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Week of 10/31

SNEAK PEEK: Week of October 31.

Roxy tells Tina about John's feelings for Natalie, Blair admits she's torn between two lovers, and Jessica has important news for Natalie.

Soap Opera Source


Viki and Clint take a trip down memory lane.
Cord and Tina find themselves all alone.
Roxy finds a confidant in Tina.
Dani is worried about her mother.
John encounters Natalie in her wedding dress.


Clint and Viki recall their wedding day

Blair confesses that she's torn between Tomas and Todd

Rex breaks into Kim's friend's motel room

Viki, Todd, and Tina are summoned

Roxy tells Tina about John's feelings for Natalie

Jessica is determined to see Natalie before the wedding


Halloween Night

Sam asks Todd to join him and Blair for trick-or-treating; Rex witnesses a conversation between Shane and Stacy.


Questions for One Another

Viki and Todd have a conversation about their romantic lives; Tina and Cord face the consequences of their night of passion


The Decision

Todd and Téa are devastated by what they learn in court; Destiny worries about her future


The Apology

Natalie seeks Tina's forgiveness; Dani realizes Téa hasn't been eating

Téa's Possible Pregnancy

Téa thinks she might be pregnant; Vimal calls on Rama to help in the search for Neela


John can’t stand it, when Natalie floats toward him in her wedding gown… Blair confesses to Starr that she can’t pick between Tomas and Todd… Dani wonders why her mom, Téa, doesn’t have much of an appetite lately. Is it just mourning? It concerns Dani greatly... Destiny gets a craving for some weird shit, since she’s preggers. Watching Destiny wolf it down grosses Téa so much hurling is involved… Even Téa has to face whether she’s with Victor’s child, and so pees on a stick to be sure… Louie surprises and relieves Todd. Louie isn’t dead and he kept that gun… Todd exchanges the gun with payment for Louie… Viki and Clint find themselves reminiscing fondly… Clint and Viki start looking at each other with loving eyes again… Todd runs into Sam at La Boulaie. Sam asks him to go trick or treating with Blair… Todd steels himself to tell Blair he loves her… A locked and loaded Todd happens upon Blair smooching on Tomas… Todd gives Blair and Tomas, as they head up to a bedroom for more privacy, a good, long steady look… The Sun goes up in flames due to an arsonist… Vimal’s younger sister Neela shadows Jack all the way to the docks… Roxy opens up and uses Tina as a sounding board about John and Natalie… Tina and Cord give in to their passions while at the stables… Clint finds he’s unable to escort Natalie down the aisle in her own wedding… Jessica prepares to tell Natalie that John is Liam’s biological dad… Natalie and Jessica will loathe each other even more in the weeks to come if that’s possible.


Nov. 4 - John sees Natalie in her wedding dress but is it still bad luck if he's not the groom? That same day, Jess insists that she have some face time with Nat as well.


Early next month, Teresa Patel joins the cast in the recurring role of Vimal’s (Nick Choksi) younger sister Neela.

On Thursday, November 3, the model and former beauty pageant contestant will debut as the younger Patel sibling, who has ran away to the U.S. from her native India in order to escape an arranged marriage, hoping to seek refuge with her brother Vimal and sister-in-law Rama (Shenaz Treasury).

However, her time with her family is cut short when she goes missing, thanks to a certain troubled Llanview teen. While Neela becomes smitten with her new friend, who tells her about his personal vendetta against another Llanview resident, Rama and Vimal frantically search for the missing girl.


Monday October 31:

Cord and Tina are alone in the stables.

Clint and Viki think back to their own wedding.

Tuesday November 1:

Rex tracks Cutter's female accomplice down and breaks into her room at the Minute Man Motel.

Blair tells Starr she's torn between Todd and Tomas.

Wednesday November 2:

Tea shares Tomas' plan to find Victor's killer with Nora.

Todd, Viki and Tina are summoned to court.

Thursday November 3:

Dani realizes Tea isn't eating.

Roxy tells Tina that John still loves Natalie.

Friday November 4:

John sees Natalie in her wedding dress.

Jessica tells Natalie she needs to see her immediately.


November Sweeps Spoilers From Nov 1st SOD

There's the revelation of who killed Victor, but the bigger story is Brody & Natalie's wedding & if the truth about Liam will come out. There will also be the returns of many chacaters.

Todd/Blair/Tomas/Tea: Tomas thinks he can do what the police can't & find Victor's killer. He starts putting it together and that places him against Todd. It's complicated because they have some kind of bond. But there's this murder and Blair is stuck in between both men. Todd tells Viki that he wants Blair back and that Tomas is in his way. Tea realizes that she might be pregnant with Victor's baby and she will find out if she is.

Natalie/Brody: Natalie does love Brody and she thinks that John isn't in the cards anymore. Brody knows about Liam & he's gone through a lot to have this family. He's not a bad guy, just a desperate one.

John/Roxy: Roxy is the truth sayer of this story. She will be pushing John to tell Natalie how he feels before he runs out of time.

Jessica/Ford: Jessica doesn't know if she should tell the truth andd as the wedding approaches it gets harder for her to keep the secret.

Clint/Viki/Cord/Tina: Both couples will be coming closer to reunions. Kim wants Clint back & may come between Clint/Viki.

Rama/Vimal: They get more story, may crash another wedding, & get a surprise.

Rex/Stacy/Cutter/Aubrey: Cutter uses Stacy to his advantage. Stacy hopes if she sees Rex & Shane she will regain her memory. Stacy doesn't want to put Rex through pain but she also wants to see him. When Rex finds out she's Stacy, he won't want her.

Matthew/Destiny: They'll be building through sweeps about who will raise the baby. Matthew's condition changes.

Shaun/Vivian: Vivian will be involved with Destiny. She & Shaun will be getting more story.


Coming up, which includes Soap Opera Digest November Sweeps:

Vimal's sister Neela appears after running away from home.

Matthew's condition changes.

Vivian helps Destiny.

Cord is surprised to see Tina in Viki's old wedding dress at the costume party.

Starr and Rick argue.

Tea is threatened by Nora.

Sam asks Todd to go trick or treating with him.

Todd confides in Viki, stating that he plans to get back everything he lost, including Blair.

Blair tells Starr she's torn between Todd and Tomas.

Tea thinks she might be pregnant with Victor's baby.

Tomas tries to find Victor's killer, which puts him up against Todd.

Clint gets a letter from Kim.

Kim wants Clint back.

Kim's friend thinks if she sees Rex and Shane her memory will come back.

Cutter approaches Rex with an offer, one that could reunite him with Gigi.

Rex and Aubrey continue to bond.

Jack finds Shane and Rex at Gigi's grave.

Roxy confronts Natalie about her engagement.

Roxy pushes John to tell Natalie how he feels.

John sees Natalie in her wedding dress and debates telling her that he loves her.

Brody gives John a warning in regards to Natalie.

Jessica tells Natalie she needs to see her immediately.

John finds out that Liam is his son.


Halloween in Llanview

Boo! Llanview Dresses Up For Halloween.

Shaun is straight out of Michael Jackson's "Beat It" video and Roxy is Britney Spears from her ".... Baby One More Time" Video. At first, nobody realizes she's in costume. As the evening goes on, she has a bit too much to drink, so it's a nice opportunity to deconstruct her a bit," previews Costume Designer Susan Gammie.

Natalie & Brody don sailer suits, while Liam is a baby seal. "The writers [scripted] that Natalie planned the family costumes," explains Gammie. Aubrey, Rex & Shane dress as The Three Musketeers. "The writers wanted something that Gigi might have planned some time ago," Gammie adds. "I thought it would be really poignant."

pics here: http://daytimeroyaltyonline.com/topic/8594511/1/

Soaptown Loose Lips Spoilers

This holiday, more than Tea will be "haunted" by the past. The holidays will be happy, heartfelt and family-focused. I am hearing that January is cram-packed with explosive events and at least 4 separate cliffhangers. PP and FV/RC agreed cliffhangers are the best marketing strategy. And speaking of past ghosts with the return of Fiona Hutchinson is she a ghost or not? Knowing daytime Gabby could have a twin in Argentina somewhere. Regardless there are at least two more "ghosts" from the past set to return.......Did Irene really kill Louis? It is being said that Louie turns up alive, he was being held by Irene's goons and goes to see Todd. Louie wants to know if he can still sell the gun to McBain, but Todd offers him a ton of money for it, wonder why.........Dani is worried about Tea's health and her lack of appetite, could Tea have a bun in the oven that she doesn't even realize, with all the stress she is going through one may think it is just that. .......Another new character coming to Llanview (ho hum-yawn) Neela as she is being called is Vimal's sister who may be a possible love interest for Jack.......Natalie/Brody's engagement party is on Halloween, and many of Llanview's finest but who is that person in the mask? Yep is Gigi/Stacy or as fans are calling her now Stigi, anyway Cutter is trying to keep Stigi away from Rex, Stigi can't remember anything, and it's a continuing series of near misses while Rex and Aubrey grow closer....Todd drops by LaBoulaie, and Sam invites him along to go Trick or Treating with him and Blair. Todd is trying to psych himself up in order to declare his feelings for Blair, and that's what brings him to LaBoulaie in the first place.....Bye Bye Kim, apparently we have seen the last of Amanda Setton for awhile, whether she returns no one knows but she does leave Clint a letter. I'm not sure if it's a genuine letter or if Cutter had a hand in it. Clint hires a PI to track her down, but Cord is convinced that Clint is really interested in Viki, not Kim. For the life of me I don't understand why they brought Kim back at all I guess just to support this Stigi mess. What a waste.


Spoilers, Sweeps Info & Poll From October 31st SID


The secret is out:
"What would November sweeps be without a big wedding?" says RC. But even as Natalie and Brody head down the aisle, spoilers abound, the biggest one being Liam's real daddy. "Most of the audience has been more than patient in waiting for Liam's paternity to come out". "And it will come out. It's a question of how, from whom, exactly what will happen, and will it be too late for John and Natalie when that's revealed?"

Why is Natalie marrying Brody?

Even as Natalie prepares to walk down the aisle with Brody, everybody including Natalie herself is aware that she'd much rather be tying the knot with John. So why agree to becme Mrs. Lovett in the first place?

"Well, here's the deal, I think that for Natalie, yeah, she's definitely still in love with John. But at some point, she figured out that just because she was in love with someone didn't make that a reality as far as what their future could be" says MA. "This 'happily ever after' stuff wasn't going to happen for her, so she could love him all she wants, but she was holding on to something she wasn't going to get". And with John seemingly out of the pic, it wasn't just Nat's own feelings that she had to take into consideration. There is Liam's future to consider. "Is she going to continue just to sit here and pine for someone and put her life on hold?" "Because it's now not just about her. It's about her son". So it's only natural that Nat would want to create a future as a family with the man she believes to be the father of her child. "When you look at the pros and cons list, so to speak, Brody's a great guy". "He wanted to raise their son together. He cared for her. They had fun together. They had a really good friendship. So on paper, he was perfect as a so-called husband. Ultimately, when it comes down to it, you do things that maybe you wouldn't normally do when you have kids". Of course, Nat's family doesn't approve of the union, John's still refusing to admit his true feelings for her, and Brody's known for quite awhile that he's not Liam's father. So in the end, this is probaby one knot that won't be tied.

Fan mail: People think Liam is adorable but they're frustrated with waiting for the reveal.

Editor's opinion: Even though they thought the Liam/DV scenes were campy, it got people talking, their twitter feed lit up after the scenes. Word of mouth and people talking about it, even if they didn't care for it is always good for the soap


Are you on team Jess or Team Nat

57% Nat
43% Jess



Will Todd get away with murder?
Todd is determined to get his old life back including Blair which pits him against Tomas, who also wants Blair. Add to that the fact that Tomas has vowed to find Victor's killer who also happens to be Todd and things are going to get messy. "Though Tomas feels he owes this debt to Todd he starts to stumble upon evidence that Todd could be the killer. That is not going to end well at all".

Rex and Stacy?
Cutter's grand schemes never go according to plan, so look for this Stacy plot to follow suite. "What we're really having fun wih is building toward if and when will Rex see Stacy and what his reaction will be". Being that Rex hated Stacy, and now she looks like Gigi, we're guessing it won't be good.

Second Chance?
They may be fighting it but Clint living under Viki's roof has brought the estranged couple back together in a big way. "The threat is that Viki and Clint will finally get over themselves and come together, but we have a potential spoiler out there, Kim


Week of 11/7

November 8th

Clint is disappointed that he won't be able to walk Natalie down the aisle.

November 11th

Bo and Nora share a dance before the wedding guests arrive.


Set your DVR:

Jess and Nat butt heads!

Jess insists that she have some face time with Nat.

Nov. 7 - It obviously doesn't go well, the sisters relationship takes a turn for the worse


Casting Info:

Tonja Walker will air as Alex Olanov on November 17, 18, 21, and 22.


CP Talent (on Facebook) is looking for very light skinned AA newborns for OLTL. No older than 3 months and the smaller the better.

This obviously has to be for Matthew and Destiny.


January LaVoy will be making an appearance as Noelle. No first air date yet.


Kathy Brier has posted a few of her upcoming airdates as Marcie McBain on Facebook. Look for her again on November 1, 3, and 8.

Looks like he’s not dead after all. On Friday, November 4, homeless man Louie (Helmar Augustus Cooper) has an encounter with Todd (Roger Howarth) after having escaped from Irene’s hired goons, who have been holding him prisoner.

Speaking of Irene (Barbara Rhoades), look for Todd to have another vision of his dead mother on Thursday, November 10 when she pushes him to do something drastic.

Matthew Conlon is back as Tomas’ (Ted King) friend art dealer M. Claude Calmar on Tuesday, November 8 when the two have a visit.

Patrick Gibbons, Jr. and Stephanie Schmahl next appear as Sam Manning and Bree Brennan on Monday, October 31.

Although she has been MIA recently, Destiny (Shenell Edmonds) returns next week.

Kearran Giovanni appears again as Dr. Vivian Wright on Friday, November 11 when she and Sean (Shaun Ringgold) have a difference of opinion regarding their future together.

Peter Barlett will be making at least a couple of appearances as Nigel next month, including Tuesday, November 1, when he relays an important message to Clint (Jerry verDorn). On a related note, verDorn talks about Prospect Park’s takeover of “One Life” in a recent interview with Soap Opera Weekly.

Kristen Alderson (Starr) and David A. Gregory (Ford) are reportedly in negotiations with Prospect Park about continuing with the show after it leaves ABC.

Doggie David Vickers (Tallulah Bean) will continue to play a role in an important storyline in the coming weeks.

http://www.soapoperanetwork.com/news/on ... ng-updates

Tuc Watkins returns to “One Life to Live” once again as David Vickers Buchanan, becoming the latest in a series of former cast members returning to the show before it leaves ABC Daytime.

Despite the fact that his character left town locked arm in arm with Dorian Lord (Robin Strasser) back in August, David has already found his way back to Llanview. According to Watkins’ “One Life” co-star Sean Ringgold (Shaun), the actor is back on set taping scenes this week. However, like most of David’s stints in Llanview, expect this most recent one to likely only last a few episodes.

More At: http://www.soapoperanetwork.com/news/wa ... rk-on-oltl

Don't be surprised if the dastardly Mitch Laurence pays Victoria Lord (Erika Slezak) and the other denizens of Llanview one last visit before One Life to Live leaves the ABC airwaves. I'm hearing Roscoe Born is in negotiations to reprise the role of the deranged cult leader, who supposedly fathered Viki's beloved daughter Jessica (Bree Williamson) via rape — and much later almost raped Jessy herself! With Mitch possibly on his way back to Llanview, could his bat poop crazy lady minion Allison Perkins (Barbara Garrick) be far behind?

Daytime Confidential

Terri Conn and Robin Strasser both NOT a part of Prospect Parks OLTL:

Much to the dismay of many “One Life” fans hoping for her to return when the show begins production with Prospect Park at year’s end, it appears as if Robin Strasser (Dorian) won’t be coming back to Llanview any time soon.

Strasser, who has played the feisty Dr. Dorian Cramer Lord on an off since 1979 left “OLTL” in August amidst reports that the actress was suffering from severe back problems and contemplating surgery. Even so, fans were still hopeful that Strasser might either make a final appearance on the show before it wraps taping on its ABC run next month or be approached by Prospect Park with a deal to bring Dorian back to the canvas when the show moves online.

Those hopes were crushed earlier this week by Strasser herself who tweeted “It’s DEF! moving to LA soon. NO ‘prospect’ in NY, so I’m heading West:) where I have a real pretty house. NO pity pot- it’s pool party time!”

However, even without Strasser back on screen look for Dorian’s name to continue to be mentioned from time to time in the coming weeks, including on Friday, November 11 when someone receives a very important letter Llanview’s newest U.S. Senator.

http://www.soapoperanetwork.com/news/st ... ude-dorian

Even though nearly a dozen “One Life to Live” cast members have already signed on to remain with the show when it moves to online production with Prospect Park in the coming months, at least one actress won’t be sticking around to make the transition. Terri Conn (Aubrey/Christine) tells Soap Opera Weekly that “I’m not going to stay.”

In an interview with the actress in the latest edition of the magazine Conn, who joined the cast of “OLTL” in 2010, admits to basing her decision on her age (she is 36), saying “I’ve made the very hard decision because I’m not getting any younger and if I’m going to do it I’ve got to do it now to see if there is anything else out there for me that might have longer longevity. I don’t have any plans to move [to L.A.]; I would prefer to be in New York. The types of shows that are here I’m really excited about.”

Prior to joining “One Life,” Conn played Katie Peretti on “As the World Turns” from 1998-2010. After more than a decade in daytime, she admits her desire for a career change. “That’s the thing about being in a contract on daytime. It’s such an amazing job but there are all these other opportunities that you can’t necessarily do. They will try to get you out, but you are under a contract with them and that’s your first priority. I’ve been tied to a contract for 13-14 years, so I’m excited to get out and try the other stuff.”

Meanwhile, when asked by a fan about whether or not he would be staying with the show, Conn’s husband and “OLTL” co-star Austin Peck (Rick) tweeted earlier this week that “ don’t know yet.” Peck joined “One Life to Live” in the recurring role of porn director turned music producer Rick Powers in March of this year. The couple were married on July 1.

http://www.soapoperanetwork.com/news/co ... spect-park

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Daytime Royalty

Week of 11/7


Natalie and Jessica’s relationship takes another hit.
A fire breaks out at The Sun.
Todd watches Tomas and Blair kiss.
Bo and Nora brush up on their dancing skills.
Shaun is surprised by Vivian’s views on marriage.


Natalie and Jessica’s relationship suffers another setback, Clint and Viki almost kiss, Todd watches as Blair and Tomas head upstairs to make love, Bo and Nora share a dance before the wedding guests arrive.

Soap Opera Source

Natalie and Jessica continue to battle

Clint is disappointed that he can't walk his daughter down the aisle

Téa confides to Todd

Todd witnesses a kiss between Tomas and Blair

Will Tomas and Blair make love?

A fire breaks out

Clint and Viki are on the verge of a kiss


Todd glowers in the shadows as Blair puts her lips all over Tomas, then goes upstairs to the bedroom with the man… Jessica and Natalie’s private talk deteriorates into what may finally be an end to the twin sisters’ relationship forever… The Sun is torched by someone and burns brightly… Clint had hoped he could personally escort Natalie down the aisle, but his hopes are dashed… Clint and Viki are close to kissing… Nora and Bo practice their dancing for the wedding, all alone in the room before guests converge… Vivian’s marital POV takes Shaun aback.


Daily Spoilers:

Monday November 7

Tomas questions Todd in regards to his thoughts on Victor's murder.

Jessica and Natalie's relationship takes another nosedive.

Bo is stunned when John gives him news about his future.

Tuesday November 8:

Tea gives Todd important news.

Clint is devastated that he can't give Natalie away at her wedding.

Vimal worries about Neela and goes to report her missing.

Wednesday November 9:

Clint and Viki appear ready to kiss.

Todd, holding a gun, watches Blair and Tomas kiss.

Someone starts a fire at The Sun.

Thursday November 10:

Todd watches as Tomas and Blair head upstairs.

No one likes Rick's change of plans for Starr's music video.

John and Natalie have a heart-to-heart.

Friday November 11:

Shaun's surprised with Vivian's stance on marriage.

Nora and Bo share a dance before the wedding guests arrive.

Tina tells Natalie that she doesn't have to marry Brody.


Week of 11/14

Tonja Walker will air as Alex Olanov on November 17, 18, 21, and 22.


Will a wedding go off without a hitch?

Someone is discovered passed out.

One man’s past catches up with him.

And wedding bells ring, but it may or may not be who you think.


Coming up, which includes Soap Opera Digest November Sweeps:

Noelle visits.

Alex reappears.

Cutter and Alex have a connection.

Vimal's sister Neela appears after running away from home.

Jack comes across Neela.

Vimal and Rama search for Neela.

Destiny worries about the future.

Vivian helps Destiny.

Shaun's surprised with Vivian's stance on marriage.

Matthew's condition changes.

Tina wants Cord to stand up for Brody.

Tina and Cord have to face the consequences of their night of passion.

Tomas tries to find Victor's killer, which puts him up against Todd.

Todd, holding a gun, watches Blair and Tomas kiss.

Louie escapes Irene's thugs and meets with Todd.

Tea and Todd are upset by what they hear in court.

Jack finds Todd at The Sun.

Someone starts a fire at The Sun.

Bree misplaces something of Clint's.

Cutter finds Kim's letter to Clint and replaces it with one written in his words.

Nigel has news for Clint.

Kim wants Clint back.

Charlie Banks reappears.

Rex watches Shane talking to Kim's friend.

Kim's friend has second thoughts about helping Cutter.

Rex comes across Tina and Cord in the stables.

Nora and Bo share a dance before the wedding guests arrive.

Jessica and Natalie's relationship takes another nosedive.

Clint is devastated that he can't give Natalie away at her wedding.

Natalie almost stumbles upon Roxy talking to John.

Tina confides in Natalie about how she almost married the wrong man once.

Roxy pushes John to tell Natalie how he feels.

John debates telling Natalie that he loves her.

Brody gives John a warning in regards to Natalie.

John finds out that Liam is his son.


Soaptown Loose Lips Spoilers

Lots of endings for the finale of the ABC OLTL is what I am hearing. Several characters will get their limited happy exits. Others will receive happy reunions and weddings. However, their journey no longer ends there. They continue on and must face new challenges. Some characters will remain, largely in mayhem, until the very last cliffhanger airs. Unfortunately during November sweeps expect a somewhat RC vision with ABC calling some of the shots. They still own the show until it's finale air date. But I can say that PP has alot of money behind them powerful connections, ambition and persistence.........I can tell you that 2 more ghosts are on their way, The McBains and Mannings will have happy and heart-felt year-end holidays. But Tea will face a crisis that leads to a mystery. What I can say without getting in trouble is that there are 4 cliffhangers being outlined. There will be a calm before the storm, Starr's entire world will be turned upside down and learns dreams can come true but at a price......Baker returns to shake up Todd's world. Now I ask you, What was Irene's purpose in holding "Patrick?" Tomas should be beware of the coming calm. Baker and the CIA are not yet done with Tomas or Todd. It signals the beginning of an even bigger storm on the horizon. Baker's return is the "start" to addressing many of the "unanswered" questions. Certain "returns" relied on stitching some pieces back together....If you haven't heard looks like we just may find out the secret Allison Perkins was going to show Jessica and Natalie before she went into a coma. Barbara Garrick is coming back as crazy Allison Perkins. Not surprising with the Mitch rumors. And also I hear we just may be seeing the return of Karen Wolek also....Nothing on Trevor St John but take a momemt to read his latest interview with Michael Fairman, and perhaps you will get your answers about a return or not.


TV Guide Spoilers: John Finding Out About Liam; With Screenshot

OLTL's John McBain - the broody cop played by Michael Easton - prepares to leave Llanview this week because Natalie, the woman he loves, is marrying another guy. But something stops him. On November 15, McBain will learn he's the father of Natalie's young son, Liam - a secret that's been kept from him by several characters.

Pissed? Not even a little. "John has a second or two of denial, but then he really embraces fatherhood," says Easton. "It's almost like he's had some sort of spiritual guidance here. He's always had an affinity for the kid, and I think he was hoping for this all along. Not that it's going to be easy. Basically, I'm doing Michael Keaton in "Mr. Mom".

Headwriter Ron Carlivati Reveals Some Finale Plans

One Life to Live’s Daytime Emmy winning, head writer, Ron Carlivati told Soap Opera Digest in their latest issue on sale now that since he is staying with OLTL when the show moves to The Online Network next year he now has a clear vision of how he plans to end the series in its finale on ABC and then set-up its continuation online.

Carlivati stated, “I had to rethink a lot of things. Even though, yes, it should end like a big normal Friday cliffhanger, you also want to reward people who have watched it on ABC for all these years. They want to have an emotional payoff for a lot of characters they love, so our goal is to do both things: some payoff, some happy endings, and also some big cliffhangers that will keep you guessing so you want to know what happens next.”

Ron also went on to say that knowing several key cast members have signed on to OLTL’s online version that it helped him in the transition of story. “Now that we have a clearer idea, I was able to hone in and focus on how its going to wrap up. We still have a ways to go before that! But it has all been thought through and figured out and I’m really happy with it.”

Michael Fairman

More Big OLTL Returns!
By SOD • Posted: Oct 31, 2011

In the current issue of Digest, OLTL Head Writer Ron Carlivati promises, "There will be returns and there will be many!" and Llanview fans certainly won't be disappointed by what's in store for the show this fall. Digest has learned that several more Llanview faves are headed back to the canvas. Susan Batten (ex-Luna), Brandon Buddy (ex-Cole) and Jessica Tuck (ex-Megan) were reportedly spotted on the OLTL set last week and have taped scenes which are set to air before the show's network finale in January. Tonja Walker (Alex) Tuc Watkins (David), Fiona Hutchison (ex-Gabrielle), Brian Kerwin (ex-Charlie) and Catherine Hickland (Lindsay) are already slated for upcoming returns as well. With Gabrielle, Megan and Luna all presumably deceased, could there be another trip to heaven in the works?

Van Hughes Cast as Cole Thornhart

Broadway actor and singer Van Hughes has been cast as Cole Thornhart for One Life to Live's ABC Daytime finale. Hughes will finish out the character's storyline, as Brandon Buddy had to be recast after one day of filming his stint reprising the popular role. The scenes Buddy filmed will reportedly be reshot.

Hughes appeared as Johnny in the hit musical American Idiot, based on the music of Green Day, and has had bit roles on both One Life to Live and As The World Turns. Reportedly the brass at OLTL considered scrapping Cole's return all together when it was determined Buddy couldn't continue in the role, however with production wrapping in just a few short weeks, there wasn't time to re-write the storyline, as Cole's return plays a huge factor in Starr's (Kristen Alderson) endgame.

http://daytimeconfidential.zap2it.com/2 ... fe-to-live

Agnes Nixon To Guest-Star On OLTL

Love it! TV Guide Magazine has learned that the legendary soap scribe Agnes Nixon will make an appearance on One Life to Live before the show ends its run on ABC — and her role is a hoot! Nixon, who created OLTL back in 1968, will play Agnes Dixon, creator of the show's soap within a soap, Fraternity Row. Nixon will shoot her scenes November 17 and hit the air the week of January 9.

Though further details are being kept hush-hush for now, Fraternity Row — part of Llanview life since the 1980s — will once again be prominent during OLTL's final weeks on the air. Prominent enough for Nixon, as Dixon, to be interviewed on TV by bitchy newshound Blanca Morales (Carolina Bermudez)!

This won't be the first time Nixon has cameo'd on OLTL. In 2008 she played an even more powerful creator — the one up in Heaven — when Viki (Erika Slezak) "died" during the soap's 40th anniversary celebration.

TV Guide

Trevor St John interview with Michael Fairman (kinda long but a good read)

http://michaelfairmansoaps.com/one-life ... 011/10/27/

GMA to pay tribute to OLTL

Good Morning America” will pay tribute to the canceled daytime drama “One Life to Live” before the show leaves ABC Daytime for Prospect Park.

“All My Children” star Cameron Mathison (Ryan), who has served as a contributor for the popular morning show since 2009, made the announcement earlier this afternoon on his Twitter page, tweeting “I had the privilege of interviewing actors at ‘One Life To Live’ for a ‘GMA’ piece we are doing. GREAT stuff. I’ll let you know air date.”

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Week of 11/14


Natalie and Brody’s wedding takes a dramatic turn.
An unexpected couple ties the knot.
Nigel is found unconscious.
Rex and Aubrey leave the country.
Cutter shares a connection with a former Llanview resident.


SNEAK PEEK: Week of November 7.

Tina’s arrival at Natalie’s wedding creates a dramatic turn of events. Todd and Baker team up. Rex comes face-to-face with Gigi’s face. Rex and Aubrey fly to Rio and Cutter has a surprising connection to a former Llanview resident.

Soap Opera Source

14th: Natalie makes a declaration to Brody; Liam's paternity is revealed and Natalie leaves to find John but John is at Llanfair (phone off) saying goodbye to Liam. Nigel catches him.

15th: Nat finds John at Airport, tells him about Liam.

16th: Nat and John find out Liam is missing, Nigel has been knocked out

17th: John and Nat join forces to save their child


Natalie and Brody's wedding gets underway

Tina finally makes it to the wedding

Rex comes face-to-face with his past

Someone knocks out Nigel

Todd and Baker join forces

Cutter's connection to a Llanview resident is revealed



(The Wedding)

Natalie and Brody's wedding ceremony hits a snag; Ford and Jessica share a kiss.



(The Truth)

John learns the truth about his son; Jessica realizes she has passionate feelings for Ford.




Rex gathers some information regarding Gigi's imposter; Neela urges Jack to admit to his wrongful actions.



(Joining Forces)

John and Natalie decide to work together; Aubrey is concerned about Rex's vulnerability


Of course something affecting drops on Natalie and Brody’s nuptials… Tina makes a dramatic entrance into Natalie and Brody’s wedding, changing fates… But who gets married instead?... Hallelujah! John finds out Liam is really his… John and Natalie join work forces… Todd and Agent Baker get in league with one another for an ulterior gain… Jessica and Ford go to first base… Jessica finds herself reciprocating love for Ford… Neela pushes Jack to man up and own up… Rex does some detective-work on Cutter’s girl friend… Rex and Aubrey travel out of the state, out of the U.S., all the way down to Rio… Aubrey worries that Rex will get hurt… Rex faces this Gigi doppelganger, for real… Nigel lies on the ground, out cold. That’s how he’s found… It seems Cutter’s tied to another character, someone who used to live in Llanview (Alex?).


Week of 11/21

National Enquirer:

John and Natalie come to face with a loaded gun.

Rex has a run in with Alex.

Are Starr and Nate having an affair ?

Todd take drastic action to get back what he lost.

Jessica receives a surprising apology


Coming up:

Viki receives a frantic letter from Dorian.

An unexpected couple says their 'I dos'.

Someone discoveries Nigel unconscious.

Alex reappears.

Cutter and Alex have a connection.

Aubrey and Rex set out for Rio.

A surprising discovery is made in a plastic surgeon's office in Brazil.

Neela develops a big crush on Jack.

Rama agrees to talk to Vimal for Neela.

Vivian helps Destiny.

Matthew's condition changes.

Tea shares her pregnancy results with Blair - after Sam finds the pregnancy test.

Blair plans to ask Todd exactly how he feels.

Tomas is almost caught, by Blair, breaking into Todd's safe.

Tomas and Blair make love.

Tea and Todd are upset by what they hear in court.

We haven't seen the last of Charlie Banks.

Noelle returns.

Viki asks Tea for a favor in regards to Clint attending Natalie's wedding.

Clint and Rex share another father/son moment after Clint asks Rex to walk Natalie down the aisle.

Clint finds David Vickers the dog carrying something in her mouth.

Brody follows Vimal after overhearing his plans to tell John the truth.

Someone speaks up at Natalie and Brody's wedding when the minister asks if anyone knows why they shouldn't be married.

John finds out that Liam is his son.

Cole returns.

Viki's daughter Megan reappears.

Luna Moody Holden makes an appearance.

Gabrielle Medina appears.

Lindsay Rappaport resurfaces.



Tina crashes Natalie and Brody’s wedding with shocking news. However it’s only the beginning of Natalie’s worries regarding her baby and the men in her life.

Will a newly re-elected Mayor Finn make good on her promise to relieve Bo of his duties with the LPD?

In South America, Cutter encounters a familiar face in Alex Olanov. But will the unlikely pair team up to get what they want?

A death alters the future of one Llanview family forever.

Rick finally goes too far when his actions spell disaster for a member of Starr’s family.

The Thanksgiving holiday becomes a time of mending fences and togetherness for the residents of Llanview.


Soaptown Loose Lips Spoilers

Sources are hearing that Bree Williamson has opted not to go with OLTL 2.0. Seems while she was in LA she made her decision. It had been mentioned that she was considering staying but as of now we hear she has changed her mind.....Get ready Jessica and Ford fans, I hear the two get intimate if you know what I mean. Now who's the slut?...LOL....Viki and Clint's reunion commenced with his heart transplant. Their reunion is only part of a larger storyboard which reunites the extended Buchanan clan..... Starr is haunted by a past mistake with Cole and her love for James is put to the test. She learns dreams can come true, but at great expense. And to make matters worst for Starr her faith in Todd is tested. Todd should beware of the calm. It signals the introduction of an even bigger storm on the horizon.......Danielle finds a surprising ally in her worry over workaholic Tea's health while Tomas intentionally misleads Danielle.......Agnes Nixon who created OLTL will appear on the show before it's finale on ABC. Nixon will play Dixon the creator of the show's soap within a soap, FraternityRow and will air the week of January 9th. As of now nothing is known what the actual storyline will be but expect "Fraternity Row" to be very important in the final weeks....David Vickers returns next week, what turmoil will he cause this time?


KDP article/interview

As One Life to Live enters its final weeks of production of episodes to air on ABC, series vet Kassie DePaiva has a firm opinion on how she’d like Blair’s love life to shape up before the sudser migrates online.

After relating how “so excited” she was when OLTL lured back Roger Howarth — affording her the chance to play out the “RogerTodd” and “TrevorTodd” story with the Daytime Emmy winner and his successor Trevor St. John — DePaiva told reporters at the set on Tuesday, “I think the best is yet to come, but I hope that Blair and Todd end up in each other’s arms for the ending [on ABC].

“That would be closure for the fans,” she explained, “and I think it would be closure for Blair and Todd.”

One possible obstacle to that happy ending: Howarth has not (yet?) inked a deal to be a part of OLTL‘s planned continuation via TheOnlineNetwork.com, as DePaiva and others have. Could the actress be counting on her longtime leading man to sign on the dotted line?

DePaiva explained her stance thusly. Whereas “the old Blair,” upon being presented with two Todds and the dark-and-handsome Tomas (played by Ted King), “would have completely jumped in the sack with everybody and been like, ‘Let me see which one is the best, who will offer me the most,’ this ‘new and improved’ Blair — this seasoned Blair — has started to smarten up when it comes to the men and the priorities in her life.

“That being said,” she continued, “there is an undeniable chemistry between Todd and Blair that will not go away, and history is there to prove it.” And what better irony than to have Llanview’s most Sturm und Drang couple wind up the happiest? DePaiva concurred, effusing in her native Southern twang, “Wouldn’t that be suh-weet?!”

Turning to one of the other (of many) men from Blair’s past, DePaiva also shared her disappointment that while OLTL in its final weeks on ABC will trot out familiar faces such as Erin Torpey (ex-Jessica), Catherine Hickland (Lindsay), Fiona Hutchison (Gabrielle) and Roscoe Born (Mitch), her real-life husband did not make the cut.

“I’m really shocked that they didn’t bring Max back,” she said, barely holding back tears during what was already an emotional day of interviews. “Jim DePaiva made a huge contribution to the show, and I don’t know if it was intentional, the snubbing… but it doesn’t take [his contributions] away. Women of my generation still think he’s hot, and I’m married to him so I’m the luckiest one here!”

http://www.tvline.com/2011/11/one-life- ... lair-todd/

Possible TSJ return?

Take heart TNT er VNT fans. I'm hearing Trevor St. John (Victor) will in fact make some kind of a return appearance to One Life to Live before the show goes off the ABC airwaves! I have no deets on when or how Todd's (Roger Howarth) brother and Tea's embryo daddy—who was gunned down in his living room earlier this year—will reappear in Llanview (Ghostly? In the flesh? As the figment of someone's imagination?), but I expect it will be epic!

Daytime Confidential

More returns planned--

Soaps In Depth hears that there are more Llanview returns ahead! According to sources, Ty Treadway (ex-Colin/Troy) was on the ONE LIFE TO LIVE set today taping scenes, and Meghann Fahy has also been spotted on the set as Hannah, the crazy teenager who forced Starr to bury James alive. Although it is not clear which twin Treadway will be playing, both Troy and Hannah are locked up behind bars... as are Catherine Hickland's Lindsay and Van Hughes' Cole. Might there be a visit to Statesville ahead?


One Life To Live's David Gregory announced on Facebook he will not be heading to Prospect Park's OLTL in Jan 2012. The actor stated:

Hey Everyone, just note to say that I will not be joining Prospect Park. It was a very hard decision to make. But I am very excited to shoot the final episodes this next week. Thank you all for all your support. It means the world. I'll never forget this experience. All my love to all you wonderful fans.

Daytime Confidential

Brandon Buddy Speaks Out

The joy of many Sole fans was quickly crushed when news broke that plans for Brandon Buddy to return to ONE LIFE TO LIVE as Cole had to be scrapped, and he was ultimately replaced by Broadway actor Van Hughes. Now, for the first time, Buddy is speaking out.

"I wanted to say that I am so sorry that I was unable to make a return to OLTL as I intended due to personal family issues," the actor tweeted. "I cherish the time that I had on the show and always will. The fans mean more to me then words can express. I'm devastated about this! Again I am so sorry! Thank you all for your love and support! It really helps me in times like this. Thank you and God bless!"


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