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Spoilers for the Week of Oct 4th

Two brothers have a confrontation.

One man is discovered near death.

A person from the past is forced to make an admission.

Is one man's mind playing tricks on him?

A person in a precarious position is diagnosed with a stress-related medical condition.

Will one brother tattle on another?

Someone with influence works to get another back on the job.

And one woman wonders what secret is being kept by one half of a soon-to-be-married couple.

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Monday, Oct. 4
John comes across a nearly dead Greg;
Charlie and Viki are surprised by Echo's arrival.

Tuesday, Oct. 5
John reveals to Todd that Eli is alive;
Starr shares with Cole that Dani is with James.

On Wednesday, October 6, Ross is shot and pushed into the Llantano River by Eli during a confrontation between the two brothers. Later Todd pulls him from the river just as Dani arrives on the scene...but will it be too late?

http://www.soapoperanetwork.com/soaps/o ... ting-notes

Marty wonders what Brody is keeping secret. (Soap Opera Digest)
Eli confronts Ross on the docks. (Soap Opera Digest)
Inez gives Ford a bit of good news. (Soap Opera Digest)
Viki get an confession out of Echo. (Soap Opera Digest)
John finds Greg at death's door. (Soap Opera Digest)
Jessica is diagnosed with high blood pressure. (Soap Opera Digest)
Will Ford spell James' secret to Brody? (Soap Opera Digest)
John interrogates Nate regarding Dani's disappearance. (Soap Opera Weekly)
Starr makes a shocking discovery. (Soap Opera Weekly)
Greg regains consciousness. (Soap Opera Weekly)
Blair tells Todd his mind is just playing tricks on him. (Soap Opera Weekly)
Darren comforts Destiny. (Soap Opera Weekly)
Dani may get the wrong idea about Todd. (Soap Opera Weekly)

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Daytime Royalty

Maybe this will help put those pesky cancellation rumors to rest. TV Guide Magazine has exclusively learned from ABC that the network recently struck new deals with One Life to Live executive producer Frank Valentini and head writer Ron Carlivati. Valentini, who yesterday celebrated his 25th anniversary with OLTL, has signed a two-year contract to remain with the show. Carlivati's contract is for three years. Unlike CBS and NBC, ABC actually owns its daytime dramas, so the concept of a show pick-up doesn't really apply here. Thus, this news is as close as it comes to ABC acknowledging its commitment to keep the show on the air. Next week, I'll bring you the first post-deal interview with Valentini and Carlivati, in which they discuss their new lease on Life and where they plan to take the show in the future. In the meantime, can we all just relax a little bit?


ONE LIFE TO LIVE setsiders report that Jason Tam (Markko) and Terrell Tilford (Greg) have been released from the ABC soap. Coincidentally, Tam just returned to the soap on September 24 after having taken the summer off to participate in The Public Theatre's Shakespeare Lab in New York City, while Tilford has been heavily involved in storyline the past few months... and was found to be at the center of the plot twist that Téa is actually alive.

http://abc.soapsindepth.com/2010/09/two ... et-go.html

Monday, 10/4
Blair thinks Todd’s mind is playing tricks on him.
John finds Greg nearly dead.
Darren comforts Destiny when she breaks down about Greg’s condition.

Tuesday, 10/5
Will Ford tell Brody the secret James is keeping?
Jessica learns that she has high blood pressure due to stress.
Todd and Ross almost come to blows.

Wednesday, 10/6
Marty wonders what secret Brody is keeping.
Ross and Eli have a showdown at the docks.
Natalie discovers James’s bullet necklace.

Thursday, 10/7
Starr finds a shocking surprise in her apartment!
John questions Nate about Dani’s whereabouts.
Inez tells Ford that Clint is going to help get his job back at the university.

Friday, 10/8
Will Dani jump to the wrong conclusion about Todd?
Viki gets Echo to admit she has an agenda that’s brought her to Llanview.
Greg wakes up in ICU and utters a single word.

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Spoilers for the Week of Oct 11th

From the National Enquirer:

Greg tells Natalie that Tea is alive.

Todd tells Blair that Starr and Hope have been kidnapped.

Jessica tells Clint and Viki that Ford may be the father of her baby.

Hannah points a gun at Starr and Hope.

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Spoilers for the Week of Oct 18th

Two loved ones are reunited.

A secret finally sees the light of day.

A confused individual becomes a suspect.

One man makes a shocking confession.

Several people face off with a murderer.

A certain young lady celebrates her birthday.

And a hostage works to free herself and a family member from the clutches of a madman.

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Daytime Royalty

As previously reported, Brandon Buddy is departing ABC's "One Life to Live" and now Soap Opera Network has learned the actor has finished taping his last scenes.

After months of rumors and speculation, ABC has finally confirmed that Buddy will be leaving the role of Cole Thornhart, son of Marty Saybrooke (Susan Haskell) and Patrick Thornhart (Thorsten Kaye), despite the actors July tweet that his account was hacked and that he was not leaving the soap.

According to sources, Buddy's last tape date was late last week with his last airdate expected to be late October/early November. The role will not be recast as the character leaves Llanview alive, but leaves lady love Starr Manning (Kristen Alderson) and their child behind in Llanview.

Buddy made his acting debut on "One Life to Live" when he joined the cast of the drama series in October 2006. At this time is is unknown what the actor has planned for his post-"One Life" future.

http://www.soapoperanetwork.com/soaps/o ... fe-to-live

Kevin Buchanan is coming home to ONE LIFE TO LIVE! Soaps In Depth can report that Dan Gauthier will reprise the role starting Thursday, November 18! Gauthier -- who originally played the role from 2003-'06 -- has made several short visits since exiting the soap, most recently in May during a series of flashbacks introducing Kelly's relationship with Reed.

http://abc.soapsindepth.com/2010/10/loo ... .html#more

Another Llanviewian returns in November as Melissa Fumero drops back in as Adriana Cramer. ...Wonder how she'll react to the mega-flirtiness between Kelly and Rex?


The best thing about Llanview -- aside from Dorian's outfits -- is that every day brings a new twist. Some exciting news developing today is that the show is getting not one, but TWO new cast members.

Josh Kelly -- who we previously reported will be playing Viki and Clint's son, Joey -- will now be playing a different role: A mysterious, charming and handsome (duh, look at him) guy set to shake up the Llanview scene. Actor Tom Degnan will be taking over the role of Joey, who is still set to return to Llanview on November 24th. Neither actor has started taping yet, so no word on whether their characters will interact.

Why the change? Executive Producer Frank Valentini explains: "After auditioning a talented group of guys for the role of Joey, we are excited to announce that not one but two of them will be joining the cast of One Life to Live in contract roles. We have now cast Tom Degnan in the role of Viki's son, Joey Buchanan, and we have decided that Josh Kelly is a great fit for the other contract role that we have written. We look forward to both actors joining the show."

So there you have it -- Llanview's population is growing by two (and a Buchanan at that)!

http://sn.soapnet.go.com/news/article/t ... =boardnews

October Preview from Soapnet

The month begins with a bang when Todd hears Tea's voice, as crafty Tea decided to reach out and touch someone (namely, her husband). This phone call sets off a chain of exciting events that will result in Todd and Tea face to face once again. Yes, this month they WILL reunite. No joke.

But the immediate and pressing problem is that Ross has gotten custody of Danielle. He plans on bringing her back to Tahiti, but we know that Ross's scary brother Eli has other, perhaps deadly plans for Danielle. Not wanting Dani to leave Llanview, Nate enlists big brother James to concoct a plan to keep Dani in town. And, of course, Starr gets involved. And obviously since this is Llanview and we just used the words "plan," things go totally wrong. Eli ends up kidnapping Danielle, Starr AND baby Hope. Let's hope Cole, James and Nate can save the sisters Manning. Too bad for that little story twist that mucks up everyone's plan.

By the time this month is over, you can expect three more kidnappings, two shootings, someone getting blown up and two people kicking the bucket. And we think you will be very, very surprised how someone meets their demise -- or rather, by whose hand.

Over in Jessica land, our lady of the two possible baby daddies decides to take a paternity test. Place your bets now on who the father will be! Poor Brody can't stand the guilt and strain of possibly not being the father to Jessica's unborn child -- while he may have secretly fathered her sister's. So he decides to start therapy. With Marty Saybrooke. Longtime enemy of Natalie. The same Natalie who he may have secretly gotten pregnant. Oh, Brody, this is not good.

You know how Hannah is all worried about people thinking she's crazy and dangerous? Well, she is crazy. And dangerous. This month, you'll see exactly why.

Look for the Evans family to be thrust full force when that blackmail leverage Eli had over Greg gets exposed. What secret could be so bad that Greg would be willing to risk his entire career -- and possibly people's lives -- to keep hidden?

Daytime legend Kim Zimmer (you know her best as Reva from Guiding Light) returns to the show as Echo DiSavoy. Back in the day, Echo seduced Clint (while he was married to Viki) and then framed him for murder. So she has tons of fans in town. Echo's arrival stuns Viki and Charlie. It turns out that Charlie knew her from his drinking days. And they were ... close. Look for this to kick off a new story for Viki, Charlie and Clint. And how does Echo's arrival actually get Dorian and Viki working together? There's more to Echo than meets the eye, as she comes to town with a pretty big secret that's going to ripple into three of Llanview's families.

The month starts off with Bo and Nora finding time for some fun and romance. But what's up with Clint? He's been acting so shady lately, and some of his actions this month are going to make throwing David in prison seem about as bad as jaywalking. As for Inez ... do you think Clint is actually into her, or she plays into a larger plan he has?

Oh, and back to that whole Tea and Todd reunion? Danielle won't be left out of the fray. Look for Danielle and her mom to finally reconnect. Get your tissues ready now. Trust.

http://sn.soapnet.go.com/news/article/o ... 10-preview

October Preview from SON

Dani thinks she sees a ghost.

Viki lends her support to her longtime foe in her hour of need.

Ford knows that Langston is in good hands.

Phylicia and Richard Evans make a shocking confession to Destiny.

Eli's reign of terror goes out with a bang -- literally

http://www.soapoperanetwork.com/soaps/o ... ber-prevue

Week of Oct. 11


Greg reveals to Natalie that Téa is alive. (National Enquirer)
Blair learns Starr and Hope have been kidnapped. (National Enquirer)
Jessica tells Viki and Clint that Ford may have fathered her baby. (National Enquirer)
Hannah waves a gun at Starr and Hope. (National Enquirer)
Viki confides in Rex and Natalie her suspicions about Echo. (National Enquirer)
Markko tries to calm Langston's nerves regarding Starr. (Soap Opera Digest)
Echo goes to see Dorian. (Soap Opera Digest)
Eli gives Todd his list of demands. (Soap Opera Digest)
Dani finds herself trapped in a warehouse. (Soap Opera Digest)
Will Hannah deliver the message Starr left for Cole? (Soap Opera Digest)
Clint gets stood up. (Soap Opera Weekly)
John and Natalie work to find out the truth about Téa. (Soap Opera Weekly)
Will Dani and Téa be reunited? (Soap Opera Weekly)

http://www.soapoperanetwork.com/soaps/o ... -4-edition

Greg lets Natalie know that Téa is alive

Viki has reservations about Echo

Clint is surprised when Inez fails to show up for a dinner date

Starr leaves Cole a message

Starr and Hope are kidnapped

Hannah turns a gun on Starr and Hope

Echo drops by to visit Dorian

Jessica tells her parents that the baby might not be Brody's

Markko tries to help Langston


Oct 11: Greg informs Natalie that Tea is alive. Viki voices her feelings about Echo to Rex and Natalie.

Oct. 12: Starr tries to escape from Eli. Marty comforts Cole.

Oct 13: Hannah reveals she has something important to confess. Jessica tells Clint and Viki that Ford may be the father of her baby.

Oct 14: Dani believes Starr and Hope are being held in the room next to hers. Lanston stumbles across Hope's toy frog.

Oct 15: Eli tells Tea no one will look for her. John and Natalie team up to analyze infromation.

http://boards.soapcentral.com/showthrea ... 5-spoilers

What's up with One Life to Live's Clint Buchanan (Jerry verDorn)? Long one of the soap world's true heroes, he now seems as ruthless and manipulative as his late dad, Asa (Phil Carey).

"Clint's life has really taken a huge emotional toll on him," explains exec producer Frank Valentini. "He had his heart broken when he lost the woman he loved to his brother. His business responsibilities are mounting. He's all by himself in this world. Now he's looking in the mirror and saying, "I've always been a goody guy and where has it got me?'

There's stuff churning inside him that will have the audience seeing the nature and nurture of Asa." But would Asa do this? Later this month, Clint learns his daughter Jessica (Bree Williamson) may be pregnant by Ford (David Gregory), so he has Ford beaten up by two goons known as Mr. Black and Mr. Blue. And Clint stands by and watches!

http://forums.soapnet.go.com/n/pfx/foru ... &tid=55286

Monday, 10/11

* Greg tells Natalie that Tea is alive.
* Viki expresses her concerns about Echo to Rex and Natalie.
* Clint waits for Inez at Rodi’s, but she never shows up.

Tuesday, 10/12

* Will Starr escape Eli’s clutches?
* Will Hannah give Cole the message Starr’s left for him?
* Todd tells Blair Starr and Hope have been kidnapped.

Wednesday, 10/13

* Echo pays Dorian a visit.
* Jessica reveals to Clint and Viki that Ford could be the father of her baby.
* Markko comforts Langston about Starr.

Thursday, 10/14

* Dani finds herself locked in an abandon warehouse.
* Eli makes a huge demand from Todd.
* What is Hannah hiding from Cole?
* After reflecting on the sad loss of Tea, Bo and Nora feel very lucky to have each other.

Friday, 10/15

* Will Dani and Tea finally reunite?
* Hannah threatens Star and Hope with a gun.
* John and Natalie work together to get to the truth about Tea

10/11 -- (Téa's Alive) Greg informs Natalie that Téa is alive; Viki voices her feelings about Echo to Rex and Natalie.

10/12 -- (Abduction) Starr tries to escape from Eli; Marty comforts Cole.

10/13 -- (Pointing the Finger) Hannah reveals she has something important to confess; Jessica tells Clint and Viki that Ford may be the father of her baby.

From SOD:

Hannah holds onto a very important message from Starr to Cole.

http://community.netscape.com/n/pfx/for ... &tid=30248

Week of Oct. 18

Tea and Dani are reunited on October 18

Two arcs for Matt. He reenters Destiny's life when it comes crashing down around her. Clint shares how to flex Buchanan power to aid loved ones. It's a very good twist that sets up something for Matt versus Bo and John.


10/18 -- (Reunion)

Téa and Danielle share an emotional reunion;

Eli injects something into Greg's IV.

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Daytime Royalty

According to a post on Carolyn Hinsey's facebook page, Terri Columbino is soon to be joining OLTL.


Terri Colombino in at OLTL
The casting trend continues at OLTL. Soap Opera Digest can confirm that ATWT alum, Terri Colombino (ex-Katie), has been tapped to play the contract role of OLTL's Aubrey. A casting notice that went out a few weeks ago described the character as, "a beautiful, sexy, Caucasian in her mid-20s-30s. Aubrey's proper breeding masks her free-spirited nature." She will first air in November. Hmm, so will Tom Degnan's (ex-Adam, ATWT) Joey....


Months after ABC Daytime announced they would be cutting down on original episodes from their soaps "All My Children," "General Hospital" and "One Life to Live" each year, despite no official deal with the Writer's Guild of America (WGA) allowing this, the network has confirmed that they will begin airing encore episodes of the dramas beginning Wednesday, October 27, which marks the first non-holiday or unanticipated repeat airing for any daytime soap(s).

As always, the repeat airings are being used to "enhance current story and give fans the opportunity to see episodes they really loved and have wanted to see again," the network said.

The network is expected to air upwards of 20 repeat episodes of each drama series through out the year including those already airing on or around major holidays.

Episode #10415 (original air date 4/16/09) --Todd and Tea have sex all over his house while saying they hate each other. Tea tells Todd she never intended to help him get custody of his kids. Natalie and Jared hide the truth about Chloe while the family gathers for Chloe's baptism. At Nash's grave, Jessica tells Brody they can't be friends right now. Starr and Cole discuss her attraction to Schuyler, realize Hope didn't die because of RH disease. Markko tells Langston he helped Cole fake his drug test.

Notables: Jared was played by John Brotherton. The character died at the end of 2009. Jessica and Brody are having a baby together or are they? Jason Tam who plays Markko was just fired.

Carlivati/Valentini Interview

As reported exclusively here last week, ABC Daytime has made a break with corporate tradition and confirmed new multi-year deals with One Life to Live's executive producer Frank Valentini and head writer Ron Carlivati. This is an obvious effort to quell the cancellation rumors that have plagued OLTL for months. Valentini, now in his eighth year as showrunner, has re-upped for two more. Carlivati has signed for three years. Because ABC owns its soaps, this is the closest it comes to a show pickup. But is it truly a reason to rejoice? TV Guide Magazine corralled Valentini and Carlivati to find out.

TV Guide Magazine: What do the contract renewals for you two really mean? Is this news tantamount to ABC saying OLTL will be around at least a couple more years?
Valentini: You don't renew deals with cast and production staff and you don't continue to take out money on advertising if you don't think a show is going to be around for awhile. You can never say a show will be here forever. But we can say to our audience that our network has faith in us and wants us on the air. We're here. We're going to continue telling good stories and turning out the best show we can.

TV Guide Magazine: As a rule, ABC Daytime will not discuss talent or exec deals but that's clearly changed in light of the cancellation buzz.
Valentini: In our minds, the show was never going off the air. There was this ugly rumor that got started somehow in some way, but we were not worried about cancellation.

TV Guide Magazine: Really? Given the recent loss of major soaps and the general precariousness of daytime TV, shouldn't everyone be concerned at this point?
Carlivati: I think that everyone should be, of course, but [the cancellation] of Guiding Light and As the World Turns was a different situation, what with them being owned by a sponsor rather than a network. The loss of those shows doesn't mean the rest are dropping like flies.
Valentini: We are continuing to grow OLTL and build the cast in a way that satisfies all the demands and needs in daytime — which means having new characters that shake up the canvas and telling stories with the veterans and the fan favorites that the audience can get excited about. We're now thinking about our next milestone in the history of OLTL — the 45th anniversary [in 2013], and, hopefully, we'll even have a 50th!

TV Guide Magazine: So more of the same as you move ahead? Or will you approach OLTL differently, considering these tough times in the soap business?
Carlivati: The new contracts don't necessary change the way we do things, but we are conscious of being in this new era. I'm always thinking about how I can move a story a little bit faster, or how a story might grab the audience more. We look to push the envelope and be a little more outrageous, but the flip side is that you don't want to go into panic mode and do things just to shock the audience. The trick is to stay true to your characters and the stories and believe that the audience is going to be engaged without shock value.

TV Guide Magazine: Did your renewals come with a mandate from [ABC Daytime chief] Brian Frons?
Carlivati: It's the same as always. We meet with Brian regularly and he always challenges me to look at certain aspects of the stories, to go deeper on some, to make certain stories more real for the audience. He's always telling us not to lose sight of this or that. He's very analytical and can look at a story and tell you where the flaws are. So that is the mandate he gives me going forward — to find the real emotion, to make the show relatable. I like a certain over-the-topness to stories. I like the bigness of our show. So I must find the balance to making the epic moments both relatable and soapy, so that we still have all those juicy scandals and the big secrets exploding.

Valentini: All our veteran players are under long-term contracts at this point and so all the ducks are in a row. We can use their characters fully for many years to come.
Carlivati: At the same time, our young people are one of our big strengths and we'll continue to move them into new phases of their lives. We've now moved Langston, James and Starr on to college. Dani, Destiny and Matthew still have a couple of years left to go in high school. We're already looking at young characters like Shane and Jack and thinking, "Well, when they're in high school, we can do this, this and this..." We have to keep that optimism. In our minds, the show's going to be on for a hundred years. Natalie and Jessica, Viki's twin daughters, are about to have babies — those are the future characters of the show! We were recently in a story meeting with Brian, where we were discussing a certain secret coming out, and Brian said, "It would be so much better if you held that for five years." And, of course, it's very encouraging to hear him talk that way.

TV Guide Magazine: Don't soaps need to become less simplistic and more mature if they are to succeed with the modern audience? We daytime viewers don't live in a bubble. We also watch the great shows in primetime. We know good writing from bad. We know fresh and bold from been-there-done-that. But those who make the soaps today don't always give us credit for being sophisticated and discriminating.
Carlivati: We certainly want to acknowledge what's going on in other forms of entertainment but at the same time the danger is trying to turn our shows into something they're not, something they shouldn't be. We shouldn't be imitating movies, or other TV shows, or what we see on the internet, because at heart OLTL is a soap opera and that's a form that is unique and special and has its own rules. That's the trick and the balance for us, to keep it soapy — and I don't consider that to be a dirty word. It's what our fans truly do want.
Valentini: Also, we can portray moments you can't do on Grey's Anatomy or Desperate Housewives because we have the luxury of more time and more characters and greater ability to play the nuances.

TV Guide Magazine: We seem to be in an era of relative stability at the top of most soaps. But there was a time when, if the ratings were down or the writing sucked, the executive producers and head writers would come and go so quickly it would make your head spin. Mickey Dwyer Dobbin wielded a very sharp hatchet at the P&G shows. Why don't we see more changes at the top these days, what with the ratings crisis?
Valentini: That's a very interesting question. In our case, we would like to think it's because we've been with this show for a very long time and know it intricately. The network is looking at two people they know can get the job done. Change is not always good for the audience. A new EP can often mean people getting fired. It can mean huge cast changes or huge story changes, and that's always unsettling and upsetting for the audience.

TV Guide Magazine: Care to comment on those in the press and on the message boards who claim to care about soaps but are ravenously eager to spread bad news about OLTL?
Valentini: There's nothing wrong with critiquing a show, or saying that a certain storyline didn't work, or to be extremely passionate about not liking something, but to just tear a show down without any knowledge or any understanding of what's really going on is hard to understand. Is it really worth it to say those things? A lot of information is disseminated through rumor and hearsay and it's unfortunate because it affects a lot of people. Actors will come to me having a panic attack because it says on the internet that they're getting fired — and it's not true. It's so upsetting.
Carlivati: There are some things you let roll off your back but other times it is hurtful and frustrating. You want to get on the internet and say, "That's completely not true!" But I don't because I have bigger things to be worrying about [Laughs]...like who is the father of Jessica and Natalie's babies?

http://www.tvguide.com/News/One-Life-Li ... 24080.aspx

Spoilers from Fan Event; Todd, Tea, Dani, John, Bo & Kevin Buchanan
Trevor St. John gave out a few scoops. They just filmed a love scene on Thursday with Todd & Tea.

Dan Gauthier (Kevin Buchanan) is done filming already (he finished on Friday).

Kelley Missal/Dani will sing an original song soon

Also, John and Todd will be trapped in a hole soon and be rescued by Bo.

http://boards.soapcentral.com/showthrea ... REAT-event!

Spoilers for the Week of Oct 18th

Two loved ones are reunited.

A secret finally sees the light of day.

A confused individual becomes a suspect.

One man makes a shocking confession.

Several people face off with a murderer.

A certain young lady celebrates her birthday.

And a hostage works to free herself and a family member from the clutches of a madman.

http://www.soapoperanetwork.com/soaps/o ... 30-edition


Eli injects something into Greg's IV. (National Enquirer)
Téa and Dani are finally reunited. (National Enquirer)
Starr tries to escape. (National Enquirer)
James grows suspicious of Hannah. (National Enquirer)
Roxy and Echo become quick friends. (National Enquirer)
Langston finds Ford and Hannah together. (National Enquirer)
Starr dreams about the the men in her life. (National Enquirer)
Destiny celebrates her birthday. (Cable Guide Spoilers)
Eli sets up a rendezvous point for Todd to bring the ransom money. (Cable Guide Spoilers)
Todd, Blair, John, and Bo have a showdown with Eli. (Cable Guide Spoilers)
Natalie gets a confession out of Greg. (Cable Guide Spoilers)
Greg's secret sees the light of day. (Cable Guide Spoilers)
Blair gets the shock of her life. (Cable Guide Spoilers)

http://www.soapoperanetwork.com/soaps/o ... 11-edition

Eli poisons Greg

Greg makes an admission to Natalie

Starr tries to escape from the attic with Hope

James is certain that Hannah is behind Starr and Hope's disappearance

Roxy and Echo bond as friends

Langston questions why Ford and Hannah are together

Ford tries to question Hannah

John, Todd, Bo, and Blair close in on Eli at the warehouse

Blair makes a surprising discovery in her search for Starr and Hope


Monday: Eli injects drugs into Greg's IV. Dani and Téa share an emotional reunion. Starr tries to escape from Hannah with Hope.
Tuesday: James thinks Hannah is to blame for Starr's disappearance. Rex continues to research Echo's past. Roxy and Echo become fast friends.
Wednesday: Langston is taken by surprise when she spots Ford and Hannah together. Ford pressures Hannah for answers. Starr dreams about both Cole and James.
Thursday: Greg makes another admission to Natalie. Destiny celebrates her birthday. Eli sets up a meeting place for Todd to drop off the ransom at.
Friday: Todd, Blair, John, and Bo have a showdown with Eli. Greg's secret is exposed. While searching for Starr and Hope, Blair bumps into Téa.

http://www.soapoperanetwork.com/soaps/o ... 18-edition

Spoilers for the Week of Oct 25th

National Enquirer Spoilers:

Dani is knocked out and seriously injured from the explosion.

Greg makes a shocking revalation.

Marty is arrested.

Bo leads the search efforts for survivors of the explosion.

Todd and Tea come face to face.

Week of Oct 25th and beyond:

Many are presumed dead after the explosion at Cherryvale, including John.

Jessica has a paternity test done.

Echo's secret shakes things up for three families.