very cryptic about why he left his family & never contacted them. Todd turns to John to investigate Tomas but he's getting drunk over Natalie & tells Todd that cops don't just investigate people, But when Todd & John are shot at, John is now pulled into the storyline. It's a mystery who is trying to kill Todd & now John's pulled in to this mystery too. Regarding Todd & Blair, he's happily married to Tea but he'll be irked that Tomas wants her. Tomas wants to get close to Dani, Tea, & Blair, & Todd sees them all as his & Tomas is the interloper trying to take what's his. Blair's found someone who really wants her, so Todd will be in the mix of that.

KM (Dani) says that Dani will come to realize that Todd just wants to protect her.


March Preview

A look ahead at what One Life to Live has in store for March:

The custody battle over Ryder really heats up, and Tess hooks up with another guy in Llanview.

Charlie and Echo's affair gets discovered.

Blair's suspicions about Tomas begin to grow -- how much does she know about this guy? And how much has she yet to find out?

Kourtney Kardashian makes her Llanview debut! And expect more Dancing with the Stars contestant Wendy Williams!

A girl from James's past shows up to throw a wrench into his and Starr's relationship. And the truth about what happened to Eddie Ford that night in the motel room is finally revealed.


Todd fights for his life, while someone else has blood on their hands.
Clint gets a dose of his own medicine at the hands of someone hurt by his lies.
Several interested parties vie for custody of baby Ryder. Who will come out on top?
Wedding bells may ring for a newly reunited couple. But will the third time finally be the charm?
Tess sees something she shouldn't, and makes plans to use her new-found knowledge as leverage.
Viki is oblivious to what's been going on behind her back. Will she learn the truth before it's too late?

Soap Opera Network

Week of 3/14

With his character left to rot in a Moroccan prison, Tuc Watkins comes back to his old daytime stomping ground.

But with Bo (Robert S. Woods) now hot on his son's trail, it maybe just a matter of time before David Vickers Buchanan is a free man once more -- or will it?

Following a falling out between Bo and best pal/nephew Rex (John-Paul Lavoisier), the troubled pair head for the African desert nation in search of the missing Buchanan heir, only to realize that Clint (Jerry verDorn) is one step ahead of them.

Look for Watkins to next air as David beginning the week of March 14.

Soap Opera Network

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) -- Tonja Walker may be returning to "One Life to Live," but don't look for Alex to be coming back to Llanview anytime soon. On Tuesday, March 15, she receives two familiar visitors, while still living it up in the life of luxury on Asa's tropical island paradise, St. Blaze's.

Enter Alex Olanov, whom you may recall accepted the island resort from Nigel (who inherited it from Asa), in exchange for her silence after learning that David Vickers was really a Buchanan. But will Alex welcome her guests with open arms, or has she been cavorting with the enemy?

Either way, don't look for Walker or Alex to stick around for very long. The actress noted last month on Facebook that she was only returning for two episodes, although she would be open to more if the show would make her an offer.

On a related note, expect to see more the Buchanan's trusty butler Nigel (Peter Bartlett) in the coming weeks as he learns some details of his his boss' antics, which could place him in a precarious situation.

In other news...

If you think you have seen the last of Beth (Aitana Rinab) and Brad (Frank Dolce), the two obnoxious teens helping Jack bully Shane, guess again. The pint-sized thugs will return again by mid-March.

Soap Opera Network

A girl from James' past, Deanna, arrives on the scene.

After finding a clue, Bo and Rex head to St. Blaze's to confront Alex about David's whereabouts.


(The Shooting)
Todd faces the aftermath of the shooting; Langston ends her relationship with Ford.

(Todd's Life)

Todd's loved ones gather together at the hospital; Nigel and Clint have a serious discussion


Week Of March 14-17:

Todd's life hangs in the balance. Tomas hides his injury from Blair. Charlie tells Echo he won't leave Viki. Bo & Rex confront Alex. Jack terrorizes Shane. Ford's decision stuns Langston. Clint is in big trouble.



Todd hovers between life and death.
Nigel and Clint have a heart-to-heart talk.
Jack plots to destroy what's left of Shane's self-esteem.
Bo and Rex pay a visit to Alex Olanov and St. Blaze's.
Rama has a warning for Aubrey.

Soap Opera Network

(Brody and John's Encounter)

Kelly breaks up a tense situation between Brody and John; James stands by Starr's side


Todd clings to life

Tomas takes steps to conceal his injury

Charlie refuses to leave Viki

Langston learns that Ford doesn't have any intention of divorcing Tess

Nigel talks to Clint about the choices that Clint has made

Alex Olanov resurfaces

Jack is relentless in his torment of Shane


Todd may see grim repercussions… Jack makes Shane wanna die… Tomas fakes like he’s alright. But he doesn’t want Blair to notice he’s been hurt… What Ford does next causes a commotion, especially for a startled Langston… Charlie conveys to Echo that he will stay with Viki in marriage… Clint faces a wall of conflicts… Bo and Rex get a hold of a familiar foe, Alex… Rama puts Aubrey on serious notice.


Erika Slezak TV Guide Interview

http://www.tvguide.com/News/Erika-Sleza ... 30110.aspx

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Daytime Royalty

Week of 3/14


Monday: Todd hovers between life and death. Langston is upset by Ford's actions. Charlie tells Echo he loves Viki.
Tuesday: Tomas keeps something from Blair. Clint confides in Nigel. Bo and Rex encounter Alex Olanov.
Wednesday: Hostilities persist between Brody and John. James gives Starr his support. Jack plots to publicly humiliate Shane.
Thursday: Rama threatens Aubrey. Langston breaks down in front of Dorian. Will David regain his freedom?
Friday: Clint is placed under arrest. Dorian and Cutter take a walk on the wild side. Ryder's custody hearing heats up.

Click below for screenshot:

http://www.soapoperanetwork.com/soaps/o ... 14-edition

Wed, March. 16: Brody & John face off. Friday, March 18: Clint is arrested.


Todd's wounds may be fatal as the family gathers around him while John has to bite his tongue and work with Brody on the shooting investigation. James and Starr's romantic evening is interrupted as they receive news about the shooting. Todd is wheeled into surgery while the family sits vigil waiting to hear some good news. After Blair informs Jack of Todd's injuries, Vicki brings him to the hospital. Todd's family tries to coax him from his unconscious state.

Though the shooter has escaped, the evidence at the scene reveals he's been wounded. Tomas tends to his wounds without medical care. Natalie gets word that John's been involved in a shooting. Brody finds John at Rodi's and gives him an update on the shooting investigation but the two almost comes to blows over Natalie. Kelly intervenes and sends Brody home, then tells John to straighten up his act and get it together. Tomas is nearly caught tending his wounds by Blair, while James supports Starr at the hospital.

Nora is forced to tell Vicki what she and Bo have uncovered about Clint and his crimes. Regardless, Vicki and Clint must show a unified front in the courtroom. No one is immune to the vicious fight for Ryder but just as the judge is ready to render his verdict, Clint is arrested by Bo.Langston is upset when she learns Ford plans to stay married to Tess. Dorian has a warning for Vicki about Charlie. Echo and Charlie plan to enter into an affair and seal their deal with a kiss. Clint recruits Alex to help him with David.

Vicki has a heart to heart with Natalie about her feelings for John. Shane continues to be bullied at school. Dorian advises Langston to find a man who's worthy and decides she needs to take her own advice regarding men. Dorian tells David she's moving on, and later David begs Bo to get him back to Llanview. Cutter stops by Dorian's to help her get over David.

Soap Opera Source


Dorian warns Viki she needs to hold on to Charlie before it's too late. Charlie tries to let Echo down gently on Monday, March 14. However, what Charlie says and does are two completely different things. Tess spies the forbidden lovers locking lips. Clint asks Alex to help cover his tracks, and confides in Nigel. Bo and Rex finally get some good news. Cutter and Aubrey plot Clint's downfall on Thursday, March 17. Rama continues to blackmail Aubrey. Still angry at David, Dorian gets kinky with Cutter. David learns Rex is his cousin, and is reunited with Bo. On Friday, March 18, the trio return to Llanview, where David walks in on Dorian at a rather inopportune moment.

The Inside Story: A Matter of Life and Death
Todd is seriously wounded in the shooting outside Rodi's on Monday, March 14, leaving his life hanging in the balance. Todd's loved ones stand vigil. John and Brody search for the shooter, and find a clue. Meanwhile, Tomas doctors his wounds. James and Starr's special evening comes to a halt when they learn of Todd's condition. Todd is prepped for surgery on Tuesday, March 15. Tomas keeps Blair in the dark. Starr leans on James for support. Jack offers to make peace with Shane. However, Jack is forced to postpone his plans for Shane, after learning of his father's condition. Shane continues to lie to Gigi. And Todd's family begs him to wake up from his coma on Friday, March 18.

A Closer Look: A Marriage of Convenience
Baby Liam's health scare passes. Natalie is worried about John, and John about Liam. Langston tells Ford it's over. Kelly finds John still drowning his sorrows on Wednesday, March 16. Brody and John get into an altercation. Kelly tries to talk some sense into John. Viki and Natalie have a heart-to-heat conversation. Ryder's custody hearing gets underway. Tess works to tone down her appearance. Ford tries desperately to reach Langston. At the same time, Dorian gives Langston some advice. Nora catches Viki up to speed on Clint's latest crimes on Friday, March 18. Despite her anger, however, she and Clint stand united at the custody hearing. Bo places Clint under arrest. And the judge stands prepared to render a verdict.

Soap Opera Network

Monday March 14:

Charlie tells Echo he can't leave Viki but wants to continue their affair.

Tess takes a picture of Echo and Charlie kissing.

Dorian warns Viki she might lose Charlie.

Todd's life is at risk.

Todd's family rallies around him.

John and Brody work together to find Todd's shooter, who John thinks he shot.

Tomas takes care of his own wound.

Liam's crisis turns out to be nothing.

Langston isn't pleased to hear Ford plans to stay married to Tess.


Loved ones gather around Todd as he clings to life

John and Brody realize that the shooter was hurt

The tension between John and Brody grows

A custody hearing for Ryder is scheduled

Dorian fears that Viki might lose Charlie to Echo if Viki doesn't focus more on Charlie

Charlie can't stay away from Echo

Tess witnesses a passionate kiss between Charlie and Echo

Langston ends things with Ford when she learns that he intends to remain married to Tess

Dorian encourages Langston to move forward without Ford

Dorian makes plans with Cutter

Clint appreciates Alex Olanov's help with David

Cutter and Aubrey plot ways to get Clint removed from the BE board

Rama turns to Aubrey for help, but finds Joey home alone

Aubrey appeases Rama by inviting Rama to stay at the mansion

Nora shares her suspicions about Clint with Viki

Bo arrests Clint

David tries to reach out to Dorian, but she rejects him

David begs Bo for help

Clint manages to post another message on David's MyFace account

Dorian gets a surprise visit

Blair nearly walks in on Tomas while he's tending to his gunshot wound

Blair encourages Téa not to give up hope

Jack's relentless bullying of Shane escalates


Everything’s fine again with baby Liam.
Natalie makes herself sick bothering with John.
John says he’s done with Liam, but he can’t help but concern himself with the baby’s welfare.
The gunfire takes Todd downtown to Chinatown. Or, closer to hell.
As annoyed as Todd’s daughters have been by his past actions, they come together—along with other loved ones—to make sure Todd survives the hail of bullets.
Jack must shelve plans to fool Shane into thinking they’re gonna be friends, so he can tend to his gunshot dad Todd at the hospital.
Starr and James are about to get the funk on when they must shelve sexing plans to also tend to Todd at the hospital.
Natalie shows she still cares when she is alerted to John having been at Rodi’s when Todd was shot down.
Viki lets Natalie bend an ear, but gives back a whole lot of sound advice about John.
John is immediately drawn into this new attempted murder mystery, along with Brody—who feels uneasy around his former friend.
Kelly goes to Rodi’s, where she sees John tossing back the booze like it’s going out of sale.
Brody arrives at the bar to deliver an update to John on the investigation—that they’ll have to work at together.
John pops off at the mouth at Brody, and soon the two former friends are looking to beef.
John and Brody get contentious, each with a bone to pick with the other.
Kelly diffuses the John versus Brody situation, asking for the latter to split.
Kelly lectures John to stop it with the douchebag routine.
John follows a hunch that whoever aimed for Todd was hit, ‘cause John’s a good aim.
Did John hit Tomas? Tomas doesn’t want to stick around to answer any questions. He’s off licking his wounds, hurrying to cover up anything before Blair starts in.
Blair sees how Todd is faring in intensive care, along with Viki and Tea.
Tea orders a prone and IV’d Todd to snap out of this and live, for her and Dani.
James stays true to Starr, whatever she needs from him right now…
Tomas tries to prevent Blair from noticing that he’s been badly hurt.
The custody case for baby Ryder turns everybody’s world upside down.
Nora shares her and Bo’s murder theory against Clint, with Viki. This is the last thing Viki needs to hear while getting mentally ready for a custody hearing involving baby Ryder.
Viki puts aside her distaste for Clint, so they can be there for their daughter in court as her parents.
Tess Jessicas down her appearance to pass for a fit mom in the custody hearing.
Ford does something that sorely lets Langston down. He won’t scrape Tess off.
Langston can’t hold it together any more. She falls apart before Dorian.
Dorian tries to get Langston to see a whole world out there without Ford, filled with better men.
Okay, Langston and Ford are done here. She issues her parting shot before heading for her Hollywood career.
Ford makes every attempt to get a hold of Langston.
Charlie rains praises on his wife Viki and their marital love, when speaking with Echo. But he allows that he’s game for some extra-marital nookie with Echo; Viki need never know. Unbelievable.
Charlie attempts to let Echo down gently, but perhaps he’s too gentle. Because before he knows it, he’s making out with her again and promising more of that later.
Echo eagerly agrees to Charlie’s deal with the devil, as long as he never learns her part in the paternity scandal. Echo could care less about Viki’s feelings in the matter.
Dorian tries to get Viki to listen to a little reason about taking care of Charlie before Charlie flies the coop with another.
Dorian makes a valiant attempt at making Viki aware of Charlie and Echo’s cheating. Too bad Viki can’t be bothered with Dorian right now, what with Tess going out of control and Ryder’s custody at stake.
When Todd goes down in a hail of bullets, Viki forgets all about Charlie to tend to her brother. Feeling neglected, Charlie will find his needs met with Echo.
Charlie and Echo believe they’re all alone, free to pursue their carnal desires. They’re not. Tess just happens by, gleaning all the dish.
The judge delivers his verdict on custody of Ryder, but then Bo storms in to read Clint the riot act.
The law catches up with Clint—in cuffs right about now.
Dorian realizes she should also take her own counsel (the one she gave Langston) about playing the field and settling for only the worthy.
Dorian soundly dumps David for good, adding that she’s ready to mingle.
Cutter has some sexy fun with Dorian.
Dorian takes up with Cutter for a crazy ride.
Bo and Rex go over to St. Blaze to work Alex Olanov over for David.
Bo and Rex give David the latest family update: he’s got kin in Rex.
David implores Bo to do something about speeding him back to Llanview in a hurry.
Clint brings Alex in on the task of erasing his part in the David debacle.
Rex, Bo, and David end their crazy ride overseas with their home trip.
David beats a hasty path toward Dorian’s place—just as she’s getting it on with Cutter.
Clint will only be vulnerably honest with his trusted servant Nigel.
Rama tries to control Aubrey, with what she knows.
Aubrey kind of has to contain Rama by playing ball.
Aubrey and Cutter continue to work at bringing Clint’s kingdom apart.
What did Shane ever do to Jack? Apparently, in the fictional town of Llanview, nothing except breathing—with the help of FloVent. Jack goes on a warpath to make a mockery of Shane, in lieu of actually accomplishing anything with his own life.
Jack manages to induce Shane into coming over.
Shane refuses to include his mom Gigi in on his bullying fight.


Coming up, which includes Cable Guide and SOD spoilers:

David's return will be hilarious as usual.

Alex is working with Clint.

Rex plans to prove Clint killed Eddie.

Nigel is questioned about Clint's illegal activities.

David and Dorian reunite and celebrate their love.

Viki's asked to be Dorian's matron of honor.

Dani realizes that Todd only wanted to protect her.

Kelly has to break up the tension between John and Brody.

Natalie lashes out at John for his attitude toward her.

Tess takes Natalie's baby.

Many fight for custody of Ryder.

Langston breaks up with Ford.

Langston leaves Llanview after being offered a movie deal.

Tess hooks up with Cutter.

Joey finds out from Kelly that Aubrey and Ford dated.

Jack invites Shane to the mansion.

The bullying against Shane gets physical.

A girl from James' past, Deanna, arrives on the scene and spies on James and Starr.

Rick arrives on the scene


Alex's Return

She's only back for two eppies. She is in cahoots with Clint.

Todd's Shooting

RC talks about Todd's shooting in both mags. There's a pic of Starr crying & holding Todd's hand with Dani behind her. Also one of Tea by Todd's side. RC says that it's a mystery who wants Todd dead. Todd's family rallies around him. There's a question of where Tomas was when Todd was shot. Tea, Viki, Dani, & Starr rally together as Todd's wheeled into surgery. Todd's kids are angry with him still, but this brings them back to his side because he is their father. John & Brody are forced to work together to find the shooter. John thinks he shot the shooter. We see Tomas treating mysterious wounds. Later, Blair rushes to Todd's bedside. Blair's always pulled toward Todd when something like this happens, but we've seen her getting involved with Tomas & are left wondering if she's involved with the guy who shot her ex husband. Who shot Todd and wants him dead remains a mystery. Tea wills Todd to live.

Echo & Charlie's Affair

Charlie tells Echo that while he won't leave Viki, he wants to have an affair with her on the side behind Viki's back. Echo is thrilled. But she's worried about Charlie finding out she knew about Rex. But Echo has no guilt about what she's doing to Viki. Dorian tries to warn Viki about what's going on, but she's busy with Tess and Ryder's custody. Charlie again takes a backseat when Viki becomes occupied with Todd's shooting. Echo & Charlie seal their deal with a kiss, which is witnessed by Tess.

Sneak Peeks: Langston has her final words for Ford. Tomas hides his injuries from Blair. Jack invites Shane to his home. Aubrey & Rama make a deal. Cutter helps Dorian forget David.


Week of 3/21

SOD / SOW March 21-25:

Tess can't take her eyes off Cutter.
A new girl in town is interested in Starr & James.
Tess sees Charlie & Echo kissing.
Natalie has harsh words for John.
Dorian plans her wedding.
Bo & Rex arrest Clint.


More scoop:

Clint gets a taste of his own medicine from someone he has wronged. Tess snaps a picture of Charlie and Echo kissing. Jack and his posse plan a new line of bullying for Shane at the school gym. A new girl in town takes an interest in Starr and James. What's next for David and Dorian?

Soap Opera Source


Nigel is caught between a rock and a hard place.
Kelly tells Joey about Aubrey and Ford.
Will Dorian and David finally get married?
Tess gains some leverage over her adversaries.
A new girl arrives in Llanview to shake things up.

Soap Opera Network

One Life to Live
(The Truth Comes Out)
Dorian and David celebrate their love; Rex is determined to locate incriminating evidence against Clint.

One Life to Live
(David's Decision)

David makes a serious decision; Tess takes a picture of Charlie and Echo kissing.

One Life to Live
(John and Natalie's Interaction)

Natalie is angered by John's attitude; Deanna spies on James and Starr


Clint is the recipient of some payback

Tess takes an interest in Cutter

Tess gathers evidence of Charlie's infidelity

Joey learns that Aubrey and Ford have a history

Nora and Rex join forces to prove that Clint killed Eddie

Dorian plans another trip down the aisle


Natalie slams John, putting him in his place… Kelly goes on about Aubrey and Ford when prattling on with Joey… Bo and Rex are only too happy to read Clint his rights… Nigel feels divided because of his boss Clint and what’s right… Tess grins as she gets a load of Charlie cheating on Viki with Echo, then she starts clicking on the shutter, capturing her ammo… Once Tess gets a load of Cutter, she’s a goner… Clint receives punishment for one of his many sins and from the person he sinned against… Looks like David may have redeemed himself with Dorian… Dorian means to walk down the aisle again, and goes about sketching out the details… Deanna comes around, seemingly out of nowhere to mess with James and his good thing with Starr… Jack and his bullying overprivileged friends brainstorm their next move against Shane, which will take place in the high school gym.


ON LIFE TO LIVE: The custody battle over Ryder really heats up, and Tess hooks up with another guy in Llanview. Watch out Cutter you think Aubry was a problem, you ain't seen nothing yet. Aubry's downfall may be coming sooner then we think when Ford tells Joey that Aubrey dumped him because he had no money. Meanwhile, Cutter and Aubrey are having sex at the Minuteman Motel, and Rex interrupts them, while looking for clues about Eddie's murder......Wonder what Marty wanted to tell John? I'm sure you all can figure it out by now, but by the time Marty comes front and center she will make Allison Perkins look like a nun......A girl from James's past shows up to throw a wrench into his and Starr's relationship. And the truth about what happened to Eddie Ford that night in the motel room is finally revealed......Summer is not far off and the teen set will come front and center (snore). Look for porn more bullying and possible a teenage murderer.

Click below for screenshots


Spoilers for down the road

Jack's bullying has tragic consequences

James bumps into someone from his past

Tomas' true purpose for being in Llanview is revealed

Kourtney Kardashian dashes through Llanview


Brian Kerwin--Out
CBS Soaps in Depth was the first to mention on Twitter today that Brian Kerwin, Charlie Banks on "One Life to Live," was out, but nothing was confirmed by the show. Now, Soap Opera Digest released this tweet:

@SoapDigest: Brian Kerwin (Charlie) out at OLTL. Details to follow.

"One Life to Live" casting odds and ends for the month of March and beyond.

"One Life" released a casting call today for the role of "Robbie." The scene opens with him telling "Rose" that she shouldn't be around him. Rose reminds him that she doesn't usually do what she's told to, sits down beside him, and tells him that she doesn't want to get him into any kind of trouble or anything. Robbie says it doesn't matter, because he's already in enough trouble anyway, and wonders if she is afraid to be alone with him, since he could have really hurt her. She says no and reminds him that he didn't harm her. Robbie admits that he was out of control, but that he could never actually bring himself to harm her. He goes on to say that he loses his temper too easily and does stupid things sometimes. As the scene ends, Rose reminds him that this time he had a a god reason to be angry. However, he says that he was to blame, because he realizes that no means no. As usual with "OLTL," names are changed in these audition scripts, which are sometimes reused when casting new characters and recasting older ones.

Here are some additional details on the upcoming dayplayer role of the Llanview High School Vice Principal, who will interact with Shane, Jack, and their parents. According to the casting breakdown for the role, "OLTL" is looking for an African-American of Hispanic male in his early 40s, that is is "compassionate but extremely strong with each child in his school."

Tom Zeman returns as attorney Morgan Guthrie, who represents Tess and Ford at baby Ryder's custody hearing beginning Wednesday, March 16.

Brandon Corey Knox plays a gym patron who gets punched by Kourtney Kardashian's alter ego Kassandra Kavanaugh when the socialite makes her acting debut on "One Life to Live" on Monday, March 28.

Alex Tavis, who plays Moroccan prison guard Hassan Amir-Rashad, posted on his Facebook page on Tuesday that "I hear we are back on the awesome 'One Life To Live' probably today-watch/dvr how we fool the 'visitors.' Awesome fight scenes as well. Not as much coverage/dialogue as the last one though scintillating nonetheless. :) Me, Bo, Rex, Khalid [Donnie Keshawarz] and my new boss the Warden [Omar Koury]. Llanview rules." Look for the gang from Morocco to be in this Friday's episode as well as the search for David Vickers Buchanan continues.

And Dike Uzoukwu posted on his website on February 4th that he "booked and shot his first appearance on 'One Life to Live' (ABC Daytime) this week! Such a learning experience, seeing how all the pros on that television soap do it everyday." His scenes should air sometime this month.

http://www.soapoperanetwork.com/soaps/o ... ng-updates

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I only skim through these spoilers because I don't want to know too much but I did notice that Brian Kerwin is out. I'm a little shocked! Does that mean the end of The Zimmer?

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Not sure where this leaves Zimmer, I havent heard anything about her leaving but I didnt get the impression she signed on for very long so its posible they are setting up her exit. I kinda figured when the truth came out about Rex that Charlie wouldnt be around too much longer. After they killed Jared, unrelated him from Rex, and he slept with Echo they really dont have much story left with him.I think hes a good actor and in the beginning I liked Charlie alot but at this point I wont really miss him.

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Daytime Royalty

SID reports that Jason Tam (Markko) is back the first week of April


Week of 3/21

Monday March 21:

Tess sets her sights on Cutter.

Rex plans to prove Clint killed Eddie.

Someone Clint's wronged gives him a taste of his own medicine.

Tuesday March 22:

Joey finds out from Kelly that Aubrey and Ford dated.

Charlie and Echo's affair continues.

Tess takes a picture of Echo and Charlie kissing.

Wednesday March 23:

James heads to MyFace to find a job.

Shane is bullied by Jack and his followers.

Natalie lashes out at John for his attitude toward her.

Thursday March 24:

A new girl named Deanna sets her sights on James and Starr.

Rex and Nora prepare a timeline for the night of Eddie's murder.

Nigel is questioned about Clint's illegal activities.

Friday March 25:

Cutter lies to Aubrey about Tess.

Viki's asked to be Dorian's matron of honor.


A freak sneaky roll in the hay, a missing person found, and a life hangs in the balance this week on One Life to Live. I hope everyone is ready for all the juicy spoilers for the week of March 14.

Todd/Tea/Dani: Todd's gunshot wound is going to be worse than anyone could imagine. Todd's life will be in grave danger, as he floats between life and death. As news spreads around Llanview about Todd, his loved ones will keep vigil by his bedside. James and Starr will quickly end their romantic moment to rush to his side. Toddfs family (Tea, Dani, Starr, Jack and Sam) will do their best to will him back to consciousness. Tea will have a breakdown over Todd's condition and Blair will console her. Blair is going to tell Tea to get herself together and order Todd to open his eyes. Does Tea have what it takes to wake up Todd?

John/Brody/Natalie/Liam: When Liam's sickness turns out to be nothing, Natalie and Brody will be relieved. At the hospital, Natalie is going to over hear that John was involved in a shooting and will turn her focus to him. John sees her, but will be more concerned with Liam. After they get the okay about Liam, John learns he will be forced investigate Todd's shooting with Brody. Let's just say, John is not going to be happy in the least bit. John and Brody will have a trail of the shooter's blood at the scene of the crime for evidence.

Instead of looking for more clues, John is going to head back to Rodi's for a little more liquid comfort. Kelly will see John at Rodi's and try to talk some sense into him. Brody will soon show up with more news about Todd's shooting. However, John and Brody will get into it over their current situation and almost have a fistfight in the middle of Rodi's. Luckily, Kelly will step in and separate the two men. Kelly is going to send Brody away and give John another get it together talk. John is going to have a "Come to Jesus" moment because of Kelly's talk. How will John fix the mess his life has become?

Blair/Tomas: Tomas will secretly treat his bleeding would. Blair is informed of Todd's shooting and is going to get to him quickly as possible. Blair will arrive at the hospital just in time to see Todd wheeled off to surgery. Tomas finds Blair at the hospital and will hide his would from her. Starr and James show up and Blair will leave Tomas to see about the children. Blair will step away from them to inform Jack about his father's shooting and will almost catch Tomas looking at this gunshot wound. Viki and Jack will arrive at the hospital simultaneously and join everyone else in the waiting room. Will Blair figure out what Tomas is hiding?

Langston/Ford/Tess: Langston will be extremely hurt to find out Ford is still married to Tess. Langston will decide she has had enough and break up with Ford on the spot. Flash-forward to the custody hearing for Ryder. Ford, Tess, Langston, Viki, Clint, Tea, and Nora will all be present for the hearing. Tess is going to do her best to look as much like Jessica as possible, while Ford is more concerned with Langston. Ford will try his best to get Langston to see things his way, but Langston doesn't want to hear it. Langston will break down in Dorian's arms. In turn, Dorian will tell her daughter to pick herself up and find a better man.

Back at the hearing, Nora is going to tell Viki that she and Bo suspect Clint is the person who murdered Eddie. However, Viki will tell Nora she can't think about that right now and must stand tall with Clint for Ryder's sake. The custody hearing will be an ugly one, with all parties suffering tremendous blows. When the judge is about to make his ruling on baby Ryder's custody, Bo and Rex will show up and arrest Clint. Will Clint getting arrested change the judge's decision?

Dorian/Viki/Charlie/Echo: Dorian will tell Viki to involve Charlie in her life more if she doesn't want to lose him to Echo. When Viki wonders what Dorian means, she will get the call about Todd's shooting. At Echo's, Charlie will inform Echo that he can't leave Viki for her. Charlie leaves and Echo will be upset. Charlie goes back to Llanfair and will inform Dorian that he told Echo they couldn't see each other anymore. After Dorian leaves, Charlie will hightail it back to Echo's. He will tell Echo that he lied and doesn't want things to be over between them. Echo and Charlie will agree to have an affair and begin to kiss. However, they won't know that Tess has seen everything. Will Tess tell Viki what she saw between Echo and Charlie?

Gigi/Shane/Jack: Shane is going to keep hiding his problems at school from his mother. Jack will tell Shane he wants to call a truce and invites him over to La Boulaie to settle things. Poor Shane is going to fall for it hook, line and sinker. Shane will have no clue that Jack and his minions plan to sexually humiliate him. (Side Note: Really OLTL? Are we going that far to draw a connection to Todd, a la the rape? This story has been rushed beyond belief and now it's starting to go too far. I'm sorry y'all, but this nuJack is just not working for me). However, Jack's scheme will never happen, because he gets the call about Todd's shooting. Shane will head home and lie to Gigi about where he's been. Will Gigi figure out what is going on with Shane before it's too late?

Clint/David/Bo/Rex/Alex: Clint will be grateful to Alex for helping him with the David situation. After the call, Nigel is going to have a talk with Clint about his personality change. Meanwhile, Bo and Rex will find David. David will ask to talk to Dorian on the phone, but the call is a disaster. Dorian will inform David that she is moving on without him. David is going to go a little crazy from Dorian's words and tell Bo to get him back to Llanview as soon as possible. David will also find out that Rex is Clint's son. Can David make it back to Llanview in time to win Dorian over?

Aubrey/Cutter/Rama/Joey: Dorian is going to ask Cutter to come to Llanfair and he agrees, but must meet with Aubrey first. Aubrey and Cutter are going to think of a plan to get Clint off the board at BE and get to the money. The two leave and Rama will pop up to talk to Aubrey. However, Aubrey will find Joey instead. Rama will attempt to tell Joey who Aubrey really is, but Aubrey will show up just in time to shut her up by offering her a room in Asa's mansion. Meanwhile, Cutter will arrive at La Boulaie to help Dorian get over David. While he is there, Dorian will read a post on David's MyFace page (all Clint's doing) and end up having freaky sex with Cutter. Dorian is going to get busted in an extremely compromising position by a surprise visitor. Who is Dorian's surprise visitor?

Sneak Peeks at Next Week (March 21):

Natalie tells John she tired of him being mean to her.
Tess takes a picture of Charlie and Echo kissing.
Clint finally gets his.
Dorian asks Viki to be her matron of honor.
Jack continues to bully Shane.
Kelly accidentally tells Joey that Aubrey used to date Ford.
A new girl arrives and seems very interested in Starr and James.

http://daytimeconfidential.zap2it.com/2 ... r-freak-on

Head Writer Talks About Erika Slezak & More; Soap Opera Network

SoapOperaNetwork.com) -- On Sunday, March 14 13, Soap Opera Network chatted with some of your favorite actors from "All My Children, "One Life to Live" and "General Hospital" at a press junket party held at the Marriott Marquis Hotel in New York City. The event took place immediately following the 7th and final production of "ABC Daytime Salutes Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS" charity event. In our first of a series of interviews, we thought it would be best to start things off by talking with "One Life to Live" head writer Ron Carlivati.

Carlivati came to "One Life to Live" as a writer's assistant in 1996. Since then he found himself taking on the positions of script writer and breakdown writer on one of daytime's longest running soap operas. But what is different from being a writer on the show to now being the head writer of said show? "Well suddenly it is all on my shoulders," said Carlivati. "I have to come up with who is going to do what to whom; this one is going to get pregnant; this one is going to shoot this one. I have to get it approved by the people above me, but it's really up to me to come up with the overall stories." As head writer, Carlivati works with a team of writers in scripting the daily escapades of Llanview's dynamic citizens. So how much influence could a writer have on changes in a storyline? "I have an amazing team that I work with and they have great ideas. I will change ideas in midstream because they have awesome ideas also," Carlivati shared.

Since taking over head writing duties in 2007, Carlivati and his team secured the soap its third Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Drama Series Writing Team in 2008 (previously "One Life" won in 1987 and 1994). So what's it like for the man knowing that he's in charge of spearheading the shows creative future? "It is an incredible responsibility," the writer said. "I take it very seriously. I love it. It is a great job. I'm actually the same age as the show [42 years], so I think that 'One Life to Live' and I are on parallel tracks. The show started in 1968 [July 15], and I was born in 1968. Here we are 42 years later and I've been writing on it for 15 years, so 1/3rd of the show I've been involved in."

Through out "One Life to Live's" more than forty years on the air, the show has had numerous special episodes to honor its history. From campy storylines in the episode "Trading Places" in the early 2000's, where Todd Manning (then played by Roger Howarth) dressed up as Viki Davidson (Erika Slezak), to as recent as last year's episodes where cast members (including Kristen Alderson) sang songs from the heart in a series of episodes dubbed "Starr X'd." Does Carlivati expect to continue the tradition? "We have a great one coming up that's to honor Erika Slezak [Viki] for her 40th anniversary on the show. She's basically the whole show and that's coming up in April. Her anniversary is actually in March, but the episode falls in April. It's going to be a fun day," the passionate writer said. "I love doing stuff like that. When we had the 10,000th episode or the 40th anniversary, it gives you the opportunity to really focus in and be like 'ok, this is really going to be a special show for the audience.'"

At the end of the day "One Life to Live" is written to provide entertainment to its millions of viewers, but how much influence does the audience have in the stories that are written? "I was a fan before I worked there. I like to think that because I am a fan that I sort of know what I would want to see. That feeds into what I do," said Carlivati. "I feel that I do have a huge amount of respect for our fans because we wouldn't have a show without them. It definitely influences what we do. I like to have a lot of those inside jokes, or little nods to the audience, to let them know that we do hear what they are saying."

In the last year alone sister soaps "All My Children" and "General Hospital" have gotten new opening sequences. Fans have long clamored for "One Life" to get a new opening as well. Does Carlivati see one in the shows future? "I don't know. That is Frank's [Valentini, Executive Producer] doing. I'm sure I would be told if it happens, but I don't know anything about it," he said.

Speaking of openings, in the past the show had started with episodes displaying a title card. Now they are no where to be seen. So what happened? "We did it for a long time. It was actually Frank's idea," said Carlivati. "We used to title the episodes before they were seen on the air. We would just title them for ourselves and Frank had the idea to start putting them on the screen. We did it for a couple of years and I loved it. I actually miss it because now when we're writing I'm like 'oh, I know what a great title that would be for that.'" The concept really did give the show more of a primetime feeling... "I think that was the intent. I'm not sure exactly why they decided to discontinue it, but I loved it," he said.

With the popularity of telenovela's where a set of stories play out on screen for approximately three months through a limited series on Spanish networks like Univision and Telemundo, fans often wonder how much planning goes into the American soap operas. "I try to have a plan in mind, but I do like to be open to new ideas. If you set a plan in stone, it changes every time," Carlivati said. "We'll say this is what we're going to do in January, this is what we're going to do in February, March, etc. When you actually get there it doesn't happen that way because something takes off and you go in another direction. As long as you have some goal in mind," he continued. "The pregnancy is the easiest thing in the world because you're like 'ok, I know nine months from now there's going to be a birth. There's going to be somebody trapped in a snow storm going into labor.' You can frame your story in over a year's time. You're going to have the pregnancy and the delivery. I think that is what worked well with the story we just did."

Ultimately, when it comes down to it fans look forward to the revelations of big secrets. Storylines involving secrets and lies are always the most highly sought storylines playing out on soaps. "One Life to Live" upped the anti with major Who's the Daddy? drama. "The audience has waited for so long, so they want to see that pay off," said Carlivati. "I think that is why our double wedding was so successful because people were dying to see those reveals come out like 'Who's the father of Jessica's baby? Who's the father of Natalie's baby? Who is Rex's father?' They were ready for all of that to come out."

In part two, we'll speak with "One Life to Live" Executive Producer Frank Valentini and finally learn whether the soap will get that highly sought new opening sequence, learn more about Valentini's work ethic, and more details on Erika Slezak's anniversary special.

http://www.soapoperanetwork.com/soaps/o ... of-viewers


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Daytime Royalty

Week of 3/21

Monday March 21:

Rex plans to prove Clint killed Eddie.

Cutter is thrown out of Dorian's by David.

Dorian believes David then the two make love.

David confronts Clint with a gun.

Tess sets her sights on Cutter at Capricorn then slips into his car.

Joey becomes suspicious of why Aubrey moved Rama into the Buchanan Mansion.



Starr helps James search for a job on MyFace, while a new girl named Deanna reads his profile on Wednesday, March 23. Deanna spies Starr and James together. Gigi and Blair talk about their sons. Jack and his friends continue to torment Shane, who suffers a severe asthma attack on Thursday, March 24. Dani wonders what is going on with Jack. Deanna is upset at James profile picture on MyFace. James makes a confession to Nate. Gigi and Rex are again summoned to Llanview High. Shane's parents believe he isn't being honest with them. Meanwhile, Jack dismisses Dani's accusations.

The Inside Story: Will the Third Time be the Charm?
Cutter is tossed to the curb when David walks in on him and Dorian on Monday, March 21. Dorian finally forgives David. Clint has the tables turned on him by a vengeful family member. Joey is suspicious of Aubrey's motives. Joey and Kelly bond their concern for Jessica. David thinks he and Dorian should get married. Joey has a few questions for Aubrey. Rama is lonely. On Thursday, March 24, Nigel makes an admission to Bo and David. Nora struggles to remember what happened the night Eddie was murdered. David realizes just how Matthew looks up to Clint on Friday, March 25. Clint reassures Matthew. Rex stumbles upon some evidence from the Minute Man Motel. Nora regains her memories. Rex interrupts a romantic encounter between Aubrey and Cutter. Joey confides in Brody. Dorian wants Viki to be her matron of honor. But is David getting a case of cold feet?
A Closer Look: More Than Meets the Eye
Cristian and Kelly watch as Tess makes a scene on Monday, March 21. Ford tries to reign in Tess. Cutter makes eyes at Tess, who later sneaks off with him. Viki questions Dorian. Charlie and Echo continue their tryst. Brody and Natalie have an awkward encounter. Tess and Cutter get better acquainted. Charlie and Echo are unknowingly caught in the act. John receives an earful from Natalie on Wednesday, March 23. Natalie makes a discovery at the scene of Todd's shooting. Shaun learns Tomas is Téa's brother. Blair introduces John and Tomas. Gigi tells Tomas he made a mistake. Natalie has something to say to Kelly. John grows suspicious of Tomas. Tess ridicules Ford's hot dog costume on Friday, March 25. Cutter lies to Aubrey. Brody learns Tess was seen shoplifting. And Tess loses control while with Cutter.

Soap Opera Network

David arrives and throws Cutter out of Dorian’s bedroom. He explains that he really didn’t jilt Dorian and that Clint is responsible. Dorian and David make love. David draws a shotgun on Clint, but decides he isn’t worth the trouble, and proposes that he and Dorian get married immediately. Rex and Clint slug it out and Rex vows to prove that Clint killed Eddie Ford. Nigel admits to Bo and David that Clint didn’t come home the night of the murder. Nora and Rex put together a time line for the night of the murder. Nora tells Bo she was at the Minuteman Motel when Eddie was killed. David is surprised by Matthew’s loyalty to Clint. Matthew confronts Clint about his parents’ suspicions, but Clint maintains there is no evidence. Rex’s investigation leads to a porno shoot and old footage showing Clint leaving Eddie Ford’s room with a gun. Nora remembers seeing Clint at the Minuteman Motel.

Joey gets suspicious when Aubrey moves Rama into the mansion. Aubrey and Rama find Joey and Kelly having an intense moment at Capricorn. Kelly tells Joey that Aubrey used to date Ford. Joey learns that Aubrey dumped Ford when she learned he didn't have money. Over Ford’s objections, Tess blasts into Capricorn looking for some fun. Cutter captures Tess’s eye, and when he leaves the bar, she sneaks into his car. Tess and Cutter get better acquainted in his motel room. As she is leaving, Tess snaps a photo of Charlie and Echo in a clinch. Tess returns to Cutter’s room again but his kiss causes Jessica to emerge.

Brody and Natalie fall asleep on the couch and when they awaken there is an awkward moment between them. John is prickly when Natalie returns to work. She calls him on his attitude and they agree to keep things professional. Kelly interrupts and after a moment of tension, Natalie leaves to get to work. She returns later to reveal she discovered evidence at the crime scene (a Euro) the other CSI technicians missed. Blair introduces John and Tomas at the diner and Gigi returns a Euro to Tomas that he used for payment by mistake. John is disturbed by the coincidence. John’s suspicions grow when Blair tells him about the photograph Tomas had of her and Todd. Blair finds Tomas at Todd’s bedside.

Starr and James are hanging out at the Buenos Dias, checking classified ads on Myface for a job. A new girl in town, Deanna, is in her motel room checking James’ profile, and sees where he is and goes to find him. When she gets to the Buenos Dias, she sees James and Starr kissing. James tells Nate about his old girlfriend in Ohio. Shane’s tormenters keep after him. Jack takes Shane’s inhaler and leaves him gasping. Shane suffers a serious asthma attack but refuses to tell Gigi and Rex why he didn’t have his inhaler. Dani suspects that Jack had something to do with Shane’s asthma attack but he denies it.

Cristian and Kelly are noting that Capricorn seems calm when Tess blasts in looking for action, pursued by Ford on Monday, March 21.

Viki questions Dorian about Tess’s hint that she knows something about Charlie and Echo on Tuesday, March 22.

Kelly wants to talk to Natalie about John, but Natalie has only one thing to say to her on Wednesday, March 23.

A new girl in town takes an interest in Starr and James and is affected by a MyFace photo of Starr, James, and a baby on Thursday, March 24.

Dorian asks Viki to be her matron of honor. David tells Dorian he can't marry her on Friday, March 25.

Soap Opera Source

From SOD:

On Wednesday, March 23, Jack and his posse bully Shane at the school gym.... On Thursday, March 24, Rex puts together a timeline of the night of Eddie's death. "As of right now, Rex doesn't want Clint anywhere near him or anything," teases John-Paul Lavoisier (Rex).... Cutter lies to Aubrey about seeing Tess on Friday, March 25.



Jessica's return is cut short.
Deanna is tempted by an unsavory character.
Rex learns what Shane has been hiding.
Viki is shocked by what she sees.
Jack takes things too far.

Soap Opera Network

March 28th

Brody learns Tess was seen shoplifting.
Tess loses it when she is with Cutter.
Nora starts to remember!


According to the latest SOW Marty is released, but is she cured?

John vouches for Marty, which puts him in conflict with Natalie

Also it says something about Natalie & Brody hugging again.


Tuesday, March 22nd.
Brody and Natalie innocently fall asleep on the couch but wake up in each other's arms

Wednesday, March 23:
John’s surprised Natalie’s back at work. She tells him she’s sick of his attitude toward her and they agree to keep their relationship strictly professional. Kelly walks in. After some tension between the women, Natalie goes. When she returns she’s found something the other CSI’s missed – a Euro.


Rick is “instrumental” in the reveal of who killed Eddie and he gets involved with Deanna.

TV Guide Canada

Cable Guide and SOD spoilers

Natalie returns to work at the station.

Jessica reunites with Ryder, but it's short lived.

Tess takes Natalie's baby.

John sticks up for Marty, who leaves St. Ann's.

Markko makes a visit to Llanview.

Langston leaves Llanview after being offered a movie deal.

The bullying against Shane gets physical.

A naked photo of Shane is posted on MyFace by Jack.

Echo admits to Rex that Shane's been bullied for months.

Rick arrives on the scene.

An adult film producer charms Deanna.

James tries to talk his ex, Deanna, out of making an adult film with Rick


(SoapOperaNetwork.com) -- "One Life to Live" releases another audition script for an upcoming role featuring a member of the show's younger set of characters.

The scene opens with "Dr. Pryor" informing the parents of a little boy named "Darren" that the outlook is bleak. He tells them that their son has experienced severe trauma to his brain, as a result to a blow to the head, which has caused significant bleeding. The CT confirmed that Darren's slurred speech, confusion, headaches, and vomiting are a result of a Acute Subdural Hematoma. He also states that the aspirin he has been taking for his headaches have only made matters worse. Upset, Darren's father "Scott," admits that he is one who had been giving his son the aspirin. Dr. Pryor tries to calm Scott's nerves, reminding him that he had know way of knowing the severity of Darren's injuries. He then says that they must operate immediately if there is any hope of saving him, and if they succeed, he will likely never be the same again. The scene ends as Darren is prepped for surgery. Remember that, as usual with these audition scripts, "One Life to Live" changes names in an attempt to throw off viewers.

In other news...

Bianca Jamotte will appear again on "OLTL" in a minor role on Wednesday, April 27. Jamotte's last appearance on the show was January 17.

Robert King, who recently appeared on "OLTL" in a dayplayer role, states in an interview with the East Brunswick, New Jersey Sentinel that he hopes to continue making appearances on the long-running daytime drama, noting that being on the show was rewarding and helped him grow as an actor. With regards to the "One Life" cast, King commented that "There's a lot to learn from them."

And Dike Uzoukwu, who announced on his website on February 4 that he had just "booked and shot is first appearance on 'One Life to Live' (ABC Daytime)," had his role upgraded from "Under 5" to "Dayplayer." His scenes should air sometime this month.

http://www.soapoperanetwork.com/soaps/o ... -character

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) -- Brittany Underwood, 22, joined the cast of "One Life to Live" on May 17, 2006 in the role of Langston Wilde. Nearly five years later, the actress is set to make her final appearance on the soap on Friday, April 8 when her character is offered a movie deal. In an interview with Soap Opera Network after last Sunday's grand finale of "ABC Daytime Salutes Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS" charity event, Underwood dishes on what her fans mean to her, life after "One Life to Live" and the friendships she's created during her time on the ABC soap.

Underwood's "One Life" exit is said to tie in with the upcoming return of Jason Tam, who portrayed Underwood's on screen love interest Markko Rivera until last fall when his character moved to Los Angeles. While the news of his return came out after this interview took place, the actress made it clear that despite her leaving the show, she remains friends with all of her former co-stars. "I love Jason Tam, he's a great friend of mine - Brandon [Buddy, ex-Cole Thornhart] as well," Underwood said. "I'm going to stay in contact with Kristen Alderson [Starr Manning]. She was my best friend since the beginning and she'll still be my best friend until the end. We have our group of friends and we're a very good tight group of friends"

As all soap actors past and present have come to realize, soap opera fans are some of the most dedicated and passionate fans that any individual could ever expect to see. So what would Underwood like to say to her fans just before she makes her last appearance on the show? "I would like to say thank you for all the love and support that they have shown me throughout the years. We can't do without the fans and they are so amazing and so supportive," said Underwood. "No where else do you see fans so dedicated to to any genre. Just the fact that they are always willing to be there for you and so supportive is just so amazing. So thank you to them. I hope to see them in the future sometime."

Before she goes, Underwood took a moment to reveal what kind of storyline she would have liked to see her character play out. "Cole went through so much on the show, especially with the whole drugs storyline and the steroids. I really felt that when my character came on, because they had her so edgy, I really thought she was going to go somewhere with alcohol abuse or drug abuse," Underwood shared. "I think that would have been cool to see Langston go through that especially with her whole abandonment issues and just everything she had to deal with in her life. That would have been a cool thing to explore."

"One Life to Live" airs Weekdays on ABC. Anytime on ABC.com. Check local listings.

http://www.soapoperanetwork.com/soaps/o ... d-one-life

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) -- With his former on-screen girlfriend Brittany Underwood (Langston Wilde) about to leave the canvas, Jason Tam makes a brief return to Llanview as Markko Rivera early next month, according to ABC Soaps in Depth. While the show is keeping mum on the storyline details, it seems a safe bet that Markko and Langston's paths will cross once again before she leaves town.

Underwood, who exits Llanview on Friday, April 9, when budding author Langston is offered a movie deal, told ABC SID in an recent interview that "If Markko comes back, that would amazing." Jason Tam originated the role of Markko on May 21, 2007. He took a hiatus from "One Life" last summer before returning in the fall to wrap up his character's storyline. He was last seen back on November 10th.

No airdate has been given for Tam's return, however, look for him to pop briefly during the week of April 4th

http://www.soapoperanetwork.com/soaps/o ... rief-stint

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March 26th, 2011, 7:05 pm #8

Daytime Royalty

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) -- "One Life to Live" looks to up its quota of minority characters by casting what appears to be yet another recurring role on the long-running daytime drama.

As we previously reported, the soap recently released an audition script for the role of "Robbie" who, from the tone of the script seems to be have been involved in a volatile situation with a girl named "Rose" (Remember that "OLTL" often changes names in these scripts to distract viewers). Soap Opera Network has since obtained more information regarding this new character.

According to the casting breakdown, "One Life" is looking for an African-American male between the ages of 18 and 22 for role of "Robbie," who is described as "Good looking, sexy and extremely confident, as well as an intern at a well-known newspaper." However, it remains to be seen exactly who this character will be involved with. Furthermore, given the show's frantic taping schedule, it may be a few months before "Robbie" appears on screen.

http://www.soapoperanetwork.com/soaps/o ... -character

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) -- Expect to be seeing more of Todd Manning's oldest son Jack in the coming months on "One Life to Live," as Andrew Trischitta has becme the soap's newest contract cast member, one month to the day after he first appeared on the show.

The news, which was posted earlier today on ABC Soaps in Depth's Twitter page, may come as somewhat as a surprise to some "One Life" fans, considering Trischitta has only appeared on screen in a handful of episodes since joining the show earlier this year (his first airdate was February 22). The actor replaced fan favorite Carmen LoPorto, who had played Jack since 2007.

Since Trishcitta was cast in the role, Jack has taken on a darker tone, proving that he really is his father's son, by bullying one of his classmates, Shane Morasco (Austin Williams), because he has asthma. Look for the storyline to heat up in the coming weeks as Jack drives Shane to take desperate action, which could result in tragic consequences for all those involved.

http://www.soapoperanetwork.com/soaps/o ... fe-to-live

Is One Life recasting Erika Slezak? Of course not! But the sudser is looking for a Slezak body double, according to a recent casting breakdown. Are Viki’s alters going to have a subconscious showdown? Or is there a Viki doppelganger on the horizon? You be the judge:

Short hair. Height: 5’6”. Estimated Weight: 145 lbs. Top Size: 12. Bottom Size: 10. (recurring). Note: Strong actress needed. Will not affect possible role on OLTL.

TV Guide Canada

Week of 3/28

Kassandra Kavanaugh makes an appearance in Llanview

Phyllis Rose hosts another addition of "Access Llanview"

Clint is arrested

Jessica reunites with her son before Tess regains control

Deanna is approached by a producer in the porno industry

Echo tells Rex that Shane has been the victim of a bully

Viki sees the picture of Charlie and Echo kissing


Tess inevitably overpowers Jessica… Rex comes across the truth of what’s been happening to Shane… Jack turns into a sociopath, as he thinks nothing of turning up the heat on Shane… Viki can’t believe her eyes, at what her Charlie has been doing behind her back… A disgusting slut master sets his sights on Deanna, trying to lure her into the porn industry.



Monday: Kourtney Kardashian debuts as Kassandra Kavanaugh. Wendy Williams returns as Phyllis Rose, host of "Access Llanview." Clint is arrested for Eddie's murder.
Tuesday: Jessica is reunited with Ryder. Brody and Natalie wake up each other's arms. Deanna is tempted by an unsavory character.
Wednesday: Aubrey tries to reassure Joey. The judge reaches a decision in Ryder's custody case. Cutter and Aubrey butt heads.
Thursday: James makes a confession to Starr. Rex learns the truth about Shane. Tess remains is confident that she will get what she wants.
Friday: Viki can't believe what she's seeing. Jack goes too far in his quest to humiliate Shane. Deanna finds herself in some serious trouble.

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Phyllis Rose (Wendy Williams) dishes the latest gossip on "Access Llanview" on Monday, March 28. David and Dorian are finally wed. Deanna is tempted by a stranger. James' receives a reminder of his past. On Wednesday, March 30, Tess meddles in James' personal life. Langston confides in Starr about Ford. Starr makes an interesting discovery while helping James, who makes a confession to Starr. And Deanna finds herself in a dangerous situation.

The Inside Story: You're Cheatin' Heart
Rex finds the proof he needs. Jessica is shocked to learn of Tess' actions, and is reunited with Ryder. However, Tess quickly regains control. Clint is placed under arrest. Natalie is shocked to learn that her father has been thrown in jail on Tuesday, March 29. John makes a confession to Natalie, and later sees her with Brody. John and Kelly come to a realization. The judge reaches a decision in Ryder's custody case on Wednesday, March 30. Joey fusses at Cutter. Aubrey tries to win over Joey's trust, and butts heads with Cutter. Bo urges his brother to do the right thing. Nora tries to recall the night of the murder. Viki pursues custody of Ryder without Clint. Tess sends Viki the picture she took. Charlie tells Echo that Viki needs him. Nora passes out. Clint gives Bo a warning, and blames someone else for the murder. And Viki makes a horrifying discovery on Friday, April 1.

A Closer Look: Peer Pressure
Blair and Cristian have a run-in with Kassandra Kavanaugh (Kourtney Kardashian) on Monday, March 28. Blair tells John that she found Tomas alone with Todd in his hospital room. Dani confides her suspicions about Shane to a unsuspecting Blair. Jack has a few choice words for Starr about both James and Dani. Shane continues to be tormented by Jack and his posse. Rex is stunned by what he learns about his son on Thursday, March 31, and goes after his attacker. Starr questions Jack. Rex and Gigi can't find Shane. And Jack pushes things too far.

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Momentarily freed, Jessica is stunned to learn what Tess has been up to and is determined to get her son. Jessica and Brody go together to Ford’s apartment to see Ryder. Although he resists initially, Ford allows Jessica into the apartment and she has an emotional reunion with Ryder. Her attempt to leave with her son and Brody are thwarted however when Ford uses Brody and Natalie’s betrayal to draw Tess back out. Free again, Tess is back to her old tricks. James is shaken when he receives Deanna’s friend request. The porn director tries to lure Deanna into appearing in his film, but she takes off to see James. When she arrives at James’s apartment she sees him with Ryder, and Tess allows her to believe that Ryder is James’s son. Desperate and broke, Deanna reconsiders doing the “adult film” she was offered. While helping James conduct a job search on MyFace, Starr notices Deanna’s friend request and tells James she saw Deanna at the Buenos Dias Café. James admits that Deanna is his old girl friend. James finds Deanna in time to prevent her from shooting the adult film. When he explains Ryder isn’t his son, Deanna kisses him.

Rex ferrets out the evidence he needs to see Clint arrested for Eddie Ford’s murder. Natalie is devastated to learn that her father has been placed under arrest. John comforts her, but admits he knew Clint was a suspect and never told Natalie. Having Jessica and Ryder ripped from him again is more than Brody can bear and he seeks comfort in Natalie’s arms, while John looks on. John gets right to work on the investigation into Todd’s shooting. Blair gives him the photo Tomas had of her with Todd, and admits it made her uncomfortable to find Tomas alone by Todd’s bed. After sleeping together again, John and Kelly understand more clearly what is happening between them. Brody and Natalie are surprised when Marty comes upon them and reveals that John assisted in getting her released from St. Anne’s. Furious, Natalie goes to confront John about unleashing Marty. Meanwhile the rest of the citizens of Llanview deal with the shock of Clint’s arrest. First Viki, then Bo visit Clint in his cell. When Bo urges Clint to spare the family a trial, Clint warns he won’t go down alone. Nora tries to remember what happened to her the night of Eddie’s murder and faints. When Clint and Bo discover her, Clint warns them not to push things. Nora and Bo are stunned when Clint reveals the real murderer.

David and Dorian get married. When Dani tells Blair about Shane’s asthma attack and Jack’s involvement, she’s met with disbelief. Starr and James interrupt Jack in the process of confessing to his dad, and he lashes out about Dani and James. Rex discovers Jack has been bullying Shane for months and confronts him. Jack tries to deny it but Starr then questions him about seeing Shane naked in the gym. Jack gives in to his cohorts and agrees to allow the video of Shane to go out on the internet. Humiliated, Shane leaves school. When Gigi and Rex return home they find a disturbing note left by Shane.

Blair and Cristian have a memorable run in with Kassandra Kavanaugh (as played by Kourtney Kardashian). Phyllis Rose (as played by Wendy Williams) covers the story for “Access Llanview”. on Monday, March 28.

Deanna, believing James and Starr are couple with a child, prepares to leave town. But the porn producer charms her into staying on Tuesday, March 29.

Marty shows up to Natalie and Brody, and Natalie is enraged to hear John vouched for her release from St. Ann's on Wednesday, March 30.

Tess remains confident that she and Ford will get custody when the court discovers that Viki and Charlie aren’t the perfect happy married couple. Tess sends Viki the picture of Charlie and Echo kissing on Thursday, March 31.

Viki reels over the photo of Echo and Charlie kissing. Viki goes in search of Charlie and finds him in bed with Echo on Friday, April 1.

Gigi and Rex are alarmed to find Shane on a precarious perch, while Blair faces some hard truths about Jack, father and daughter reconnect and Tess and Cutter share a steamy kiss.

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Monday March 28:

David and Dorian get married.

Rama is grilled for information by Clint.

Clint's arrested for Eddie's murder.

Jessica can't believe that Tess took over and demands to see her son.

Access Llanview's Phyllis Rose reports.

Kassandra Kavanaugh appears at the gym and has some memorable moments with Cris and Blair


David and Dorian are wed

Clint tries to get Rama to spill some secrets about Aubrey

John comforts Natalie after she learns that Clint has been arrested for Eddie's murder

John confesses that he knew about the investigation

Ford gives into Jessica's demands to see Ryder

Ford keeps Jessica from taking off with their son by reminding her of the reasons that Tess appeared

Tess gains control

Tess makes certain that the court learns that Viki's marriage is in crisis

Charlie is determined to remain at Viki's side to secure Ryder's custody

Echo is curious what Charlie intends to do if Jessica never returns

Viki discovers Charlie in bed with Echo

Brody returns home heartbroken

John finds Brody and Natalie in each other's arms

Marty is released from St. Anne's

Natalie is livid when she discovers that John had secured Marty's release

John and Kelly continue to find comfort in each other's arms

Blair shows John the picture that Tomas used for the painting

Blair confides that she is uneasy about Tomas

Dani tells Blair about Shane's asthma attack

Blair refuses to believe that Jack might have stolen Shane's inhaler

Jack is poised to confess to Todd when Starr and James arrive

Jack arranges for Shane to be humiliated in front of his peers

Rex learns that Jack has been bullying Shane

Rex and Gigi find an alarming note from Shane

Kassandra Kavanaugh crosses paths with Blair and Cris

Deanna sends James a friend request

Tess lets Deanna assume that James and Starr have a baby

Tess doesn't let James know that Deanna stopped by

Starr sees the friend request from Deanna

Abel, the porn producer, promises to make Deanna a star

Another episode of "Access Llanview" airs

Eddie's killer is revealed