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Spoilers For The Week Of Jan 31st

From SID:

Feb 1 - Clint plants a camera in Aubrey's room.

Feb 2 - Someone plans to stand up to Clint.

Feb 4 - Won't want to miss: Clint's chickens are coming home to roost.



Starr pays Marty a visit.
Clint sets a trap for Aubrey.
Ford makes a promise to himself.
The Buchanan girls plan a double-wedding.
Todd boosts Vimal's confidence.

(The Visit to Marty)

Starr pays a visit to Marty at St. Ann's; Jessica and Brody decide to get married immediately.

(Kelly's Feelings)

Dorian encourages Kelly to share her feelings with Joey; Clint fires Vimal

(The Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties)

John and Brody close the chapter on singlehood; Aubrey confides in Rama

Starr pays Marty a visit at St. Ann's

Jessica and Brody invite John and Natalie to have a double-wedding

Brody thinks that he and Natalie should tell Jessica and John the truth

Starr decides it's time for her to move forward

Clint takes steps to spy on Aubrey

Rex learns about the things that Clint has done

Vimal is ready to stand up to Clint, thanks to Todd

Rama is determined to make Clint pay


Coming up, which includes Cable Guide and SOD February Sweeps...

The Godparents of Jessica and Natalie's babies are named.

Starr pays Marty a visit.

Eddie's real murderer is revealed.

Nora confronts Clint.

Bo believes Ford.

Brody and John prepare to put their lives as bachelors behind them.

Bad things happen at Jessica and Natalie's double wedding, which brings Clint's world crashing down around him.

Michelle encourages Starr to come to the Valentine's Day dance.

Ford and Langston make plans for a big Valentine's date.

Ford vows to have a job before Valentine's Day.

Nate and Dani's relationship flourishes.

Echo posts some touchy photos.

Rama, Vimal's wife, stirs things up for a few people.

Aubrey runs into someone from her past.

Aubrey confides some things to Rama.

Vimal gains the confidence to stand up to Clint after a chance meeting with Todd.

Dorian urges Kelly to tell Joey how she really feels.

A camera is planted in Aubrey's room by Clint.

Tomas is introduced to Blair.

Todd may know more about the painting of Blair than he's willing to admit.

Tomas is related to someone in Llanview.

Tomas has a very big impact on Blair's life.

David seeks revenge on Clint and Rex.


Spoilers For The Week Of February 7th

Relatives duke it out.

A pair of lovebirds take care of a pressing issue.

Breaking up is hard to do.

Will a huge secret finally be revealed?

One woman receives some upsetting news.

Someone gets some new information regarding an adversary.

And one new couple could be on the verge of taking the next step in their relationship.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE's John will soon get a visit from his old pal, Detective Pete Braust, when novelist Peter Straub reprises the role to offer McBain a listening ear. Straub, who collaborated with real-life pal Easton on the graphic novel The Green Woman, first appeared on OLTL back in 2006, when it was revealed that Pete was the former police partner of John's late father, Thomas. A self-professed OLTL fan, Straub tells Soaps In Depth that as always, he had a great time on set. "It was so much fun. It was sheer pleasure." Straub will air on Monday, February 7.

http://abc.soapsindepth.com/2011/01/joh ... .html#more

Sweeps Previews:

February Sweeps Preview From Jan 24th SID

Clint's world will come crashing down as his sinister actions catch up with him at Jess and Nat's double wedding.
After all, many Llanview residents including Bo, Nora, Matthew and Aubrey are aware of some of the tricks he's pulled.
"As we head into this big extravaganza you have various players with various pieces of the Clint puzzle with the whole
thing about to explode", RC shares.

If you think that Jess and Nat's double wedding will go off withot a hitch, then think again. "There's a thwarted wedding,
which means something bad is about to happen". Could Nat and Brody's secret being revealed lead to another round of Tess?
"It's always a trauma that causes her to split".

Kelly is going to try and expose the true relationship between Cutter and Aubrey. She has hooked up with Cutter to get the deets. But could that lead to
something more? "There are a lot of twists and turns. Kelly will be unpredictable in the romance department. I can
say that much."

The mystery surrounding Blair's painting will "involve Todd in a major way". After all, "He claims to know nothing
about it, but there's a little twinge of mystery of whether he does or not". And now that Blair's met the artist,
Tomas, it will open up a whole new can of worms. "This is going to have a big impact on Blair's , Todd's & Tea's life"

Here are some DVR alerts

Jan 26 - Clint meets Joey and gives him two scenarios on how things are going to go.
Jan 27 - Aubrey pays Clint and visit and makes it clear she thinks she is in control.
Jan 28 - Will Aubrey reveal what she knows about what Clint has been up to?


ONE LIFE TO LIVE: February Sweeps

Deception is caught on tape by a master manipulator.

Wedding bells ring, but will everyone say "I do?"

Broken hearts litter the streets of Llanview as Valetnine's Day draws near.

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Austin Peck to OLTL
Soap Opera Digest has learned that Austin Peck (ex-Brad, ATWT; ex-Austin, DAYS) has been hired for a new role at OLTL. He first reports to work on January 31. "In a lot of ways, it's a compliment that they feel I can play this character," he notes. "I don't know what kind of legs this character will have; hopefully, he'll have strong ones. It all depends on how they write him and what I do with what they give me. No matter what, I am going to do my best to bring it alive and have fun." The new gig brings him to the same set as former co-star Terri Conn (Aubrey; ex-Katie, ATWT), also his real-life love interest. "We've both lamented over the past year how much we miss working with each other," he says. "Who knows whether our characters will have any interaction, but the fact that we'll be on the same set on some of the same days is quite a consolation." For more, check out the issue of Digest on sale 2/8.


Week of 1/31

Monday, 1/31
Starr visits a delusional Marty at St. Ann’s.
Jessica and Brody convince Natalie and John to join them in a double-wedding.
Echo discovers that Shane is being bullied.

Tuesday, 2/1
Dorian suggests Kelly tell Joey the truth about her feelings.
Clint has a camera planted in Aubrey’s room.
Bo tells Rex all the horrible things Clint has done.

Wednesday, 2/2
Will Natalie and Jessica be up for their bachelorette party?
John and Brody say goodbye to their bachelorhood.
A chance meeting with Todd gives Vimal the confidence he needs to stand up to Clint.

Thursday, 2/3
Brody suggests to Natalie they tell John and Jessica they slept together before Marty can.
Starr finally realizes she must tell Cole she has to move on.
Ford vows to be employed before his Valentine’s Day date with Langston.

Friday, 2/4
Bo threatens to expose Clint’s wrongdoings to the rest of the family.
Rama plots her husband Vimal’s revenge on Clint Buchanan.
Aubrey and Cutter fear Clint knows everything.


Aubrey and Cutter step up their game, and Dorian and Kelly get an assist from Clint. Clint sidesteps Aubrey’s near exposure of his DNA tampering schemes to his family, and apologizes for disowning Joey. Dorian ascertains that Aubrey is blackmailing Clint. Dorian and Kelly anxiously await the arrival of a yearbook from the Paris boarding school Aubrey claims she attended, hoping it will reveal something about Aubrey’s past. Cutter intercepts the yearbook from Dorian’s, and Cutter and Aubrey doctor the yearbook to conceal damaging evidence. Cutter slips the modified yearbook back into Dorian’s home. Dorian tries to persuade Kelly to tell Joey how she really feels, while Rex drops hints to Joey about Kelly. After checking out the yearbook, and not finding anything amiss, Kelly decides it’s time to move on, and lays a kiss on Cutter to seal the deal. Joey witnesses the kiss. Meanwhile, Clint plants a camera in Aubrey’s room, capturing Aubrey and Cutter’s discussion about their plans. Joey and Kelly get trapped in a storeroom overnight and a near kiss is interrupted when they’re rescued. Cutter discovers the hidden camera, but Clint’s man has already retrieved the tape.

Clint continues to dodge bullets from left and right. Rex questions Echo about his paternity and informs her he is considering having another test done. Echo warns Rex to leave things alone. After discussing his concerns with Bo, Rex later lies to Dorian that he had the test done and Clint is not his father. When Vimal requests an invitation to the double wedding for Clint’s daughters, Clint questions him about who he told about the DNA tests, and then fires him. Bo and John fail to persuade Clint’s men to turn against him. Brody walks in while Bo and John are discussing Clint’s treachery, and he is troubled by the revelations. Bo threatens to tell the family of Clint’s misdeeds. Rama plots revenge against Clint.

Shane asks Echo not to tell his parents that he’s being bullied. Natalie and Jessica plan an immediate double wedding. Marty escapes St. Ann’s and makes a beeline to John. Starr realizes she must tell Cole that she’s ready to move on, but as she travels to Statesville, James and Michelle heat up.

Starr visits a delusional Marty at St. Ann’s. As Marty’s memory starts to clear up she begins to remember Natalie’s secret on Monday, January 31.

Rex comes to Bo, troubled about Clint maybe being his father. Bo tells Rex all the horrible things Clint has done on Tuesday, February 1.

Natalie and Jessica have a bachelorette party while John and Brody say goodbye to their bachelorhood on Wednesday, February 2.

Aubrey and Cutter review their plans and discuss their relationship, unaware that they are being recorded on Thursday, February 3.

Marty tells John it was Natalie who kidnapped her. Bo threatens to expose Clint’s wrongdoings to the rest of the family on Friday, February 4.

Soap Opera Source


Shane begs Echo to keep quiet on Monday, January 31. Echo advises Rex against having another DNA test. Dorian and Viki butt heads with Echo. Langston helps Starr move on with her life on Thursday, February 3. As she prepares to visit Cole, James and Michelle get up close and personal. And Ford makes a promise to himself.

The Inside Story: Candid Camera
Clint cuts Aubrey off at the pass and apologizes to Joey on Monday, January 31. Dorian and Kelly become suspicious of Clint. Aubrey and Cutter tamper with the boarding yearbook before the Cramers see it. Kelly decides on a change of plans. Rex learns of Clint's misdeeds. Clint doesn't give Vimal quite the reception he'd hoped for on Tuesday, February 1. Kelly and Cutter get closer. Rex subtly hints to Joey about Kelly's true feelings. Clint videotapes Aubrey. Brody gets caught up on Clint. Rex is less than truthful with Dorian. Joey and Kelly confide in Shaun and Vivian on Wednesday, February 2. Aubrey makes an admission to Rama. After bumping into Todd, Vimal has renewed confidence. Joey and Kelly spend some time alone. Cutter and Aubrey scheme. Cutter makes an alarming discovery. By Friday, February 4, Rama plots Clint's downfall. Aubrey and Cutter fear the worst. Joey has something to tell Aubrey. Kelly has a heart-to-heart with Blair. And Bo threatens Clint.

A Closer Look: A Dose of Reality
Starr and Hope visit Marty on Monday, January 31. Afterward, Marty begins to inch back closer to reality. Jessica and Brody talk Natalie and John into a double wedding. Natalie and Jessica prepare for their nuptials and look forward to their bachelorette party. Rex treats John and Brody to a bachelor party on Wednesday, February 2. Jessica and Natalie's wedding day gets off to a rocky start. As everyone is getting ready, Starr informs John of her weird visit with Marty. Marty escapes from St. Ann's. Showing up on John's doorstep, she reasserts her previous claims. And Brody suggests to Natalie that they confess on Friday, February 4.

Soap Opera Network

Starr makes a decision about her relationship with James, but is it too late?

Starr pays Marty a visit

Marty starts to remember Natalie's secret

Marty escapes from St. Ann's

Clint quickly apologizes for disowning Joey to keep Aubrey from spilling the beans

Clint fires Vimal

Rama decides not to tell Vimal about her talk with Aubrey

John and Bo fill Brody in on their suspicions about Clint

Cutter manages to hide the yearbook that Dorian sent for

The yearbook has a picture of the real Aubrey Wentworth

Kelly fears that she can't expose Aubrey as a fraud without the yearbook

Aubrey and Cutter tamper with the yearbook to cover their tracks

Kelly doesn't find anything amiss when she finally gets her hands on the yearbook

Kelly decides to move forward with Cutter by kissing him

Dorian suspects that Aubrey is blackmailing Clint

Rex gives Joey some subtle hints about Kelly

Joey finds Kelly with Cutter

Joey and Kelly find themselves confiding to Shaun and Vivian

Kelly finally opens up to Joey about her feelings after they find themselves locked in a storage room

Aubrey and Cutter talk freely, unaware that Clint bugged Aubrey's room

Shane begs Echo not to tell his parents about the bullying

Rex lets Echo know that he's considering having another DNA test

Rex lies to Dorian about the DNA test

Jessica and Natalie wake up from nightmares on their wedding day



Monday: (Episode #10859) -- Starr pays Marty a visit. Jessica and Brody talk Natalie and John into a double-wedding. Shane pleads with Echo to keep quiet after she learns he is being bullied at school. (Rated: TVPG)
Tuesday: (Episode #10860) -- Dorian thinks Kelly could confess her true feelings to Joey. Clint secretly records Aubrey's actions. Rex learns of Clint's latest misdeeds. (Rated: TVPG)
Wednesday: (Episode #10861) -- Natalie and Jessica look forward to their bachelorette party. John and Brody enjoy their last night of freedom. Vimal prepares to confront Clint. (Rated: TVPG)
Thursday: (Episode #10862) -- Brody considers telling John and Jessica the truth. Starr decides it's time to move on with her life. Ford makes a promise to himself. (Rated: TVPG)
Friday: (Episode #10863) -- Bo warns Clint that he's expose his secrets. Rama plots Vimal's revenge. Aubrey and Cutter fear the worst. (Rated: TVPG)

Soap Opera Network

Jessica and Brody convince Natalie and John to join them in a double-wedding ceremony to beat the band.
Natalie and Jessica are allowed their moments of happiness as brides-to-be enjoying wedding preparations and a bachelorette party. It’s the same for John and Brody, with Rex’s involvement in the arrangement of the bachelor party.
Viki and Dorian experience another run-in with Echo.
Starr takes Hope with her when going to St. Ann’s and seeing how Marty’s doing.
Marty starts to recall memories she’d shut out, stirring up revenge all over again.
An attendant at the double-wedding, Starr runs into John and talks to him about how Marty has been doing at St. Ann’s and the odd things she said.
Marty manages to shake the confines of St. Ann’s to make it to John’s place for an important announcement: Natalie kidnapped her first.
The double-wedding commences with some problems.
Bo levels a promise that he will end Clint’s reign of terror.
Brody catches wind of Bo and John’s determination to out Clint and all the things Clint did in the name of family. This upsets Brody, causing him to rethink.
Brody broaches with Natalie the likelihood that they make a clean break of it and get the one-night stand off their chest already.
John and Bo cannot make any of Clint’s minions talk.
Clint avoids his Waterloo, when he’s able to render Aubrey’s big announcement a non-issue.
Clint makes a big deal of saying he’s terribly remorseful about forcing Joey’s hand this way with the prenup deal.
To Dorian’s way of thinking, this is just Clint covering for the fact that Aubrey probably has a list of crimes in his name and using this info to her advantage.
Clint hides a video camera set to go off the second Aubrey opens up her yap about her cons. It goes off, secretly taping away, as Aubrey and Cutter plot their next form of attack.
Cutter catches sight of the hidden video camera and disposes of it, much too late.
Clint’s men have gotten the contents of the video camera nonetheless, giving Clint the clear advantage.
Dorian coaxes Kelly to just be upfront with Joey.
Kelly is banking everything on the Paris boarding school yearbook to throw the book at fake scammer Aubrey.
Too bad Cutter somehow seizes the yearbook delivery, fixes it along with Aubrey to validate her bio claims, then passes it back to Dorian unawares.
Rex talks around and around about Kelly’s true feelings when talking to Joey.
Once Kelly browses the Paris boarding school yearbook, she’s finally convinced Aubrey’s telling the truth.
Kelly lets go of trying to win Joey back and proving Aubrey wrong, by kissing Cutter.
Joey happens to see Kelly and Cutter kissing, and not liking it.
Aubrey and Cutter expect the next shoe to fall.
Joey takes Shaun into his confidence about harboring feelings still for Kelly. The same is true for Kelly, who uses Vivian as her confidante.
This happens every six months or so on OLTL. An estranged couple end up forced together when a cellar door jams or an elevator gets stuck. This week, it’s Kelly and Joey who wind up unable to leave a storeroom and must spend the night there, just the two of them. The overnighter almost inspires a kiss but then people come in to unlock the storeroom just in time.
The pivotal words are on the tip of Joey’s tongue. If only he would be a man and say them to Aubrey.
Kelly gets real with Blair.
Todd inspires Vimal to new, self-assured heights.
Vimal hankers for an invite to Jessica and Natalie’s double-wedding. But this gets him a grilling from Clint (re: DNA switch and telling) and then a prompt pink slip.
Rama begins to seek payback on Clint.
Aubrey fuels Rama’s information banks, with a confession.
Rex grills Echo about where and who he came from, suggesting he may perform another DNA test. Echo strongly advises against Rex doing that.
Rex talks over his DNA dilemma with Bo.
Bo regales Rex with tales of Clint’s crimes against humanity thus far.
Rex pretends to Dorian that he performed a 2nd DNA test backing up the standing argument that Charlie remains the dad of record.
Shane doesn’t want Echo to say a word about his cyber-bullying.
Langston enables Starr to be able to see a future without Cole, to start taking steps forward.
Ford pumps himself up with an important vow.
Starr prepares to be honest with Cole about seeing other people, when she prepares to see him in prison.
James and Michelle take the next step as a burgeoning couple.


Secrets unraveling, a planned double wedding, and a woman escaping from a mental institution rock the city of Llanview to its core. I hope everyone is ready for all the juicy spoilers for the week of January 31.

Aubrey/Cutter/Dorian/Kelly: Aubrey will attempt to expose Clint's DNA secrets, but Clint will quickly shut her up. Clint will apologize to everyone for disowning Joey. The scene between Aubrey and Clint will cause Dorian and Kelly to assume that Aubrey has some dirt on Clint.

Speaking of Dorian and Kelly, they will have Aubrey's boarding school yearbook sent to La Boulaie to dig into her past. However, Cutter and Aubrey will find out about the yearbook being sent to Llanview. Cutter is going to change the yearbook to cover up the incriminating evidence against Aubrey. After he does that, Cutter will get the book to La Boulaie without being seen. Meanwhile, Dorian will yet again, be attempting to get Kelly to confess her feelings to Joey. The duo will go through the yearbook and find nothing about Aubrey. Kelly is going to declare her search a failure and try to move on with her life. Kelly will kiss Cutter to make things final and Joey will see it.

In Aubrey's room, Clint will have a surveillance camera installed. He will catch a conversation between Aubrey and Cutter about their plans to rob Joey blind. As this is happening, Joey and Kelly are going to get locked in a storeroom overnight. They will come dangerously close to a kiss, but will be rescued before their lips touch. Cutter will find the camera in Aubrey's room, with no tape in it. It turns out; one of Clint’s goons has already grabbed the tape. Is it curtains for Aubrey and Cutter?

Natalie/Jessica: Jessica and Brody are going to persuade Natalie and John into having a double wedding. Jessica and Natalie will throw a bachelorette party. Rex will have a bachelor party for Brody and John. As the wedding draws near, Brody will tell Natalie that he thinks they should confess their one night stand to everyone before Marty has a chance to. Will the double wedding actually happen?

Clint/Rex/Echo: Clint will have a hard time trying to keep his secrets intact. Rex will have a talk with Echo about his father and tells her he plans to have another DNA test done. Echo will quickly tell Rex to leave things as they are. Rex will head to Bo's to tell him about his suspicions about Clint being his father. After his talk with Bo, Rex will lie to Dorian about having a second paternity test and it saying Charlie is his father.

In Clint's office, Vimal will ask for an invitation to Natalie and Jessica's double wedding. In turn, Clint will ask Vimal whom he told about switching the paternity tests. Vimal replies and Clint will fire him. Vimal will inform his wife about what happened with Clint. Rama is going to vow revenge on Clint. How long will Clint's secrets stay in the dark?

Bo/John: Bo and John will do everything in their power to uncover Clint's lies. The two will try to get Clint's goons to sell Clint out, but the goons are not talking. Bo and John will go back to the drawing board at the police station, when Brody will walk in on their conversation. Bo and John will fill in Brody about Clint's misdeeds. Brody will be very upset to hear about Clint's actions. Bo warns Clint that he will tell everyone about all the nasty things Clint has done. Will Bo really tell everyone about Clint's lies?

Marty: Starr and Hope will visit a still out of her mind Marty at St. Ann's. Starr will be extremely concerned for Marty. After Starr leaves, the details of Natalie's secret will start to come back to Marty. Later on, Starr will be preparing for the wedding and will tell John about her strange visit with Marty. Marty will bust out of St. Ann's and show up at John's door still talking about "their son". She will also inform John that Natalie kidnapped her the night Natalie gave birth. (Side Note: I really hope this isn't the end of Marty Saybrooke on OLTL, because it's starting to look that way with Marty being written into this BIG corner). How will John handle Marty and get to his wedding?

Starr/Cole/James/Michelle: Starr will come to the conclusion that she has no choice but to tell Cole that she has to move on. She will head to Statesville to tell him, as things will get hot and heavy between James and Michelle. Will Starr tell James her true feelings before he and Michelle grow closer?

Sneak Peaks At Next Week (February 7):

Jessica gets the shock of her life
Charlie and Viki call a truce
Vimal begins his revenge
Cutter and Aubrey have to smooth things over with everyone

http://daytimeconfidential.zap2it.com/2 ... om-st-anns

Week of 2/7

Wed 2/9 Brody and Jessica receive shocking news

Thurs 2/10 Something even more shocking is revealed -and devastation follows



Charlie and Viki agree to disagree.
A bombshell is dropped on Jessica.
Vimal enacts his revenge.
Will Natalie come clean?
Cutter and Aubrey to damage control.

Soap Opera Network

From SOD:

OLTL: On Monday, February 7, Bo and Clint have it out. "Bo goes absolutely bonkers on Clint!" chuckles Jerry verDorn (Clint).... On Tuesday, February 8, Starr goes to Statesville to break up with Cole.


Bo and Clint clash

Viki and Charlie reach an understanding about Echo

Starr goes to break things off with Cole

Things heat up between James and Michelle

Clint gives Kelly the DVD of Aubrey and Cutter

Jessica learns about Natalie and Brody's night together

Aubrey proposes marriage to Joey


(The Big Day)
Pete helps John get his thoughts together; Cutter and Aubrey work together to fix their problem.

(The Announcement)

Vimal makes a shocking announcement; Starr tells Cole that their relationship is over.

(The True Paternity)

Jessica learns that Ford is the father of her baby; Clint exposes Aubrey and Cutter.

(Leaving Natalie)

John walks away from Natalie; Starr believes that James has moved on with Michelle


Vimal puts forth an effort to get former boss Clint back, but good… Jessica is hit with very very confounding, upsetting news… Natalie has a chance to do the uncharacteristic thing, be honest about her secrets… Aubrey and Cutter go about picking up and cleaning up their messes, to maintain the image… Viki and Charlie arrive at an impasse, which they meet with compromise.


Week of 2/14 and beyond

Starr and James try to figure out where their friendship will go next

Kelly and Aubrey share a common bond, as Joey realizes he has unexpected feelings

Blair becomes intrigued by Tomas

Todd struggles as Dani pushes his limits

The Manning boys grow up

Talk show host Wendy Williams interviews Llanview residents

Kourtney Kardashian dashes through Llanview


One couple is caught in the sack.

A new father meets someone unexpected.

One-time lovers have a confrontation.

Two lonely hearts are involved in a brawl.

A revenge plot is hatched.

Loved ones are concerned that someone may have given in to temptation.

And one person misinterprets what they see.

Soap Opera Network

Coming up, which includes Cable Guide and SOD February Sweeps:

Kelly confesses her feelings to Joey while they're locked in a storage closet.

John gets some advice from an old friend.

Cutter and Aubrey deal with the footage Clint has of them.

Bad things happen at Jessica and Natalie's double wedding, which brings Clint's world crashing down around him and could very well bring out one of Jessica's personalities.

Vimal makes a stunning announcement.

Aubrey and Cutter are exposed by Clint.

Jessica finds out about Brody and Natalie's one night stand.

Jessica's baby is Ford's - not Brody's.

John leaves Natalie.

Viki and Charlie agree to disagree in regards to Echo.

Ford and Langston make plans for a big Valentine's date.

Starr ends her relationship with Cole.

Nate and Dani's relationship flourishes.

Todd may know more about the painting of Blair than he's willing to admit.

Tomas arrives in Llanview - not to just see Blair but to deal with Todd too.

Tomas is related to someone in Llanview.

Tomas has a very big impact on Blair's life.


February Preview From ABC.com

Get ready for a HUGE February on OLTL:

All those secrets -- Clint's and Natalie's and Jessica's -- are ALL revealed, and the fallout is severe -- including a familiar face returning to Llanview.

There WILL be two weddings, but maybe not the ones you're expecting.

Tomas follows Blair back to the States ... but what's his connection to another character we know?

And history threatens to repeat itself when Todd ... well, you'll just have to see.


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January 31st, 2011, 7:26 pm #3

ABC.Com's Interview With Ted King (Tomas)

When Blair set out to track down the artist behind that mysterious painting of her, she opened the door to one of the most familiar faces in Daytime. Ted King might be best known to fans as Danny Roberts on Loving (and later The City). Or perhaps as dastardly Luis Alcazar and complicated-but-still-pretty-dastardly Lorenzo Alcazar on General Hospital.

Now, Ted King has made his way to One Life to Live, where he plays this mysterious artist, Tomas. What's he up to? What are Ted's feelings on being back in Daytime? We talked to him and got the answers from the source.

ABC.com: So, welcome back to daytime!

Ted King: Thank you.

I guess it's fair to say we've all missed you on the soaps, so what's it like being back?

Completely different. You know, well, you know, I started here in New York, and did two shows here, and then went to California to do primetime for ABC, and then ended up doing primetime for the WB, and ended up coming back to New York and doing some guest star spots, and then going back to California and doing more primetime, and then I booked General Hospital -- did that for four and a half years, and then went back to primetime, did Prison Break, and you know, a bunch of other things, and now I find myself back on daytime, so I keep jumping from one world to the next. They're very different. They really are very different -- in the way they shoot, obviously daytime is much, much faster days.

Did it take some getting used to, or was it sort of like riding a bike back into that rhythm?

Well, I think if I had been single, it would have been like riding a bike, but now, you know, since I left General Hospital I've gotten married and had a baby. So, I have a three-month-old who's my number one priority, and so it's much different now. There's more on my plate than I had back then.

It's got to be a big challenge.

Yeah, it was a lot different because, you know, we had to pack a whole family, and pack up, you know the new, you know all the things that go with that, and then also start the new show.

Keeps you on your toes.

Oh my God, man, an understatement.

And not only just back in New York, but back in your old studio that you were on for The City.

Yeah, they're just across the hall. I was where The View is, and now I'm across the hall where All My Children was when I was there.

Do you ever walk around and get flashbacks from The City days?

I certainly did when I did The View. Just sitting in that studio, and I mentioned it on the show when they were interviewing me. "You guys did a nice job with this place." Barbara got a nice kick out of that.

How was it doing The View? Was that cool?

It was wonderful, absolutely wonderful. They treated us fabulously, you know. They were kind to us both on and off camera. I spent a lot of time with my wife and the baby off camera.

Yeah, we got to see them on camera for a minute.

Yeah, my daughter stole the show I think.

So, on One Life to Live you're playing a character named Tomas who, sort of starts off at least, as this mystery guy a little bit. So what can you tell us about Tomas?

Well he doesn't start off -- I mean, I still, there's still a lot of mystery to this guy. And I've been doing, I've shot quite a few episodes at this point. But, what I can tell you at this point, for this first week of shows, is that we're introduced to Tomas as a painter who lives in Paris, who painted a portrait of Blair -- unbeknownst to her -- based on a photograph he found in the Marché aux Puces, which is a French flea market, pretty famous French flea market. And he found this photograph of her on her wedding day with Todd -- with the original Todd, with Roger Howarth -- and was so moved by the joy in her eyes and in her face that he painted this portrait of her, and somehow the portrait found its way back to Llanview and landed in her hands, and she decided to cross the ocean to figure out who painted this portrait and why.


So we're introduced to Tomas and they're sitting in his flat in Paris, and they share a beautiful bottle of French wine, and then she leaves him, and the man that told her where he lived was a friend of Tomas's. His name is Claude. Claude returns the favor about getting Tomas Blair's address back in Llanview, and so Tomas, being a spontaneous bohemian that he is, gets on a plane and drops in on Llanview.

So is it fair to say then that Tomas is a very artistic person? Is there a little bit of obsession [with Blair]? Are we not supposed to know exactly what it is right at the beginning?

He's artistic. He's an artist at heart. And everything that he does in life comes from that desire to live life to its fullest, as many artists try to do because they're trying to experience as much as possible as they can to fulfill their art, and make their art richer. I know a lot of people in real life like this -- a lot of actors that I've worked with over the years who, you know, would much rather learn to drive on a race course than pay their rent.

New experiences and such.

Yeah, they're afraid that they're, you know, they're afraid to live in the mundane. Constantly pushing boundaries, and ultimately that puts Tomas in a lot of danger.

Yeah. And he's inspired by Blair.

He's totally inspired by Blair, and he's inspired not just by the photograph, but when she arrives he's inspired by her own desire for more out of life, and this "journey" that she's on in her pursuit of happiness. [it's the feeling] she knew on that wedding day [in the picture Tomas has].

How has it been working with Kassie DePaiva?

Honestly, I couldn't ask for a better start on One Life to Live. She's been absolutely phenomenal. She's been so warm and inviting, and easy to work with and helpful. I couldn't have asked for a better co-star to start the show with.

Were you familiar with One Life at all before you started the show? Was there anybody that you were looking forward to working with?

I was friendly with Nathan Fillion [ex-Joey]. There were a lot of people back then that I knew, but like I said, a lot of them are gone. But as far as looking forward to the people that are there now, I mean, I've always admired Erika Slezak's work. I think the world of her acting. She's just always right on, and in the moment and very spontaneous, and I like the way she works, you know?

She's amazing. So, looking at your career and a lot of the characters you've played -- especially the ones you've played on Daytime -- if not necessarily bad guys, they're more of the rogue, bad-boy types. Do you enjoy playing that type of a character? Is that more fun than playing a straight up hero type?

Well, I played the hero type on primetime. I did that certainly on Charmed and on Time Cop. But, for some reason, Daytime has, you know, the roles that have come along were the bad-boy roles. But this particular role, I wouldn't even say that about [Tomas]. I had a hand in working with Frank [Valentini] and Ron [Carlivati] -- the executive producer and head writer -- in co-creating something. That was a big part of the reason why I agreed to come and do the show, because Frank said to me, "We'd like to create something with you." And I hadn't heard that before. It was a wonderful opportunity, I mean, it doesn't happen to an actor all that often. So I jumped it the opportunity, and it's been great.

So it seems like being involved with Blair it's going to have Tomas butt heads with Todd at some point -- because everybody who gets involved with Blair generally does. Looking forward to that, is that shaping up to be an epic clash for Tomas?

It will definitely be revealed that he's not just there to engage Blair. He's also there to deal with Todd.

So there's a lot more we're going to be finding out about him as the weeks go ahead.

There's no question.

So, definitely we've got some General Hospital fans who are going to be reading this. Any kind of memories about GH, about playing Luis and Lorenzo from your time on General Hospital? What did you like best about playing those two characters, particularly Lorenzo, who had a lot of time to really develop?

Those were two, I know -- up until that point in my career -- I think those were two of my favorite characters that I've played. They really allowed me -- they had a lot of depth to them, and they weren't one dimensional. Lorenzo, like you're speaking, was not one dimensional by any means, and we got to see him be nefarious one second and be sweet, kind, romantic the next.

Was it satisfying taking a character that certainly started off villainous and had his villainous moments, but then seeing that character become really accepted and beloved by the fans?

Very satisfying. Very satisfying. My goal always is never to make fans love him or hate him, but just to make him real and honest and hopefully entertaining.

Any last words about Tomas, about what's coming ahead? What would you say to the fans about the weeks ahead?

I'd say it may turn out to be my most challenging role to date. You know, the character speaks five languages, paints, was educated at Julliard in piano, and also knows martial arts.

That's a lot to do!

Yeah, I've done a lot in the last, just the last two weeks. It's quite a ride so far.


Shenaz Treasurywala (Rama) Interview with Pic Of Wedding
(its quite long so I opted not to c&p)

http://www.indianexpress.com/news/wante ... ca/743933/

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February 4th, 2011, 8:43 pm #4

Daytime Royalty

Week of 2/7


Monday: Bo and Clint hash it out. Charlie and Viki agree to disagree as far as Echo is concerned. Thanks to Clint, Cutter and Aubrey are forced to do some damage control.
Tuesday: Vimal contemplates interrupting the double wedding. Starr prepares to end her relationship with Cole. James and Michelle get intimate.
Wednesday: Jessica and Brody receive some devastating news. Will Natalie be forced to finally tell John the truth? Clint gives Kelly the DVD of Aubrey and Cutter.
Thursday: Jessica can't believe what she's hearing. Aubrey proposes to Joey. Ford remains unaware of recent developments at the wedding.
Friday: "OLTL" will present a re-airing of Todd and Blair's gold balloon wedding from November 14, 1995, featuring Roger Howarth as Todd Manning.

Soap Opera Network


Bo and Clint show anything but brotherly love toward one another on Monday, February 7. Charlie and Viki decide to agree to disagree regarding Echo. Blair is intrigued by Tomas. Todd shares some news with Tea and Dani. And later, Dani and Nate contemplate telling Ford the truth. On Friday, February 11, "OLTL" re-airs Todd and Blair's 1995 gold balloon wedding, which features Roger Howarth as Todd Manning.

The Inside Story: A Day of Infamy
Marty's visit leaves John rattles, however he gets some good advice from his old buddy Pete on Monday, February 7. Brody makes a decision. Natalie confides in Gigi. Brody grows concerned while at the church. Vimal crashes the wedding on Tuesday, February 8. Charlie and Clint nearly come to blows. Shaun, Brody, and John try to keep the peace. Rex and Gigi search for Charlie. Brody and Jessica receive some horrifying news. Charlie is about to fall off the wagon. John becomes suspicious of Natalie, who is backed into a corner. Brody blames himself for what happened to Jessica and makes a revelation. Natalie is forced to come clean. Brody tries to reassure Jessica. And John decides his future on Thursday, February 10.

A Closer Look: Broken Hearted
Cutter and Aubrey try to cover their tracks on Monday, February 7. Meanwhile, Starr becomes a single woman and gets a boost of confidence from Langston. James and Michelle decide to take their relationship to the next step, only to receive a surprise visitor. Langston and Ford talk about Starr and James. Starr assumes the worst. Clint gives Kelly a present on Wednesday, February 9. Kelly's plan backfires. Aubrey mistakenly confronts Kelly. And Starr and James are lonely.

Soap Opera Network

The happy wedding day is riddled with fears, doubts, drama and reveals. John is troubled by Marty’s accusations, but a conversation with Pete sets him straight. Brody agrees to keep the ONS secret. When Natalie tells Gigi everything, Gigi persuades her to look for the silver lining and find joy. The wedding begins, but it’s not long before Vimal interrupts the proceedings to announce that Clint hired him to change Rex’s paternity results, and Clint is really Rex’s father. Clint’s justifies his actions by talking trash about Rex, at which point Charlie goes after Clint, but is subdued by John and Brody. Charlie makes his exist and Rex and Gigi go after him. Meanwhile, Vimal isn’t finished sharing secrets. He informs the wedding guests that he also changed Jessica’s paternity test and her baby’s father is really Robert Ford. Jessica pleads with Brody to accept Ryder as his own, but Brody is overcome with guilt and confesses that he slept with Natalie. Jessica realizes that Natalie also had a paternity test, but Brody assures her that he is not the father of Natalie’s baby. In the midst of all this chaos, John’s suspicions surface and he gets Natalie alone and confronts her. Natalie tries to dodge John’s interrogation, but ultimately is forced to admit that she slept with Brody. Natalie tries to defend herself to John, but he walks out on her and comes face to face with Jessica. After Todd breaks the news about Jessica’s baby to Dani and Tea, Dani rushes to share it with Nate. They discuss whether or not to tell Ford he is the father, unaware that Ford is eavesdropping.

Starr breaks things off with Cole, and with Langston’s encouragement, goes to see James. Starr arrives just in time to find James with Michelle. Believing James and Michelle slept together, Starr doesn’t tell James she broke up with Cole. Aubrey and Cutter manage to stay ahead of Clint yet again. They doctor the dvd Clint made of their conversations, so when Clint gives it to Kelly and she then hands it over to Joey, it only shows Aubrey musing over how much she loves him. Joey thinks Kelly planted a camera in Aubrey’s room and goes off on her. Blair is surprised by Tomas. Charlie takes a drink.

Cutter and Aubrey handle the problem with the footage Clint has of them. Joey and Kelly share a fraught moment. The wedding begins on Monday, February 7.

The wedding is interrupted when Vimal tells those gathered that Clint jiggered the DNA test to say Charlie was Rex's father, not Clint on Tuesday, February 8.

Clint slips Kelly the DVD that tells all about Aubrey and Cutter on Wednesday, February 9.

Jessica is stunned to learn of Brody and Natalie’s one night stand, and John walks out on Natalie on Thursday, February 10.

Friday February 11: Encore Episode.

Soap Opera Source

Week of 2/14


Jessica loses control.
Rex goes after Clint.
Charlie regrets his actions.
Dani and Nate are caught in the act.
Brody and Natalie argue.

Soap Opera Network

Monday, 2/14 There is a surprise wedding.
Dani and Nate rock Ford’s world with shocking news!
Viki, Rex and Gigi worry that Charlie has fallen off the wagon.
Tess makes a comeback.

Tuesday, 2/15 Will Dani and Nate have sex?
John commiserates with Kelly.
Blair and Cristian talk about their loveless state.

Wednesday, 2/16 Tess introduces herself to Ford.
Todd catches Dani and Nate in bed.
Brody and Natalie have it out about her lies.

Thursday, 2/17 John and Kelly get into a bar fight.
Joey and Aubrey consummate their marriage.
Tess divulges her plan to Ford.

Friday, 2/18 Charlie frets about his cheating.
Rex confronts Clint.
Natalie finds John and Kelly in a compromising situation


February Preview From Soap Opera Network

Tomas finds family in Llanview.

Jessica fights to maintain control.

Clint's secrets begin to see the light of day.

John and Kelly find they have something in common.

Charlie does something stupid.

Casting News & Spoilers From Soap Opera Network; Last Airdate For Brittany Underwood

One Life to Live" is a buzz as Austin Peck is set to play a unique new character and Brittany Underwood ushers Langston Wilde out of Llanview in reel time.

Peck, best known to soap fans for his roles on "Days of our Lives" and "As the World Turns," has been tapped by "OLTL" to play the role of "Rick" which, according to SOAPnet.com, is the type of guy "Llanview doesn't really have much of. You'll see what we mean." No first airdate has been announced, however he is expected to begin appearing sometime this spring. Peck began shooting scenes on Monday, January 31.

Meanwhile, Underwood's days in Llanview meanwhile are quickly coming to an end. The recently fired actress, who has played Langston since 2006, was rumored to be leaving town "amidst a big story." However, according to TVGuide's Michael Logan, the exit appears to be a little less dramatic, with Langston leaving Llanview on Friday, April 8 after the young writer is offered a big movie deal.

In other news...

Tonja Walker previews her upcoming return to "OLTL" as Alex Olanov, saying that "So far it is only for two shows... They are juicy..."

Patrick Allen Cole returns as Rodi's Manager/bartender Jeff on Wednesday, March 9.

And more information has been released on the recent audition script for an "Assistant." The soap is looking for an Asian or Hispanic actress in her mid to late 20s for the dayplayer role, which is described as "goth and a beautiful assistant at a Las Vegas wedding chapel." The script ties in with a similar script for a "Justice of the Peace," a summary of which can also be found at this link: http://www.soapoperanetwork.com/soaps/o ... y-the-view#


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February 18th, 2011, 12:24 am #5

Daytime Royalty

Week of 2/21

Monday, 2/21
Natalie discovers John slept with Kelly.
Brody realizes Tess is back.
Dorian accuses Echo of having known that Clint is really Rex’s father.

Tuesday, 2/22
Clint dares Rex to tell Bo the truth about David Vickers.
Shane’s High School bully is revealed.
Langston provides Brody with a key piece of information about Tess.

Wednesday, 2/23 Tess and Ford head off to Vegas to get married.
James tells Starr he helped Dani and Nate hide out at Viki’s cabin.
Blair’s surprised to run into Tomas again.

Thursday, 2/24
Echo warns John not to make choices now that he might regret later.
Kelly tries to leave Natalie a pie as a piece offering for sleeping with John.
A connection between Tomas and Tea is revealed.

Friday, 2/25
Kelly and Joey have it out about Kelly’s one-nighter with John.
Langston and Brody race to the Vegas chapel to intercept Tess and Ford. Will they be too late?
Joey attacks John.


Tomas is related to Tea
Bo gets angry with Rex
Shane's bullying gets physical
Jack is the one who is bullying Shane
Something happens at school with both kids and the parents are called up
John saves Todd from getting hurt
Starr and James help Dani and Nate with Todd



Tess and Ford prepare to wed in Las Vegas.
Echo offers John some food for thought.
Joey confronts John.
Tomas has a relative in Llanview.
Shane's bully continues to harass him.

Soap Opera Network

Brody is onto Tess

Tess and Ford decide to get married

Dorian accuses Echo of knowing the truth about Clint being Rex's father

Rex threatens to tell Bo about David

The identity of Shane's bully is revealed

Dani and Nate hide out in Viki's cabin

Echo offers John some advice

Tomas and Téa share a connection

Joey learns that Kelly had a one-night stand with John


(The Truth Comes Out)
Natalie learns that John was unfaithful to her with Kelly; Brody figures out that Tess has returned to town.


Ford and Tess disagree about getting married; Matthew refuses to help Shane.

(Heading to Vegas)

Langston doesn't tell Brody that she is also headed for Las Vegas; Dani confides in her mother.

(The Attack)

Joey gets violent with John; Todd gets a bad feeling from Tomas


Natalie’s hopes and dreams are crushed when she catches John and Kelly together, in that way… Echo cautions John to be careful about acting out against Natalie. He may wish he hadn’t… Kelly makes an attempt at smoothing rough waters with Natalie, by giving her a baked pie… Kelly squabbles with Joey about her hooking up with John… Joey reveals himself too much as a jealous ex-boyfriend by laying harshly into John… Brody’s blood runs cold, as he senses he’s now dealing with Tess, not Jessica… Langston enlightens Brody about Tess and Ford, aka Torrid!… Tess and Ford book it to Vegas for a quickie wedding, with Brody and Langston hot on their trail… Brody and Langston peel out, to stop Ford from marrying Tess… Dorian denounces Echo for sitting on this paternity truth all along (Clint-Rex)… Clint laughs in Rex’s face, challenging the young man to go to Bo and spill his guts about what happened to David… James outs himself to Starr as the one who enabled Nate and Dani to go away together at Viki’s cabin… Blair and Todd’s son, Jack, has been cyber-bullying Shane all along. Jack will ratchet this up to scary levels in the next few weeks… Tomas re-enters Blair’s life. She’s glad of it… It seems Tomas knows Tea, as a relation.



Monday: Natalie comes to a realization about John and Kelly. Brody figures out that Tess has returned. Dorian tosses accusations at Echo.
Tuesday: Clint dares Rex to tell Bo about David. Shane continues to be bullied at school. Langston gives Brody a clue.
Wednesday: Tess and Ford run off to Vegas for a quickie wedding. James confides in Starr about Dani and Nate. Blair and Tomas meet again.
Thursday: Echo gives John some food for thought. Kelly tries to extend an olive branch to Natalie. Tomas has family in Llanview.
Friday: Kelly and Joey argue. Langston and Brody are each determined to stop the wedding before it's too late. Joey physically assaults John.

http://www.tvguide.com/News/Life-Lives- ... 28990.aspx

Exclusive: One Life to Live's Cyber-Bully Revealed
Feb 8, 2011 01:28 PM ET
by Michael Logan

The teen bullying plot on One Life to Live turns personal February 22 when the anonymous jerk who's been harassing high schooler Shane Morasco (Austin Williams) over the internet turns out to be someone we know well - Blair and Todd's kid Jack (Andrew Trischitta). TV Guide Magazine spoke with the soap's Emmy-winning head writer Ron Carlivati about this ripped-from-the-headlines story and where it's headed.

TV Guide Magazine: Did the recent rash of suicides among bullied teens make you move quickly with this story?
Carlivati: Yeah, we did jump in pretty fast on this one - faster than with most stories. I took the idea to [executive producer] Frank Valentini, then we quickly took it to [ABC Daytime chief] Brian Frons. The time was right and Shane seemed to be the perfect kid to do it with. We've partnered with STOMP Out Bullying [stompoutbullying.org] and will be running PSAs for the organization starting the day Jack is revealed as the bully. It's not that bullying hasn't been going on since forever, but it's become a renewed issue in our society and people - especially parents - don't know exactly what to do and how to deal with it.

TV Guide Magazine: It's interesting that you had Shane's grandma, Echo, find out about the cyber-bullying early on, then bow to pressure from Shane not to tell his parents. Seems like a big mistake on her part.
Carlivati: We have a responsibility when we tell a story like this to help the audience learn what they should do in such a situation, but that doesn't mean we don't show our characters making the wrong choices. The situation will get worse for Shane as we move into the spring. At first, we're centering the story on the kids but as we move forward - I'm already plotting this into May sweeps and beyond - it'll also become a story about the parents. How much do you monitor your child? How do you keep up with your kid in this difficult era of the internet? Should Shane's parents, Rex and Gigi, have seen the warning signs? What about Jack's parents? Sometimes these things are happening right under your nose and you're not aware of it.

TV Guide Magazine: How do Blair and Todd react when they find out their son's a little shit?
Carlivati: It's going to be a surprise for them. Though we've cast a new Jack for this story [14-year-old Carmen LoPorto has been replaced by 16-year-old Trischitta] we've seen the seeds of this problem because Jack has already been a bit of a Dennis the Menace-type character - a prankster and troublemaker but in a humorous way. I think his becoming a bully is a very realistic evolution as he goes into high school. Here he is a popular, good-looking and wealthy kid, and there's little Shane, whose parents are working hard to put food on the table. Shane doesn't have the hippest, coolest sneakers, or the best clothes, and that becomes yet another reason to terrorize him. Don't forget that Jack's male role model is Todd, who has his own long history of bullying. And there's also denial there. Blair will not want to believe her sweet little boy can do such horrible things.

TV Guide Magazine: It sounds like this will go way beyond cyber-bullying.
Carlivati: The threats soon turn physical. Things are going on in Jack's life that will amp up his cruelty level and make him even worse.

TV Guide Magazine: A lot of the bullying that's made the news lately has been gay-related. Did you purposely avoid going there?
Carlivati: It seemed more important that we not tell a gay story, though that's not to say that certain kinds of gay slurs won't come up as the story progresses. It's important to say that kids can be targeted by bullies for any number of reasons. Shane is artistic, he's into comic books, he has asthma, which keeps him on the sidelines during gym, and he's a sensitive kid. He's been targeted just for being different. And it becomes a group thing. Once the other kids start piling on it doesn't really matter what the reason is because he's become a target. He's somebody they can get to. It becomes a herd mentality. This has been a real challenge to write because Austin is such a great actor and makes it all so heartbreaking to watch. I feel mean putting poor little Shane through so much pain. I can't imagine there's anyone in our audience who doesn't feel for him. It's tough stuff, but it's important to get the word out.

TV Guide Magazine: An increasing number of these cases do end in suicide or suicide attempts. How far will you take this story?
Carlivati: Right now, all I'll say is this: The problem with Shane will reach critical mass.

Coming up, which includes Cable Guide and SOD Preview

TV Guide has revealed that Shane's bully is none other than Jack Manning. Look for things to go from cyber bullying to physical.

Bo lashes out at Rex for keeping the truth about David from him.

Natalie refuses to give up on John.

John sleeps with Kelly.

Natalie finds Kelly in a towel with John.

John is attacked by Joey.

Echo gives John advice.

Ford and Tess rush off to Vegas to elope.

Brody and Langston head to Vegas to stop Tess and Ford.

Langston will leave Llanview after being offered a movie deal.

Todd may know more about the painting of Blair than he's willing to admit.

Tomas plans to deal with Todd, and when they come face to face Tomas says, "I'm here because of you."

John pulls Todd down when he realizes someone has a laser aimed on him.

Tea and Tomas are connected.


(SoapOperaNetwork) -- With Clint Buchanan's many secrets being exposed one by one, it's not a matter of if Bo (Robert S. Woods) will learn the truth about what big brother Clint (Jerry verDorn) did with his illegitimate son David Vickers (Tuc Watkins), but when. Soap Opera Network has learned that Omar Koury has been cast as a prison warden, in more Moroccan prison scenes that were taped earlier this month. But there's more to the story...

Still reeling from the fact that the ruthless Clint Buchanan, and not good guy Charlie Banks (Brian Kerwin) is his biological father, Rex Balsom (John-Paul Lavoisier) goes to confront his new "Pa." With tempers flaring and harsh words being slung, Rex threatens to expose one of Clint's final secrets -- that he had his own nephew David thrown into a Moroccan prison and left for dead. But showing his true Buchanan grit, Clint refuses to back down, and instead calls Rex's bluff, daring him to tell Bo the truth, realizing the news will destroy their close relationship.

Torn between loyalty and a sense of duty, Rex ultimately decides to confess. But how will Bo handle the news?
This is where things get interesting. Remember that audition script for that Prison Warden? Look for the scene described in that audition script to play out on screen down the road when the two suddenly not-so-close buds head for the north African country this spring in search of David Vickers Buchanan. But will they find what they're looking for, or has Clint remained one step ahead of them?

Koury has previously appeared on "One Life to Live" as a a bodyguard. He has also appeared on "All My Children" as a detective, and on "As the World Turns" as a forensics cop. Other television credits include "The Unusuals," "Late Night with Conan O'Brien," and "The Late Show with David Letterman."

Also returning will be Moroccan prison guards Alex Tavis (Hassan Amir-Rashad) and Donnie Keshawarz (Kahlid).

http://www.soapoperanetwork.com/soaps/o ... -with-love?#

Week of 2/28

A worried mother tries to win someone over to her side.

Jealousy leads to violence.

A gigolo comforts someone in need.

Desperate, one man turns to harassment to get what he needs.

Another secret is revealed.

A non-traditional couple prepares to wed.

And someone receives an unexpected visitor.

Soap Opera Network