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Daytime Royalty


Inez is shocked by Clint's proposition. (Soap Opera Digest)
Echo grows increasingly involved in Viki and Charlie's lives. (Soap Opera Digest)
Dani and Nate decide to have sex. (Soap Opera Digest)
Dorian spots Echo and Charlie kissing. (Soap Opera Digest)
Rex keeps a close eye on Marty. (Soap Opera Weekly)
Inez has a condition for Clint. (Soap Opera Weekly)
Starr makes an admission to Blair. (Soap Opera Weekly)
Joey surprises his family. (Soap Opera Weekly)
Kelly prepares to profess her love to Joey. (Soap Opera Weekly)
Clint sends an armed Eddie on a secret errand. (Soap Opera Weekly)
Nora is in extreme danger. (Cable Guide Spoilers)
Dorian wants Echo to confess. (Cable Guide Spoilers)
Dani and Nate's romantic evening comes to an end. (Cable Guide Spoilers)

http://www.soapoperanetwork.com/soaps/o ... 22-edition

Monday 11/29 -- (The Odd Proposal)
Clint shocks Inez with his idea;
Nate and Dani learn that Eddie struck James.

Tuesday 11/30 -- (The Encounter)
Joey and Kelly run into each other;
Dani and Nate take their relationship to the next level.

Wednesday 12/1 -- (Kelly's Feelings)
Kelly is nervous about revealing her feelings to Joey;
Nora and Bo battle it out.

Thursday 12/2 -- (The Fight)
Starr and Marty argue about Hannah;
Dorian seeks answers from Echo.

Friday 12/3 -- (The Abduction)
Eddie takes Nora to a motel to keep her hidden;
Dorian spies on Echo and Charlie.

From Soapscene Board

Ford reaches out to Clint

Echo causes tension between Viki and Charlie

Dorian spots Echo and Charlie in a lip-lock

Kelly is surprised to see Joey

Joey has some surprising news

Dani and Nate make a decision about sex

Starr thinks she's being unfaithful to Cole because she has feelings for James

Eddie gets his hands on some cash and a gun thanks to Clint

Nora is in danger

Rex questions what Marty is up to


More details

Monday: Ford asks Clint for help. Inez is shocked by Clint's propisition that she sleep with Bo. Another warm moment between Starr and James is interrupted.

Tuesday: Echo continues to stick her nose in Viki and Charlie's lives. Joey and Kelly meet again. Dani and Nate decide to have sex.

Wednesday: Starr confesses to Blair that she feels like she's cheating on Cole when she is with James. Kelly is anxious to proclaim her love for Joey. Inez agrees to Clint's proposal, but with a condition.

Thursday: Starr and Marty argue about Hannah. Clint hands Eddie a gun and has a job for him. Dorian is determinded to get a confession from Echo.

Friday: Dorian oversees Echo and Charlie kissing. Rex is suspicious of Marty's behavior. Joey has some important news for the his family. Nora finds herself in a particular dangerous situation.

From Soap Opera Network

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — A look at what's happening on "One Life to Live" during the week of November 29, 2010.


Another romantic moment between Starr and James is interrupted by news about Cole on Monday, November 29. Dani and Nate decide it's time to lose their virginity. Not long after, however, they change their mind and decide to wait until the time is right. Starr confronts Todd regarding the restraining order against Marty, and later gets into an altercation with her over Hannah. And Todd hires Rex to ensure that Marty keeps her distance from Starr and Hope on Thursday, December 2.

The Inside Story: Bullies

Inez is shocked when Clint suggests she sleep with Bo on Monday, November 29. Meanwhile, Eddie adds fuel to the fire as Bo and Nora argue over Inez. Nate and Dani learn that Eddie hit James. Across town, Ford needs Clint's help. Inez's attempt to alert Bo of his brother's plan is sidetracked. Clint hands Ford the money he owes his father. While looking for Starr on Tuesday, November 30, Todd encounters James and learns about his predicament. Todd relates his own history with Peter Manning, and informs the young man that murder is the only option to stop an abuser, giving James some serious food for thought. Eddie encounters Dani and taunts her, and later warns Inez to keep Bo and their boys out of his business. Later, Todd threatens Eddie as well, ordering him to stay away from his girls. Inez agrees to Clint's proposition, but only if it will get Eddie out of Llanview. Bo and Nora continue to argue about Inez. James is embarrassed that everyone knows his dad hit him. Ford hands Eddie the money and tells him leave town. However, on Thursday, December 2, Clint hands Eddie a gun and some cash and sends him on an errand. Eddie does as he is told and kidnaps Nora and takes her to a motel. And Clint uses Nora's cell phone to send Bo a cryptic message.

A Closer Look: Two Girls, One Guy

Joey gets caught up on the latest family gossip on Monday, November 29. Kelly, meanwhile, heads home from London, still planning to profess her love to Joey. Once back in Llanview, Kelly stops by Llanfair only to discover that Joey left only moments earlier. Natalie meets John at the airport when he returns from spending Thanksgiving with Michael and Marcie in Seattle. Kelly confesses to Rex that she's going to tell Joey she loves him on Tuesday, November 30. Unfortunately, at that very same moment, Joey and his new girlfriend Aubrey make love. Afterward, Joey and Kelly come face-to-face. Echo continues to stick her nose in Viki and Charlie's lives. Marty hands John a wrapped copy of Natalie's paternity test results which name Brody as the father of her baby on Wednesday, December 1. Kelly and Aubrey encounter one another while Joey invites his family to lunch so he can give them some big news. Meanwhile, Viki and Nora confide in one another about Echo and Inez. Dorian remains determined to get a confession out of Echo, who nearly spills the beans while intoxicated on Friday, December 3. Dorian eavesdrops as Charlie takes Echo home and share a kiss. Marty suddenly suffers a guilty conscience and takes away her "present" before John has a chance to open it. Suspicious, Rex wonders what Marty's present is. Kelly and Aubrey powder their noses together, unaware they are both looking for Joey. Kelly remains in the restroom while Aubrey hooks up with Joey, who tells Viki and Clint of their engagement.

From Soap Opera Network

Inez is shocked when Clint asks her to seduce Bo. Spurred by Eddie’s remarks, Bo and Nora have a heated argument about Inez. Ford seeks Clint’s help, and Clint gives Ford $50,000 to pay off Eddie and get him out of town, but later Clint puts a gun in Eddie’s hands and pays him to complete an assignment. Inez is prevented from telling Bo that Clint intends to use her to get to him and Nora. Dani and Nate plan to “go all the way” but later decide to wait awhile. Eddie finds Dani alone in Inez’s apartment and gives her a hard time. When Inez arrives, Eddie warns her to keep Bo and her boys away from him. While looking for Starr, Todd encounters James and learns Eddie hit him. Todd talks with James about his own childhood abuse, and vows death is the only way to stop and abuser. Todd warns Eddie to stay away from his kids. James is embarrassed everyone saw Eddie hit him. Viki and Nora share their woes about the interlopers in their love lives. Dorian tries to get a confession from a drunken Echo, but Charlie interrupts. Dorian sees Echo and Charlie kiss. Eddie kidnaps Nora and keeps her at a motel. Clint uses Nora’s phone to send Bo a message.

Natalie meets John at the airport when he returns from visiting Michael and Marcie. Marty gives John a “gift” but her conscience gets the better of her and she takes it back. Rex, who at Todd’s behest is keeping an eye on Marty, grows suspicious of her behavior. Kelly and Joey come face to face, but Kelly loses her nerve. Joey gets caught up on everything that’s been happening in Llanview while he’s been away. While Kelly plans to tell Joey how she feels about him, she remains unaware that Joey is introducing his family to Aubrey, the woman he plans to marry.

Another close moment between James and Starr is thwarted, this time by news about Cole on Monday, November 29.

Joey makes love to a new woman in his life. Joey and Kelly come face to face on Tuesday, November 30.

Todd bumps into Eddie and warns him to stay away from his kids. Inez tells Clint she’ll go through with his plan as long as he makes Eddie disappear on Wednesday, December 1.

Starr confronts Todd about the restraining order barring Marty from seeing Hope. Starr and Marty have it out about Hannah on Thursday, December 2.

John prepares to open Marty’s gift and Eddie hides Nora in a motel on Friday, December 3.

Spoilers for the Week of November 29, 2010

Bo and Nora get into a heated argument about Inez

Inez is on the verge of telling Bo about Clint's indecent proposal

Nate and Dani discover that Eddie beat James

Eddie finds Dani alone

Ford turns to Clint for help

Clint gives Ford the money to get rid of Eddie

Eddie warns Inez to back off

Inez agrees to seduce Bo if Clint takes care of Eddie

Clint hires Eddie for a job involving Nora

Starr gets news about Cole

Kelly is determined to declare her love for Joey

Joey introduces his fiancé to the family

Marty decides not to give John a paternity test that names Brody as the father of Natalie's baby

Todd hires Rex to keep close tabs on Marty

Rex is curious what Marty has in the gift-wrapped box

Todd recalls his own abusive childhood after he learns what happened to James

Todd gives James something to think about

Todd has a talk with Eddie

Starr learns that her father blocked Marty from seeing Hope

Viki and Nora talk about their problems with Echo and Inez


OLTL: Spoilers for the Week of Dec 6th

National Enquirer Spoilers

Nora tries to escape Eddie's captivity.

Eddie threatens Nora.

Matthew drops a bomb on Clint.

Inez drugs Bo.

John proposes to Natalie.

Something about James getting Eddie's gun.

Something about Ford wanting Cristian to give him boxing lessons

From Soapzone


Kelly prepares for the truth to come out. (ABC Soaps in Depth)
Bo gets a text from "Nora." (ABC Soaps in Depth)
Rex finds a copy of Natalie's test results. (ABC Soaps in Depth)
Dorian tells Viki what she saw. (ABC Soaps in Depth)
Dorian confronts Ford. (ABC Soaps in Depth)
Rex pays Natalie a visit. (Notational Enquirer)
Nora tries to make a break for it. (Notational Enquirer)
Matthew drops a bombshell on Clint. (Notational Enquirer)
Cristian gives Ford boxing lessons. (Notational Enquirer)
Inez drugs Bo and sets the trap. (Notational Enquirer)
James swipes Eddie's gun. (Cable Guide Spoilers)
John pops the question to Natalie (Cable Guide Spoilers)
Kelly lies to Joey about her and Kevin. (Cable Guide Spoilers)

From Soap Opera Network

One Life to Live
(The Paternity Results)
Aubrey tells Joey that she can't marry him; Rex discovers some interesting information at Marty's house

One Life to Live
(The Ring)

Kelly believes she may be receiving a ring from Joey; Dorian informs Viki about what she witnessed between Echo and Charlie

From Soapzone

Kelly is on the verge of telling Joey that she loves him

Kelly claims that she and Kevin have worked things out

Eddie sends Bo a text from Nora

Nora tries to flee her captor

Eddie gets rough with Nora

Rex gets his hands on the paternity test in Marty's house

Viki learns that Dorian saw Echo and Charlie kiss

Dorian is not pleased when she sees Ford and Aubrey together

Cristian teaches Ford how to box

Matthew decides to tell Bo what Clint has been up to

Inez slips Bo some drugs

James gets his hands on Eddie's gun

Natalie is surprised when John asks her to marry him


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Thanks for the spoilers.

I think Clint must have a brain tumor! He is getting meaner everyday.
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Daytime Royalty

The latest comings and goings for the month of December and beyond.

The Llanview PD is about to have another murder mystery on their hands when Eddie Ford (John Wesley Shipp) meets a grizzly fate on Tuesday, December 14. The long list of suspects includes his next of kin, his ex-wife, and yes, even Llanview's perennial suspect Todd Manning (Trevor St. John). But only one of them actually pulled the trigger. But which one?

Carolyn Hinsey wrote on her Facebook page on Monday that "Did you guys notice that 'coming attractions' are back on 'OLTL?' Look for a new open, new credits and a few new bumpers this week, too. Llanview is alive and well!" On a related note, the previews for the following episode returned with Monday's show (in addition to a few other changes) and the opening credits were updated to include Nic Robuck (James), along with Lenny Platt (Nate) and Sean Ringgold (Shaun), both of whom were recently upgraded from recurring to contract status with "One Life to Live," as well as a few new background graphics. The soap also began broadcasting in "digital widescreen" format on Monday.

Kourtney Kardashian's upcoming lawyer character now has a name -- Kassandra Kavanaugh. Look for her scenes to air sometime in March.

Destiny's (Shenell Edmonds) adoring boyrfiend Darren (J.J. Singleton) is back on Monday, December 27, when he arranges a little surprise for his lady love.

Get ready to see some more of Detective Theo Price. Max Tapper noted on his Facebook page on December 3 that he was "On my way in to the set. Late day today. Shooting scenes with Todd Manning, its gonna be goooood!"

Nick Choksi is back as Clint's (Jerry verDorn) hired hand Vimal Patal (who was last seen carrying out his orders in the DNA lab at Llanview Hospital) in scenes airing in the coming weeks.

Speaking of verDorn, he has posted some pictures on his website of how the fictional town of Llanview will be celebrating the Christmas holiday in upcoming episodes of "One Life to Live." Click here and here to check them out.

Upcoming airdates for David A. Gregory (Ford) include December 7, 9, 10, 13, 14, 20, 22, and 29.

"One Life to Live" has released four new audition scripts. The first, which is a "wide release," is for the role of "Barton." The scene opens with him him asking "Lily" what a nice girl like her is doing all alone on Valentine's Day. When she responds that she is waiting for her date to arrive, Barton suggests that he could be her date instead. She tells him no and to leave her alone. However, he asks Lily how long she intends to wait for her date, to which she responds that her date is on her way to meet her. Barton tells her that didn't realize she was a gay and apologizes. Then he asks her again where her date is. Lily says that he is not there yet. Confused Barton asks her if she is with a guy now. Lily responds that she only told him that she was dating a woman to get rid of him. As the scene ends, Barton seems relieved that she is not really a lesbian and Lily impatiently asks if there is anything at all that she can say to get rid of him permanently.

The next script is for the role of Repo, which is also a "wide release." The scene opens with him telling "Kelly" that his old lady is away so they can talk now. Kelly asks if they know one another. He responds that just a moment ago she was ready to shack up with him to get under her boyfriend's skin, and states that he is more than willing to help her out. Kelly informs him that she'll pass on the proposition, claiming that she is no slut. She also tells Repo that his girlfriend should dump him. Ticked off, he asks her what the hell her problem is. She fires back that he obviously has no respect for women. Repo orders her to shut up before he does something he might regret. He then tells her that her boyfriend needs to learn how to keep her in line. Kelly reminds him that she's not somebody's trained dog. As the scene ends, Repo asks her boyfriend what kind of a man he is, that he would let his woman dominate their relationship. He goes on to say that she has probably flirted or cheated on him before, perhaps even right in front of him, and asks him to tell him if he is telling the truth or not.

The third script is for the role of "Kris." The scene opens with her yelling at "Emma" and calling her a slut. Emma asks if she is talking to her. Kris says yeah, and demands that she stop batting her eyes at her boyfriend. Emma tries to calm her down, claiming that she has no interest at all in him. Growing upset, Kris asks why, is he not good enough for her or something. Emma says that maybe she should do like "he" did and fall head over heels with the first person she meets, and marry him. Kris shouts that he's already married. Emma responds that he's only getting what he deserves. Kris then confronts her man, and asks him if he tried to hook up with this slut the moment her head was turned. Emma then reminds Kris that she is no slut, and urges her to end the relationship, telling her that sometimes your man just isn't all that into you. As the scene ends, Kris fires back, telling Emma that she doesn't know who the hell she thinks she is, but that she just needs to keep her eyes off of her man for good.

The final script is for a "Priest." The scene opens with him announcing that everyone is gathered for the christening of two children. He asks one of the mothers if she is ready to present her child. After she responds in the affirmative, he asks who will be responsible for helping the children lead a moral and faithful life. The mom responds that "we will, with God's help." The Priest then asks everyone to pray for the infants, and leads the group in a prayer. The mom asks the Lord to please hear their prayer. The Priest then proceeds to baptize them. Later, he congratulates the grandparents on the christening, telling the grandmother that it must be a happy day for them. The grandmother asks if it really shows that much. The grandfather responds that her ear-to-ear grin gave her away her joy. As the scene ends, the Priest tells her that he sees a lot of those and wishes the family the best of luck. The grandmother thanks him and says that it was a rather lovely ceremony. The Priest states that it was his pleasure as he starts to walk away.

Bianca (last name unknown) commented on the casting website The Agency that she was "Doing another Under 5 on One Life to Live on Monday (December 6)! YAY!"

Karen Viola was recently cast in an "Under 5" role on "One Life."

Carmen Lamar plays "Maid #2" on Tuesday, December 14.

Mellini Kantayya is back as a Llanview Hospital Nurse on Wednesday, December 15.

Melissa House plays a Cop on Wednesday, December 8 and again on Wednesday, January 12.

James Saito returns as Judge Lee on Wednesday and Thursday, January 5 and 6.

Alex Tavis portrays "Amir" on Wednesday, January 12.

And Floanne Ankah and Franie Dumaurier were the voices of the French female and male in the November 30 episode.

From the Twitter files...

Bree Williamson (Jessica) wrote on December 3 that "OMG!!! What a week! There's great scenes coming up but TGIF!!!!!!"

And "OLTL" music director Paul Glass states that he is working on getting the song that Dani sang to her parents in the November 11th episode available for purchase commercially. He also hints that another musical group may be performing on the show sometime early next year.

http://www.soapoperanetwork.com/soaps/o ... ng-updates

Spoilers for the Week of Dec 13th

A young man is seriously injured.

Two adversaries team up with one goal in mind.

Someone gets what they deserve.

A son misinterprets what he sees.

One woman is convinced by her family to make a confession to another.

Two lovers open up a new case file.

And a daughter gets someone powerful to help the boy she cares about.

Soap Opera Network


James gives Eddie a warning. (Soap Opera Digest)
Matthew's action endanger Nora and Rex. (Soap Opera Digest)
Rex is seriously injured. (Soap Opera Digest)
Blair and Dorian bolster Kelly's confidence. (Soap Opera Digest)
Bo awakens from his drug-induced slumber. (Soap Opera Digest)
Viki has a showdown with Echo. (Soap Opera Weekly)
Eddie gets his just desserts. (Soap Opera Weekly)
Viki and Dorian team up to get rid of Echo. (Soap Opera Weekly)
Matthew confides in Destiny. (Soap Opera Weekly)
Bo searches for Nora. (National Enquirer)
Starr asks Téa to represent James. (National Enquirer)
Clint continues to keep Inez under his thumb. (National Enquirer)
Blair and Téa have a few questions for Todd. (National Enquirer)

Soap Opera Network

One Life to Live
(Langston is Worried)
Langston takes an injured Ford to the hospital; Rex finds a bound and tied Nora in a motel room and tries to call Bo for help

One Life to Live
(Rex is Injured)

Rex is injured during a car crash; Blair and Dorian try to convince Kelly to be honest with Joey.

One Life to Live
(Viki Confronts Echo)

Viki confronts Echo about kissing Charlie; Bo gets word of Rex's accident; Starr asks James if he killed Eddie


From SOD:
On Tuesday, December 14, Rex is seriously injured, while Bo's memories of his night with Inez are foggy. "Clint is the master manipulator in this story, and he's going to continue to be," teases RC.

From SID:

On Monday, December 13, a heated father/son confrontation occurs and Bo wonders what exactly he did on Tuesday, December 14. John and Nat take on the Eddie Ford case on Wednesday, December 15, while a frantic Bo searches for his MIA wife on Thursday, December 16. As for Inez, Clint has yet another scheme that involves her on Friday, December 17


James confronts Eddie with a gun

Eddie's life comes to a violent end

Matthew unwittingly endangers Rex and Nora

Blair and Dorian urge Kelly to be honest with Joey

Bo wakes up with no memory of the previous night

Bo desperately searches for Nora

Rex clings to life

Viki agrees to Dorian's offer of help to drive Echo away

Matthew tells Destiny about what he saw

Clint refuses to let Inez off the hook


It’s not a sure thing that Natalie will say yes to John… Langston makes sure Ford receives the best hospital care after he’s hurt badly… James puts the fear of death into Eddie… Matthew unknowingly does something that could cost Rex and Nora their lives… Rex comes across Nora, who’s been treated like a prisoner, in a motel… Rex attempts to contact Bo about Nora… A car accident derails Rex… Bo comes to, head fuzzy and unclear… Bo soon finds out that Rex had a car accident… Bo looks high and low for signs of Nora… Matthew takes Destiny into his trusted confidence… Eddie ends his tour of duty as villain, permanently… Starr wants to know if James committed patricide… Starr enlists Tea to be James’ counsel… Viki brings up the kiss to Echo, expecting some details… Viki joins up with Dorian to exorcise Echo… Clint manages to maintain control of stupid Inez… Blair and Dorian grill the hell out of Todd… Dorian and Blair boost Kelly’s flagging ego. They also encourage her to tell Joey the truth about everything, see what happens.

Monday, 12/13

* James threatens Eddie.
* Matthew puts Nora and Rex in danger.
* Eddie gets what’s coming to him.

Tuesday, 12/14

* Rex is seriously injured.
* Blair and Dorian convince Kelly to tell Joey that she’s still in love with him.
* Bo doesn’t remember what happened the night before.

Wednesday, 12/15

* Viki confronts Echo about kissing Charlie.
* Starr has some difficult questions for James about his father.
* John and Natalie begin an investigation into the Eddie Ford case.

Thursday, 12/16

* Viki agrees to let Dorian help her get Echo out of her home and life.
* Matthew tells Destiny he saw his dad with Inez.
* A worried Bo looks for Nora.

Friday, 12/17

* Blair and Tea grill Todd about Eddie Ford.
* Starr gets Tea to represent James.
* Clint continues to blackmail Inez.

Soap scene

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — A look at what's happening on "One Life to Live" during the week of December 13, 2010.


Natalie is on the verge of telling John the truth when he proposes on Monday, December 13. While Joey tells Jessica about Aubrey, Blair and Dorian persuade Kelly to tell Joey how she really feels. Aubrey appreciates Viki's willingness to accept her engagement to her son. Kelly is about to confess her feelings to Joey when she suffers through another food-related incident. Blair tries to give Téa the box Eli left for her. Viki confronts Charlie over kissing Echo. Echo, meanwhile, shares a tender moment with Charlie while awaiting news of Rex's condition. On Thursday, December 16, Viki teams up with Dorian to get Echo out of Llanview all the while Echo asks Charlie to help her beat her drinking problem. And Natalie voices her concerns about how marrying John will provoke Marty to ruin her life.

The Inside Story: Whodunit

Eddie and Ford's fight comes to a sudden stop when Brody and Nate pull Eddie off his eldest son on Monday, December 13. Ford in injured in the scuffle and a concerned Langston takes him to the hospital to get checked out. Rex finds Nora while searching Eddie's motel room and quickly unties her. They attempt to call Bo, but fail to reach him because he is passed out after being drugged by Inez. After seeing Bo and Inez together, a distraught Matthew gets behind the wheel and swerves his car, which unknowingly forces Rex and Nora off the road. Meanwhile, James waves a gun at Eddie. Dani and Nate are confused after receiving a frantic call from Matthew, however Nate remains focused on getting rid of Eddie, who soon turns up dead. The first to arrive at the crime scene, Brody searches for clues. James, Nate, Ford, and Inez become the obivious suspects in the case on Tuesday, December 14. Brody and Gigi locate Rex, who was seriously injured in the car crash, however Nora is nowhere to be found. Inez lies to Bo, telling him the two of them had sex. On Wednesday, December 15, John and Natalie begin investigating Eddie's murder. Bo learns of both the murder and the car crash, and tells Starr and James that someone killed Eddie. Natalie discovers red hairs while searching Eddie's room. Rex informs Bo that Nora was in the car with him when it crashed. Starr wants to know if James murdered his dad. John makes Blair, Téa, and Todd aware of the investigation, and announces he found a cufflink with the letters "TM" in the motel room. However, Todd maintains his innocence while being questioned by John.

A Closer Look: Comeuppance

Bo searches the crash site, hoping to find Nora. But, after locating only her wedding ring, he feels remorseful over betraying her with Inez on Thursday, December 16. Inez confronts Clint, claiming that she plans to tell Bo the truth, since he didn't keep up his end of the bargain. Clint calls her bluff, claiming he will tell the cops he saw her sons at the murder scene if she doesn't keep her mouth shut. James confides in Starr what happened when he visited Eddie's motel room, and prepares to talk with John. Matthew admits to Destiny that he saw his dad and Inez together. By Friday, December 17, Blair and Téa place Todd on the hot seat, demanding to know if he really killed Edide. Starr manages to get Téa to represent James, who tells John that he considered shooting his father, but then changed his mind. Bo is relieved to finally find Nora, who has no memory of anything that happened to her following the car crash. Clint tells Inez that one or more of her sons could have easily been at the crime scene. Nate is short with Dani while explaining why the news that his father was murdered didn't take him by surprise. Later Nate confronts his mom after learning from Matthew that their parents had sex. Rex confesses to Natalie how Eddie kidnapped Nora and caused a rift between her and Bo. Darren is curious as to how Destiny can have so much sympathy for Nate. And Matthew and Destiny bond over their troubles with their parents.

Brody and Nate pull Eddie off of Ford, ending their fight. Langston takes Ford to the hospital. James takes aim. Nate is fixated on ridding his family of Eddie. Rex discovers Nora in Eddie's room, and they try to call Bo, but he doesn't answer because he's still passed out from the drugs Inez gave him. While Bo is sleeping it off, Matthew gets an eyeful of his dad in a compromising position. Inez tells Bo they had sex. Rex rescues Nora, but in their hasty escape, they're involved in a car accident. Eddie is murdered and Brody is the first cop on the scene. John and Natalie investigate Eddie's murder, and Natalie discovers a red hair in Eddie's room, and they discover a gold cuff link with the initials "TM."

Brody and Gigi find an injured Rex at the scene of the accident, but Nora is missing. Bo informs James and Starr that Eddie is dead. Starr questions if James killed Eddie. John tells, Blair, Tea and Todd that Eddie was murdered, and confronts Todd with the cuff link. Rex tells Bo that Nora was in the car with him, and Bo goes to search for her. Bo finds Nora's wedding ring at the crash site, and believing he slept with Inez, he is overwhelmed with guilt. When Inez discovers that Clint didn't get rid of Eddie as agreed, she decides to tell Bo the truth, that they didn't really sleep together. Clint blackmails Inez with the information he saw her son at the scene of the crime.

Blair and Tea grill Todd. Starr and James get Tea to represent him, and they go to John and give a statement. James said he took a gun to Eddie's and intended to shoot him, but didn't go through with it. Nate is evasive when Dani asks why he wasn't surprised to learn that Eddie was killed. Matt tells Nate about Bo and Inez. Bo finds Nora, but she can't remember anything that happened after the crash.

Natalie is about to tell John the truth about the baby, but his proposal stops her in her tracks. Viki confronts Echo about kissing Charlie. Charlie and Echo have a close moment while waiting for news about Rex. Echo asks Charlie to help her with her drinking problem. Joey tells Jessica about Aubrey, and Dorian and Blair press Kelly to tell Joey she still loves him. Aubrey asks Joey if she has reason to be jealous of Kelly. Matthew and Destiny commiserate over their problems with their parents. Rex tells Natalie how Eddie kidnapped Nora to cause problems for her and Bo's marriage. Natalie confides her worries that her engagement to John will provoke Marty.

Rex finds Nora in the motel room Eddie was keeping her hostage in and unties her on Monday, December 13.

Eddie is murdered. The suspects are James, Nate, Ford and Inez. Inez lies to Bo when she tells him they had sex on Tuesday, December 14.

Kelly verges on telling Joey about her feelings for him when she has a food mishap on Wednesday, December 15.

Viki agrees to let Dorian help her get Echo out of her home and her life on Thursday, December 16.

Blair and Tea grill Todd about whether he could have killed Eddie on Friday, December 17.

Soap Opera Source

Monday December 13 Preview:

Matthew unintentional puts Rex and Nora in danger after he sees a passed out Bo with Inez and swerves to miss their car.

James threatens his father with a gun.

Brody and Nate have to pull Eddie off of Ford.

Langston takes Ford to the hospital.

Eddie finally gets what's coming to him and is killed.

Rex finds Nora tied up in a motel room and tries to reach Bo.

Natalie says yes to John's proposal.

Soap Opera Network

Eddie gains the upper hand in a fight with Ford

Langston insists that Ford see a doctor

Eddie finds himself standing on the wrong side of a gun

Eddie's life comes to a violent end

Brody arrives moments after Eddie's murder

Inez and her sons are the prime suspects

Dani questions why Nate didn't seem surprised to learn about his father's murder

John and Marty launch an investigation into Eddie's death

Rex finds Nora in the motel room

Rex and Nora's attempts to reach Bo are unsuccessful

Matthew sees Bo in a compromising position with Inez

Inez tells Bo that they had sex

Clint blackmails Inez when she decides to tell Bo the truth

Matthew swerves into an oncoming car

Nora disappears

Rex is seriously injured

Echo and Charlie anxiously await news on Rex

Echo reaches out to Charlie for help

Bo finds Nora's wedding ring at the crash site

Bo finds Nora

Nate confronts Inez after Matthew reveals what he saw

Natalie decides to tell John the truth about the baby's paternity

John proposes to Natalie

Natalie fears that marrying John might push Marty over the edge

Aubrey is grateful for Viki's support

Aubrey wonders if she has reason to be concerned about Joey's feelings for Kelly

Blair tries to give Eli's box to Téa


Coming soon, which includes Cable Guide and SOD Sneak Peeks:

Marty makes plans to blow up Natalie's world on one of the happiest days of her life.

Bo hears about Rex's injuries.

Nora goes missing from the crash site, where Bo finds her wedding ring.

A murderer lurks around Llanview.

Langston lies to John and sticks to Ford's story.

Nate doesn't seem surprised about Eddie's death.

Nate is arrested.

Inez lies and tells Bo that they slept together.

Feeling guilty, Bo follows Clint's advice.

Clint's scheme starts to unravel, which leads Bo straight to Clint.

James and Starr grow closer.

Todd finds himself in a new mess when he becomes the prime suspect in Eddie's murder.

Tea and Todd's marriage faces trust issues.

Marty is accused of framing Todd.

Starr takes Hope to see the Christmas tree in Angels Square.

Blair opens Eli's safe deposit box, which leads her to a mystery man.

Dorian makes more plans to stop Echo and has her put in jail.

David seeks revenge on Clint and Rex.

Aubrey and Joey start planning the holidays.

Cutter arrives on the scene and will be involved with Kelly, Joey and Aubrey.

Kelly tries to dig up dirt on Aubrey.

Cutter, who knows Aubrey, could be the key to Kelly's mission.


Spoilers For The Week Of Dec 20th

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) -- Todd Manning's youngest son Sam gets a new face just in time for Christmas.

The Philidelphia Enquirer is reporting that Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania five-year-old Patrick Gibbons, Jr. has been hired by producers at "One Life to Live" to take over the recurring role beginning Wednesday, December 22nd.

The kindergartener replaces twins Jacob and Luke Clodfelter who had played Sam since 2007 (the role was originated by another set of twins, Zachary and Daniel Frisch, in 2006). The casting shake-up also ages the character -- but only slightly -- since Sam's fifth birthday wasn't supposed to be until February 6th. Also oft referred to throughout the past year, Sam hasn't been seen onscreen since January. Sam Manning is the son of Todd Manning and the late Margaret Cochran

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Robin Strasser says that Dorian will pull a Christmas Eve prank on Echo.

It involves a Santa suit and a chimney and the audience will find it amusing



Todd thinks Marty is setting him up. (ABC Soaps in Depth)
Langston lies to John to protect Ford. (ABC Soaps in Depth)
Bo gets advice from Clint. (ABC Soaps in Depth)
Nate is placed under arrest. (ABC Soaps in Depth)
Joey and Aubrey show some Christmas spirit. (ABC Soaps in Depth)
Dorian knows how to stop Echo. (Cable Guide Spoilers)
Starr and Hope enjoy the Angel Square tree. (Cable Guide Spoilers)
Kelly wants some dirt on Aubrey. (Cable Guide Spoilers)
Dorian has Echo tossed in jail. (Cable Guide Spoilers)
Bo continues to feel guilty. (National Enquirer)
The investigation into Eddie's murder continues. (National Enquirer)
Dorian and Viki work together. (National Enquirer)
Did Todd really murder Eddie? (National Enquirer)

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Dorian goes to great lengths to keep Charlie from Echo's clutches

Bo plays into Clint's plans.

Todd is certain that Marty tried to frame him

Langston lies to protect Ford

Clint takes advantage of Bo's guilt

Nate is hauled to the police station

Kelly decides to dig into Aubrey's past

Echo finds herself locked up

Starr takes Hope to Angel Square to see the Christmas tree


2011 Preview from Soaps In Depth

SID 2011 Previews.

Who's The Real Daddy?

The birth of Jess and Nat's babies isn't exactly going to come off without a hitch," previews Carlivati with a chuckle. "Underneath the surface is the paternity of the kids." After all, Clint made it clear he didn't want Ford connected to the Buchanan family. Could he have tampered with the test results? "There is a chance that Jessica's baby is actually Ford's." the scribe confirms. In fact, it's looking a lot as if neither sister really really knows who fathered their respective babies, which will cause big trouble!. "Natalie having told so many lies will be major, and you always know that when Jessica is just going along and everything is great, disaster is on the horizon."

Will Clint's Duplicity be Exposed?
Clint's devious schemes beging to unravel around him. "He's commited a couple of acts that are pretty out there, and so the question is how long he can keep this all going. How much destruction will he cause? It's really set up for Clint to destroy his family whether intentionally or unintentionally," previews Carlivati. When Bo begins piecing together recent events, it will "lead him right to Clint." Something tells us there's an epic battler brewing between the Buchanan boys.

Who Killed Eddie?
The fallout from Eddie's murder "will have far-reaching consequences on the whole canvas," promises writer, noting that the local cops will have no shortage of suspects thanks to the baddie's recent behavior. When Todd becomes the prime suspect, expect trust issues to rock his and Tea's marriage. But is Todd the guilty party? "We certainly know he's capable," concedes the scribe with a grin.

Viki & Dorian Team Up Against Echo
Every now and again, longtime rivals Dorian and Viki find themselves united against a common enemy. Having done her fair share of damage to Charlie's marriage in the past, Dorian becomes a most unlikely ally during Viki's latest crisis! "As Charlie builds this family with Echo, Rex, and Shane, Viki plots with Dorian to bring her down," he explains. "Viki won't allow this woman to have her happiness. Her marriage is at stake." Although Viki managed to win the first round years ago, will her luck hold out....or is Charlie slated to become her latest ex-husband?

Kelly Fights for Joey's Heart.
Sure, Joey's got a new lady in his life, but that doesn't mean Kelly is ready to give up on making the hunk hers! "There is that nosey-reporter part of Kelly that sees a schemer in Aubrey," says Carlivati. "She starts trying to figure out what this girl is up to. She believes that if she can find something wrong with Aubrey, then Joey will get rid of her." Perhaps the key to Kelly's success lies with Cutter? ALl the scribe will say of the soon-to-arrive guy is that he's connected to Aubrey.

In other Llanview News
The contents of the box that Eli left for Blair will literally open up a whole new world for the lovelorn lady. "Blair finds something very intriguing inside that takes her on a new journey that will lead her to a mystery man." Carlivati reveals. Meanwhile, don't expect David to remain locked up much longer! "He's pining for Dorian and plotting his escape." But his favorite politician isn't the only person on his mind. Look for David to seek revenge on those who wronged him.....namely, Clint and Rex! "There will definitely be hell to pay!"