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2007 Daily Episode Guide

Monday 1/1


Tuesday 1/2

Preempted for President Ford's funeral

Wednesday 1/3

Dinah follows a trail of light; Zach reminds everyone that kindness deserves to be shared.

Thursday 1/4

Jeffrey's parental instincts kick in; Alan faces a new threat from Jonathan; Lizzie plays her new role to a tee.

Friday 1/5

Dinah gets an eyeful of Marina and Mallet; Josh searches for missing Reva and is shocked by what he finds; Beth tries to keep Lizzie's secret under wraps.

Monday, January 15

Reva becomes aware of hitting an important milestone. Lizzie overhears Jonathan’s plan. Remy’s coldness bothers Tammy.

Tuesday, January 16

Cassie, fearing things are too good to be true, pushes Josh away. Reva is devastated when she finds a new lump under her arm. Lizzie’s mistake puts Sarah’s life in danger.

Wednesday, January 17

Tammy refuses to run from her problems again. Lizzie is helpless to stop the annulment of her marriage.

Thursday, January 18

Tammy and Jonathan are united. Reva has a chance to tell Josh the truth. Lizzie instructs Alan to do what it takes to get her family back.

Friday, January 19

Reva faces a tough moment as she is reunited with Colin. Tammy sets out to help when she learns Jonathan’s life is in danger.

Monday, January 22
Tammy suffers the consequences of Alan's plan; Daisy awakens in a dangerous place; Reva, caught in the moment, kisses Josh.

Tuesday, January 23
Jonathan questions Lizzie's innocence after hearing her comments; Tammy opens her eyes.

Wednesday, January 24
Jonathan turns violent, catching Lizzie off guard; Tammy reminds everyone of what they have to live for.

Thursday, January 25
"Guiding Light'' takes a trip back to 1937, marking 70 years of broadcasting.

Friday, January 26
Jonathan prepares to make Alan pay as his anger consumers him; Dinah helps Remy get revenge; Daisy makes a decision about her future in Springfield.

Monday 1/29
Reva, Cassie and Josh celebrate Tammy's life; Remy goes after Gillespie himself; Sarah becomes Jonathan's new guiding light.

Tuesday 1/30
Lizzie finds herself within Jonathan's grasp; Ava and Coop grieve together; Daisy struggles to keep her secret from Harley.

Wednesday 1/31
Alan shocks everyone by attending Tammy's funeral; Josh supports Cassie, who struggles through her eulogy; Reva is horrified when Jonathan takes his revenge.

Thursday 2/1
Lizzie cannot accept the news about Sarah; Buzz is able to break through Alan's facade; Reva has a chance to say good-bye.

Friday 2/2
Cassie finds out about Josh and Reva's kiss; Harley may catch Daisy in the act; Doris shows Alan the light at the end of the tunnel.

Monday, February 5
Lizzie becomes suspicious when the evidence doesn’t add up, and she begins to turn back to the dark side. Harley can’t believe what she sees when she walks in on Daisy. Dinah comes to Remy’s rescue. Meg sees a side of Craig she’s never seen before. Beth is ready to give Alan a second chance until he drops a bombshell.

Tuesday, February 6
Lizzie becomes convinced that Sarah is still alive. Reva receives a phone call. Dinah gets a rude awakening. Doris is the only thing standing in Alan’s way when making amends.

Wednesday, February 7
Lizzie and Beth get a dose of reality, and have an unexpected change of heart. Alan makes a deal to save his life. Jade realizes Adam’s twisted scheme could work out in her favor.

Thursday, February 8
Daisy faces the hot seat at Sydney’s custody hearing; she does more harm than good on the stand. Grieving Cassie switches roles and becomes a threat to Alan. Ava falls further into Alan-Michael’s hold. Margo is devastated when Jack arrests Carly.

Friday, February 9
Gus’ deception outrages Harley; Tammy begs her mother to take revenge. Beth and Doris go head to head; Ashlee gains a new roommate when Doris takes charge. Cassie pushes Josh and Reva together.

Monday 2/12
Harley fears that she has lost both her daughters; Doris quiets Beth with a harsh treat; Cassie's hallucinations take over her life.

Tuesday 2/13
Horrified Ava watches as Alan-Michael goes over the edge; Lizzie aims her anger in a new direction; Daisy prepares to make a dangerous sacrifice for Harley.

Wednesday 2/14
The show's cast and crew help to rebuild Gulf Coast homes damaged by Hurricane Katrina.

Thursday 2/15
Ava realizes the severity of Coop's actions; Olivia and Jeffrey admit to their growing bond; Lizzie and Remy form an alliance; Dinah and Mallet have an intimate Valentine's Day celebration.

Friday 2/16
Alan's enemies remain close by as he and Doris prepare to walk down the aisle; Tammy encourages Cassie to make one final attempt for justice; Beth disappears at an opportune time.

Monday, February 19
Lizzie appears guilty when blood is discovered on her hands; Cassie tells Tammy that their job is done; Marina must question Remy about Alan's shooting.

Tuesday, February 20
Harley invades her daughter's privacy; Reva becomes the next suspect; Alex, Beth and Doris have it out over the future of Spaulding's money.

Wednesday, February 21
United sisters Cassie and Reva confront Alan; Josh and Billy search for clues to find the true shooter.

Thursday, February 22
Beth comes to give Alan her shocking news; Dinah makes a mysterious phone call; Harley and Gus spar on the best way to raise Daisy..

Friday, February 23
Lizzie begins to unravel in the wake of Alan's shooting; Cassie's failing memory causes Josh to fear the worst; Ava puts her trust in Alan-Michael.

Monday, February 26
Cassie turns herself in for Alan's shooting; Alan-Michael pulls Ava into a kiss; Dinah and Remy team up.

Tuesday, February 27
Dinah fears that a man from her past has come to collect; Marina and Mallet narrow down their suspect list; Beth reveals a shocking truth.

Wednesday, February 28
Ava's hold on Coop forces him to take drastic action; Beth learns Alan-Michael's secret.

Thursday, March 1
Reva and Harley spar over what is best for Daisy; Lillian makes a startling revelation; Cassie gets a heartfelt proposal.

Friday, March 2
Daisy's father comes to town to help her; substantial evidence is found against Cassie; Josh's news causes Reva to break down.

Monday March 5
Josh makes a shocking confession to save the woman he loves. Olivia and Buzz get ready to board a plane for Las Vegas. Dinah and Remy keep a secret from Mallet.

Tuesday March 6
Alan-Michael threatens Josh. Ava feels pulled in all directions. Olivia heeds Jeffrey's warnings and postpones her elopement.

Wednesday March 7
Daisy is caught in a dangerous situation. Harley uses tough love to bring her daughter into line.

Thursday March 8
Beth receives an interesting proposal from Rick. Daisy tells Harley she never wants to see her again; Reva visits Josh in jail.

Friday March 9
Reva gets arrested. Dinah's past catches up to her; Beth reveals the murder weapon.

Monday, March 12
Dinah has a lot to handle with Cyrus in town; Beth and Alan-Michael make a startling discovery; Olivia gets caught in a lie; Reva sees the ring on Cassie's finger.

Tuesday, March 13
Rick deals Mel a devastating blow; Jeffrey fights dirty and gets Josh a deal; furious Lizzie clings to a picture of baby Sarah.

Wednesday, March 14
Ava sees Alan-Michael's true colors; Beth pulls Rick into bed; Lizzie dashes Ashlee's dreams of a happy birthday; Alan's eyes begin to flutter open.

Thursday, March 15
Pre-empted for Basketball

Friday, March 16
Pre-empted for Basketball

Monday, March 19
Vanessa is not pleased to see her old nemesis in town; Daisy breaks the law for Gus; Cassie learns of Josh's decision.

Tuesday, March 20
Daisy and Gus kiss; Dinah struggles to keep Mallet in the dark; Marina makes an enemy of Cyrus.

Wednesday, March 21
Cassie and Josh spend a night together; Doris reveals new and damaging evidence in Alan's case.

Thursday, March 22
Reva takes drastic action to get Josh off the hook; Beth kisses Alan-Michael; Daisy receives too much attention from her grandfathers.

Friday, March 23
Reva is caught red-handed; Alan-Michael has a harsh threat for Lizzie; Doris threatens Cassie, leaving Josh with few options.

Monday, March 26
Beth drops a bombshell when she takes the stand; Ava and Alan-Michael get amorous; Lizzie makes a confession, unaware of who is listening.

Tuesday, March 27
Dinah takes action to get rid of Cyrus for good; Olivia tries to mend Ava's broken heart.

Wednesday, March 28
Dinah wonders about Mallet's past as they walk down the aisle; Cyrus targets Vanessa.

Thursday, March 29
Josh tries to call off the engagement, shocking Cassie; Beth gets unwelcome news from the doctor; Daisy puts her feelings for Gus out in the open.

Friday, March 30
Harley regrets slapping Daisy; Ashlee tells Coop about her fears; Reva does what is needed to save Josh.

Monday, April 2
Dinah is unable to escape Cyrus' hold over her; Reva rails at Cassie and admits her true feelings; Alan wakes up long enough to offer a surprising clue.

Tuesday, April 3
Lizzie and Alan-Michael come to a decision about Alan's future; Ava asks a favor of her family; Dinah steals her mother's identity.

Wednesday, April 4
While still in a coma, Alan relives the night of his shooting and sees the face of his attacker.

Thursday, April 5
Lizzie is thrilled when her grandfather opens his eyes; Beth struggles to juggle her many secrets; Buzz offers Harley some tough parenting advice.

Friday, April 6
Daisy's stunt puts Zach in danger; Josh's tough facade begins to crumble; Alan may let Josh off the hook.

Monday, April 9
A kiss from Cyrus catches Dinah off guard; Beth confesses her sins to Alan; Cassie fears Josh may not make it out of prison alive.

Tuesday, April 10
Matt's confession startles Dinah; Ava watches as Jeffrey gives Alan-Michael a black eye; Alan gives Doris an ultimatum.

Wednesday, April 11
Reva and Josh find themselves in a kiss; Harley gives Cassie cause for concern.

Thursday, April 12
Olivia is ready to set a date for her wedding; Cassie is shocked when Josh refuses her visit; Reva is caught wearing her wedding ring.

Friday, April 13
Reva comforts Josh; Daisy admits her feelings to Gus.

Monday, April 16
Daisy puts Gus’s life in danger. Beth accepts a proposal from Alan. Dylan tells Harley that he’s decided to stay in Springfield.

Tuesday, April 17
Ashlee’s behavior has Coop concerned. Olivia and Jeffrey take Alan-Michael captive. Harley’s horrified when Dylan lashes out at Gus.

Wednesday, April 18
Cyrus promises to leave Dinah alone if she does him one more favor. When Frank goes in for an arrest, Marina is caught in the crossfire.

Thursday, April 19
Cassie plots against Alan. Reva returns for a conjugal visit. Vanessa makes a decision.

Friday, April 20
Lizzie longs for the new baby’s arrival. As Coop puts the pieces together, Ashlee fears the worst. Reva and Josh get lost in the moment.

Monday, April 23
Ashlee prepares to confess; Harley has heartbreaking news for Cassie; Reva and Josh wake up together.

Tuesday, April 24
Dinah must come clean to Mallet; Doris stops at nothing to try to change Ashlee's mind; Marina becomes Cyrus' hostage.

Wednesday, April 25
Daisy begins to investigate after Gus murmurs a name in his sleep; Harley is horrified when Dylan and Gus argue.

Thursday, April 26
Ashlee, with Coop at her side; does the right thing; Cassie gets the news she has been waiting for; Beth is worried about Lizzie's unhealthy attachment to her baby.

Friday, April 27
Harley shocks Gus with an accusation; Daisy finds Natalia and convinces her to come to Springfield; Olivia is thrilled when Buzz pops the question again.

Monday, April 30
Blake opens her eyes; Marina is taken hostage; Gus walks down Memory Lane with his first love, Natalia.

Tuesday, May 1
Marina collapses in Cyrus' arms; Matt begs Vanessa for another chance; Dinah and Mallet get a new roommate; Reva goes to the prison to pick up Josh.

Wednesday, May 2
Reva confesses her feelings to Josh; Cassie welcomes her man home.

Thursday, May 3
Alan has harsh words for Reva; Ashlee receives her sentence; Olivia asks Ava to be her maid of honor.

Friday, May 4
Tammy returns to haunt Cassie; Josh prepares for a new start; Harley is devastated by Daisy's punishment.

Monday, May 7
Marina and Cyrus share a desperate kiss; Harley meets Gus' first love; Cassie lashes out at Reva; Daisy spends her first day in juvenile hall.

Tuesday, May 8
Ava convinces Jeffrey to do the right thing; Alan-Michael prepares a wedding-day surprise for Olivia; Marina gets stuck in Cyrus' mind.

Wednesday, May 9
Ava kisses Coop and asks for a second chance; Jeffrey makes a confession; Alan-Michael gets his revenge, leaving Buzz devastated.

Thursday, May 10
Olivia pays the consequences for her actions; Ava finds a shoulder on which to lean; Dinah and Mallet prepare for a new roommate.

Friday, May 11
Jeffrey's announcement breaks Olivia's heart; angry Cassie goes after Beth.

Monday, May 14
Marina misses Cyrus; Reva gives Josh a piece of her mind; Cassie causes Beth to have an accident.

Tuesday, May 15
Blake settles into a new home; Gus rails at Daisy for her deception; Harley has a heart-to-heart talk with Natalia.

Wednesday, May 16
Josh finds a new calling; delirious Marina kisses Cyrus; Gus confesses to Harley about his first love.

Thursday, May 17
Alan rocks Mel with news about Rick and Beth; Jeffrey prepares to leave Springfield for good; Josh worries when Cassie seeks revenge.

Friday, May 18
Lizzie does Alan's evil bidding; Josh has a dangerous encounter; Cassie learns the paternity of Beth's baby.

Monday, May 21
Marina puts Cyrus under arrest; Reva questions Josh's new path in life; with Tammy by her side, Cassie commits the unthinkable.

Tuesday, May 22
Marina buckles under the pressure; Natalia gets into hot water; a handsome stranger catches Daisy off guard.

Wednesday, May 23
Daisy sees a hard side of life in juvenile hall; Harley is concerned that Alan's help comes at a price; Natalia reveals a big secret.

Thursday, May 24
Dinah asks Cyrus for a favor; Olivia learns of Jeffrey's plans to leave town; Reva opens her mouth.

Friday, May 25
Remy puts two and two together; Reva silences Cassie with a slap; Reva's betrayal outrages Josh.

Monday, May 28
Natalia fears Gus will learn her secret; Ava squirms her way back to Coop; Reva pays the consequences for her actions.

Tuesday, May 29
Harley tries to play matchmaker; Frank loses a bet and must change his hairstyle; Blake pushes Dinah to the edge.

Wednesday, May 30
Mallet reveals his secret past through a series of flashbacks; Dinah decides to stand by her man.

Thursday, May 31
Olivia's plan backfires; Beth and Rick share a close moment; Josh gives Alan a black eye; Reva discovers Cassie's secret.

Friday, June 1
Mallet's past comes back to haunt him; Reva vows to be with Josh again; Cassie makes a shocking request.

Monday, June 4
Harley begins to dig into Natalia's past; Mallet cannot escape his evil past; Cassie suggests the unthinkable.

Tuesday, June 5
Harley uncovers a shocking truth; Ashlee kisses Coop; Marina keeps a close eye on Cyrus.

Wednesday, June 6
Reva and Josh spend the night together; a blast from the past phones home.

Thursday, June 7
Reva makes a shocking move with Lizzie; Natalia puts a tough decision in Harley's hands; Gus comes face to face with a surprise.

Friday, June 8
Natalia must give an explanation; Reva does what must be done; Mel gives Rick something to think about.

Monday, June 11
Dinah and Mallet must figure out how to save Matt's life; Natalia faces angry Rafe, who demands answers; Daisy falls harder for her mystery boy.

Tuesday, June 12
Mallet realizes that Griggs means business; Frank catches Marina and Cyrus dangerously close to a kiss; Jeffrey comes to Olivia's rescue.

Wednesday, June 13
Harley figures out that Alan is up to no good; Gus has a traumatic first Father's Day with Rafe.

Thursday, June 14
Cassie wonders if she belongs on Josh's arm; Marina sees a new side of Cyrus; detective Roc Hoover (Mark Schlereth) comes to town; Reva's secret becomes harder to keep; when Lizzie comes to, what she sees shocks her.

Friday, June 15
Harley and Gus give Natalia a shocking proposal; Jeffrey calls out Reva on her actions.

Monday, June 18
Reva's secret becomes harder to keep when Jeffrey starts digging; Lizzie learns of Ashlee and Coop's kiss; Natalia is thrown by Harley and Gus' proposal.

Tuesday, June 19
Harley rails against Rafe for putting her son in danger; Alex walks in on a near kiss between Marina and Cyrus; Mallet makes a shocking decision.

Wednesday, June 20
Dinah fears Mallet may have gone too far in his quest to protect her; Matt makes a startling appearance.

Thursday, June 21
Dinah suffers the consequences of Mallet's actions; Beth gets an ultimatum from Rick; Reva and Jonathan make plans to meet.

Friday, June 22
Reva gets caught in the act; Olivia puts her feelings for Jeffrey on the line; Cyrus steps up to the plate to do what is right for Dinah.

Monday, June 25
Marina worries that Mallet will take his revenge; Harley and Dylan receive good news; Nat plants a kiss on Remy.

Tuesday, June 26
Daisy and Rafe get a second chance; Ashlee does not want Coop's help; Beth accepts Alan's proposal.

Wednesday, June 27
Reva reveals what Jonathan wanted from her; Jeffrey asks the ultimate question.

Thursday, June 28
Dinah's condition worsens; Ashlee gets her revenge; Reva gives Olivia a shock.

Friday, June 29
Mallet prepares for the worst; Lizzie, desperate for the truth, follows Reva.

Monday, July 2
Daisy shares Ashlee's secret with Coop; Marina and Cyrus are unable to deny their attraction; Frank has other plans; a shadow hangs over Dinah's recovery.

Tuesday, July 3
Ashlee learns a disheartening truth about her mother; things heat up between Natalia and Remy; Mel reminds Rick that his fight against Alan will be nasty.

Wednesday, July 4
Beth and Rick make shocking proclamations to each other; Harley throws Rafe out of the house; Josh gets an uneasy feeling from Cassie.

Thursday, July 5
Olivia overhears Lillian ask Buzz on a date; Reva is unable to protect Cassie's secret and Josh learns all.

Friday, July 6
Cassie wonders if Josh will spill her secret; Rick and Beth share an uncomfortable moment when they come face-to-face with Mel; Alan continues to train young Rafe.

Monday, July 9
Harley and Gus lay down the law for Daisy and Rafe; Ashlee and Coop continue to grow closer; Rick learns the truth about Beth's baby.

Tuesday, July 10
Ashlee tells Ava she is up for a little competition; Dinah leans on Matt for support.

Wednesday, July 11
Dylan kisses Harley; Alan charms Natalia; Rafe collapses.

Thursday, July 12
Josh walks in on Reva and Jeffrey; Cyrus finds himself backed into a tight corner.

Friday, July 13
Alan warns Natalia; Marina sees Cyrus with another woman; Daisy's heart breaks.

Monday, July 16
Alexandra makes Cyrus an offer he cannot refuse; Dinah takes on more than she is ready for; Natalia reminds Gus he cannot have both her and Harley.

Tuesday, July 17
Dinah collapses in Mallet's arms; Olivia sinks to a new low in pursuit of her desires; Cassie is uncomfortable with the closeness she sees between Josh and Reva.

Wednesday, July 18
Josh gets the chance he has been waiting for and steps into the reverend's shoes.

Thursday, July 19
Jeffrey informs Olivia that Reva is not going anywhere; Ashlee catches on to Ava's treachery; Dylan impulsively kisses Harley as Gus walks in.

Friday, July 20
Reva learns that she is cancer-free; Daisy is not happy with Natalia's scheming; Gus, unable to control his anger, beats Dylan.

Monday, July 23
Ava plays hardball in her plan to get Coop back; Reva blows Olivia's cover; Dylan feels that his chances to be with Harley are improving.

Tuesday, July 24
Rick's guilt begins to get the better of him; Marina learns of Alex's plans for Cyrus.

Wednesday, July 25
Coop's new story turns Springfield inside out.

Thursday, July 26
Olivia finds the evidence she needs to hurt Reva; Alex lays down some harsh rules for Cyrus.

Friday, July 27
Marina pulls out all of the stops to get around Alex's tricks; Harley becomes the victim of Alan's latest stunt and finds herself in Dylan's arms.

Monday, July 30
Dinah is on the rebound; Vanessa serves divorce papers to Matt; Natalia is there to comfort a brokenhearted Gus.

Tuesday, July 31
Jonathan resolves to return to Springfield; Jeffrey comforts Reva after she discovers Cassie and Josh's wedding plans; Olivia gets caught red-handed; Dinah confides her deepest fears to Mallet.

Wednesday, August 1
Olivia finds out that Jonathan is alive and he warns her not to tell or else; Reva is there for Dylan during a crisis.

Thursday, August 2
Buzz gets a kiss from Lillian; Coop is caught between two women; Olivia issues an order to Reva that she must obey.

Friday, August 3
Reva tells Jeffrey it's over between them; Harley gets the scoop on Gus and Natalia; Alan instructs Rafe in the Spaulding traditions.

Monday, August 6
Marina and Alex come head to head over their desires for Cyrus; Dylan declares that he is not ready to give up on Harley; Natalia stakes her claim on Gus.

Tuesday, August 7
Dinah makes Cyrus an interesting proposal; Lizzie eyes a Jonathan lookalike and makes her move; Alan begins to show an interest in Natalia; Gus is horrified to learn that Harley left town.

Wednesday, August 8
A dangerous secret about Billy is revealed; Lizzie embarks in a new business venture; Lizzie and Billy begin a new friendship.

Thursday, August 9
Ashlee gives Coop an ultimatum; Cassie gets news from the past; Reva wants revenge when Olivia interferes with her life.

Friday, August 10
Olivia's worst nightmare comes true; Daisy leans on Rafe for support, and they kiss; Natalia pulls out all the stops to welcome Gus.

Monday, August 13
Alex plants a kiss on Cyrus; Ashlee and Coop team up to take down Doris; Natalia tells Gus her true feelings.

Tuesday, August 14
Coop is taken by surprise when Ashlee proclaims her love; Marina makes a decision about her future with Cyrus; Cassie tells Josh that she wants a wedding.

Wednesday, August 15
Josh extends an uncomfortable invitation to Reva for his wedding; Olivia pays the consequences for her actions; Josh and Cassie's wedding comes to a crashing halt.

Thursday, August 16
Reva gets revenge against Olivia; Lizzie comes to Billy's rescue.

Friday, August 17
Cassie fears that Reva interrupted the wedding on purpose; Doris plays hardball when she opposes Buzz in the mayoral race; Olivia is arrested.

Monday, August 20
Reva fears that her plan may be falling apart; Olivia instructs Ava not to give up on her dream of Coop; Ashlee makes a difficult decision.

Tuesday, August 21
Dinah slips down an all-too-familiar path; Cyrus reveals his true plans; Lizzie proves her loyalty to Billy and defies Alan; Harley catches Natalia and Gus in a close moment.

Wednesday, August 22
Natalia lets Harley know her interest in Gus remains; Lillian gets a kiss from Buzz.

Thursday, August 23
Twigged Beth orders another paternity test; Alex realizes how hard she is falling for Cyrus; Harley is heartbroken to learn that Gus is living with Natalia.

Friday, August 24
The sight of Dinah and Mallet together bothers Vanessa; Harley vows to discover who set her up; Natalia impulsively grabs Gus for a kiss.

Monday, September 3
No show

Tuesday, September 4
Jeffrey fears the worst when Reva goes missing;
heartbroken Harley breaks down in Daisy's arms;
Remy goes on a date with wild girl Lola.

Wednesday, September 5
Cyrus flashes back to his days of thievery with Dinah;
Marina receives a tempting offer.

Thursday, September 6
Cassie gets upset when Josh cannot get Reva off his mind;
Billy's drinking gets out of control;
Marina and Alex go head-to-head over Cyrus.

Friday, September 7
No show

Monday, September 10
Harley considers giving Gus another chance; Doris gives Coop a warning about Ashlee; Cassie prepares to take the fall for Billy's mistake.

Tuesday, September 11
Dinah kisses Matt; Daisy and Rafe prepare to take the next step; Harley, devastated, takes off her wedding ring.

Wednesday, September 12
Passion ignites between Harley and Gus; Daisy and Rafe declare their love for each other.

Thursday, September 13
Marina kisses Cyrus; Lizzie lays down the law to Billy; Cassie pulls out all the stops when she realizes that Reva is missing.

Friday, September 14
Josh, furious, strikes Billy to the ground; Ava begins digging into Ashlee's questionable past; Reva and Alan agree to a truce in hopes of keeping their secret hidden.

Monday, September 17
Reva makes a shocking confession; Ava digs into Ashlee's troubled past; unbeknownst to Mallet, Dinah calls Matt, asking to see him again.

Tuesday, September 18
Alan has an ultimatum about Jeffrey for Reva; Gus warns Remy about Natalia; Daisy and Rafe defy their parents.

Wednesday, September 19
Reva continues to have nightmares about her mysterious trip with Alan; Reva moves out, leaving Jeffrey heartbroken.

Thursday, September 20
Marina is torn between her love for Cyrus and her need to do what is right; pressure mounts for Dinah and Mallett; Vanessa agrees to go out with Billy.

Friday, September 21
Harley catches Gus and Natalia together; Dinah makes a wrenching decision about her relationship with Mallett; Marina prepares for the worst at the Spaulding charity event.

Monday, September 24
Mallet catches Matt kissing Dinah and slugs him; Doris warns that she will crush anyone who gets close to Ashlee; Marina makes a decision about her future with Cyrus; Alex receives shocking news.

Tuesday, September 25
The identity of Marina's kidnapper is revealed; Rick fears the worst when Beth has early contractions.

Wednesday, September 26
Dinah decides she should turn her life in a new direction; Lizzie has a change of heart.

Thursday, September 27
Reva and Natalie battle over Daisy and Rafe; Harley and Cyrus head to New York to find Marina; Alex gets a scare.

Friday, September 28
Cassie wonders why Josh avoids discussion of having children; Bill is nowhere to be found; Alan suddenly kisses Nat as Gus watches; Harley and Gus get closer.

Monday, October 1
Josh and Cassie's marriage is at a crossroads; Natalia gives Gus an ultimatum; Cyrus traps Harley.

Tuesday, October 2
Jeffery is still suspicious of Reva and Alan; Natalia becomes the judge for the dance off between Remy and Rafe; Doris is found spying on Ashlee and Coop; Daisy gets shocking news.

Wednesday, October 3
Buzz struggles to fight the good fight in his campaign for mayor.

Thursday, October 4
Reva confesses to Jeffery; Harley and Cyrus team up to save Marina.

Friday, October 5
Jeffery begins to figure things out; Natalia confronts Alan about their kiss; Daisy admits to Rafe that she's in trouble.

Monday, October 8
Ava sinks to a new low to get her way; Mallet and Frank search for Marina; Harley and Cyrus hit another brick wall.

Tuesday, October 9
A mysterious woman answers Bill's phone; Alan makes clear his interest in Natalia; Reva worries that Alan will learn the truth about Jonathan.

Wednesday, October 10
Alex is thrilled when Cyrus appears at her bedside; Harley puts her job on the line to help Cyrus.

Thursday, October 11
Reva has shocking news for Dylan; Dinah finds that she is unable to stay away from Matt's door; Gus kisses Natalia.

Friday, October 12
Cyrus vows vengeance against Griggs; Daisy considers her options; Harley learns of Alex's treachery.

Monday, October 15
Harley and Cyrus catch Alex in her lies.
Vanessa's fury erupts at Dinah.
Reva fears the worst when Daisy cannot be found.

Tuesday, October 16
Dinah takes drastic measures.
Lizzie tries to set Billy and Vanessa up on another date.
Cassie searches for a solution to her problem.

Wednesday, October 17
Reva announces shocking news.
Harley leans on Cyrus for support.
Daisy tells furious Rafe the truth.

Thursday, October 18
Josh's decision thrills Cassie.
Rafe cannot control his anger.
Ashlee gets a lead on Marina.

Friday, October 19
Harley prepares for a showdown with Griggs.
Ashlee gets in over her head.
Ava shares a kiss with Coop.

Monday, October 22
Lola (Vanessa Simmons) makes a move on Rafe; Cyrus makes a huge sacrifice to save Harley and Marina.

Tuesday, October 23
Reva and Natalie face off; Harley puts two and two together and races to save Cyrus.

Wednesday, October 24
Cassie shocks Beth with news about the baby; Tammy (Stephanie Gatschet) gives her mother a message; Edmund (David Macdonald) shows his face again.

Thursday, October 25
Dinah receives a letter from a secret admirer; Alex has news for Marina; Rafe rescues Daisy; Harley and Cyrus get revenge against Griggs.

Friday, October 26
Cassie agrees to meet Edmund face to face; Dinah begs for her freedom; Marina faces the consequences; the future looks bleak for Harley and Cyrus.

Monday, October 29
Marina's frantic search for Cyrus continues; Alan makes an offer to Natalia.

Tuesday, October 30
Cassie gets in touch with Will; Dinah makes an escape attempt; Cyrus and Harley try to persevere.

Wednesday, October 31
Dinah's fire has some unforeseen results; a stunned Cassie runs into Edmund.

Thursday, November 1
Natalia is caught between father and son; Ashlee calls out Coop on Ava; Marina grows desperate as the search continues for Cyrus and Harley.

Friday, November 2
Olivia does the dirty work for Alan; Daisy and Rafe have a disagreement; Cyrus and Frank work out a deal.

Monday, November 5
Cassie turns to Jeffrey for help; Lizzie and Dinah strike up an interesting relationship; Marina and Cyrus reunite and declare their love for one another.

Tuesday, November 6
Ashlee gets a toe-curling kiss from Coop; Cassie learns that Edmund is back in town; R.J. notices all the attention that Will is getting.

Wednesday, November 7
Tammy appears and questions Cassie's actions; Edmund's sinister ways begin to rub off on Will.

Thursday, November 8
Alan gives Rafe something to think about; Gus gives Harley annulment papers; Marina and Cyrus triumph over Alex.

Friday, November 9
Alan takes advantage of Olivia's fears; Natalia's words shock Gus; Marina asks Cyrus to marry her.

Monday, November 12
Edmund figures out the truth regarding Beth's baby; Doris gets a warning from Frank; things get heated when Harley and Cyrus recall their kiss.

Tuesday, November 13
Bill Lewis (Daniel Cosgrove) drops off a gift for Olivia; Mallet gets a tongue-lashing from Dinah; Cassie brushes off Josh's worries about Will.

Wednesday, November 14
Bill bottles up his anger toward his father; Lizzie and Bill make love; her brother's return shocks Dinah.

Thursday, November 15
Dinah and Bill conspire against Billy; Edmund takes Reva by surprise; Will tries to gain Josh's good graces.

Friday, November 16
Natalia ponders Gus' proposal while Alan lurks in the shadows; Cassie is stunned by Reva's revelation about Edmund; Josh and Jeffrey join forces.

Monday, November 19
Cyrus answers the door sporting a towel; Roc Hoover (Mark Schlereth) is back in town; Jeffrey and Josh join forces.

Tuesday, November 20
Tensions run high as Harley tries to round everyone up for Thanksgiving; Marina and Frank bicker; Beth gets a scare and impulsively calls Alan.

Wednesday, November 21
Alan stands up for Natalia; Cyrus and Frank nearly fight; a relieved Harley shares a drink following her Thanksgiving debacle.

Thursday, November 22
No show

Friday, November 23
No show

Monday, November 26
Tensions mount between Bill and Billy; Jeffrey sets in motion his plan to get rid of Edmund; Harley learns of Gus and Natalia's engagement.

Tuesday, November 27
Olivia realizes her feelings for Gus are growing; Harley and Marina are asked to track down Philip; Alan congratulates Natalia on her engagement.

Wednesday, November 28
Olivia receives a devastating diagnosis; Alan pulls strings to get what he wants.

Thursday, November 29
Olivia makes clear her feelings for Gus; Daisy and Rafe begin to break down the wall between them.

Friday, November 30
Marina sees Harley with Cyrus; Reva realizes the depth of Jeffrey's plan; Edmund tells Rick that he knows the truth about Beth's baby.

Monday, December 3
Rick takes desperate measures to silence Edmund; Ashlee confronts Doris; Cyrus' actions shock Marina.

Tuesday, December 4
Lizzie presses Bill for answers; Reva gives Edmund something to consider; Cassie worries over Will's future.

Wednesday, December 5
Edmund goes to drastic lengths to avoid punishment; Josh's ordination reaches a crashing climax.

Thursday, December 6
Reva, Jeffrey and Rick verify their alibis; Lizzie plans to humiliate Bill; Natalia faces off with Olivia over Gus.

Friday, December 7
Mallet and Bill have a brawl; Olivia decides to go it alone; Harley invites Cyrus to spend the night.

Monday, December 10
Josh catches Will in a lie; Marina tends to an injured Mallet; Harley confesses her feelings to Cyrus.

Tuesday, December 11
A new Mayor is elected in Springfield; Ashlee breaks the law to help the Coopers; Gus comes to Olivia's aid against Bill.

Wednesday, December 12
Bill burns one too many bridges; Lizzie is shocked at Ava; Buzz gives Billy a tough message.

Thursday, December 13
Marina begins to investigate the rigged election; Ava gets Ashlee right where she wants her; Harley and Cyrus team up to catch Phillip.

Friday, December 14
Josh's fears about Will come true; Doris causes a scene over the election; Marina gets a harsh warning from Remy.

Monday, 12/17
Reva and Jeffrey plan their holiday together; Cassie's anger rises as Josh's suspicions of Will persist; Marina grows wary of Cyrus and Harley.

Tuesday, 12/18
Olivia opens up to Ava; the wedge is driven further between Josh and Cassie; Reva comes around to Josh's point of view.

Wednesday, 12/19
Mallet concocts an appropriate punishment for Dinah; Cyrus abandons the search for Phillip; Daisy and Rafe take the next step.

Thursday, 12/20
Lizzie settles the score; Ava's manipulation of Ashlee continues; Dinah makes a stunning statement.

Friday, 12/21
Harley and Cyrus fear it's all over; Marina starts to figure things out; Will's plan comes together.

Monday, 12/24
Reva and Josh enjoy a Christmas moment together; Gus leaves Olivia breathless; everyone comes running to comfort Beth when her contractions begin.

Tuesday, 12/25
No show

Wednesday, 12/26
Bill reaches out to Lizzie; Dinah delivers a firm warning to her brother.

Thursday, 12/27
Harley pleads with Cyrus to stay; a self-serving Olivia joins forces with Ava; Dinah hatches her plan.

Friday, 12/28
Cyrus gets under the influence and under the covers of Harley's bed; Ava tries to cozy up to Coop by blackmailing Ashlee; David Andrew Macdonald returns as Edmund, who has some menacing words for Josh.

Monday, December 31
No show

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