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Shelle cr is clipping daily epis now, here is the link to her folder

GL Daily Episodes
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2008 Daily Episode Summary

Tuesday, January 1
No show

Wednesday, January 2
Buzz makes a shocking decision after learning Ashlee's secret; Doris promises the residents of Springfield that justice will be done; Ava kisses Coop.

Thursday, January 3
Ashlee is devastated to hear her mother's plans to destroy the Cooper family; Lizzie and Bill are unable to deny their attraction; Marina is not pleased to see the closeness between Harley and Cyrus.

Friday, January 4
Harley makes a promise to Marina; Lizzie gets her revenge on Bill; Coop's actions have devastating consequences.

Monday, January 7
Lilly comes upon a bloody and unconscious Bill; Reva becomes a prime suspect in Edmund's accident; Ava comes to Coop's rescue.

Tuesday, January 8
Furious Natalia calls Olivia on her motives; Reva is hurt by Jeffrey's lack of trust; Cassie falls into Will's trap.

Wednesday, January 9
Reva and Josh put their plan into motion; Cassie is horrified when Will makes a startling confession.

Thursday, January 10
Marina does what she must to keep Cyrus and Harley apart; Ashlee is taken aback by Coop's suggestion; Bill gets devastating news.

Friday, January 11
Cyrus and Harley kiss as Marina rounds the corner; Jeffrey begins to investigate an unfinished case; Cassie takes Will's care into her own hands.

Monday, 1/14
Marina continues her charade; Mallet receives an upsetting delivery; Cassie falls for Will's deception.

Tuesday, 1/15
Gus and Natalia announce surprising wedding plans; Harley goes to New York to search for Philip; Cyrus abandons Marina.

Wednesday, 1/16
Cyrus rushes to Harley's aid; Harley dreams about the men in her past.

Thursday, 1/17
Olivia stoops to a new low; Ashlee and Coop prepare to leave; Lizzie catches Bill and Ava.

Friday, 1/18
Billy prepares to kiss Vanessa; Bill vows to seek revenge; Doris offers help to the Coopers.

Monday, January 21
Buzz is stunned to discover Harley's true feelings.
Doris reveals a different side.
Lizzie's news staggers Bill.

Tuesday, January 22
Alan is plagued by his past.
Reva condemns Cassie for crossing the line.
Jonathan lurks nearby as Lizzie says a prayer for Sarah.

Wednesday, January 23
Cassie is shaken by Alan's comments at the service for Tammy.
Bill's sight gradually returns.
Lizzie keeps a secret to herself.

Thursday, January 24
Olivia reveals her true colors to Natalia.
Lizzie doesn't believe her own eyes.
Reva and Jonathan hold a memorial for Tammy.

Friday, January 25
Harley uncovers Marina's plot.
Sarah's future is in Reva's hands.
Lizzie confronts her past face-to-face.

Monday, January 28
Alan comes close to discovering the truth.
Lizzie's rage intensifies.
Harley confronts Marina.

Tuesday, January 29
Josh puts his foot down when Reva makes a request.
Jonathan makes a decision about Sarah.
Will plays a dangerous game with RJ.

Wednesday, January 30
Lizzie tries to make up for lost time.
Bill gives Jonathan a taste of his own medicine.

Thursday, January 31
Bill and Dinah get another chance.
Olivia's plan goes awry.
Cassie sees a shocking side of Will.

Friday, February 1
Marina and Cyrus reach a painful crossroads.
Beth embarks on an unlikely course.
Bill's plan does not work out the way he planned.

Monday, Feb 4
Marina and Mallet's date is cut short; Dinah disturbs Harley and Cyrus' dalliance; Lizzie decides to depart Springfield with Jonathan and Sarah in tow; Ava withholds the truth from Alan.

Tuesday, Feb 5
Will's conduct gets him expelled; Doris presses Jeffrey to prosecute Jon; Lizzie blows up at Reva; Jonathan tries to decide whether to battle Alan.

Wednesday, Feb 6
Tempers flare during a Cooper family poker game; Harley and Cyrus' relationship progresses; Marina gets herself into trouble.

Thursday, Feb 7
Natalia is bent on thwarting Olivia; Mallet mulls over forgiving Dinah; Cyrus balks at telling Marina the truth.

Friday, Feb 8
Bill and Alan form a surprising union; Natalia's doubts may impact Olivia; Jonathan taps Remy for help in his fight against Alan.

Monday, 2/11
Natalia and Gus rush to replace Olivia's heart; Lizzie is bowled over by Bill's request; Beth wavers between Rick and Alan.

Tuesday, 2/12
Beth's labor begins; Jonathan and Alan come into contact; Cassie blows her top with Reva.

Wednesday, 2/13
Reva drops a bombshell to save Jonathan's life; Lizzie rebels against Alan; Josh's faith is tested.

Thursday, 2/14
Rick arrives to tell off Alan; Lizzie and Jonathan contemplate their future; Cyrus' thoughts drift to Harley.

Friday, 2/15
Olivia resorts to any means necessary to achieve her goal; Rick spots Harley and Cyrus in a tender moment; Marina's fears come true.

Monday, 2/18
Cassie bears the fallout of her actions; Beth takes charge with Alan; Marina and Dinah reach an agreement.

Tuesday, 2/19
Natalia submits to Olivia; Lizzie and John drop a bombshell; Bill begins his investigation.

Wednesday, 2/20
Josh deals with the fallout from his actions; Will takes desperate measures; Cassie's paranoia mounts.

Thursday, 2/21
Beth looks to Rick for help; Cassie's mental state concerns Reva and Josh; Lizzie has a painful message for Bill.

Friday, 2/22
Cassie's charms gain Will's freedom; Lillian has words of warning for Doris; Marina sets up Harley and Cyrus for a fall.

Monday, 2/25
Natalia and Gus conspire; Daisy and Rafe share a kiss; Marina's plot against Harley and Cyrus backfires.

Tuesday, 2/26
Rick worries about Alan's hold on Beth; Dinah drives a wedge between Harley and Cyrus; Bill pushes Jonathan to the breaking point.

Jonathan unveils his grand scheme to Jeffrey; Bill can't deny his feelings toward Lizzie.

Thursday, 2/28
Lizzie gets ready for her wedding; Cassie rails at Reva and Josh; Jonathan takes a startling step.

Friday, 2/29
Jonathan reacts to Lizzie's choice; Reva and Cassie clash in the woods. Also: the series unveils a new look.

Monday, 3/3
Marina sets up Harley; Olivia gets suspicious of Gus' intentions; Jonathan and Lizzie begin their custody battle for Sarah.

Tuesday, 3/4
Beth fears the worst when Rick cannot be found; Cassie makes a deal with Reva; Jonathan hires Cyrus to do his dirty work.

Wednesday, 3/5
Beth considers her options; mysterious letters plague the people of Springfield; Mel helps out Rick.

Thursday, 3/6
Bill gets caught in Alan's trap; Lizzie has second thoughts about her plans; Reva is devastated by Jonathan's decision.

Friday, 3/7
Cyrus decides to tell Marina the truth; Will creates a dangerous situation; Cassie gets an eyeful of Reva and Josh.

Monday, 3/10
Lizzie learns that dealing with Alan has its price; Cassie is stunned to discover Will's role in the gas leak; Marina unloads on Harley.

Tuesday, 3/11
A desperate Josh searches for Cassie; Cyrus gets into a tight spot; Marina unveils her plan.

Wednesday, 3/12
Bill hatches a plan to free Lizzie; Olivia takes a step backward; Phillip gives Beth a disturbing message.

Thursday, 3/13
Daisy and Rafe become roommates; Cassie finds comfort in Cyrus; Gus tries to juggle both Natalia and Olivia.

Friday, 3/14
Mallet gets an unexpected offer; Alan procures Phillip's help in his plot against Rick; Lizzie and Bill strive to stay together.

Monday, 3/17
Frank's world is turned inside out; Doris makes Mallet an offer; desperation drives Ava to extremes; Bill uncovers Phillip's plan.

Tuesday, 3/18
Marina is unsure of her feelings toward Mallet; Daisy suffers from Harley and Cyrus' actions; Dinah and Bill's trap is set for Alan.

Wednesday, 3/19
Reva and Olivia forge a friendship; Coop gets some good news on the book front; Frank and Buzz spurn Harley; Cassie has a proposition for Cyrus.

Monday, 3/24
Harley finds herself in financial trouble; Mallet urges Marina to fight her illness; Olivia's admission stuns Gus.

Tuesday, 3/25
Alan has an unexpected supporter at his trial; Beth searches for Peyton; Lizzie gets a shocking invitation from Bill.

Wednesday, 3/26
Olivia doggedly forces ahead with her plans; Lizzie, scared, has second thoughts; Dinah continues to scheme for Alan's downfall.

Thursday, 3/27
Alan pushes away his last ally; Rafe refuses to believe Gus' promises; Ava drops a bombshell on Jeffrey.

Friday, 3/28
Cyrus goes to extremes to help Harley; Harley and Gus share a moment of friendship; Gus races to Olivia's side as she takes a turn for the worse.

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