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Back Again!

That revolving door keeps on spinning: A spokesperson for ONE LIFE TO LIVE confirms that Tuc Watkins will once again be returning to the soap as David — and this time, he'll be on contract! Watkins was last seen just a few weeks ago when David blackmailed Kim into leaving town shortly after her wedding to Clint. At this time, there is no first air date for the actor (or any word on how long his contract is for), but we're so glad that DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES is letting ABC daytime "borrow" him once more!


Spoilers and Previews -- Week of 4/26


Charlie gets involved in Jessica's love life.

Cole explodes at Todd.

Tea opens up to Blair.

Marrko is close to learning the truth.

Is there a killer on the loose in Llanview? Find out on Monday, April 26.... On Tuesday, April 27, Cole is out for Todd's blood. "Todd has never been a supporter of Cole and has not ever truly accepted him," sighs Head Writer Ron Carlivati.

OLTL After Dark

Hannah overhears Cole and Starr discussing Marty's accident and claimed to Cole that she saw Todd push Marty

An out of control Cole nearly beats Todd to death, but Hannah sticks to her story

Todd insists that Hannah is lying; Tea defends Todd; John has Todd handcuffed to his hospital bed

Brody arrests Cole

Markko's video camera catches Langston and Ford kissing, but an outburst from Cole distracts Markko from seeing it

Dorian hires Shaun to protect Kelly after Kelly concludes that Melinda's killer also killed Rodney

Cole and Starr have opposing views


Cable Guide

Monday, April 26th
Hannah overhears Cole telling Starr that Todd may have caused Marty's accident; Kelly finds Rodney dead on the floor.

Tuesday, April 27th
(Believing in Todd)
Todd tells Starr that he didn't push Marty down the stairs; Viki believes Gigi and Rex should be a couple.

Wednesday, April 28th
(Rushed to Hospital)
Todd is rushed to the hospital after being beaten by Cole; Dorian worries about Kelly's safety.

Thursday, April 29th
(Arresting Cole)
Brody arrests Cole; John questions Hannah.

Friday, April 30th
John handcuffs Todd to his hospital bed; Viki reaches out to Danielle.

SON Tidbits

* Kelly finds Rodney's dead body. (National Enquirer)

* Hannah hears Cole telling Starr that Todd may have hurt Marty. (National Enquirer)

* Todd maintains his innocence to Starr. (National Enquirer)

* Viki thinks that Rex and Gigi should be together again. (National Enquirer)

* John and Todd square off. (National Enquirer)

* Téa talks about her suspicions about Todd with Blair. (National Enquirer)

* Cole seeks his own brand of justice. (National Enquirer)

* Todd suffers a horrible nightmare. (Soap Opera Weekly)

* Téa agrees to defend Todd. (Soap Opera Weekly)

* Cole must deal with the consequences of his impulsive actions. (Soap Opera Weekly)

* Natalie demands John apologize. (Soap Opera Weekly)

* Kelly ticks off Blair. (ABC: Soaps in Depth)

* Markko inches closer to to finding out about Langston and Ford. (ABC: Soaps in Depth)


Soap Central Tidbits

John and Todd face-off

Natalie tries to make peace with Marty

Natalie expects an apology from John

A killer stalks the streets of Llanview

Cole unleashes his anger on Todd

Todd faces his worst nightmare

Cole goes on the run

Starr questions Todd's claims of innocence

Charlie tries to nudge Jessica towards Brody


About.com Tidbits

Viki and Charlie work on their relationship.

Tea is diagnosed with a very serious illness, but decides she wants to keep it from her family.

Kelly comes upon Rodney's dead body.

A man from Kelly's past named Reed surfaces.

Hannah goes to Cole and tells him that Todd is the one who pushed Marty.

Starr does not believe her dad was the one who pushed Marty.

Cole has to deal with the consequences after he goes after Todd.

John and Todd face off.

Tea shares her suspicions about Todd to Blair.

Natalie demands that John apologize to her.

Tea agrees to help defend Todd.

Viki thinks that Rex and Gigi should reunite with one another.

Blair is ticked off by Kelly.

Markko once again comes very close to finding out about Langston and Ford.


SOD May Sweeps Preview

May Sweeps:

John/Marty/Natalie: John is tryng to discover the truth about who pushed Marty and it puts him at odds with Natalie and Todd. It's a question as to whether John will decide to try a relationship with Natalie again or just stick with Marty. John is going to reach his critical decision. Hannah uses this situation as her opportunity to come between Starr and Cole. Feisty Starr comes back with a vengeance.

Blair/Tea/Elijah/Todd: Tea gets an upsetting diagnosis and there's the question of whether she will tell Danielle and Todd. Todd believes that if he can form a relationship with Danielle, the obstacle that was between him and Tea will be gone. It will be Blair whose first to figure out that something is up with Tea. Eli is going to have a big part in this as well. Blair and Eli will have a more straightforward, healthy, romantic building as opposed to Blair's dysfunctional relationship with Todd.

Rex/Gigi: Rex and Gigi go on an adventure to find his real parents and will be rediscovering their love.

Teens/Prom/Musical: Markko learns the truth about Langston and Ford. Jessica sees this as her last chance to reconnect with Cristian since they were supposed to make love years ago after prom. Brody sees this as his last chance to reconnect with Jessica as well. It will be a significant night that takes unexpected turns.

Bo/Nora: They plan a big wedding and May sweeps launches the show into that. Pretty much all of the cast will be involved. It will be very, very, fun, romantic, very Bo/Nora.

Viki/Charlie/Dorian: Viki and Charlie reunite. Charlie is now working for Dorian. Dorian and Charlie now have a bond, and that will cause ongoing problems. There will be a fun, light side to this as well.


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SOW May Sweeps Preview

Head Writer Ron Carlivati provides previews of May Sweeps.

Starr/Cole/Langston/Markko/Jessica/Cristian: The musical is called Starr X'ed Lovers. It's a culmination of the relationship stuff that's been building between Starr, Cole, Langston, Markko, Jessica and Cristian. Everyone is at a critical juncture in their relationship. Jessica banks on prom as her last chance to break through to Cristian, while it's Brody's last chance to break through to Jessica. Langston attends the prom with Markko, who's got big romantic plans for her on the one-year anniversary of the first time they made love.

Viki/Charlie/Dorian: Viki is back and trying to save her marriage to Charlie, who has accepted a job working for Dorian. There's going to be tension there. It's hard for Viki, who wants to trust Charlie and let him do what makes him happy, but she's not thrilled that he accepts this job.

Blair: Blair is trying to break her cycle with Todd and build a real relationship with Eli. She's been taking baby steps, but we'll see their relationship develop and grow. Carlivati: "We want Blair to have happiness."

Kelly: Kelly's on her own track, investigating her mother's death. John and Kelly take a brief trip to California, where they get a new clue about what happened to Melinda. Carlivati: "We're also building an interesting dynamic between Kelly and Todd. There is a part of Kelly that enjoys this on some level. I don't think she's a masochist in the same way that Téa Delgado [is]."

Téa: Téa receives an upsetting medical diagnosis. She struggles with when or even if to share the news with Dani or Todd. She's handling it by herself until an unlikely person comes in before anyone else - Blair! Carlivati: "[We'll see them bond] in the same way we saw them bond at the last moment when they thought they were going to die. And it's got that Viki and Dorian quality to it, in a way, as they hate each other."

Bo/Nora: Bo wants to get married, and Nora wants to take her time because of her disastrous past marriages. Bo wants to get married on their anniversary - June 1st.

Rex/Gigi: Rex is at a loss about who he is. Gigi steps up to help him with his quest to find out who he is. Carlivati: "We want to see if they can rebuild what they had."

Marty/John/Natalie: John has to make a choice: is he going to try rebuilding his relationship with Marty despite the miscarriage, or is there a second chance for him and Natalie? John will make his choice, and so will Marty and Natalie.

SOAPnet May Sweeps Preview

Emotions are running high on One Life to Live this month. So much so that they're about to come bursting out of everybody. Bursting out ... in song! Yes, May = Musical this month, as OLTL presents "Starr X'd Lovers: The Musical." This time OLTL takes the song and dance episodes bigger, better, and beltier than ever. And the best part is that "Starr X'd Lovers" highlights a whole bunch of storylines that will be raging before, during, and after the three days of singing and dancing.

First and foremost, we need to talk about what's happening with Starr and Cole. The stars of the original musical are center stage once again, and they're back in familiar territory: struggling to deal with Todd trying to tear them apart. Hannah accuses Todd of pushing Marty down the stairs, claiming she witnessed it. Cole goes BALLISTIC and sends Todd into the hospital -- where he faces criminal charges. Of course, this puts Starr in the oh-so-desirable position of having to choose between her father and her boyfriend. Each one claims the other is lying.

Look for everything to come to a head at Prom Night -- which we know is a very special night for Starr and Cole. But Cole's in jail for beating the living crud out of Todd (and don't think Todd's not going to do everything in his power to keep him there forever). So will Cole be able to get out of the clink in time? And obviously, expect much singing and dancing.

Prom Night will also set the stage for more of One Life's biggest ongoing stories: Langston and Markko. They're on the thinnest of ice, and Markko doesn't even know it. Ford pressures Langston to ditch Markko on Prom Night and be with him. And Markko can't be kept in the dark forever -- especially once someone else (with a very big mouth) finds out about Langston and Ford. We all know Prom Night was the night Langston and Markko lost their virginity to each other. But is this the night they end their relationship? Again, expect much singing and dancing around the subject.

Also, Matthew and Danielle attend prom together, with Matthew hoping Dani feels as strongly about him as he feels about her. But Danielle's also got an eye for Nate. Drama! Expect much singing and dancing, obvs.

Finally, it's also Prom Night for Jessica and Brody -- yes, Jessica is convinced to make Brody her date (Note to Jessica: Why the hesitation? Have you looked at this guy?). But Jess still can't stop pining for Cristian -- who's chaperoning the prom and brings Layla. With Jessica there ... no good can come of this. Brody has one last chance to make Jessica remember him ... but it could all go terribly wrong. Expect much dancing and singing.

Do you see a theme here? Singing and dancing? "Starr X'd Lovers" has it all -- and it features not only original songs, but also covers of tunes that you know and love (and totally know the lyrics to). You'll see actors who have sung on the show before -- and a lot making their OLTL singing debut. It starts May 14th, so mark your calendars.

Back to Brody. He's been enduring Jessica's rejection pretty well, all things considered. But it's definitely taking a toll on the guy. He and Natalie have really had to lean on each other over the last several weeks. Natalie's just about at the end of her rope this month, specifically about her situation with John. He's with Marty, and those pseudo accusations he made against Natalie are hanging over their respective heads. Have they really just missed their chance? Here's the good news for Natalie: John and Marty's relationship is dangling by a thread. Here's the bad news for Natalie: When she tries to get a letter to John about leaving for London, Marty intercepts it.

A quick trivia question for you One Life fans: What do you think it would take for Tea and Blair to form a strong bond of friendship? Trying to keep Todd out of jail for pushing Marty? That's only half the answer. Look for these two enemies to majorly bond this month -- over something you might not expect. Grab the Kleenex ... that's all we're saying.

Rex and Gigi take to the open road to track down the secrets of who Rex's parents are. Some of the places this takes them: Santa Fe, unexpectedly cozy motel rooms, and even more bizarre places. What are the odds this journey into the past will help Rex and Gigi turn back the clock themselves and find their way back to each other? We're hoping the chances are good.

All this, PLUS: Kelly's relationship with tall dark stranger Reed promises to have all sorts of sparks; Bo and Nora plan their wedding; and someone else proposes! It's going to be quite a month!

Spoilers and Previews -- Week of 5/3


Starr and Hannah face off.

Tea gets stunning news.

Dorian grows suspicious of Kelly.

Nora defends Cole.

On Monday, May 3, Starr faces off with Hannah. "This girl is bringing in unnecessary drama," huffs Kristen Alderson (Starr). Meanwhile, Téa receives some life-altering news.... On Monday, May 4, Blair is poised to discover Téa's secret.

OLTL After Dark

Dani continues to reject Todd, crushing Tea after having just found out about her illness.

Dani kisses Nate, but says "yes" to Matthew's prom invitation only after finding out Nate is taking someone else.

Kelly's past lover from London, Reed kisses Kelly, and persuades her to go to dinner with him.

Starr professes her love for Cole while visiting him in prison, despite their growing distance and her suspicions of Hannah.

Blair is shocked to learn of Tea's condition after running across her file at the hospital.

May 3rd: Hannah sticks to her story when confronted by Starr, swearing she’s telling the truth about seeing Todd pushing Marty down the stairs. Starr later visits a jailed Cole and tells him she’s certain Hannah is lying about Todd. Marty lashes out at Todd. Greg has devastating news for Tea.


Cable Guide

Monday, May 3rd
(The Best Mom)
Danielle vows that she wants nothing to do with Todd; Dorian questions Kelly about Reed.

Tuesday, May 4th
(The Arraignment)
Nora and Eli testify for Cole; Gigi tells Rex that she wants to go to New Mexico to help him find his biological parents.

Wednesday, May 5th
(The Kiss)
Reed kisses Kelly; Danielle agrees to go with Matthew to the prom.

Thursday, May 6th
Tensions arise with Starr and Cole; Blair looks for comfort from Eli.

Friday, May 7th

SON Tidbits

Starr and Hannah have a showdown. (Soap Opera Weekly)

Todd and Starr search for answers. (Soap Opera Weekly)

Téa’s world is turned upside down. (Soap Opera Weekly)

Téa is conflicted about Danielle’s hatred of Todd. (Soap Opera Weekly)

Dorian suspects Kelly is keeping something from her. (Soap Opera Weekly)

Reed reconnects with Kelly. (Soap Opera Weekly)

Nora stands up for Cole. (Soap Opera Weekly)

Blair learns what is wrong with Téa. (Soap Opera Digest)

Rex and Gigi uncover a clue. (Soap Opera Digest)

Todd won’t take no for answer as far as Danielle is concerned. (Soap Opera Digest)
Marty confronts Todd. (Soap Opera Digest)

Téa has an unlikely friend in Blair. (Soap Opera Digest)

Cole and Starr’s relationship remains strained. (Soap Opera Digest)


Soap Central Tidbits

Starr confronts Hannah

Téa receives devastating news

Blair offers Téa unexpected support

Blair has a new outlook on things

Nora is determined to defend Cole

Cole and Starr's relationship is tested


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Spoilers and Previews -- Week of 5/10


Blair finds herself looking at things from a different perspective. But will that new outlook be enough to prevent her from telling Todd what she knows on Tuesday, May 11th.

With Blair and Tea acting practically like gal pals on Wednesday, May12th, it's not surprising that by Friday, May 14th, Dorian is starting to wonder what the heck is up with her niece. Will Blair spill the beans or keep her mouth shut?

On Monday, May 10, Rex follows a lead on his biological parents' identity.... Will Blair spill Téa's secret to Todd on Tuesday, May 11? "Téa is facing this very serious illness just when we think there's some hope for her and Todd," says Head Writer Ron Carlivati.

Cable Guide

Monday, May 10th
(Looking for Answers)
Rex tells Gigi that Otto is not revealing everything; Todd refuses to make a deal with Hannah.

Tuesday, May 11th
(The Threat)
Hannah tells Cole about Todd's threat; Danielle tells Matthew that she kissed Nate.

Wednesday, May 12th
Cole and Todd are put in jail; Roxy shares the true reason why Natalie wants to move to London.

Thursday, May 13th
(The Letter)
Marty steals Natalie's letter that was meant for John; Jessica accuses Cristian of being jealous.

Friday, May 14th
(Starr X'd Lovers : The Musical)
Part 1 of two. The gang is treated to makeovers at the Foxy Roxy; Starr is hurt after overhearing a conversation between Hannah and Cole.

OLTL After Dark

Rex and Gigi are arrested for breaking into the jewelry store before they were able to open the old lockbox

Before heading to London, Natalie takes Roxie's advice and writes John a letter

Todd maintains his innocence, while John notices that Hannah's jacket resembles the fibers found at the crime scene

Blair convinces Tea to start treatments

Starr eavesdroppes and was hurt by Hannah and Cole's comments


SON Alerts

Blair debates telling Todd about Téa. (ABC: Soaps in Depth)

Téa and Blair become allies. (ABC: Soaps in Depth)

Dorian is curious as to why Blair and Téa are suddenly so chummy. (ABC: Soaps in Depth)

Rex searches for answers. (ABC: Soaps in Depth)

Todd and Cole butt heads. (ABC: Soaps in Depth)

Natalie opens up her heart. (ABC: Soaps in Depth)

Marty doesn’t play fair. (Soap Opera Weekly)

John and Marty grieve for their unborn child. (Soap Opera Weekly)

Langston has a decision to make. (Soap Opera Weekly)

Layla and Jessica have a cat fight. (Soap Opera Weekly)

Starr and Cole’s relationship is in trouble. (Soap Opera Digest)

Todd and Hannah don’t see eye-to-eye. (Soap Opera Digest)

The musical “Starr X’d Lovers” begins. (Soap Opera Digest)


Soap Central Tidbits

Rex talks to Otto about the necklace

Todd confronts Hannah about her lies

Cole questions his relationship with Starr

Roxy thinks that Natalie should fight for John

Marty isn't ready to give John up

The musical kicks off

Blair continues to be a source of strength for Téa


Detailed Spoilers

Monday, May 10 – Rex and Gigi are hopeful they’ll get the answers they’re looking for when Otto tells them he remembers making the necklace but then disappoints them by saying he has no idea who he ended up selling it to. Back in their motel room, Rex tells Gigi he’s certain Otto knows more than he’s saying. Alone, Otto goes through the contents of a dusty old lockbox he had hidden away. Hannah implies to Todd that she’ll recant her statement about seeing him pushing Marty down the stairs if he drops the charges against Cole. Todd refuses to make any kind of deal with Hannah, threatening to get even with her once he’s in the clear. Starr laments her situation with Cole to Langston while Cole does the same with Markko. Layla accuses Cristian of being overly protective of Jessica when Ford flirts with her.

Tuesday, May 11 – Hannah tells Cole about Todd threatening her. Cole’s angry that Starr would betray his confidence by telling Todd about Hannah’s overdose. Meanwhile, Starr asks Nora what they can do to get Cole out of jail but Nora tells her there’s nothing to be done. Starr goes to see Cole only to find Hannah already there. Cole and Starr both end up feeling bad after they argue. Blair keeps Tea’s secret when she goes to see Todd. Blair later insists to Tea that she has to let Todd know what’s going on. John leads Todd off to jail after he’s released from the hospital. Tea becomes emotional while helping Danielle pick out a dress for the prom. Danielle admits to Matthew that she kissed Nate. A forlorn Marty struggles with the loss of her baby. Rex and Gigi break into the jewelry store looking for answers and discover the lockbox.

Wednesday, May 12 – Cole and Todd clash after being placed in jail cells opposite each other. Todd tells John about the deal Hannah tried to make with him. Cole defends Hannah to John. Todd asserts his innocence, claiming that Marty’s attacker is still on the loose. Starr faces off with Hannah. John notices Hannah wearing a jacket with the same kind of fibers he found at the crime scene. Roxy correctly points out that Natalie’s real reason for wanting to move to London is because she’s running away from John. Roxy suggests Natalie write John a letter stating how she feels and leave it up to him to decide if he wants to stop her from going. Natalie writes the letter and plans to drop it off at the station. Blair ultimately convinces Tea to start treatments the following day after spending some carefree time with Danielle. Rex and Gigi are confident they’re getting closer to finding out the truth about his parents but Otto catches them before they can get the lockbox open. Gigi and Rex are arrested and led off to jail as Penny wonders why Otto won’t help them. Danielle can’t get her mind off Nate.

Thursday, May 13 – Natalie slips away unnoticed after leaving the letter she wrote for John to find. John opens the envelope but gets called away before he can read the letter and doesn’t realize it came from Natalie. Alone in John’s office, Marty reads Natalie’s letter and slips it into her purse. Jessica accuses Cristian of having been jealous when Ford flirted with her. Although he denies it, Cristian’s unable to swear he wasn’t jealous. Clint and Viki feel better about Jessica going to the prom after consulting with Marty. Ford wants Langston to skip the prom and hook up with him. Dorian picks up on Langston’s lack of enthusiasm about going to the prom. Kelly’s surprised to discover Dorian hired Shaun to act as her bodyguard. Shaun tags along as Kelly and Reed head off to New York City for their date.

Friday, May 14 – “Starr X’d Lovers: The Musical” Part I. Music fills the air as prom night approaches and rehearsals continue. Jessica, Destiny, Danielle, Langston, Whitney and Layla all end up at Foxy Roxy’s for their prom night makeovers. Layla could tear Jessica’s hair out when Jessica insists that Cristian is still in love with her and almost kissed her. The ladies at the salon are soon in a very musical mood. Carlotta questions Cristian about his feelings for Jessica. Starr’s down in the dumps over not being able to go to the prom with Cole. Starr is hurt by what she hears when she eavesdrops on Hannah and Cole. Dorian wonders why Blair is suddenly being so nice to Tea.

Source: ABC

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Spoilers and Previews -- Week of 5/17


The musical continues.

Ford goes after Jessica.

Blair helps Tea keep a secret.

Natalie is full of regrets.

Rex and Gigi get a break.

On Monday, May 17, and Tuesday, May 18, Starr X'd Lovers: The Musical continues and reaches its shocking conclusion. "Oh, it's gonna be good," winks Head Writer Ron Carlivati.

VCR Alerts

Monday, 5/17 “Starr X’d Lovers: The Musical” Part II
Will Marty’s guilt get the best of her?
Will Starr get her prom night wish?

Tuesday, 5/18 “Starr X’d Lovers: The Musical” Part III
Will Markko discover Langston’s duplicity?
Jessica gets an unpleasant surprise.
Marty is certain about what the future holds for her and John.

Wednesday, 5/19 Natalie fears she’s made a mistake.
Brody reveals a shocking secret to Jessica.
Layla shares her wisdom with Starr.

Thursday, 5/20 Natalie is surprised with a kiss.
Will Jessica fall for Ford’s charms?
Blair helps Tea hide her condition from Dani.

Friday, 5/21 Jessica has a breakthrough.
Rex and Gigi get the break they need.
John fights for the woman he wants in his life.

(source: ABC)

Cable Guide

Monday, 5/17
(Starr X'd Lovers: The Musical Part II)
Part 2 of three. Starr tries to gear herself up for the prom; Langston walks in on Ford and Karen in a compromising position.

Tuesday, 5/18
(Starr X'd Lovers: Conclusion)
Conclusion. Jessica interrupts Cristian as he is proposing to Layla; Marty and John end their relationship.

Wednesday, 5/19
(The Search)
John looks for Natalie; Markko is horrified after Ford tells him that he and Langston have been intimate.

Thursday, 5/20
(The Failed Plan)
Natalie tells Brody that she is leaving town; Matthew lets Dani know that he is love with her.

Friday, 5/21
(The Drunk Couple)
An intoxicated Brody and Natalie have sex; Reed and Kelly share a goodnight kiss.

OLTL After Dark

Markko catches Langston and Ford in a kiss and walks out on her after learning of her affair

Jessica regains all her memories after finding Brody's medals

Marty gives John Natalie's letter, the two break up and shared a good-bye kiss

Natalie misinterprets a kiss between Marty and John and turns to an equally heartbroken Brody for sexual healing

Christian proposed to Layla


SON Alerts

* Ford targets Jessica. (Soap Opera Digest)

* Blair helps Téa keep Dani in the dark. (Soap Opera Digest)

* Rex and Gigi get closer to the truth. (Soap Opera Digest)

* Markko storms out on Langston. (Soap Opera Digest)

* Marty's guilt gets the better of her. (Soap Opera Digest)

* John and Marty call it quits. (Soap Opera Digest)

* Brody makes one last attempt to job Jessica's memory. (Soap Opera Digest)

* Natalie and Brody prove misery loves company. (Soap Opera Digest)

* The musical goes on. (Soap Opera Weekly)

* Natalie believes she may have made a mistake with John. (Soap Opera Weekly)

* John fights for the woman he loves. (Soap Opera Weekly)

* Will Starr's prom wish come true? (Soap Opera Weekly)

* Jessica's memory returns. (Soap Opera Weekly)


Soap Central Tidbits

The musical continues

Starr hopes to spend prom night with Cole

Brody tells Jessica a secret

Natalie has second-thoughts

Things change for Jessica

John is determined to fight for the woman he wants

Blair makes certain that Danielle doesn't learn Téa's secret


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May 14th, 2010, 3:56 am #5

I just KNEW that Natalie and Brody were going to hit the sheets. Perfect timing that Jessica then gets all her memories back.

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Daytime Royalty


SOW (New 5/15)

The king and queen of the prom are crowned.

Starr X'd Lover's: The Musical continues.

Marty does the right thing.

Matthew makes a declaration to Dani.

Cris pops the question to Layla.

CAN'T MISS: Tuesday, May 18th

Starr and Cole are reunited at the prom.

SON Spoilers (New 5/15)

* Monday: "Starr X'd Lovers: The Musical" continues. Marty has a guilty conscience. Starr's prom night dream becomes a reality.

* Tuesday: "Starr X'd Lovers: The Musical" comes to an end. Markko learns the truth. Jessica is disappointed. Marty knows what the future holds for her and John.

* Wednesday: Natalie has second thoughts. Brody has some surprising news for Jessica. Layla gives Starr advice.

* Thursday: Natalie receives a kiss. Ford puts the moves on Jessica. Blair helps Téa.

* Friday: Jessica experiences a breakthrough. Rex and Gigi find what they've been searchin for. John is determined to fight for the woman he loves.

SON PreVUe (New 5/15)

Rex and Gigi remain locked up, when Penny gives them her father's lock box. Elsewhere in Llanview, Matthew and Danielle kiss, and he admits that he loves her on Thursday, May 20. Téa suffers a terrible headache just as she is about to tell Blair a secret. And Reed and Kelly share a long goodnight kiss on Friday, May 21.

The Inside Story: Prom Night Magic

"Starr X'd Lovers: The Musical continues on Monday, May 17. Starr tries to put on a happy face as those around her head for the prom. A police car pulls up and out walks Cole just as Starr is thinking about their relationship. Jessica stuffs the ballot box to ensure that she and Cristian are nominated prom king and queen. Langston catches Ford and Karen having hot, passionate sex. "Starr X'd Lovers: The Musical" wraps up on Tuesday, May 18. Starr is pleasantly surprised by Cole's sudden arrival, courtesy of the Llanview Police Department. Darren announces that Jessica and Cristian have won top honors. In a huff, Layla storms out on Cristian. However, Jessica's smugness is short-lived when Cristian in turn walks out on her. Markko spots Langston and Ford kissing. Jessica arrives just as Cristian is proposing to Layla. After the prom, most of the teens grab a bite at the Buenos Dias. Starr and Cole dance alone in an empty gym. On Wednesay, May 19, Cris and Layla celebrate their engagement, which leaves Jessica heart broken. Hoping to jog her memory, Brody tells her a deep, dark secret. Markko's world is shattered when Ford admits he and Langston have been having an affair. Ford gives Jess a shoulder to lean on, and takes her to his bedroom. Markko confronts Langston, and then walks away from her. Jessica rejects Ford's advances, and soon regains her memory after finding Brody's medals on the ground. And Carlotta learns of Cristian and Layla's good news on Friday, May 21.

A Closer Look: What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted?

Natalie tells Roxy that she should have never written the letter in the first place, and begins to question if John will even show up. Marty gives John Natalie's letter on Monday, May 17. Natalie heads for the police station, where John is reading the letter. Afterward, Marty and John agree to end their relationship. As they come together in a good-bye kiss, Natalie walks in and misinterrupts what she sees. By Thursday, May 20, Natalie confides in Brody that her plan backfired and that she will soon be leaving Llanview. Alone and miserable, Natalie and Brody comfort one another, which leads to a kiss. On Friday, May 21, depressed and intoxicated, the pair have sex. Coming back to their senses, however, they are floored by what happened. Natalie remains determined to leave town, and goes to the airport, where she encounters John.


Daily Spoilers (New 5/15)

Monday, May 17
Starr X'd Lovers: Starr tries to gear herself up for the prom; Langston walks in on Ford and Karen in a compromising position; Marty’s guilt gets the best of her; Will Starr get her prom night wish?

Tuesday, May 18
Starr X’d Lovers: Jessica gets an unpleasant surprise; Marty is certain about what the future holds for her and John; Jessica gets an unpleasant surprise; Markko discovers Langston’s deceit; Jessica interrupts Cristian as he is proposing to Layla; Marty and John end their relationship.

Wednesday, May 19
Starr X'd Lovers: conclusion; Natalie fears she’s made a mistake; Brody reveals a shocking secret to Jessica; Layla shares her wisdom with Starr.

Thursday, May 20
John looks for Natalie; Ford attempts to charm Jessica; Blair helps Tea hide her condition from Dani; Markko is horrified after Ford tells her that he and Langston have been intimate; Natalie is surprised with a kiss; Natalie tells Brody that she is leaving town; Matthew lets Dani know that he is love with her.

Friday, May 21
Jessica has a breakthrough; Rex and Gigi get the break they need; John fights for the woman he wants in his life; An intoxicated Brody and Natalie have sex; Reed and Kelly share a goodnight kiss.

ABC HotSheet (New 5/16)

This week on One Life to Live, the "Starr X'd Lovers" musical extravaganza is in full swing -- and almost every storyline on the canvas gets caught up in the singing and dancing.

And since the musical is named for their tumultuous love, you should expect some big dramatics over Starr and Cole. He's in jail! She's at prom! Can they find a way to make it work before the night is over?

The big news this week: Jessica gets her memory back! Oh, and John decides he wants Natalie. Of course, this is after circumstances make Brody and Natalie, respectively, think that any hope of a future is over. And rejections lead to bad decisions ...

But the worst may well be in store for Markko and Langston. This is the week when the truth about Langston and Ford can't be hidden any longer. Markko finally finds out!

All this, PLUS: Cristian and Layla have the most romantic prom-chaperone moment ever; Matthew makes a confession to Dani -- who has eyes for Nate; and the singing and dancing rolls on for two full days. It's a can't-miss event!

Soap Central (New 5/16)

Starr is delighted when Cole arrives to take her to the prom

Natalie fears that John won't meet her at Rodi's

John and Marty end their relationship

Natalie gets the wrong impression when she sees John and Marty kiss goodbye

Jessica takes steps to get her and Cris elected as the prom king and queen

Layla leaves the prom after the prom king and queen are announced

Jessica is surprised by Cris's reaction

Cris proposes to Layla

Brody shares a secret in the hopes of jogging Jessica's memory

Natalie and Brody try to find comfort in each other's arms

John finally catches up to Natalie

Langston finds Ford and Karen in a very compromising position

Markko learns about Ford and Langston's affair

Ford takes advantage of Jessica's heartbreak

Jessica's memories come crashing back

Matthew kisses Dani and then declares his love for her

Everyone heads to the Buenos Dias as the prom winds down

Tea suffers a vicious headache before she can confide a secret to Blair

Penny gives Rex and Gigi what they were looking for

Reed continues to romance Kelly


Spoilers and Previews -- Week of 5/24


Marrko landa in the ER.

Todd goes after Hannah.

Jessica makes an apology.

Dorian lies for her daughter.

Tea goes to legal extremes.

On Monday, May 24, Rex and Gigi take a look inside that mysterious box they've been after.

On Tuesday, May 25, after learning the devastating truth about Langston and Ford, Markko ends up in the ER. "Everything hits the fan," teases Brittany Underwood (Langston).

Starr may be in for a shock regarding the secret Langston's been keeping on Monday, May 24!

After Cris and Layla make a shocking discovery on Tuesday, May 25, Marrko goes from the emergency room to the hot seat when John shows up with a lot of questions on Thursday, May 27.

And on Friday, May 28, Langston is shocked when her beau -- Markko, that is -- winds up being hauled away to jail.

Cable Guide

Monday, 5/24
(The Airport Confession)
John professes his feelings to Natalie; Jessica informs Brody that her memory has resurfaced.

Tuesday, 5/25
(A Scary Finding)
Cristian and Layla find Ford in a pool of blood; Téa goes for her first radiation treatment.

Wednesday, 5/26
(Murder Suspect)
Dorian covers for Langston, fearing he may have had something to do with Ford; Cristian cautions Markko that if Ford dies, he will be to blame.

Thursday, 5/27
(Finding Hannah)
Todd calls a henchman to locate Hannah; Rex and Gigi learn more details about Rex's parents.

OLTL After Dark

John explains to Natalie what his kiss with Marty was about, but Natalie fails to tell John about her tryst with Brody.

Ford is found nearly beaten to death, Markko becomes suspect number one after going to the ER with a sprained wrist from hitting Ford and is arrested.

Jessica later wonders if she could have beat Ford.

After undergoing treatment, Tea insists on representing Todd.

After being released on bail, Todd has his henchmen bring Hannah in to him in restraints.

Rex learns his parents never saw each other again after their brief romance.


SON Alerts

Langston finally tells Starr the whole truth. (ABC Soaps in Depth)

Cristian and Layla make a horrifying discovery. (ABC Soaps in Depth)

Markko sprains his wrist. (ABC Soaps in Depth)

John has a few questions for Markko. (ABC Soaps in Depth)

Markko's arrests shocks Langston. (ABC Soaps in Depth)

Téa remains determined to represent Todd. (ABC Soaps in Depth)

Todd hires a goon to track down Hannah. (ABC Soaps in Depth)

Gigi and Rex inch closer to the truth. (Soap Opera Digest)

John has something to say to Natalie. (Soap Opera Digest)

Todd lets Hannah know she is messing with the wrong person. (Soap Opera Digest)

Langston asserts her innocence. (Soap Opera Digest)

Dorian defends Langston. (Soap Opera Digest)

Jessica apologizes to Cristian. (Soap Opera Digest)


Soap Central Tidbits

Natalie is stunned by what John has to say

Cris and Layla make a shocking discovery

Langston claims that she's innocent

Markko is questioned and then arrested

Hannah gets a glimpse of what it's like to tangle with Todd

Jessica is sorry for what she put Cris through


Summer Preview:

Starr/Cole/Langston/Markko/Danielle: There's going to be a lot of adventure coming off of graduation. Starr and Cole's relationship is going to still be getting tested by a new person coming into Starr's life and Hannah still worming her way into Cole's. There's a big mystery of who attacked Ford. Danielle finds herself in crisis and turns to Todd for help. Todd and Danielle are apart of the adventure story which will bring on some new characters.

David/Viki/Charlie/Dorian: David comes back for Bo's wedding and decides to stick around. There will be a fun story with these four.

Marty/Todd/Natalie/John/Jessica/Brody: Marty starts to believe Todd is innocent and Hannah begins to get suspected and that activates a lot of people in this story. Natalie and Brody promise to keep their one-night stand between them and that secret will have bigger consequences as the show goes into the summer.

Todd/Tea/Blair/Eli: Poor Tea is still struggling with her diagnosis. Todd is the first person to find out. Todd and Tea are pulled back together and they are trying to figure out how and when they should tell Danielle. Blair will be involved with Starr and Eli. Eli and Blair's relationship is going to be pushed to become more emotional and not just about sex.

Rex/Gigi: Rex and Gigi reunite.