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http://michaelfairmansoaps.com/news/olt ... 010/05/28/

Nicholas Robuck is playing the contract role of James Ford, Robert Ford's brother, although the article doesn't mention this fact. He starts airing June 7.

There are more hints about James in this article: http://michaelfairmansoaps.com/news/olt ... 010/05/26/

http://www.soapoperanetwork.com/soaps/o ... -from-life

Jason Tam is taking the summer off from his day job as Markko Rivera on "One Life to Live."

According to his website, the 27-year-old Tam, who joined "OLTL" on March 21, 2007, has been "selected to take part in the Public Theatre's Summer Shakespeare Lab, a classical intensive for mid-career actors. He'll be taking a two month hiatus from 'One Life to Live' to accommodate the Lab's rigorous schedule."

A last airdate for Tam has not been announced, and it is not clear how exactly the character of Markko will be written off the canvas for the summer.

Sabine Singh (AMC's Ex- Greenlee) is returning to daytime television. She has been cast on OLTL. Sabine will play the recurring role of "Wendy," a hooker that hooks up with David Vickers.

Source: Pine Valley News

Starr and Hope Kidnapped!; SOD Article Summary

Just when Starr thinks that her life is full of enough drama, a mysterious stranger arrives to shake things up. “It’s a pretty dangerous situation,” Head Writer Ron Carlivati says.

“James is a boy in trouble,” Carlivati explains of the newcomer. “He is on the run and Starr ends up getting pulled into all of his problems, which is going to have a little bit of a ripple effect through some of the younger kids on the canvas.”

We first see James lurking around the hospital, but when he sees a man passing around his photo, he takes off and runs into Starr. “He’s come to town to see a loved one, but he has some pretty bad people chasing after him, so he’s on the run and takes advantage of the situation with Starr to sort of escape the bad guys, and in doing so, he pulls Starr into it.”

So what does Starr think of James? “She doesn’t like this guy at all when she first meets him, although they have sort of a nice first meeting, but then he takes some actions that do not make Starr very happy.” Meanwhile, things aren’t going very smoothly between Starr and Cole. “James is coming in to throw a little monkey wrench into the Starr and Cole love story and kick off a little summer adventure,” reveals Carlivati. “We have Starr and Cole being threatened by Hannah, who’s wormed her way in, so we thought this would be a good time to bring somebody in to kind of mix it up with Starr and balance out the story a little bit and add a little spice on the Starr side.”

“She and Cole have their little moments [of happiness],” Carlivati continues. “We gave them their little bubble at the prom. We wanted to remind people that this is a couple who loves each other and they have a child that they love and they have these little pockets of happiness, but it wouldn’t be a soap opera if [we] didn’t threaten it all the time.”

Meanwhile, Starr’s graduation from high school is just around the corner. Will she make it in time?


Spoilers and Previews -- Week of 6/7


On Monday, June 7, Natalie and Brody make a pact. "Their one-night stand didn't mean anything necessarily," says Head Writer Ron Carlivati. "I think they care about each other as friends, but it's like, 'Why tell [the people] we've wanted to get back together with for so long?' " ... On Tuesday, June 8, Rex and Gigi agree to start over.

David Vickers makes his Pa and future stepmom an intriguing proposal on Monday, June 7, and Lindsay, of all people, has a present for the would-be-weds on Tuesday, June 8. David approaches Viki with a most interesting offer on Thursday, June 10, and on Friday June 11, well, you'll just have to tune in because what happens between them is definately unexpected.

Cable Guide

Monday, 6/7
(The Wedding)
Bo and Nora tie the knot for the second time; Danielle tells Matthew that she is not in love with him.

Tuesday, 6/8
(Admitting Their Love)
Gigi and Rex confess their true feelings for one another; John and Natalie get intimate.

Wednesday, 6/9
(The Murder)
Hannah tells an unconscious Ford that he got what he deserved; Mrs. Rivera delivers some harsh words to Dorian.

Thursday, 6/10
(The Visit)
Ford wakes up and receives an unexpected visitor; David pays Viki a visit.

Friday, 6/11
(The Confession)
Markko is shocked by Langston's confession; Kelly hires Jessica to work at the newspaper.

SON Alerts

David has an interesting proposition for Bo and Nora. (ABC Soaps in Depth)

Lindsay has a gift for the newlyweds. (ABC Soaps in Depth)

David has a suggestion for Viki. (ABC Soaps in Depth)

Viki and David get closer. (ABC Soaps in Depth)

Starr encounters a young stranger. (ABC Soaps in Depth)

Ford is visited by a family member. (ABC Soaps in Depth)

Several couples make love. (Soap Opera Digest)

Langston making a shocking confession. (Soap Opera Digest)

Jessica gets a job offer. (Soap Opera Digest)

Dorian is left all shook up. (Soap Opera Digest)

Dorian and Charlie are caught in a compromising position. (Soap Opera Digest)

John makes a decision about Langston and Markko. (Soap Opera Digest)

David and Viki get up close and personal. (Soap Opera Digest)


Soap Central Tidbits

David saves the day

Things heat up between Rex and Gigi

Bo and Nora receive a gift from Lindsay

Love is in the air

Starr meets a young stranger

Ford's family arrives

Dorian and Charlie are busted in the act

David doesn't keep his hands off of Viki

Kelly offers Jessica a job


Spoilers and Previews -- Week of 6/14


Todd is there for Tea.

Starr graduates.

Dani and Nate find a bag full of money.

Ford remembers his attack.

Starr and Hope are in danger.

On Monday, June 14, Dani and Nate stumble upon a bag of cash. Meanwhile, Todd rushes to Téa's side after finding a telltale file.... On Tuesday, June 15, Matthew's in over his head with the women in his life.

Cable Guide

Monday, 6/14
(The Attack)
Jessica confesses to Brody that she was with Ford on the night of his attack; Todd learns devastating news about Téa.

Tuesday, 6/15
(The Secret)
Todd and Téa fight about the secret she kept from him; David tries to boost Matthew's ego.

Wednesday, 6/16
(Graduation Day)
Dorian toasts Starr and Langston on their graduation day; James receives a threatening call from Bull.

Thursday, 6/17
Langston shares her feelings with Blair; Nate wants to give the money he found to his mother.

Friday, 6/18
(Hiding at the Cabin)
Ford tells John that his memory has resurfaced; Cole and Hope have a happy reunion.

SON Alerts

Danielle and Nate come into some money. (Soap Opera Digest)

Todd rushes to Téa's side. (Soap Opera Digest)

Matthew has woman troubles. (Soap Opera Digest)

Nate is nervous about the cash he found. (Soap Opera Digest)

Starr and Hope are carjacked. (Soap Opera Digest)

Ford backs up Markko and Langston's claims. (Soap Opera Weekly)

Starr gets her diploma. (Soap Opera Weekly)

Langston is full of guilt. (Soap Opera Weekly)

John overhears a conversation between Hannah and Marty. (Soap Opera Weekly)

Ford remembers who attacked him. (Soap Opera Weekly)

James hides out in Viki's cabin. (Soap Opera Weekly)

Jessica worries one of her alters attacked Ford. (Soap Opera Weekly)

Cole gets out on bail. (Soap Opera Weekly)


Soap Central Tidbits

Starr and Hope are victims of a carjacking

Starr graduates from high school

Dani and Nate stumble upon a sack filled with money

Todd is determined to be there for Téa

Ford assures John that he remembers the attack

Jessica fears that one of her alternate personalities bludgeoned Ford

James hides in Viki's cabin

Hannah threatens Marty

The issue of Cole's bail is revisited


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I hope Fords brother has a similiarly vigorous workout schedule as his brother.

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"One Life to Live" has released more information regarding a recent audition script for a "Private Investigator." The soap is looking for an African-American actor in their mid-30s for the recurring role, which is described as "charming, good looking, and extremely successful."

http://www.soapoperanetwork.com/soaps/o ... -8-edition

ONE LIFE TO LIVE: I am hearing the show is getting ready to dismiss several actors come this summer. And insiders are saying it is more of the teen set then the veterans....One man learns he's going to be a father (sounds like Brody) while another man learns he has a son he never knew he had. This can only pertain to Rex and finally end this story. But.....could Rick be going by another name now? And could that person who ever his name is now live in Llanview who worked in casinos before he came to Llanview? If you know your OLTL history you will remember that Clint had been estranged from his family for years. So where was he all that time until Bo convinced him to return...Aaah the possibilities



Jessica confesses to Brody that she was with
Ford on the night of his attack; Todd learns
devastating news about Téa; Hope and Starr
are taken by a stranger; Nate and Dani stumble
across a large amount of cash.

Tuesday, June 15
Todd and Téa fight about the secret she kept from him;
David tries to boost Matthew's ego; Ford confirms
Markko and Langston stories; Jessica fears one of her
alters may have been Ford's attacker.

Wednesday, June 16
Dorian toasts Starr and Langston on their graduation day;
James receives a threatening call from Bull; Nate is
concerned regarding the money that was found.

Thursday, June 17
Langston shares her feelings with Blair;
Nate wants to give the money he found to his mother;
Todd accompanies Tea to her treatment session;
Langston still feels responsible.

Friday, June 18
Ford tells John that his memory has returned;
Cole and Hope have a happy reunion; John realizes
Hannah is trying to put one over on Marty;James hides out;
Nate comes up with an idea about the money he found.


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OLTL Alerts: Week of June 14

•Monday: Someone carjacks Starr and Hope. Danielle and Nate come into some money. Todd stands by Téa.
•Tuesday: Ford backs up Markko and Langston's stories. Jessica is afraid one of her alters attacked Ford. Matthew is in over his head when it comes to women.
•Wednesday: Starr receives her high school diploma. Nate grows nervous over the money he found. James gets a harassing telephone call.
•Thursday: Will Cole get out on bail? Todd takes Téa to her radiation treatment. Langston continues to feel guilty.
•Friday: John discovers Hannah putting the screws to Marty. Ford remembers the night of his attack. James hides out at Viki's cabin. Nate knows exactly what to do with the money.

http://www.soapoperanetwork.com/soaps/o ... 14-edition

OLTL Previews: Week of June 14

James carjacks Starr and Hope as he escapes from the hospital. When it’s safe, he pulls over and releases them. James goes to look for the bag of money he’s hidden at the quarry, but he’s too late. Nate and Dani have already found it. James receives a threatening call from Bull. Return the money, or Starr will suffer. On graduation day, Starr receives her diploma, and then is promptly hauled away by James. James admits he stole $50,000. Nate plans to give the money to his mother. Eli arranges for Cole’s bail, and Cole surprises everyone by showing up at Starr’s graduation party. Cole and Langston are concerned by Starr’s absence. Langston apologizes to Cole. Starr hides James in Viki’s cabin. Nate gives his mother a check for $50,000 to save her from losing her home.

Todd and Tea argue because she kept her condition a secret, but he vows to stand by her. After Starr’s graduation ceremony, Todd accompanies Tea to her treatment. David plans an evening with a couple of ladies of the night to lift Matthew’s spirits. Jessica tells Brody that she was with Ford the night of the attack. Although Jessica is worried that one of her alters may have attacked Ford, Dr. Levin assures her there is no evidence that her mental illness has resurfaced. Ford tells John he remembers everything about the night he was attacked. John sees Hannah threatening Marty and he questions her about the attacks on Marty and Ford. Layla wants to go to Maryland to see her mother.

Matthew tells David that he and Dani broke up. David plans a night on the town for the both of them with two gorgeous women on Monday, June 14.

John informs Brody and Jessica that Ford is awake and talking on Tuesday, June 15

It is Starr and Langston’s Graduation Day. Dorian toasts the two young Cramer women who have overcome so much on Wednesday, June 16

Todd accompanies Tea to her radiation treatment and continues to give her his support on Thursday, June 17

John witnesses Hannah threatening Marty and he questions her about the attack on Marty and Ford on Friday, June 18

http://soapoperasource.com/oltl/preview ... ne-14.html

Spoilers for the Week of June 14, 2010

Jessica confides to Brody that she was with Ford after the prom

Jessica fears that Bess or Tess might have bludgeoned Ford

Jessica's doctor assures her that there aren't any signs of her alternate personalities

James carjacks Starr and Hope

Starr demands to know who James is running from

James will only reveal that he has something that someone wants

Dani and Nate discover an abandoned bag filled with cash

Nate is tempted to give the money to his mother

James is upset to discover that the money is missing

James receives a warning that Starr will pay the price

Starr and Langston graduate from high school

Starr is snatched after her graduation

James comes clean to Starr

Todd is determined to be by Tea's side when he learns that she has cancer

David decides to help Matthew get over his broken heart

Will Matthew lose his virginity to a professional escort?

Destiny is stunned to find Matthew and David hanging out with two prostitutes

Eli manages to secure Cole's release

Cole and Langston search for Starr

Cole spends time with Hope

Langston takes the opportunity to apologize to Cole for her lies

Starr helps James find a place to hide

Starr is shocked to learn that James' abusive father sent Bull after James

Ford's memory of the attack returns

John is concerned when he witnesses a heated confrontation between Hannah and Marty

John questions if Hannah is responsible for Marty's fall and Ford's attack

Layla decides it's time to tell her mother about the engagement

Spoilers for Next Week

Ford names his assailant

Kelly and Reed drift apart

Dani finds her parents in bed together

John and Brody conduct a search of Hannah's room

Hannah makes sure that to leave behind incriminating evidence pointing to Starr

Cole kisses Hannah

Charlie is alarmed when discovers David's unconscious body

Bull questions Matthew

Bull sets his sights on Nate

How far is Starr willing to go to help James?

Spoilers for down the road

Matthew is caught (again) between Destiny and Danielle

Starr makes a life changing mistake

Todd and Danielle find some common ground

Natalie and Brody's secret has consequences

Hannah draws the suspicion of more than one Llanview resident

Téa struggles with her diagnosis

Rex and Gigi's adventure changes their relationship

Blair and Eli grow closer

New faces will appear in Llanview over the summer


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Daytime Royalty

Spoilers and Previews -- Week of 6/28


Gigi keep a secret from Rex.

Ford keeps having mysterious phone conversations.

Tea collapses.

Starr and James continue their bad behavior.

On Monday, June 28, John and Natalie work together, Bull holds Nate hostage and Dani shocks Todd when she asks him for help.... Gigi hides something from Rex on Tuesday, June 29.

Cable Guide

Monday, 6/28
Bull holds Nate against his will; Bree decides she wants Brody to be her father.

(The Story)
Dani informs Todd about the money they found; Rex and Kelly team up to find answers regarding her mother's death.

Wednesday, 6/30
(Working Together)
Hannah informs Cole that the cops want her; Todd receives a shocking call from Bull.

Thursday, 7/1
Blair tells Dorian about her feelings for Eli; Matthew finds David with a prostitute.

Friday, 7/2
(The Exchange)
Bull informs Todd of his demands; John arrests Hannah for attempted murder.

SON Alerts

John and Natalie start working together. (Soap Opera Digest)

Nate is taken hostage by Bull. (Soap Opera Digest)

Dani needs Todd's help. (Soap Opera Digest)

Gigi is keeping a secret from Rex. (Soap Opera Digest)

Starr and James are in a car crash. (Soap Opera Digest)

Todd helps Dani. (Soap Opera Digest)

Ford gets another mystery call. (National Enquirer)

Hannah makes a confession to Cole. (National Enquirer)

Todd takes the law into his own hands. (National Enquirer)

Jessica considers telling Brody about her encounter with Ford. (National Enquirer)

Hannah is placed under arrest. (Cable Guide Spoilers)

Téa passes out. (Cable Guide Spoilers)

James kisses Starr. (Cable Guide Spoilers)


Soap Central Tidbits

Bull holds Nate captive

Todd is surprised when Dani asks for his help

Gigi keeps something from Rex

James and Starr wreck the car

Starr is startled by James's passionate kiss

Ford continues to be contacted by a mystery person

Téa's health continues to decline

Hannah is arrested

What do Bo and Nora find?


OLTL After Dark (New 6/23)

ohn and Natalie start working together.

Nate is taken hostage by Bull.

Dani needs Todd's help.

Gigi is keeping a secret from Rex.

Starr and James are in a car crash.

Todd helps Dani.

Ford gets another mystery call.

Hannah makes a confession to Cole.

Todd takes the law into his own hands.

Jessica considers telling Brody about her encounter with Ford.

Hannah is placed under arrest.

Téa passes out.

James kisses Starr.


Rappin' With OLTL's Rex

— By Lauren Flynn Kelly

In our latest feature on the ONE LIFE TO LIVE star (in the 6/15 issue), John-Paul Lavoisier discusses his many loves, from poker to Farah Fath (Gigi), but so much of our juicy interview didn't make it into the magazine that we had to include it in a Web Q&A. Read on to learn more about Lavoisier.

Soap Opera Digest: You have lived in New York since 2002. Do you have any desire to move to L.A. and become a beach bum in Santa Monica?
John-Paul Lavoisier: Uh ... I've said this many times before: I hate the beach. I am incredibly unhappy when I'm at the beach. I can't just sit. Last summer [Fath and his family] took a vacation to this island off the coast of Georgia and I kinda had fun. We were drinking beers on the beach and playing cornhole. Looooove cornhole. But no, I will never be a surfer dude or a lifeguard or those people who hang off the boats, what are they, parasailers?

Digest: Could you ever see yourself on another soap?
Lavoisier: Yes, I could. If I was no longer on ONE LIFE TO LIVE for whatever reason and another soap opera called me, I would be hard-pressed not to consider it because it's something I really love to do. And I'd be interested in seeing what other characters somebody would be interested in having me build over a long period of time. I've been doing Rex now for over eight years and it's Rex, so it'd be interesting to see what ideas another show might have for me to have a long run at that's very not Rex.

Digest: Did you ever think Rex would last this long in Llanview?
Lavoisier: No, absolutely not. Especially because my first year, they didn't really know what they were going to do with me. I spent every week assuming I probably wasn't going to work anymore. I had a contract, but I just figured when my contract was up, you know ... they let so many people come and go. So I was shocked when they offered me a four-year contract and then another one, and with the bringing on of Gigi and Shane and them keeping me close to Bo, I figured, "Oh, okay, they'll probably come at me with a third contract," and they did!

Digest: Last year, there was the major plot twist that Rex is Mitch's son, which was later revoked. What do you make of that whole thing and where it's going?
Lavoisier: I understand that they wanted to make Mitch his father because the audience was like, "Let's go already," and they had Roscoe [Born] back on and a lot of people thought that Mitch was Rex's father anyway. Also, around that same time I was going through contract negotiations, so they were probably covering their butts in case I was no longer going to be there and now that I have another long-term contract, I think they can invest the final answer now, but I don't know!

Digest: It seemed at one point that they were going to make Schuyler Rex's brother. Were you surprised by the direction that story took?
Lavoisier: Sure. It looked that way because they made Schuyler Roxy's kid and then we were both Roxy's kid, but then I was not Roxy's kid. Again, I don't know if all this was a combination of writing Schuyler off and also me being in contract negotiation.

Digest: Did you ever imagine you'd be playing a dad at this point in your career?
Lavoisier: No, never! When I got into this business I never in my wildest dreams would have ever considered myself even playing a father. I guess if you had asked me 10 years ago, "Hey do you think you'll ever play a dad?" my answer would have been, "Yeah, when I'm 60 I guess I'll play a dad." But I haven't really thought about it in awhile. I have really gotten used to the idea of seeing Austin [Williams] and having him call me dad.

http://www.soapoperadigest.com/features ... _with_rex/