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Robin Strasser is Naughty (Not Nice) on One Life to Live's Christmas Episode
Dec 16, 2010 12:38 PM ET
by Michael Logan

Are those reindeer hooves we hear on the roof? Nope, it's that One Life to Live pain in the ass Echo DiSavoy (Kim Zimmer), who will come down the chimney in a Santa suit on the soap's December 22 episode. But there's nothing festive about it. Echo is being punk'd by that wicked little elf Dorian Lord, played by Robin Strasser. TV Guide Magazine spoke with the incomparable, Emmy-winning Strasser about this holiday prank, as well as that new détente between Dorian and her archrival Viki (Erika Slezak) - guess what, Strasser's not wild about it! - and what it was like to welcome powerhouse Zimmer to a show that already had an abundance of prima divas.

TV Guide Magazine: Echo has certainly lit a fire under a few fannies on OLTL - especially after she was caught kissing Viki's man Charlie [Brian Kerwin]! This is a good thing, yes?
Strasser: Oh, indeed! We took what I think is a triangle - Viki, Echo and Charlie - and then introduced Dorian into it because she really seems to want to help Viki, though I think Dorian's really doing it to increase her approval rating, so that sort of makes this a quadrangle, right?

TV Guide Magazine: I don't know. I'm confused already!
Strasser: Oh, well, who knows? Anyway, our wonderful head writer, Ron Carlivati, then takes it all off in a crazy direction for the holidays, with Echo stuck up on the rooftop at Dorian's house not properly dressed for the cold and there just happens to be a Santa Claus costume up there. Kim Zimmer gets to do a great comic turn. I know the audience will be amused. Viki and Dorian certainly are! They really crack themselves up over this and we don't get to see that too often.

TV Guide Magazine: I know this is kooky ole Llanview, but still one has to ask: Why is there a Santa costume on Dorian's roof?
Strasser: Because she puts it there! This is Dorian's special Christmas present to Viki. Echo is looking for photography work so Dorian cons her into thinking she'll be shooting the official mayoral calendar, which involves Dorian wearing a Santa suit. They go up on the roof to shoot the thing and suddenly Dorian says, "Oops, forgot something down stairs! Be right back!" And she leaves Echo, who is not wearing a coat, locked and stranded up on the roof. It's freezing so Echo has no choice but to put on the suit, and the only way down is - of course! - the chimney, which is naturally full of soot. Isn't it funny how things work out? And aren't we lucky that the woman is Kim Zimmer? That woman can do anything.

TV Guide Magazine: Especially steal scenes! How did you react when you heard Zimmer was joining OLTL? When the news broke, a lot of folks - me included - wondered if one show could handle you, Slezak and Zimmer without imploding.
Strasser: Are you kidding? People thought that? Really?

TV Guide Magazine: Well, you must admit that OLTL does have an embarrassment of...
Strasser: Bitches? [Laughs] Did I say that? No, seriously, this has been fantastic for us all. Erika Slezak is very smart. I admit that when I first heard about Kim, I went to Erika and was like, "Uh, what's up with this?" But she was totally cool about it. She said, "Oh, this is going to create lots of great story for us." And sure enough it did! When I first stepped on the set with Kim, I was instantly taken with her natural energy, her humor and her style, her tremendous timing, and suddenly I felt like, "O-kaaaay. This is going to be great! We get to play!" So it turned out terrific in this case...but one never knows.

TV Guide Magazine: Will this Viki-Dorian friendship endure or are they just biding time between blow-ups?
Strasser: I don't think it makes for as exciting a show when they get along. I guess we could both go off and do a very funny Thelma and Louise thing - "Viki and Dorian: the Road Trip." But heaven forbid this new friendship becomes permanent! Those two ladies being at odds has always been my bread and butter. Robin Strasser will be out of a job if Viki and Dorian ever truly have a meeting of the minds!

Josh Kelly, who was originally tapped to play the role of Joey (which ultimately went to Tom Degnan), debuts as Cutter on Wednesday, December 29,when he gives one lucky Llanview lady a midnight kiss on New Year's Eve.

Tuc Watkins returns as David Vickers for what seems like the millionth time beginning Tuesday, January 4, when he resorts to drastic measures to get out of his Moroccan jail cell. Furthermore, look for him to receive some more bad news from his Uncle Clint (Jerry verDorn).

Frankie Faison is back as Richard Evans on Monday, December 27, when Darren (J.J. Singleton) arranges a surprise meeting between he and Destiny (Shenell Edmonds).

Could viewers soon be seeing more of Clint's right hand man Vimal (Nick Choksi) in the new year? It appears that way, since Shenaz Treasuryvala has been cast in the recurring role of his wife Rama. The Indian actress wrote on her Facebook page that Friday, December 10 was "My first day of shoot on the soap for ABC. I had 65 pages of lines, the indian school-book mugging came handy, finally! These guys go fast, one take only, they pack it all in. Was so surreal, there I was, tiny lil bandra girl amongst all these gorgeous blonde barbie and ken people fighting about genetic labs, manipulative girlfriends and cheating husbands. Quite hilarious actually. But fun! So much fun." Her scenes are expected to begin airing sometime in January.

Author Peter Straub has tweeted some more information concerning his upcoming return to "OLTL" as John McBain's (Michael Easton) voice of reason Pete Braust, writing that "At last, I believe I'm beginning to make sense of my lines. This is pretty interesting. Pete Braust carries the scenes! Yes, I am a shameless fan and lover of everything that happens in Llanview, PA. I won't know the air date for a while, but when I do, I'll tweet it."

Patrick Allen Cole will be returning as Jeff, the manager at Rodi's, in the near future.

Robert King shot scenes as another dayplayer character in mid-November.

http://www.soapoperanetwork.com/soaps/o ... ting-notes

Pics of Catherine Hicklands Christmas Party

http://daytimeconfidential.zap2it.com/2 ... mas-dinner

New Year's Eve & 2011 Preview From SOD

KA talked in SOD about how Starr is feeling down in the dumps about Cole so Dani invites her, Nate and James to a NYE party. Starr is all about having fun with James and making the most of the night. They kiss at midnight and it's a kiss like they haven't shared before. She says there is a definite spark between Starr and James that neither can deny. It's a mutual kiss and she doesn't hold back this time and lets herself get swept up into it.

Though Starr isn't ready to think of a serious relationship with James she is now starting to think for the first time if this could really work eventually. Starr still feels guilty though as though she is betraying Cole. But then James tells her is going to start dating other girls and she isn't going to like it.

Langston and Ford are heavily involved in the Eddie murder stuff have a special plans for Valentine's Day and there is a lot that happens to work up to that night.


Lots Of Spoilers From Jan 4th Issue Of SOD

Clint/Inez-Clint's actions are going to explode a bomb and have consequences for everybody.

Nora/Bo-Will they be able to survive as a couple with what went down with Eddie and were they involved with his death? Will they find out about Clint?

Vicki/Charlie/Echo/Dorian-Same old stuff with Echo continuing to start trouble with Vicki's life. Dorian will continue to try and help Vicky by trying to find out about Rex's parents. She thinks that will rid of Echo.

Vimal-His wife comes to town and they both factor heavily into the paternity stuff.

John/Natalie/Marty-Marty goes crazier but how crazy is she? If she was that crazy why didn't she already take Natalie down?

Joey/Aubrey/Kelly-Kelly is set on finding out the dirt on Aubrey because she thinks she is up to no good and asks Rex for help. Something does happen between her and Joey where you see if something is still between them from years ago. We find out Aubrey's mystery person is Cutter.

Blair/Cristian-She starts off the new year with Cristian and they wake up in bed together. Ted King (now as Tomas) plays into the mystery box story with Blair.

Todd/Tea-Mostly about Todd reacting to Nate and James being in Dani and Starr's life and how he reacts to both. He also gets pulled into the mystery box story.

Rex/Gigi-Happy going into the new year. A new story starts that involves Shane.

Ford/Nate/Dani/Lang-They are all involved in the Eddie stuff. There is a big secret surrounding it that won't be revealed until later. Ford and Lang are built up to their big Valentine's Day date and also build up to the romance of Nate and Dani.

James/Starr-They ring in the New Year with a mutual kiss. Starr has growing feelings for James but continues to feel guilty because of Cole.

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Spoilers For The Week Of Dec 27th

One Life to Live
(Arriving Home)
Matthew tells Bo that he knows about him and Inez; John and Natalie and Brody and Jessica attend Lamaze class.

One Life to Live
(Getting Out)

Nora kicks Bo to the curb; Clint enlists Viki's help with Joey


SOW Spoilers

Week Of Dec. 27-29:

Rex snoops around Aubrey's room.

Aubrey gets a mysterious phone call.

Bo begs Nora for forgiveness.

Langston says no to Ford.

Cristian & Blair kiss.

Darren has a surprise for Destiny.



Matthew confronts Bo. (National Enquirer)
Bo tells Nora he's sorry. (National Enquirer)
Rex looks for some dirt on Aubrey. (Cable Guide Spoilers)
Marty plots to settle the score with Natalie. (Cable Guide Spoilers)

Soap Opera Network


(New Year's Dates)
Starr and James kiss at a party; Cristian and Blair share a friendly peck on New Year's Eve


Coming soon, which includes Cable Guide and SOD Sneak Peeks:

Dorian gets Echo to think she's shooting a Christmas mayoral calendar on the roof. Dorian leaves Echo up there with only a Santa suit then presents Viki with a soot-covered gift... when Echo finds her only way off the roof by going down the chimney in the Santa's suit!

John presents Natalie with his mom's engagement ring.

Brody, Jessica, John and Natalie go to Lamaze class together.

Marty makes plans to blow up Natalie's world on one of the happiest days of her life.

James and Ford worry for Nate's safety behind bars.

Bo finds out from Matthew that he knows about him and Inez.

Matthew has a hard time containing his anger toward Bo.

Nora refuses to accept Bo's apologies.

Clint's scheme starts to unravel, which leads Bo straight to Clint.

Blair opens Eli's safe deposit box, which leads her to a mystery man.

David seeks revenge on Clint and Rex.

Clint asks Viki for help in regards to Joey.

Rex peeks around in Aubrey's room.

Cutter arrives on the scene and will be involved with Kelly, Joey and Aubrey.

Cutter, who knows Aubrey, could be the key to helping Kelly get dirt on Aubrey


Someone reaches out to Aubrey

Rex slips into Aubrey's hotel room

Darren has a surprise for Destiny

Matthew finds it impossible to hold back his rage

Bo begs for Nora to forgive him

John and Natalie don't want to wait to get married

Starr spends New Year's Eve with James

Blair and Cris share an unexpected kiss


Matthew casts Bo down as a sinner for cheating on Nora with Inez… Bo bows his head before Nora, full of remorse… Nora splits with Bo, wanting nothing to do with the cheater… Clint brings Viki on board to assist him with getting in good with Joey… Natalie/John and Jessica/Brody do Lamaze together… Rex is on the job (Kelly put him up to) to unveil Aubrey as a terrible person… Marty means to even the playing field by laying out Natalie’s paternity secret in the worst way.


Week of Dec. 27th....

Monday- John and Natalie and Brody and Jessica attend Lamaze class. Natalie laments that she and John will be unable to get married until spring, but John suggests they get married now.

Tuesday- John and Natalie plan to marry this very night with Jessica and Brody as witnesses. Marty learns of the intended nuptials and privately reveals that while she promised Natalie she wouldn’t tell John that Brody’s the father of her child, she plans to tell Jessica in front of everyone.

Wednesday- It’s New Year’s Eve in Llanview. John and Natalie take their vows with Brody and Jessica as witnesses. Marty is waiting to make an entrance, ready to tell Jessica that Natalie’s having Brody’s baby.



Monday: Aubrey receives another cryptic phone call. Darren has a special surprise for Destiny. Matthew's anger boils over.

Tuesday: Rex searches Aubrey's room. Bo pleads for Nora to show mercy on him. John and Natalie plan for their wedding.

Wednesday: Langston won't go out on a date with Ford. Starr and James party on New Year's Eve. Cristian and Blair get closer.

Thursday: Encore Presentation; original air date 10/28/2010. Todd andTéa share an emotional reunion. Cole thinks Starr and Hope are dead. Hannah forces Starr and James to dig their graves.

Friday: Encore Presentation; original air date 10/29/2010. James comes to Starr's resue. Todd and Téa escape the warehouse. Clint puts a stop to Rex's investigation.

Soap Opera Network


Matthew's anger erupts when Nora returns home on Monday, December 27, forcing Bo to make a confession. After listening to Bo's explanation, Nora arrives at a decision. Langston decides to keep Starr company on New Year's Eve, and together they visit Nate and Dani. To make her sister happy, Starr goes to a party with James, and things quickly begin to heat up. Ford prolongs his kiss with Langston. Cristian thinks Layla may have already moved on, and gets a little too friendly with Blair on Wednesday, December 29. And Darren arranges a surprise meeting between Destiny and her grandfather. "One Life to Live" will air encore presentations on Thursday, December 30 and Friday, December 31.

The Inside Story: A Hidden Agenda
Rex has second thoughts about his most recent job offer. Meanwhile, Aubrey thinks Kelly is still in love with Joey on Monday, December 27. A sudden phone call forces Aubrey to change her plans. Rex decides to move forward with his latest assignment. On Tuesday, December 28, Clint's guilty conscience begins to catch up with him. Viki is asked by Clint to help talk some sense into Joey. Later, Kelly and Joey begin to inch closer. Aubrey makes a horrifying discovery while reading a French magazine. Rex reports his findings back to Kelly. By Wednesday, December 29, Aubrey takes drastic action to keep Kelly from uncovering her secret. And, as the midnight hour on New Year's Eve approaches, Joey and Aubrey get affectionate -- but not with one another.

A Closer Look: Timing is Everything
John and Natalie attend a Lamaze class on Monday, December 27, and disagree on a wedding date. Eventually deciding to wed sooner rather than later, Marty prepares to enact her revenge on the happy couple. Hell-bent on settling the score with Natalie, Marty places the final touches on her plan to ruin her life. Meanwhile, Natalie and John ask Jessica and Brody to be there as they get married. On Wednesday, December 29, Jessica and Brody arrive to watch the impromptu wedding ceremony, while Marty lies in waiting.

Soap Opera Network

Monday December 27 Preview:

Matthew has a hard time containing his anger toward Bo.

Nora walks in on Matthew and Bo fighting over the affair.

Bo is forced to tell Nora the truth.

Darren puts together a surprise meeting for Destiny and Mr. Evans.

Aubrey takes a mysterious call then backs out of a date with Joey.

John wants to get married now.


Spoilers For The Week Of Jan 3rd

A woman mourns for a lost love.

Someone receives some bad news.

A realization is made about a person who is up to no good.

One woman gets bitch slapped.

Alcohol is used to dull the pain of unrequited love.

A mysterious package is exposed.

And will someone finally reveal the secret they are holding over another?

Soap Opera Network

Monday- Marty’s arrival at the hearing room derails John and Natalie’s wedding ceremony. Jessica is beset by a terrible pain in her abdomen and John and Brody rush her to the hospital.

Tuesday- Viki gets called by John with the news that Jessica is in the hospital. John waits for Natalie at the hospital, who is still at the hearing room confronting Marty over her attempt to break up their wedding by revealing the truth about Brody. Marty is about to run off to the hospital and Natalie stops her but Marty falls, hitting her head.

Thursday- John finds Brody waiting anxiously for the results of Jessica’s tests and is concerned that he hasn’t heard from Natalie since the previous night. Natalie, meanwhile, has brought Marty to the Buchanan Lodge, where she intends to keep her while she returns to Llanview to tell John everything about her baby’s paternity. As Natalie plans to leave, however, she feels her first labor pain.

Friday- About to abandon Marty at the Buchanan lodge, Natalie goes into labor. She asks Marty to drive her into town. Marty points out that Natalie had no mercy where Marty’s child was concerned, and she refuses to help Natalie with hers. Marty leaves Natalie helpless and about to have her baby. Jessica awaits test results with Brody, Clint, Viki and Charlie. Vivian tells them Jessica has a condition that puts her and the baby at risk, and it’s caused by scar tissue from a gunshot wound. Clint blasts Charlie, who is the one who shot Jessie in the abdomen. Jessica does not want to have the urgent c-section because she is scared the baby’s not ready, but after Viki and Brody plead with her to protect herself too, she agrees.

VCR Alerts

Monday, 1/3 Will Marty derail John and Natalie’s wedding ceremony?

Tuesday, 1/4
In a confrontation with Natalie, Marty falls and hits her head.

Thursday, 1/6 Natalie feels her first labor pain.

Friday, 1/7 Will Marty leave Natalie helpless?



Will Marty ruin Natalie's wedding day?
David plots his escape.
Natalie has labor pains.
Nora has it out with Inez.
Blair opens the box.

Soap Opera Network

Spoilers For The Week Of Jan 10th

ABC World News Now" and "America This Morning" co-anchor Vinita Nair is set to make her "One Life" debut as the doctor on call when a Llanview resident is rushed to the hospital after going into labor.

It appears that, despite Marty's threats of outing Natalie's baby secret, there is still some good in her as she tends to her nemesis when she begins having contractions, and ensures that she makes to the ER in time to give birth.

Meanwhile, John remains in the dark as he stands vigil at his fiancé's bedside as the news reporter, playing the Under 5 role of Dr. Nair (no less), gives her some words of reassurance regarding her condition.

Look for her scenes to air on Tuesday, January 11.

Soap Opera Network

VCR Alerts

Monday, 1/10 Is the woman who wants to destroy Natalie going to be the person who helps her?

Tuesday, 1/11 John finds Marty holding Natalie’s newborn baby.

Friday, 1/14 Marty sinks deeper into psychosis.

Roxy confronts Marty about her shenanigans.



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Jan 2011 Preview From Soap Opera Network

Bo and Nora's new year gets off to a very rocky start.

Marty loses touch with reality.

Dorian goes undercover.

James makes Starr jealous.

Clint actions come back to haunt him.

Jessica's baby is at risk, as is Natalie's -- but for two very different reasons

OLTL's Sam and Jack SORAS'ed

LoPorto Off OLTL
Eagle-eyed OLTL viewers may have noticed a slightly older Sam (talking about Santa) in the Manning household. Patrick Gibbons Jr. is now playing the role. Next to be recast is wise-cracking Jack, who was played by Carmen LoPorto for the last 3 1/2 years. LoPorto made the announcement on his Facebook page. "I got a call this week that they SORAS'ed Jack and I am no longer a member of the Manning Family. It's been fun and an experience that I will never forget. Thank You All Again. Here's to bigger and better things to come in 2011." No word on who will play the older Jack.


Week of 1/3

From SOD:

OLTL: On Monday, January 3, Aubrey reunites with her mystery man.

On Tuesday, January 4, Dorian pines for David.

Blair opens the mystery box from Eli on Thursday, January 6.
"[The box] kicks off a big story for Blair," previews Head Writer Ron Carlivati.

Coming up, which includes Cable Guide and SOD Sneak Peeks...

Natalie goes into labor.

Nora refuses to accept Bo's apologies.

Inez is slapped by Nora.

Rama, Vimal's wife, will stir things up for a few people.

Clint's scheme starts to unravel, which leads Bo straight to Clint.

Blair opens Eli's safe deposit box, which leads her to a mystery man.

David ends up caught while trying to escape.

David seeks revenge on Clint and Rex.

Clint asks Viki for help in regards to Joey.

Cutter arrives on the scene and will be involved with Kelly, Joey and Aubrey.

Cutter, who knows Aubrey, could be the key to helping Kelly get dirt on Aubrey.


Marty is poised to spill Natalie's secret

Marty takes a fall during a heated confrontation with Natalie

Kelly decides to get drunk

David makes a daring attempt to escape

Dorian can't stop thinking about David

Starr opens up about what happened between her and James

Inez faces Nora


Marty prepares to pounce on Natalie and John’s wedding—with the truth of the paternity test… Natalie bowls over with cramping, requiring an immediate trip to the hospital’s delivery room… David proceeds to evacuate from his Middle Eastern confines and throttle Clint… Nora and Inez throw down about Bo… Blair finally swallows some courage and sees what Eli left her in that dreadful box.


One Life to Live
(The Pain)

John and Brody rush Jessica to the hospital; Blair and Cristian pull back from one another.

One Life to Live
(The Post-Kiss)

Starr confides in Langston about her kiss with James; Nora slaps Inez.

One Life to Live
(The Box)

Blair opens a mysterious box from Eli; Dorian tries to move on with her love life.

One Life to Live
(Labor Pains)

Natalie goes into labor; Jessica learns her fate.



Monday: Marty plots to ruin Natalie's wedding day. Aubrey reconnects with Cutter. Kelly gets drunk.

Tuesday: David tries to escape. Dorian thinks of David. Marty has an accident.

Wednesday: Starr confides in Langston. Nora confronts Inez. Clint gives David some bad news.

Thursday: Natalie goes into labor. Blair finally opens the box. James tells Starr it's time to move on.

Friday: Will Marty help Natalie? Téa thinks she knows who killed Eddie. Dorian catches on to what Echo is up to.

Soap Opera Network

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — A look at what's happening on "One Life to Live" during the week of January 3, 2011.


David's escape attempt hits a brick wall on Tuesday, January 4, while the residents of Llanview watch his Have-A-Seat hemorrhoid commercial on TV. Viki offers Dorian some love advice. Rex is tormented over keeping Clint's secret about David. After receiving some bad news from Clint, David manages to contact Dorian. And on Friday, January 7, Dorian grows wise to Echo's latest scheme and follows her and Charlie to an AA meeting.

The Inside Story: Keeping Secrets
Marty crashes John and Natalie's wedding on Monday, January 3. In severe pain, Jessica is rushed to the hospital. Viki takes her place at Jessica's bedside. Natalie has it out with Marty on Wednesday, January 5. John is concerned about Natalie. Marty suffers an accident. Natalie's plan to keep Marty quiet backfires when she starts having labor pains. Natalie's pleas fall on deaf ears on Friday, January 7. Vivian gives Jessica some troubling news about the baby. Clint lashes out at Charlie, blaming him for his daughter's predicament. And Viki and Brody persuade Jessica to go ahead with a risky medical procedure.

A Closer Look: Love is Overrated
Joey and Kelly nearly kiss on Monday, January 3. Kelly shares her suspicions with Rex. Gigi wants some alone time with Rex, while Kelly hits the sauce. Cristian gets a surprise when he calls Layla. Aubrey and Cutter reconnect. Nora continues to keep her distance from Bo. Matthew questions Nora. Starr confides to Langston about her New Year's Eve with James. Blair and Cristian wake up next to one another. Rex suggests to Bo that Inez may be lying. Meanwhile, Nora gives Inez a piece of her mind. Later, Inez gets emotional when Bo confronts her. James talks to Starr about their future. Starr and Dorian have a nice chat on Thursday, January 6. Blair sees herself in the contents of Eli's box. After talking with Bo, John places renewed suspicion on Inez regarding the murder of Eddie Ford. And Téa's actions prove to be in vain when Nate makes a confession.

Soap Opera Network

Monday January 3 Preview:

Marty derails the wedding.

Brody and John rush Jessica to the hospital after she starts experiencing pain.

Kelly drinks her sorrows away at Capricorn and talks to Rex about the French magazine.

A man answers the phone when Cris calls Layla's room.

Aubrey and her mystery man catch up.


SOD Spoilers

Bo begs Nora for forgiveness

Rex confides in Bo his belief that Inez drugged Bo

John joins Rex and Bo in their hunt for the truth.

Nora and Inez have a huge blow out at Nate's arraignment

On Jan 7: Tea discusses with Todd her belief that Inez may have killed Eddie
and Charlie is tempted to drink


Week of 1/10

(Natalie's Baby is Born)

Marty helps Natalie deliver her baby

Kelly tells Joey that Aubrey is being unfaithful.



Joey stands by his woman.
Roxy goes after Marty.
Charlie struggles with his demons.
Blair seeks Cristian's help.
Marty goes off the deep end.

Soap Opera Network

SOD Spoilers

Jan 10: Joey takes Aubrey's side during a talk with Kelly


Week of 1/17

Accusations are hurled at someone who is rightfully to blame.

One person makes a surprising confession.

An accomplice comes clean.

The green-eyed monster of jealousy rears its ugly head.

A woman asks her adversary's old flame a few questions.

Things get sultry in the steam room.

And someone may take something that doesn't belong to them.

Soap Opera Network

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New Jack Cast On OLTL
Andrew Trischitta has been cast as the slightly aged Jack on ONE LIFE TO LIVE, replacing Carmen LoPorto. Jack will now be about 15 years old. Trischitta's recent gigs are commercials for Ring Pops and Ruby Tuesday. His first airdate is February 22.


"One Life to Live" comings and goings for the month of January and beyond.

With Cristian's relationship with Layla (Tika Sumpter) already on shaky ground since he saw her picture in a magazine on the arm of her boss Steffan, don't expect the couple to have a happy reunion when Sumpter makes her second appearance since going on recurring status nearly six months ago. On Friday, January 21 and Monday, January 24, the two meet up in Paris, where Layla makes a confession to Cristian. Could it be the final nail in the coffin for the long-distance lovebirds? On a related note, be sure to catch Sumpter in her recurring role on the BET series "The Game" beginning Tuesday, January 11, and look for her to make her a guest appearance on the CW's "Gossip Girl," on January 24.

Also on January 21, daytime veteran Ted King makes his "One Life" debut as Tomas, when Blair pays him a visit while in Paris seeking information about the portrait she found in the box Eli left for her.

Shenaz Treasurywala first airs as Vimal Patal's (Nick Choksi) wife Rama on Thursday, January 20 when Clint's lackey, suffering from a guilty conscience, confides in her.

Andrew Trischitta's first airdate as the new Jack Manning will be on Tuesday, February 22. Meanwhile, fans of the Carmen LoPorto (the previous Jack) will be able to see him on TV again soon. He recently taped a Public Service Announcement for First Lady Michelle Obama's "Let's Move!" campaign, which promotes a healthy, physically active lifestyle for the youth of America. No word on exactly when the PSA is expected to begin airing.

Author Peter Straub will turn up in Llanview again on Monday, February 7, when John McBain needs some advice from his late father's old partner Pete Braust. Straub tweeted last month that "At last, I believe I'm beginning to make sense of my lines. This is pretty interesting. Pete Braust carries the scenes!"

Sean Ringgold appears again as the eldest Evans' sibling Shaun on Monday, January 24, when Darren (J.J. Singleton) needs his help to keep back in Destiny's good graces.

Roxy Balsom (Ilene Kristen) messes with the wrong person when she confronts a mentally unstable Marty on Friday, January 14. Look for Roxy to bite off more than she can chew, which causes her a lot of trouble.

Austin Williams is back as Shane Morasco later this month, when it is revealed that he has been hiding something school related from his parents -- and with good reason.

Speaking of Fords, upcoming January airdates for Robert Ford (David A. Gregory) include the 13th, 18th, 20th, 26th, and 27th.

If you thought Michelle, the girl who talked to James at the end of Thursday's episode, looked familiar, than you were right. The actress behind the recurring character is none other than 17-year-old Vivien Cardone, who played the daughter of Treat Williams' character, Dr. Andy Brown, on the 2002-2006 WB primetime drama series "Everwood." In the weeks to come, look for Starr to grow increasingly jealous of James' new lady friend, especially when she invites him to an upcoming school function. For more information on the role of Michelle, click here to read a summary of the audition script, which was released back in November.

Alex Tavis' Moroccan guard character's full name is Amir-Rashad. Tavis made his "OLTL" debut on Tuesday, January 4. His character is the one who searched David Vickers' cell for his spoon (not the one who gave David his cell phone), and is expected to appear again soon. As for the other guard, who is named Kahid, he is played by Donnie Keshawaz. He has appeared as Yusuf Auda on "24" and Essam Tasir on "Lost," among others.

And, according to reports, Stephanie Mirabella, an 18-year-old senior at East Brunswick (New Jersey) High School, recently was offered a one-year contract to be an extra on the soap opera 'One Life to Live.'"

More dayplayer characters will be appearing in upcoming episodes.

http://www.soapoperanetwork.com/soaps/o ... -8-edition#

How you doin’? Looks like talk show host and author Wendy Williams is doin’ just fine as she gets set to tape two episodes of ABC’s One Life to Live on Jan. 12, according to a show rep. Williams will bring her signature sense of fun from her syndicated show to her role as Phyllis Rose, host of the fictional Access Llanview. Seems like she will take on the show’s reigning family when she hosts a special edition of Access Llanview called “The Buchanans, A Family Under Siege.” The episodes will air on March 2 and March 28, the latter of which will also include an appearance by Kourtney Kardashian.

http://insidetv.ew.com/2011/01/10/wendy ... e-to-live/

In the aftermath of Cristian (David Fumero) and Layla's break-up when Tika Sumper briefly returns later this month, Cristian receives some much needed comfort in the arms of a very familiar face before leaving Paris. On Tuesday, January 25, look for him to be consoled by his cousin (and Fumero's real-life wife) Adriana Cramer (Melissa Fumero).

Tonya Walker returns to "One Life to Live" as fan favorite Alex Olanov.

The actress, who has played the lovable villainess off and on since 1990 is making her way back to Llanview. Walker announced this evening on her Facebook page that "Yes it is true! I have been asked back to 'One Life to Live' for One Day or One Week! Who knows? Who Cares?! I am just thrilled and grateful. But now I have to get ready to go back in front of the camera again... I am thinking of starting to video tape that journey tomorrow. Would anyone watch it? Let me know ok? 30 days til... 'One Life' Could start tomorrow..."

Walker, who originated the role of Alex in 1990, left the show in 1997. She returned again for brief stints in 2001, 2002, 2007, and 2009. She also played Lizbeth Bachman on "Capitol" from 1982-86, and Marine Green on "Guiding Light" from 2003-2004. A former Miss Teen All-American and Miss Maryland USA, Walker also produced the 2007 award winning family film "The Derby Stallion," which co-starred Zach Efron.

No word yet on what brings Alex back to Llanview or exactly when viewers can expect to begin seeing her onscreen. SON will continue to follow the story and bring you further details as they develop.

http://www.soapoperanetwork.com/soaps/o ... ck-to-life#


Ted King debuts as Tomas on Jan 21. The oil painting that Eli left for Blair leads her and Cristian to Paris to unravel the mystery surrounding it. RC says that there will be a mystery surrounding Tomas. RC says he will be introduced through Blair but it's going to have a ripple effect. Tomas has ties to someone else in Llanview. RC questions what would be the fun if they were just strangers? While in Paris, Blair & Cristian will also encounter Layla. The run in will have a real impact on Cristian and Layla's future.

Coming Soon Spoilers Incl. SOD Sneak Peeks

Rex and Gigi become involved in a new story, which also includes Shane.

Matthew overhears Nora going off on Clint.

Inez incriminates Clint.

Inez confess to Bo and Nora.

Bo plans to trap Clint.

Vimal confesses about everything he did for Clint.

Rama, Vimal's wife, stirs things up for a few people.

Echo confronts Clint with Dorian's suspicions.

Clint's scheme starts to unravel, which leads Bo straight back to Clint.

Aubrey becomes mixed up in Clint's drama.

Kelly finds Cutter in the steam room.

Cutter kisses Kelly.

Kelly warns Joey that Aubrey is being unfaithful to him.

Cutter ends up lying to Joey.

Eli's safe deposit box leads Blair to a mystery man.

Cris and Blair go to Paris to investigate the source of the painting.

Layla comes face to face with Cris and Blair.

Tomas is introduced to Blair.

Tomas has a connection to someone in Llanview.

Tomas has a very big impact on Blair's life.

Todd is pulled into a big mystery with Blair.

David seeks revenge on Clint and Rex.


Spoilers For The Week Of Jan 17th

Accusations are hurled at someone who is rightfully to blame.

One person makes a surprising confession.

An accomplice comes clean.

The green-eyed monster of jealousy rears its ugly head.

A woman asks her adversary's old flame a few questions.

Things get sultry in the steam room.

And someone may take something that doesn't belong to them.

Soap Opera Network

Monday, 1/17 Will Marty steal Natalie’s baby?

Thursday, 1/20 Vimal confesses everything about the work he’s done for Clint.

Jan. 17-21: Kelly runs into Cutter in the steam room. Echo confronts Clint about what Dorian thinks. Cutter kisses Kelly. Starr flips out when she sees James with another girl. Vimal makes a surprising confession. Marty continues her bizarre behavior. Ted King joins the show as Tomas.



Inez makes an admission.
Bo sets a trap.
Kelly seeks Ford's help.
Starr is jealous.
Echo confronts Clint.

Soap Opera Network

(Marty Escapes)

Marty is taken away to get treatment; Kelly and Aubrey get into a heated argument.

(No Sex)

Inez reveals her scheme; Cutter plants a kiss on Kelly.


John and Todd prepare for the worst.


Marty is dangerously close to Natalie's baby

Inez comes clean

Inez implicates Clint

Echo has a talk with Clint

Kelly meets Cutter

Things heat up between Kelly and Cutter

Kelly is curious what Ford knows about Aubrey and Cutter

Vimal makes a full confession


Blair and Cristian go to Paris to pursue the meaning of the oil painting… While in Paris, Cris and Blair will see Layla and a new character named Tomas (played by Ted King/ex-Luis, Lorezno GH)… Tomas will know another character already in Llanview… Inez comes clean with Bo and Nora… Bo and Nora will soon find Clint out… Inez tries to out Clint as the puppetmaster to all this evil… Bo has a man-to-man talk with Clint, to get to the bottom of this mess… Bo plots an ambush of Clint… Echo deals with Clint, trying to get him to talk about Dorian and her theories… Watching James go out with someone else aggravates Starr, who lets it show… Marty keeps becoming unraveled mentally… Kelly meets Cutter while taking a steam bath. Hot!... Cutter puts his lips on Kelly’s… Kelly tries to enlist Ford into doing something for her.



Monday: Will Marty take off with Natalie's baby? Inez confesses. Kelly meets Cutter.

Tuesday: Inez admits Clint blackmailed her. Echo confronts Clint. Cuter and Kelly share a kiss.

Wednesday: (Encore presentation of 02/26/06 episode): John and Todd work to avoid a plane crash. Natalie tries to persuade Cristian not to fight. Tess thinks Jessica's loved ones want to get rid of her.

Thursday: Bo blames Clint. Kelly asks Ford about Aubrey. Vimal confides in his wife.

Friday: Bo sets a trap. Starr doesn't like what she sees. Blair meets Tomas while in Paris.

Soap Opera Network

TV Guide: Ted King's mysterious role on OLTL


Vive la difference! Former General Hospital baddie Ted King is cleaning up his act and moving to One Life to Live on January 21 as a struggling Parisian artist simply known as Tomas. The mystery man's last name is hush-hush for now because it'll eventually be revealed that he's related to a certain someone in Llanview. He'll also be the new love interest for Blair Cramer, the heartbreak heroine played by Kassie DePaiva. The plot: Blair jets to Paris to track down Tomas - whom she's never met - to find out why he painted a portrait of her. It's not just any portrait, but one copied from a photo taken of Blair at one of her weddings to Todd (back when Roger Howarth was playing the role...cue the Howarth rumors!).

"I'm turning my world upside down for this job," says King, who became a dad for the first time this past October and then had to relocate his wife and newborn from L.A. to New York. Yes, the deal is that good. "I was negotiating with another soap when I got the offer from OLTL," King says. "[Exec producer] Frank Valentini told me everything I wanted to hear. That included an opportunity you don't often get in this business: I got to co-create the role. Hopefully, we can carve out something together that's really special."

Tomas, he says, is a recluse with a secret much bigger than his connection to Llanview. "He's a little out of touch with reality - the kind of guy who'll go buy a beautiful bottle of Bordeaux instead of paying his rent," King says. "I love the character's spontaneity. He wants to live in the moment and doesn't care about the practical things in life."

And he's ripe for the pickin'. Says King: "Tomas and Blair sit down and share some wine and it's clear she's on a bigger journey in life, one that's about much more than a painting. She's looking to connect with someone on a whole other level. It's beautifully written."

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Daytime Royalty


Todd takes Starr by surprise.
Clint gives Joey a choice.
Echo makes an alarming discovery.
Rex and Gigi are concerned about Shane.
Kelly is caught red-handed.

Starr is surprised by Todd's suggestion about James

Cris is hurt by Layla's affair with Steffen

Darren is determined to win back Destiny

Rex and Gigi learn that Shane has been skipping classes

Echo discovers that Shane is a victim of cyber bullying

Kelly decides to date Cutter to find out what Aubrey is up to

The babies are named

Dorian decides to hire Rex to snoop into Clint's recent activities

Blair talks to Todd about the portrait


Monday, 1/24
Starr’s thrown when her father encourages her to be with James.
Cristian is shocked to discover Layla slept with Steffen.
Darren convinces Shaun to help him get Destiny back.

Tuesday, 1/25
Dorian and Viki remain determined to get Echo out of their lives.
Rex and Gigi get a letter from Shane’s school alerting them to his skipping classes.
Kelly decides to go after inside information about Aubrey by dating Cutter.

Wednesday, 1/26
Clint offers Joey two options for his future.
Kelly is busted snooping in Cutter’s room.
Natalie and Jessica name their sons.

Thursday, 1/27
Dorian tells Rex she wants to hire him as a PI, to investigate Clint.
Aubrey threatens Clint.
Bo confronts Clint about Ford, the beating and the money.

Friday, 1/28
Will Aubrey make the dramatic decision to expose Clint’s manipulations?
Blair tells Todd about the mysterious artist who painted her portrait.
Echo discovers a cyberbullying messages on Shane’s MyFace page.


(The Portrait)

Todd encourages Starr to be with James; Nora questions Clint

(Troublesome Pictures)

Echo posts some controversial photos; Rex and Gigi learn about Shane's troublesome behavior

(The Options)

Clint delivers two offers for Joey; Aubrey bumps into someone from her past

(Believing Ford)

Bo believes Ford is telling the truth; Michelle tries to persuade Starr to come to the Valentine's Day dance


Jessica and Brody and John and Natalie name their baby's godparents; Aubrey decides to expose Clint



Cristian is floored by Layla's confession. Adriana consoles Cristian on Wednesday, January 26. Matthew and Destiny bond. Dorian and Viki remain determined to get rid of Echo. Meanwhile, Echo takes to MyFace to settle the score with Dorian. Rex is asked to investigate Clint by Dorian, whose words weigh heavily on his mind. Echo cozies up to Charlie, and later makes an alarming discovery regarding Shane on Friday, January 28. Natalie and Jessica each choose the same name for their sons. Viki tells Echo to stay away from the christening. Jessica and Brody choose godparents for their son, as to Natalie and John. Rex and Gigi are concerned about Shane. Starr is surprised by Todd's about face regarding James. And Michelle attempts to persuade Starr to go to the Valentine's Day dance.

The Inside Story: Fall From Grace
Clint realizes that Bo is using Inez to set him up on Monday, January 24. Nora rattles Clint's cage. Cutter thinks Aubrey is starting to fall for Joey. Kelly uses Cutter to get dirt on Aubrey. Clint issues Joey an ultimatum regarding his future. Rama confides in Aubrey. Bo and John brainstorm on ways to prove Clint's guilt. Kelly is caught red-handed by Cutter. Ford and James learn the hard way that payback's a real bitch. Aubrey vows to expose Clint at the babies christening on Thursday, January 27. Ford maintains his innoncence. Aubrey reassures Cutter. Bo questions Clint. Kelly and Cutter go out on a date. And Clint remains unfazed by Aubrey's announcement on Friday, January 28.

A Closer Look: Strange Encounters
Blair is taken aback when Tomas claims to know her on Monday, January 24. Tomas confirms to Blair that he was the one who painted the portrait of her. Furthermore, he throws her for a loop when he hands her something familiar. Afterward, Blair returns the painting. Back in Llanview, Todd and Téa put together a photo album, only to find a picture missing. And on Friday, January 28, Blair tells Todd of her strange encounter in Paris. Meanwhile, Tomas contemplates a trip to Llanview.

Soap Opera Network

Monday January 24:

Shaun agrees to help Darren get Destiny back.

Starr's stunned when Todd urges her to be with James.

Clint realizes Inez is wearing a wire in an attempt to implicate him in Eddie's murder.

Nora shakes Clint up a bit and vows, along with Bo, to connect Clint to Eddie's gun.

Cris hears the details about who Layla slept with.

Tomas admits to Blair that he painted her portrait from a photo.


Tomas explains that he painted Blair’s portrait from a photograph, and he produces a photograph of her and Todd from their wedding in 1995. Tomas says he found the photograph. Tomas suggests that Blair can find even greater happiness than she knew at the time the photo was taken. Blair returns the portrait to Tomas and takes the photo. Meanwhile, Todd and Tea are creating an album of photos from their own wedding and in the process come across an old album from Todd and Blair’s wedding, and there is a photo missing from the album. Todd returns the photo album to Blair and when she comes across the spot where the missing photo should be, she realizes that the photo she found in Paris belongs there. Blair tells Todd about the mysterious artist who painted her portrait. Tomas considers taking a trip.

Clint is facing assault on multiple fronts. Clint figures out that Inez is wearing a wire and trying to implicate him in Eddie’s murder. Nora rattles Clint’s cage. Bo and Nora are determined to tie Clint to the murder weapon. Bo and John work together and realize that whoever has the $50,000 that Clint paid Eddie is likely the murderer. When Clint has Ford fired and James’s grant revoked, Ford goes to John and Bo. Clint has evidence planted to make Ford look guilty for Eddie’s murder. Ford admits that Clint gave him money and had him beaten up. Bo questions Clint about Ford’s beating and the money. Aubrey and Cutter continue plotting to scam Joey. Aubrey suggests being Mrs. Joey Buchanan may be the best way to get their hands on Joey’s fortune. Clint insists that if Joey doesn’t get a prenuptial agreement from Aubrey, he will be disinherited. Aubrey runs into her old friend Rama, Vimal’s wife, who fills her in on all Vimal has done for Clint. Aubrey confronts Clint and threatens to expose his DNA scheme if he doesn’t back off disinheriting Joey. When Clint doesn’t back down, Aubrey prepares to expose him in a dramatic way. Dorian and Echo play a game of cyber cat and mouse which provokes Dorian to hire Rex to investigate Clint. Dorian admits to Rex that she believes Clint, not Charlie, is really his father.

Rex and Gigi learn Shane has been skipping school. Echo discovers cyberbullying on Shane’s MyFace page. Natalie and John ask Rex and Gigi to be godparents to their baby, while Brody and Jessica ask Joey and Kelly. Kelly gets closer to Cutter to investigate Aubrey. Cristian and Layla have a sad parting. Destiny and Matthew connect.

Cristian is shocked to discover Layla slept with Steffen and they have a bittersweet parting. Matthew and Destiny connect on Monday, January 24.

Blair’s thrown when Tomas produces a photo of her and Todd at their 1995 wedding which he found by chance on Tuesday, January 25.

Natalie and Jessica get down to the business of naming their sons but unknowingly pick the same name on Wednesday, January 26.

Aubrey confronts Clint about his having disinherited Joey. She leaves him with the threat that she’ll blow up his DNA-switching activities if he does on Thursday, January 27.

Jessica and Brody ask Joey and Kelly to be their baby’s godparents. John and Natalie ask Gigi and Rex to be their baby’s godparents. The christening goes well until Aubrey steps forward to address the crowd on Friday, January 28.

Soap Opera Source

Blair wonders how Tomas knows her

Tomas reveals that he painted the portrait of her

Blair realizes that Tomas used a picture of her 1995 wedding to Todd to paint the portrait

Tomas offers Blair a new adventure, but she declines

Tomas contemplates following Blair to Llanview

Todd and Téa are puzzled when they discover a picture missing from a photo album

Todd hates seeing Starr unhappy and lonely, so he encourages her to date James

Clint is wise to Inez's attempt to record their conversation

Nora manages to rattle Clint

Nora and Bo attempt to tie the gun that killed Eddie to Clint

Bo and John realize that the killer would have the cash that Clint gave to the boys to payoff Eddie

Clint takes steps to make Ford look guilty

Kelly learns about Ford's past with Aubrey

Kelly continues to dig into Aubrey's past

Aubrey suggests that it will be easier to get her hands on Joey's money as his wife

Cutter fears that Aubrey has feelings for Joey

Cutter surprises Kelly while she's sneaking around his room

Joey offers Cutter a job with Buchanan Enterprises

Clint threatens to disown Joey if Aubrey doesn't sign a prenuptial agreement before the wedding

Aubrey's old friend, Rama, gives Aubrey some ammunition

Echo tries to turn the tables on Dorian by posting a picture of Dorian at an AA meeting

Dorian decides to hire Rex to investigate Clint

Rex is stunned when Dorian shares her suspicions about Clint being his father

Viki makes it clear that Echo is not welcomed at the christening

Adriana is on hand after Cris and Layla break up

Jessica and Natalie choose the same name for their sons

Joey and Kelly are asked to be the godparents of Jessica's son

Natalie asks Rex and Gigi to be her son's godparents

Audrey decides to make an announcement at the christening


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thank you for all the spoilers and the article one Ted King. I started watching OLTL again, and I am liking the Blair and Tomas storyline.