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Daytime Royalty

Soaps.com Fall & Sweeps Preview

Fall Previews and Sweeps, which include Cable Sneak Peeks

Hannah aims a gun at James.

Natalie finds out that Cole is the one who shot Eli.

Marty vows revenge against Natalie and slaps her.

Starr tries to comfort Cole.

Cole and Starr say goodbye.

Tea and Todd make love.

Many things will happen at Todd and Tea's 'back from the dead' wedding reception.

Shaun and Greg talk about the past.

Greg comes face to face with Todd, Tea and Dani.

Viki and Rex confront Echo.

Echo tries to mend fences with Dorian.

Echo's secret shakes things up for three families.

Roxy is drilled for information on Rex by Echo.

Joey Buchanan returns to Llanview.

A girl named Aubrey Wentworth, who is Joey's girlfriend, arrives on the scene.

Not knowing who the other is, Kelly and Aubrey chat it up about the men in their lives.

Cris visits Layla and Adriana in Paris.

Gigi takes a trip to Paris too.


Interview with Terri Colombino
TV Guide Magazine: So tell us about Aubrey.
Colombino: I love the name! It sounds so mature. I'm excited to play someone other than Katie, not that I didn't love her but I did play her for 12 years. It's time to spread my wings and try a different kind of character. Katie was so perky and I could never get away from that. Even toward the end they'd be going, "Could you make her a little bit more...you know...Katie!" They never really let me grow up.

TV Guide Magazine: Joey tells his family that he has a surprise for them, which turns out to be Aubrey. How serious is this romance?|
Colombino: I assume it's pretty serious, since he's bringing her to town to meet the relatives. I love that I'm getting thrown right into another amazing soap opera mega-family. I've gone from the Hughes to the Buchanans!

TV Guide Magazine: Will Aubrey and Kelly become arch-enemies? Say yes.
Colombino: Oooh, I hope so! I love triangles, and I love Gina! I did my very first scenes with her. Kelly and Aubrey meet on the plane and start chatting it up, girlfriend-style. Kelly says there's this guy in her life she's finally realized is her true love and she's going to tell him. And Aubrey talks about her man and how she's going to Llanview to see him. Neither ever mentions the name Joey — but of course they're both talking about the same guy!

http://www.tvguide.com/News/World-Turns ... 24576.aspx

Lots of Spoilers from SOD and SOW

Matt Walton (Eli) has an exit interview. Says before he left he told the producers if they ever want him back as a new character he'd come back asap.

Todd & Tea's Reunion:
John/Todd are trapped in the rubble of the building together while Tea/Blair are as well. When Todd & Tea are reunited, RC says that it is a big pay off moment. As for the future for the Mannings and their daughter, KM (Dani) says it will take awhile for it to sink in to Todd & Dani that they have Tea back, but it will. RC says that Todd, Tea, and Dani will have love, happiness, and joy in November.

Cole Kills Eli:
Starr and Hope are still being held captive by Hannah. James steps up for Starr unlike Cole and saves her and Hope. KA (Starr) says how James is becoming the better choice since he's more stable than Cole. Cole thinks that Starr & Hope are dead in the buidling, so he finds a gun and shoots a cuffed Eli in cold blood. Natalie and Marty are left comforting each other as they worry about John and Cole in the building. Marty leaves Nat and finds out what Cole did and decides to take the fall & is arrested by Brody. But Natalie puts together what really happened.

VCR Alerts:
Monday, Nov 1: Marty puts Natalie in a difficult position when she confides in her. RC says they are setting Marty up to get involved in the John/Natalie/Brody/Jessica story.
Tuesday, Nov 2: Todd, Tea, and Dani run into Greg.

Sneak Peeks: The warehouse explodes. Hannah holds Starr, James and Hope captive. James becomes a hero. Clint beats Rex to the punch. Tues, Oct. 26: Tea & Blair are trapped.

Week Of Nov. 1-5: Marty vows revengs on Natalie. Eddie Ford arrives. Todd and Tea make love. Viki and Rex confront Echo. Shaun talks to Greg about his past.

From Soapcentral

November Sweeps Preview from SOD / SOW

Tea/Todd/Dani: Todd and Tea decide to have a wedding reception/back from the dead party and that kicks off sweeps. They get to have some happiness and joy since the show has been keeping them apart. There is going to be big stuff that happens at the party that will be dramatic.

Echo/Charlie/Viki/Dorian/Rex: History may repeat itself for Viki simce Echo ruined her marriag to Clint and now she's threatening to do the same with Charlie. Viki wants to know why she's back and we'll find out during sweeps why she's back. we find out what she's hiding and that opens up story for Rex. Echo will be trying to bond with Dorian.

Clint/Inez/Bo/Nora/Matthew: Clint's the master manipulator and what he does will have ramifications beyond November. It's a question as to whether Clint really cares about Inez and Matthew working for him or if he's just using them to get back at B/N. Inez has not made a move on Bo, but she's getting too close for comfort in Nora's eyes.

Starr/Cole/James/Eddie: Starr and Cole say good bye. She has feelings for James. Eddie shows up and he will be big trouble for a lot of people.

Marty/John/Natalie/Jessica/Brody: Natalie plays a big part in Cole's exit and Marty focuses her hurt and anger on Natalie. Martys is determined to find out Brody and Natalie's secret. The father's of each baby are revealed in November. The results of the paternity tests could turn each romance upside down.

Joey/Kelly/Rex/Gigi/Cristian: Going in sweeps, Gigi is in Paris with Cristian and Kelly's in Llanview with Rex. Things come to a head. The aftermath sets up Joey's return. He arrives with a story of his own.


Terri Colombino is joining OLTL in the contract role of Aubrey. Frank V. has wanted her for awhile. Per TVG, Aubrey is Joey's girlfriend.

http://community.netscape.com/n/pfx/for ... &tid=30356

SOD's Cast Cutting Info & November Sweeps Spoilers

From SOD:

The cast is afraid that more actors/actress will be losing their jobs. Also an unamed actor who is fairly new to the show and has been in a front burner storyline for long run is said to be unhappy and frustrated that he/she will soon be taking a spot on the back burner.

November Sweeps Spoilers:

Tea/Todd/Dani: Todd and Tea will enjoy their reunion but their wedding reception/Tea's back from the dead party takes a very dramatic turn.

Echo/Charlie/Vicki/Dorian/Rex: Vicki will not stop until she finds out exactly what Echo is up to and viewers will learn what Echo is hiding. This creates a new story for Rex but could it mean the end for Vicki and Charlie's marriage? Also Echo wants to be friends with Dorian.

Clint/inez/Bo/Nora/Mathew: Clint's manipulative ways will have major ramifactions on everyone in Lanview. Is he just using Inez and Matthew to get back at Bo- this will be revealed. Inez gets too close to Bo for Nora's comfort.

Starr/James/Cole/Eddie: Starr and Cole say their goodbyes. Starr has feelings for James. Eddie shows up on James and Ford's doorstep and instigates big trouble for alot of folks.

Marty/John/Natalie/Jessica/Brody: The baby daddies will be revealed in November sweeps and lives may be turned upside down forever. Marty blames Nat for Cole's departure and seeks revenge on Natalie by trying to find out what Natalie and Brody are hiding.

Kelly/Rex/Gigi/Christian/Joey: Gigi and Christian spend time in Paris, Rex and Kelly work together to find out information from Echo. Joey comes to Lanview as Rex and Kelly grow closer to each other.

From Soapcentral

Spoilers for the Week of Nov 1st

A woman vows revenge on her rival.

One happy couple makes love for the first time since being torn apart.

Lovesick, one young man leaves Llanview to visit the object of his affections.

Two brothers receive a surprise visit from their father.

A conflicted young man contemplates turning himself in.

Someone tries to coax information from a mother about her "son."

And two other brothers discuss a dead woman's connection to their family.

http://www.soapoperanetwork.com/soaps/o ... th-edition

National Enquirer Spoilers:

Marty slaps Natalie and vows revenge.

Todd and Tea make love.

Echo pumps Roxy for info on Rex.

Starr comforts Cole.

Cole may turn himself in for Eli's murder.

From Soapcentral


Marty bitch slaps Natalie and vows revenge. (Soap Opera Digest)
Cole, Starr, and Hope share a tearful reunion. (Soap Opera Digest)
Echo is confronted by Viki and Rex. (Soap Opera Digest)
Starr, Cole, and James go on the run. (Soap Opera Digest)
Echo tries to coax information from Roxy. (Soap Opera Digest)
Téa has an intense moment with her "ashes." (Soap Opera Digest)
Shaun discusses Charlene with Greg. (Soap Opera Weekly)
Will Cole turn himself in? (Soap Opera Weekly)
Todd and Téa have sex. (Soap Opera Weekly)
Marty gets some leverage over Natalie. (Soap Opera Weekly)
Ford and James receive a visit from their father. (Soap Opera Weekly)
Starr comforts Cole. (Soap Opera Weekly)
Cristian has a chance to visit Paris with Gigi. (Soap Opera Weekly)

http://www.soapoperanetwork.com/soaps/o ... 25-edition

From SOD:

OLTL: On Monday, November 1, Marty confides in Natalie, putting Nat in a difficult situation with John. Will Natalie betray Marty's confidence?

"We're setting Marty up to be a big part of the John/Natalie/Jessica/Brody story as we go forward," reveals Head Writer Ron Carlivati

On Tuesday, November 2, Todd, Téa and Dani come face to face with Greg.

http://community.netscape.com/n/pfx/for ... &tid=30352

Marty lashes out at Natalie

Marty finds the means to hurt Natalie

James, Starr, and Cole work together

Viki and Rex have questions for Echo

Echo shares a secret

Cris and Gigi get the opportunity to fly to Paris

Greg and Shaun talk about Charlene

Todd and Téa reconnect as lovers

James and Ford are stunned when their father arrives in Llanview


Nov. 1: Cole is reunited with Hope and Starr. Natalie gives John forensic test information.

Nov. 2: John can't find Cole. Marty is angry with Natalie.

Nov. 3: Destiny tells Matthew who her father is. Brody gives Natalie a copy of the DNA results for the paternity test.

Nov. 4: Starr wants Cole to run away. James admits his feelings for Starr.

Nov. 5: Cole is put in jail. Marty finds out about Natalie's paternity test.

From Soapcentral

Monday, 11/1

* Marty slaps Natalie and vows revenge.
* Cole shares an emotional reunion with Starr and Hope.
* Viki and Rex confront Echo with the pendant he took from her room.

Tuesday, 11/2

* Starr, Cole, and James hatch a plan to divert the police.
* Echo pumps Roxy for information about Rex.
* Cristian has an opportunity to go to Paris with Gigi.

Wednesday, 11/3

* Tea has a huge emotional moment when she sees the urn that supposedly contained her ashes.
* Shaun talks to Greg about Charlene.
* Starr comforts an emotional Cole.

Thursday, 11/4

* Will Cole turn himself in for the murder of Eli?
* Todd and Tea make love.
* James tells Ford that he’s more in love with Starr than ever.

Friday, 11/5

* Echo reveals a family connection.
* Marty discovers information she can use against Natalie.
* Ford and James are surprised when their father shows up.

http://community.netscape.com/n/pfx/for ... &tid=30375


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It looks like they are wanting us to believe that Clint is Rex's Daddy, but I really hope that it turns out to be Bo. Don't know how it would have happened, but still have my fingers crossed. I am not liking this dark Clint. He is out of control and someone needs to stop him now.

Please, hurry with the DNA tests for Nat and Jess. The babies are going to be born before they get around to it and we may be able to tell by just looking at the babies. ;)
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Daytime Royalty

Soaps In Depth has learned Tuc Watkins (David) is back taping scenes at ONE LIFE TO LIVE! The actor was last seen in August when, just before David was to tie the knot with Dorian, a vengeful Clint shipped him off to a Moroccan prison. Watkins, who was recently bumped to a series regular on DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES where he plays Bob Hunter, has always made no bones about the fact that whenever the opportunity arises, he never hesitates to return to OLTL. "It's something I look forward to doing." There's no word on Watkins' first airdate.

http://abc.soapsindepth.com/2010/11/dav ... .html#more


Echo makes a shocking admission.

Marty tells John a secret about Natalie.

Destiny wants to divorce her parents.

Kelly bumps into Kevin while visiting the U.K.

Blair receives a strange box.

Adriana pushes Gigi to her breaking point.

James tries to resist Starr's advances.

Dorian summons the Cramer women together for a meeting.

http://www.soapoperanetwork.com/soaps/o ... ber-prevue

Fall Previews and Sweeps, which include Cable and SOD Sneak Peeks...

Marty finds out that Natalie is taking a paternity test.

John asks Natalie about her amniocentesis.

Cole is given his sentence.

Cole ends things with Starr.

Cole and Starr say goodbye.

Markko says his goodbyes and heads back to LA.

Many things will happen at Todd and Tea's 'back from the dead' wedding reception.

Blair realizes Eli left something behind for her.

Kelly, Gigi and Starr share a kiss with someone unexpected.

Langston and Ford reconnect.

Greg comes face to face with Todd, Tea and Dani.

Greg is taken away for his crimes.

Nora continues to dislike Inez working so closely with Bo.

Todd gives Nora a warning in regards to Inez.

Kelly admits her crush on Rex.

Rex demands answers as to how Echo knows his parents.

Dorian calls for a Cramer women meeting.

Echo tries to mend fences with Dorian.

Echo is threatened by Clint.

Echo's secret shakes things up for three families.

James and Ford try to get rid of their father.

Eddie Ford causes issues for many in town.

Joey Buchanan returns to Llanview.

A girl named Aubrey Wentworth, who is Joey's girlfriend, arrives on the scene.

Not knowing who the other is, Kelly and Aubrey chat it up about the men in their lives.

Cris visits Layla and Adriana in Paris.

Gigi takes a trip to Paris too.

Layla is faced with a tough decision and chooses her career over her personal life.

Rex confides his sex troubles to Kelly.

Dorian hires a personal trainer for Kelly.


ABC Soaps in Depth:

Eddie comes to town to bond with his sons. He wants to exploit and manipulate Ford and James, worm his way into their lives, and then sqeeze every thing he can out of them. He will also get heavily involved with Bo, Nora, and his ex-wife Inez.

Eddie's portrayer John Wesley Shipp says he has never played anyone so hideous and darkly humerous as Eddie Ford and is afraid he won't be able to get any more dates once his scenes air.

He also confesses to have a major crush on Hilary B. Smith (Nora).

From Soapcentral

It's going to be a month of revelations on One Life to Live, with more DNA test results than Maury Povich could ever dream of! Which secrets will be divulged -- and which lies will be told?

The month kicks off with the aftermath of Eli Clarke's warehouse bomb. Cole and Starr have an emotional reunion, but it can't last. Marty tries to take the blame for Eli's murder, but Natalie finds out what really happened, and soon the truth comes out. Cole is faced with a decision: does go on the run, or does he face the music and risk a prison sentence? Either way, Cole and Starr's great teen romance could be over for good. But that may mean a chance for James and Starr, right?

Marty is not at all pleased with this turn of events, and she really unleashes all her might onto Natalie, who she blames her for turning Cole in. This ends up being super inconvenient for Natalie, since all her terrible secrets (like needing a paternity test to see if her sister’s man, Brody, is the father of her baby) are easily accessible to Doctor Saybrooke. Marty's got a lot of bullets in that gun of hers, and she's aiming to fire all of them right at Natalie. (Metaphorically speaking ... at least we hope so).

Marty finding out about Natalie's paternity test kicks off a month chock full of DNA-testing drama. Not one, not two, but THREE DNA secrets will be revealed this month. Expect the results of Natalie AND Jessica’s paternity tests to come back, AND we will finally get answers about the long-buried secrets of who Rex's real parents are. Yep, one of the biggest secrets in OLTL history is coming out and his parents ARE two familiar faces. In town currently? Faces from the past? That you’ll have to see.

Rex has more to deal with this month than just his mom-and-pop mystery, too. He and Gigi continue to burrow into this romantic quadrangle they've set up with Kelly and Cristian. Look for Kelly and Rex to find at least one more occasion to be naked in each other's presence. And Cristian -- heretofore known as the cutoff-shirt-wearing college professor we always wished we had -- takes Gigi to Paris with him. For teaching purposes, of course! Look for a chance meeting with Adriana (yup, she's back!), drama with Layla, plus Rex and Kelly escorting each other to a fancy party, to send Gigi spinning off in a direction that will lead to both her AND Rex in danger of cheating on each other.

About that fancy party that Rex and Kelly are going to? That party is to welcome Tea back to the world of the living, and to Llanview in general. Tea spends a good amount of time settling back into her old life, and after quite a bit of harrowing terror and strife, it might be nice to see Tea, Todd, and Danielle spend some happy family time together. It won't last forever -- and Todd will be threatening to murder Dani's boyfriend soon enough (seriously ... that happens) -- but for now, enjoy the extravagant shindig Todd throws in Tea's honor. And just like all the best parties that draw Llanview's finest citizens to one place, things get totally bananas, and one HUGE secret gets revealed to EVERYONE.

All this, plus Thanksgiving brings Joey Buchanan back to the Llanview fold -- played by Tom Degnan, which you can read about here -- along with Terri Colombino as Aubrey Wentworth, who has her own connection to the Bukes. And the Ford brothers get the couldn't-be-more-unpleasant surprise of their terrible father Eddie showing up on their doorstep. This is the same dad who intimidated James and drove Inez to run away from her children. Will they be able to keep him from finding out he has a third son, Nate? One couple whose lives will be changed forever by Eddie’s arrival is Bo and Nora. Look for a kick off to a new story for them this month. Any guesses as to what it is?

http://sn.soapnet.go.com/news/article/o ... 10-preview

SOD Interview with John Wesley Shipp (Eddie Ford); About his roles on ATWT, AMC & OLTL

Veteran TV actor John Wesley Shipp first captured soap fans' attention as dreamboat Kelly Nelson on GUIDING LIGHT from 1980-84, then terrorized Kim and Frannie as Douglas Cummings (for which he won an Outstanding Supporting Actor Emmy) on AS THE WORLD TURNS from 1985-86, and even popped into SANTA BARBARA in 1987 (earning another Emmy) and ONE LIFE TO LIVE in 1989 until springing to prime-time success on shows like THE FLASH, SISTERS and DAWSON'S CREEK. This week marks Shipp's return to daytime as he introduces a new villain, OLTL's Eddie Ford, on November 5. Just days after he began taping, Shipp called Soap Opera Digest to rave about the new gig.

Soap Opera Digest: Welcome back to daytime! This is actually not your first role on OLTL, correct?
John Wesley Shipp: Right. I had a very curious couple of weeks on ONE LIFE TO LIVE in the late '80s, which I don't really even remember. It was so quick and so brief. I came in to be a lawyer and it was a fun part to begin with, but one of the long-term contract players was sitting in the courtroom not saying anything and I had all the good stuff, so he suddenly went to one of the producers and said he had nothing to do — and then he had all the good stuff!

Digest: Got it. You also played bad guys on ATWT and ALL MY CHILDREN, as wife abuser Carter Jones in 1992. How is Eddie going to be different?
Shipp: With Douglas Cummings, he had a deep wound. It was really sad. It was a heartbreaking story and you could generate empathy even though ultimately what he was doing was just terrible. With Carter, he was a very smart lawyer, could run circles around anyone but still at base just wanted to be loved. Yes, he would beat her up, but then he'd cry about it [laughs]. With Eddie, there aren't any redeemable qualities that I can find. He is a [creep]. And he's such a [creep] and he enjoys it so much that it's really darkly funny. I really have the crew going, "Oh, my God, you did not just do that! Was that an ad-lib?" So it's fun. I'm really enjoying it.

Digest: You're playing a dad to three young guys. How is working with David Gregory (Ford), Lenny Platt (Nate) and Nicolas Robuck (James)?
Shipp: We're all excited. And those three actors, aside from just being beautiful, are committed, conscientious, talented ... they work really hard. I think they're great, great guys.

Digest: Have you offered them any advice on starting out in the biz?
Shipp: I was asked that same question on DAWSON'S. [Reporters] would say, "Do you give advice?" and I'd say, "Oh, God, I hope not," because that would be insufferable! What I try to bring is enthusiasm. I don't give advice, but I get very excited about the scenes and how we can make them better, and if it's a little bit of ad-lib, we're being creatively supported. I have to say, if Frank Valentini is not the best executive producer I've ever worked with, he's pretty close to it. Not only is he efficient, he has a wonderful creative eye.

Digest: So why return to daytime now?
Shipp: I have had a couple of opportunities, but it never felt right. I am at a time in my life where I no longer have to live in Los Angeles and I'm more of an East Coast person. My whole family ended up in Atlanta and my agency opened an office there, so I thought I'd go and see if I can do this from there, and while I was in Atlanta visiting family, this offer came. These parts are fun to play because you come in like a tornado, you get the most outrageous stuff. I have done some pretty off-the-hook stuff with Carter Jones and Douglas Cummings and those kinds of characters, but this, daytime has just gone crazy. You can do almost anything! I feel like I'm twirling fiery batons and setting off explosions and hopping on the trampoline and doing cartwheels on the set.

Digest: How long can we expect to see you on OLTL?
Shipp [laughing]: I got into big trouble with you guys years and years ago because the [ATWT] production office told me, "Do not tell them you are on a short-term contract," because [then-Head Writer] Doug Marland was spinning this big, huge storyline, so I played along as though I were coming back to daytime in a multiyear contract and then of course, six, seven months later when it turned out that Douglas Cummings was the secret admirer and was doing the murders, ooh, I understand my name was taken in vain over there. I don't want a repeat of that!

http://soapoperadigest.com/features/one ... _llanview/

-RC says that November stories kicks off stories that they are writing well into the new year.

-Regarding the twins babies, there will be a test and we will see the results. Marty is the wild card. She wants revenge against Natalie, and she's noticed how Brody & Natalie are with one another and that makes her curious.

-Echo's secret comes out and that will impact all of the vets and Rex & Gigi.

- There's a picture in the mag of Todd, Tea, and Dani cuddled together watching tv. Todd has a surprise planned for Tea at their party. There are reveals and shake ups at the party for other characters as well.

-Kelly and Rex's flirtation comes to a head. Gigi is in Paris with Cristian while this is going on.

-Eddie Ford is going to shake up a lot for James, Nate, and Ford. Their girls, Starr, Dani, and Langston, get pulled into it as well. Eddie Ford will impact a lot of character's stories.

-Bo and Nora have a big story. Inez is sweetness and light. Nora looks like the big, bad, jealous wife. She has to play smart because she is suspicious. The boundaries of Bo & Nora's marriage will be tested.

-Why Clint is interested in Inex remains a mystery.

-Langston continues to see Ford's other side. She doesn't want to be stupid and have people question her about how she could go back to Ford after everything he's done to her.

-Eli leaves something behind for Blair that will create story for Blair and move her foward.

From Soapcentral


Dorian calls a meeting of the Cramer girls. (Soap Opera Digest)
Kelly admits to having a secret crush on Rex. (Soap Opera Digest)
Rex wants answers from Echo. (Soap Opera Digest)
Cole receives his sentence. (Soap Opera Digest)
Cristian and Layla are reunited. (Soap Opera Weekly)
John questions Natalie. (Soap Opera Weekly)
Markko tells Langston good-bye. (Soap Opera Weekly)
Layla has a tough choice to make. (Soap Opera Weekly)
Todd and Téa host a back from the dead party. (Cable Guide Spoilers)
Starr, Kelly, and Gigi kiss all the wrong people. (Cable Guide Spoilers)
Ford and Langston grow closer. (Cable Guide Spoilers)
Echo is threatened by Clint. (Cable Guide Spoilers)
Just who is Rex's biological mother after all? (Cable Guide Spoilers)

http://www.soapoperanetwork.com/soaps/o ... -1-edition

Nov. 8: Dorian holds a meeting of the Cramer women, and Kelly has a surprising admission.

Todd has a warning for Nora about Inez.

Nov. 9: Cristian and Layla meet again.

http://community.netscape.com/n/pfx/for ... &tid=30402

Kelly acknowledges that she's attracted to Rex

Rex wants answers from Echo

Todd advises Nora to keep an eye on Inez

Cole is sentenced

Cris and Layla get to spend some time together

John is curious why Natalie had an amniocentesis

Markko returns to Los Angeles

Langston and Ford grow closer

Three ladies lock lips with someone unexpected


Monday November 8:

Todd gives Nora a warning about Inez.

Rex demands answers as to how Echo knows his parents.

Kelly admits her crush on Rex.

Dorian calls for a Cramer women meeting.

Tuesday November 9:

Layla and Cris reunite.

Cole is given his sentence.

Wednesday November 10:

Markko says his goodbyes and heads back to LA.

John asks Natalie about her amniocentesis.

Thursday November 11:

Echo is threatened by Clint.

Kelly, Gigi and Starr share a kiss with someone unexpected.

Todd and Tea have a welcome back from the dead party.

Friday November 12:

Kelly admits something to Rex in regards to her relationship to Joey.

Langston and Ford reconnect.


(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — A look at what's happening on "One Life to Live" during the week of November 8, 2010.


Dorian summons the Cramer girls to a meeting to figure out how to keep Langston and Ford apart on Monday, November 8. James and Ford's dad demands his $50 thousand back and makes himself right at home. Cristian and Layla are on the verge of making love when Adriana arrives, claiming to have bad news. In Paris, Cristian and Layla reconnect at a café, while Adriana learns of Gigi and Rex's drought in the love-making department and proceeds to rub it in Gigi's face. On Wednesday, November 10, Gigi reaches her breaking point with Adriana and punches her. Layla decides to accompany Adriana to Milan for a meeting, rather than spend the weekend with Cristian in Paris. Inez and Nate are shocked to find Eddie staying with James and Ford. Markko tells Langston farewell and leaves for L.A. And, on Thursday, November 11, impusles take control when Cristian locks lips with Gigi. Also, Langston and Ford inch closer, and decide to try having a regular relationship.

The Inside Story: Rising from the Ashes

Todd, Téa, and Dani go door to door inviting their loved ones to a combination wedding reception and back-from-the-dead part on Monday, November 8. Meanwhile, Rex orders Echo to tell him what she knows about his parents. Viki and Charlie argue over the possibility that Rex could be his son. Todd states that Viki and Charlie's marriage is on the rocks. Viki confides in Rex that the Rick and Lili love letters are fake and that they are not really his parents. Dorian hires a personal trainer for Kelly whose services include more than just excersing. Nora overhears Inez thank Bo for his helping James. Nora presses Inez to invite Clint to Todd and Téa's party. Later, Inez watches as Bo and Nora practice their dancing skills. Kelly reveals that she has a secret crush on Rex, who admits that he and Gigi haven't had sex in awhile. On Tuesday, November 9, Starr and Cole are devastated when he is sentenced to ten years in prison. Cole ends his relationship with Starr. Afterward, John learns from Marty about Natalie's amnio. After having a little time to get his affairs in order, John escorts Cole to Statesville on Wednesday, November 10. When he returns, John has a few questions for Natalie.

A Closer Look: Mamma Mia

Matthew gives Destiny a shoulder to lean on. Rex and Kelly agree to attend Todd and Téa's party together. Clint advises Echo to keep her mouth shut or he'll have Rex sent to jail on Thursday, November 11. However, Viki and Charlie soon back Echo into a corner and demand to know who Rex's parents really are. Todd and Téa's party begins. Nora informs Inez that she shouldn't mistake Bo's kindness for something else. Natalie sneaks in the celebration, where she bumps into John and Natalie. Blair tries to comfort Starr, who remains heartbroken over the turn of events. Later, James goes to check on Starr, at which point she pulls him into a steamy kiss. Across town, Rex kisses Kelly. As the party continues on Friday, November 12, Viki refuses to allow Echo to leave until she tells what she knows. Echo let's it slip that she is Rex's bilogicial mother just as he enters the room. John turns Marty away when she tries to hand him Natalie amino records, which state that she had a DNA test conducted. James refuses to sleep with Starr. And Kelly admits to Rex that she lost her mojo after breaking up with Joey.

http://www.soapoperanetwork.com/soaps/o ... -8-edition

Todd and Tea plan a belated wedding reception and celebration of Tea's return from the dead. The party provides the backdrop to much of the drama that takes place in Llanview this week. Todd, Tea and Dani deliver personal invitations to their friends and family. Nora overhears Inez expressing her gratitude to Bo, and encourages her to invite Clint to the celebration. Later Nora warns Inez not to misconstrue Bo's kindness for anything more. Rex and Kelly agree to attend the party together. Marty crashes the party to give John evidence that Natalie had a paternity test, but John dismisses her. In spite of Dorian's efforts to keep Langston and Ford apart, they grow closer and decide to embark on a relationship. Clint warns Echo to keep Rex's paternity a secret. Viki and Charlie, who have been fighting over the possibility that Charlie may be Rex's father, corner Echo at the party and demand to know the truth. Rex overhears Echo's confession that she is his mother. Matthew provides Destiny with a shoulder to lean on as she deals with her family's deceptions.

It's revealed that a lot of citizens in Llanview are sexually frustrated. Dorian schedules a personal trainer for Kelly and makes it clear that some sexual healing may be required. Rex and Kelly admit they haven't been with anyone in a long time. Cris and Gigi arrive in Paris. Adrianna gives Gigi a hard time about her relationship with Rex and the fact that they haven't made love since they were reunited. Cris and Layla's reunion is stalled by news that Layla has a job to do in Milan. Layla chooses to go to Milan instead of staying with Cris in Paris. Rex and Kelly kiss. Gigi and Cris kiss. Starr is devastated after John transports Cole to prison. James shows up to see how she's coping, and she draws him into a passionate kiss. Starr wants to have sex with James, but he refuses. Inez and Nate are surprised to learn Eddie Ford is in Llanview and living with Bobby and James.

Viki tells Rex that the Rick and Lily letters were fake and they are not his parents. Dorian holds an emergency Cramer Woman meeting on Monday, November 8.

Cole is sentenced to 10 years in prison and John finds out from Marty about Natalie's amnio on Tuesday, November 9.

Adriana continues to goad Gigi about her lack of sex with Rex and Gigi slugs her. Layla chooses her career over her love for Cristian on Wednesday, November 10.

Clint warns Echo not to reveal they're Rex's parents or he'll have Rex put in prison on Thursday, November 11.

Starr tries to have sex with James, but James refuses. Kelly tells Rex she lost her spark after Joey on Friday, November 12.

http://soapoperasource.com/oltl/preview ... ber-8.html

Spoilers for the Week of Nov 15th

One woman makes an idiot out of herself.

Someone makes a phone call and pretends to be someone they're not.

A woman's career is threatened.

A mother puts the moves on a ladies man.

One man plans to watch as an adversary is sentenced to prison.

A married woman gets into an argument with another regarding her husband.

One young man demands to know who the hell his father really is.

And two old flames share a nice moment with someone.

http://www.soapoperanetwork.com/soaps/o ... 30-edition

The paternity tests are in for Jessica and Natalie's babies.

Rex and Gigi might make love.

Kevin and Kelly run into one another.

Blair tries to seduce Ford.

From Soapcentral


Rex wants to know who is father is. (National Enquirer)
James attempts to console Starr. (National Enquirer)
Kelly embarrasses herself. (National Enquirer)
Echo, Charlie, and Rex share a warm moment. (National Enquirer)
Marty pretends to be Natalie. (National Enquirer)
Nora and Inez fight over Bo. (National Enquirer)
Todd watches as Greg is sentenced. (Soap Opera Weekly)
Brody threatens to have Marty fired. (Soap Opera Weekly)
John hands Blair a strange box. (Cable Guide Spoilers)
Destiny decides to divorce her parents. (Cable Guide Spoilers)
Blair flirts with Ford. (Cable Guide Spoilers)
Jessica and Natalie's DNA test results are in. (Cable Guide Spoilers)
Will Rex and Gigi make love again? (Cable Guide Spoilers)

http://www.soapoperanetwork.com/soaps/o ... -8-edition

11/15 -- (Rex's Biological Mother)
Rex finds out the identity of his mother and demands answers;
An intoxicated Kelly embarrasses herself

11/16 -- (Dorian's Accusation)
Dorian attempts to steal the proof she needs to pinpoint Rex's father;
Kelly is distraught over her series of embarrassing messages to Joey

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Daytime Royalty

Spoilers for the Week of Nov 15th

Rex demands that Echo tell him who his father is

James comforts Starr in her hour of need

Marty poses as Natalie, in an effort to get her hands on the paternity test results

Brody warns Marty to back off

Kelly sees Kevin in London

Nora makes a few things clear to Inez about Bo

The paternity results for Natalie and Jessica's babies are in

Ford is surprised when Blair makes some unexpected advances


Monday 11/15 -- (Rex's Biological Mother)
Rex finds out the identity of his mother and demands answers;
An intoxicated Kelly embarrasses herself

Tuesday 11/16 -- (Dorian's Accusation)
Dorian attempts to steal the proof she needs to pinpoint Rex's father;
Kelly is distraught over her series of embarrassing messages to Joey

Wednesday 11/17 -- (DNA Tests)
Marty gets caught stealing personal records and pretends to be Natalie;
Rex, Charlie, Echo and Clint finally take a DNA test.

Thursday 11/18 -- (Natalie's Paternity)
Natalie is blackmailed;
Clint's letters are thought to be forged and Rex is sent on a wild goose chase

Friday 11/19 -- (DNA Results)
Rex and Gigi rekindle their past love;
Ford reveals his sexual intentions towards Langston

http://community.netscape.com/n/pfx/for ... &tid=30437

Monday: Rex orders Echo to tell who his father is. James comforts Starr. Kelly makes an embarrassing scene.
Tuesday: Marty remains determined to settle the score with Natalie. Nora and Inez fight about Bo. Echo and Charlie enjoy a nice moment with Rex.
Wednesday: Marty impersonates Natalie when calling the DNA lab. Todd sneaks away to watch Greg's sentencing. Destiny decides to divorce her "parents."
Thursday: Brody threatens to have Marty fired from her job. John has a special delivery for Blair. Kelly bumps into Kevin while visiting London.
Friday: Will Rex and Gigi end their sexual dry spell? Jessica and Natalie's DNA test results are in. Blair flirts with Ford.

http://www.soapoperanetwork.com/soaps/o ... 15-edition

Spoilers for the Week of Nov 22nd

National Enquirer Spoilers

Jessice and Brody read the test results.

Marty reads Natalie's test.

Todd presents Marty with a court order barring her from seeing Hope.

Eddie crashes the Cramer family Thanksgiving dinner.

From Soapcentral

In addition to crashing the Cramer Thanksgiving Dinner...Eddie Ford also punches one of his sons on Thanksgiving according to an interview with John Wesley Shipp


Casting News:

EW has learned that Ted King – best known to daytime audiences for playing Lorenzo/Luiz Alcazar and Jasper Jacks on General Hospital from 2002-07 – will join One Life to Live in January. King, who last appeared on Prison Break from 2008-09, is currently developing his character with the Life producers so he doesn’t know whether his character Luis will be a lover, a fighter, or both.
All ABC can say for now is that he’ll work with Kassie DePaiva (Blair Cramer). His first airdate is Jan. 21.
“We’re creating this together,” King told EW exclusively. “It was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up on. When I was originally hired (for GH), it was for a short period of time. I had every attention of going back to primetime. But during that time, I really enjoyed myself with the role – a lot more than I thought.”


E! Online

Move over, Meryl Streep!

I can exclusively reveal that Kourtney Kardashian has landed her first acting job...

The E! reality television star has signed on for a guest spot on One Life to Live. She will not—we repeat, not—be playing herself.

Producers of ABC's iconic soap opera are being tight-lipped about specifics, but did reveal Kourtney will appear in scenes with smokin' hot David Fumero, who plays Cristian Vega, as well as with Kassie DePaiva, who plays troublemaker Blair Cramer.

"I grew up watching One Life to Live," Kourtney says. "I hear I get into some trouble and I am looking forward to it. This may be my acting debut, but the Kardashians know a thing or two about drama."

Kourt is set to shoot her gig tomorrow. Her character's first appearance will be a very dramatic entrance alongside Cristian. The episode will air in March.

And yes, E! cameras will there to capture it all for Kourtney and Kim Take New York, E!'s upcoming second spinoff of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.


Terri Colombino's new "OLTL" character Aubrey now has a last name -- Wentworth. Look for Aubrey, who is Joey Buchanan's latest squeeze, to first air on Monday, November 29th.

Terrell Tilford's (Greg Evans) days in Llanview are nearly up. Tilford, who joined "OLTL" in 2008 and ran in the New York City Marathon last weekend, mentions on his Facebook page that is last airdate will either be Tuesday, November 16th or Wednesday, November 17th.


Austin Williams is back on Wednesday, November 24th when Shane begins to bond with his new Granny Echo. But don't expect Rex's mum to be quite so friendly to Gigi, however.

Have viewers seen the last of Meghann Fahy as Hannah O'Conner? It would appear that way, but you can never say never when it comes to "One Life to Live."

Looks like another medical drama may be in the works for the residents of Llanview. Mellini Kantayya, who plays one of "OLTL's" recurring dayplayer Nurses, has been back on the "One Life" set taping more scenes recently. The actress tells Soaps.com that "I'm always excited to return to my nursing duties at Llanview Hospital. No spoilers here, but the Llanview Hospital set always means exciting episodes are around bend!"

"One Life to Live" has released three new audition scripts. The first is for the role of "Michelle." The scene opens with Michelle telling "Rich" that she bumped into "Alex" and "Lilly." Rich tells her that he wasn't aware the three of them even knew one other. Michelle says that they are in her English Literature class, but she never officially meet them until now. She then asks Rich how "Dean" is doing, to which he responds that he isn't sure, due to the fact that everyone has been banished from the courtroom. Michelle thinks it is wrong, since he and Rich are family after all. However, Rich retorts that they can't fight a court order. Trying to break the tension, Michelle tells Rich that she has to turn the names in the next day of those planning to attend her sorority's Valentine's Day dance. She reminds him that she is on the planning committee for the dance, and asks him if he wants to go with her. Rich replies that he would enjoy escorting her to the party. As the scene ends, Michelle assures him that they will have a great time, and that she has a committee meeting to get to but that she will talk to him again later.

The second script for the role of "Mick." The scene opens with "Kit" jumping on an exercise bike at the gym that Mick claims is the one he always uses to work out on. Mick orders her to get off of "his machine" and go play on one of the girls' exercise bikes. "Alex" walks over and points out that Kit was there first. Mick gets angry, and Kit tells Alex thanks, but that she doesn't need his help. Mick tells him to beat it. Kit explains that she can take care of herself just fine, and that Alex thinks just because he's a boxer, that he has to be her protector. Confused, Mick asks Alex if he is really a boxer, to which Alex responds yes and proceeds to punch him in the jaw. Mick asks him what the hell is problem is, to which Alex apologizes. Kit then examines Mick and says that it looks like his jaw may be broken and that he should go to the hospital to have it checked out. She then goes on to say that she could get him a hefty six figure check for that. Alex speaks up and says that he doesn't have that kind of money, however Kit says that the gym would have to pay half of the costs. Mick says it sounds like a good idea to him, despite Alex's protests. Kit reminds Alex that she can do whatever she wants since she is a personal injury attorney after all. Mick calls her an ambulance chaser and that she is his kind of woman. Kit asks him if he just say what she thought he said. Mick responds that yes, he did call her an ambulance chaser and asks what she is going to do about it. As the scene ends, Kit punches Mick in the jaw as well.

The final script is for "Nurse #1." The scene opens with "Sara Stein" telling the Nurse that she needs to find "John" for her. Trying to calm her down, she tells her to try and relax and that the attending doctor will be in momentarily. However, Sara pleads with the Nurse to help her, claiming that someone is trying to steal her baby and asks if she has any children of her own. The Nurse responds that she has a son. Sara asks her how she would feel if someone stole him from her and tried to pass him off as their own child. The Nurse again asks Sara to calm down or else she will have to be sedated. Nonetheless, Sara continues to claim that they're trying to steal her baby. The Nurse says sorry to hear that but that she will have to stop pushing her. As the scene ends, Sara says she had to because she wouldn't let her tell about the baby. The Nurse asks Sara one more time to calm down.

Remember that "One Life to Live" frequently changes character names in audition scripts to try and throw off viewers.

http://www.soapoperanetwork.com/soaps/o ... ting-notes

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Daytime Royalty

Sneak Peeks at Next Week (November 22nd):

Roxy throws Echo out of the hotel.
Eddie makes a splash at the Cramer Thanksgiving .
Joey returns to Llanview.
Todd gets a court order barring Marty from seeing Hope.
Matthew becomes aware of Clint's deceptions.
Marty gets her hands on Natalie's paternity test results.


Jessica learns who the father of her baby is. (ABC Soaps in Depth)
Marty obtains a copy of Natalie's test results. (ABC Soaps in Depth)
Todd's actions leave Marty fuming. (ABC Soaps in Depth)
Matthew begins to figure out what Clint is hiding. (ABC Soaps in Depth)
Rex, Charlie, and Echo bond over lunch. (Soap Opera Digest)
Roxy kicks Echo to the curb. (Soap Opera Digest)
Dani tries to reason with Destiny. (Soap Opera Digest)
Eddie crashes the Cramer's Thanksgiving celebration. (Soap Opera Digest)
Joey returns to Llanview. (Cable Guide Spoilers)
Viki tells Dorian they were wrong. (Cable Guide Spoilers)
Viki and Charlie have an unwelcome house guest. (Cable Guide Spoilers)
Clint has an intersting propisition for Inez. (Cable Guide Spoilers)
Nate and Matthew have a disagreement. (Cable Guide Spoilers)

http://www.soapoperanetwork.com/soaps/o ... 15-edition

Marty discovers the results of Natalie's paternity test

Marty is legally barred from seeing Hope

Jessica learns if Brody is the father of her baby

Matthew realizes that Clint is being deceptive

Roxy tosses Echo out when Echo doesn't pay the bill

Dani tries to talk Destiny out of divorcing her parents

Eddie pays the Cramers a visit on Thanksgiving

Joey returns to Llanview


Monday November 22:

Todd has Marty barred from seeing Hope.

Marty gets her hands on Natalie's paternity results.

Jessica and Brody view the paternity results.

Tuesday November 23:

Roxy evicts Echo.

Clint's deception becomes apparent to Matthew.

Echo, Charlie and Rex have lunch together.

Wednesday November 24:

Eddie arrives at the Cramer's Thanksgiving.

Joey Buchanan returns to Llanview.

Dani urges Destiny not to divorce her parents.

Thursday November 25:

Due to Thanksgiving the show will air an encore of the October 18, 2010 episode: Act First, Think Later.

Here's the link to the recap:

http://soaps.sheknows.com/onelifetolive ... ink_Later/

Friday November 26:

Due to a national pre-emption the show will not air.

From Soaps.com

Source: soapzone

Monday- Brody and Jessica open their paternity results. Rex opens his DNA results and finds out he is definitely Echo’s son. Clint has the paternity test altered to reveal Rex is Charlie’s son and not his. Marty gets a hold of Natalie’s paternity test results.

Tuesday- Natalie tells Gigi that she’s lying about the paternity test results and it’s really Brody’s baby. Marty fantasizes about telling John the true paternity test results of Natalie’s baby. Clint seeks confirmation that Vimal did what he was supposed to do in the DNA lab

From Soaps.com

Spoilers from Nov 30th Issue of SOW & SOD; The Paternity Test Results Are Back


Ted King talks about joining OLTL. He was approached by a West coast soap first but then ABC called him up & said FV wanted him on their show & he could help create the role. He was excited about that & decided to move his wife & newborn to NY. He begins airing Jan 21st & will be involved with Blair.

Tom Degnan talks about being cast as Joey. He's excited to be playing Viki & Clint's son.

Josh Kelly joins the show as Cutter at the end of the year.

DNA Tests Are In

Jessica and Natalie each get their DNA tests back & they each say that Brody is the father of their child. It's unclear as to which test Clint's lacky messed with. Natalie has no idea that Clint's lacky could have changed her test. She decides to keep her test a secret and lie & say that John is the father. Jessica & Brody are ecstatic that Brody is the father of her child. Mark Lawson says that the scenes between him & Bree Williamson are great when they get their good news. Marty gets her hands on Natalie's DNA test that says Brody is the father. Brody and Marty have a confrontation coming up.

JVD (Clint) has an interview about Clint going dark. Clint has some guilt about denying Rex. But he is paranoid about people trying to steal the Buchanan fortune. Clint & Eddie get involved together, so Clint's conscience is locked away. Clint does some naughty things to Inez as well. He doesn't have any real feelings for her. After Nora & Kim, he's locked his heart away. Matthew is becimg less & less Bo and Nora's son thanks to Clint's machinations, as Matthew becomes more involved with B.E.

Eddie Crashes The Cramer Thanksgiving

His sons tell him that he's not invited to Dorian's but he later shows up with a six pack & spills bear all over the floor. Hell breaks loose when Eddie insults Starr. Eddie punches James when he tries to get him to leave. Ford throws him against a door. Todd and Eddie fight. Then the police arrive. Starr comforts James while Langston comforts Ford.

Sneak Peeks:

Rex is told who his father is. Marty dreams about revenge. Ford doesn't like the rules Langston lays out. Dani tries to change Destiny's mind. Encore episode on TG is Dani & Tea's reunion. Joey returns on the 24th.

From Soapcentral

Spoilers for the Week of Nov 29th


One woman agrees to to shocking proposition, but with strings attached.

Two old flames are caught kissing by an unlikely person.

A young couple decides it's time to take the next step in their relationship.

One man seeks the assistance of someone in a position of power.

A father is handed a gun and sent on a secret mission.

Two mothers from different generations release their pent up hostility at one another.

And someone finds themselves in a precarious predicament.

From Soap Opera Network

On Monday, November 29 John is met at the airport by Natalie after he returns from spending Thanksgiving with Michael and Marcie in Seattle.

And on Tuesday, November 30, Todd gives James some advice on how best to deal with an abusive parent by relating his history with his evil step-father Peter Manning, which leaves the young man with some deadly food for thought.

From SON

National Enquirer Scoops for the week of November 29, 2010

Starr and Marty clash over Hannah.

Dorian sees Charlie and Echo kissing.

Clint gives Eddie a gun and money to run an errand.

Nora finds hereslf in a dangerous situation.

Monday, Nov. 29: Clint tells Inez that he wants her to seduce Bo.

Tuesday, Nov. 30: Echo insinuates herself in Charlie & Viki's lives. Dani and Nate decide to do the deed but they are interrupted.

Nov 29-Dec 3:

Dorian catches Echo & Charlie.

Rex watches Marty.

Inez agrees to do Clint's request if he does something for her.

Starr opens up to Blair.

Joey has big news for his family.

From Soapcentral

Spoilers for the coming weeks incl. SOD Sneak Peeks; The father of Natalie's baby is revealed


Natalie's results prove her baby is Brody's.

Rex becomes suspicious of Marty.

Eddie Ford causes issues for many in town.

Ford and James have different views over their father's presence this Thanksgiving.

Eddie is given cash and a gun and sets out on an errand for Clint.

Nora's in a dangerous situation.

Marty and Starr argue over Hannah.

Matthew and Nate argue - again.

Inez receives a proposition from Clint.

Viki admits to Dorian that they were wrong.

Todd threatens to kill Nate.

Echo tries to mend fences with Dorian.

Dorian spies Charlie and Echo kissing.

A girl named Aubrey Wentworth, who is Joey's girlfriend, arrives on the scene.

Not knowing who the other is, Kelly and Aubrey chat it up about the men in their lives.

Cutter arrives on the scene and will be involved with Kelly, Joey and Aubrey.

From Soaps.com