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February Preview

Laura's return
According to RC, Laura will be in for a surprise when she returns to PC and witnesses something unexpected. She'll reunite with her family and Luke. Her return touches on GH's famous history and she's hiding something.

The Qs and ELQ
According to RC, the battle for ELQ is heating up and it's Ned/Tracy vs AJ/Michael. Tracy pulls in Sonny. Carly gets pulled in too because of the info that Heather found at Thanksgiving. Ned wonders to Tracy if it's possible there is another Q heir. Based on her reaction, Carly might know. Look for Connie to be a wild card too.

According to RC, Johnny is resigned to jail but Todd wants nothing to do with it. Carly has written both off but does Todd still have a shot with her? RC doesn't think Todd ever gives up especially when his back is against the wall.

RC asks will Lante discover that Maxie isn't carrying their baby? Will Maxie keep the secret and let Lante believe it's their baby? Can Ellie and Spin get past his sleeping with Maxie on NYE?

RC says both guys will try to woe Anna in their own way. Duke wants to separate himself from the Faison/Duke image that Anna has. He isn't pushing like Faison/Duke did. He wants to set up a new life and it should be an interesting road for Duke.

According to RC, Britt wants to keep her hooks in Patrick. Her stumbling block, besides Sabrina, is Emma. She realizes that she needs Emma to like her if she's going to keep Patrick. She tries but it leads to a big crisis involving Emma.

RC says Sam will be pulled into a mystery that keeps her in John's orbit.

RC says Liz is tiptoeing toward friendship with AJ and she stumbles onto a health crisis with AJ, something others are not aware of, and it will bond them. She will be the one that he is willing to open up to.

RC says they're enjoying their sexy time and the romance is moving ahead, but they'll get involved with other things with Shawn's working for Sonny and Alexis as a lawyer.

RC says there will be drama. They're engaged but with SR leaving their happiness has to come to an end somehow.

RC says Lucy will be in a big jam that may split her focus from the Nurses Ball. He also called her the heart and soul of the NB.

RC says that Molly's book still has Connie's name on it right now, which still bugs Molly, but she and TJ might have a new problem to deal with.

Source: Paula @ SNS

Week of 2/4

NE Spoilers week of Feb. 4th

Carly is forced to call the police on someone she once cared for

Anna finds herself on the wrong side of a gun

Will anyone come to Tracy's rescue when federal agents arrive to arrest her?

Luke blackmails Carly

Will Sonny come through for Connie when his relationship with Michael is on the line?

Episode Titles and Previews

(Rafe's Accusation)
2/4, Rafe makes an accusation about this mother's murderer; a bitter Britt comes close to revealing the truth about Spinelli's child to Lulu.

Mac and FelIcia reunite with Kevin; Liz lets Patrick know that Sabrina has something to say.

2/5, Description
Britt gives Maxie an ultimatum; two couples end their evenings with romance.

(John's Visit)
2/6, John visits Rafe in jail and asks him for assistance in finding his mom's killer; Olivia tells Connie to go easy on Kristina

(Carly and Todd)
2/7, Lucy has a vivid dream that prompts her to take action; Carly finds Todd in her office and tells him she has the contents of his safe.

(Rafe Escapes)
2/8, Rafe escapes from his cell, with the help of Andre and a cop; Duke gives some bad news to AJ and Michael about ELQ's assets.

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February 2nd, 2013, 7:45 am #2

The waters get muddier with the GH3.....

Update 1
As expected, Roger Howarth (Todd) and Kristen Alderson (Starr) will be joining fellow One Life to Live transplant Michael Easton (McBain) in exiting General Hospital by the end of next week. Since GH tapes several weeks in advance, the trio will continue to be seen on air for the duration of the month of February and possibly into early March.

These departures are the result of the ongoing legal battle between Disney-ABC and OLTL licensee Prospect Park. Prospect Park plans to begin airing new episodes of OLTL and All My Children online this spring. The production company is said to want the three characters—which they licensed to Disney-ABC for use on GH until such time as they were able to put OLTL in production again— back.

Word is, Disney-ABC and Prospect Park have reached an impasse in attempting to work out a deal which would allow Howarth, Alderson and Easton to reprise their roles on OLTL, while eventually returning to GH.

"At this point, no one knows if the characters will ever be going back to GH," says a source.

As previously reported, actors Howarth, Alderson and Easton remain under contract with ABC and reside in Los Angeles. Prospect Park's reboot of OLTL will be taped in Connecticut.

http://daytimeconfidential.zap2it.com/2 ... um=twitter

Update 2
The messiest behind-the-scenes soap legal battle since Ken Corday sued Missy Reeves for quitting Days of Our Lives in the middle of a contract, keeps getting messier. A General Hospital spokesperson released the following statement to Soap Opera Digest:

"GENERAL HOSPITAL is excited about Michael Easton, Kristen Alderson and Roger Howarth staying on the show and we are exploring ways to allow that to happen."

Digest goes on to report that while Howarth, Easton and Alderson will continue to air as Todd, John and Starr through March, GH will likely bring the three actors back to the fold — as different characters. Meanwhile, the magazine is hearing Prospect Park plans to recast the three popular roles for their One Life to Live reboot.

http://daytimeconfidential.zap2it.com/2 ... -likely-as

Update 3
PP Statement

"Prospect Park understands that GENERAL HOSPITAL has featured Llanview transplants Michael Easton (John) and Kristen Alderson (Starr) among others while we arranged production of the new version of ONE LIFE TO LIVE. These characters, who we own under our agreement, are obviously essential to our production efforts, and a large reason we licensed the program. We also understand that legions of GENERAL HOSPITAL fans have grown to love these actors and characters in a short time. So even though we are paying ABC millions of dollars to license the shows, we have been, and continue to be willing to equally share the characters with GENERAL HOSPITAL and ABC. It's a win-win for the actors, the shows and fans, who love all of the shows and storylines. We hope to work out these agreements with ABC and the actors."

http://www.welovesoaps.net/2013/02/pros ... c-and.html

Update from Eastons fb page
Fans hoping to deliver goodies to Michael Easton (John McBain) for his birthday received sad news, straight from the popular General Hospital star himself. Easton won't be there to accept any cake, cards or presents, because he will be legally prohibited from being at GH after Feb 8.

Full post here (along with some commentary/rumors about the negotiations)
http://daytimeconfidential.zap2it.com/2 ... bruary-8th

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February 2nd, 2013, 3:29 pm #3

Wow talk about a mess! I'm really confused now if they are staying or going. I just don't see GH being able to keep them. But i don't understand why they can't be on both shows. Let them join the OLTL reboot and still be on GH from time to time. GH is getting such a big cast now, I don't think anyone would miss them if they do both shows!

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February 2nd, 2013, 8:39 pm #4

Its a mess for sure.

My opinion reading between the lines is PP wants their characters along with the actors but they are willing to share them with GH for now. I think GH eventually wants to regain the rights to those characters which PP doesnt want to let go.

The actors dont seem to want to do it either so PP is saying fine then we'll recast (which I think is a terrible idea) but you cant use the characters on GH anymore. And GH is saying fine we'll keep them and make them new characters.

Bottom line it sounds like a bunch of whiny brats who want to take their balls and go home because they all cant get their own way.

It hurts everyone involved to not get something worked out. It does make for some interesting reading on the soap sites though!

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February 2nd, 2013, 11:51 pm #5

It certainly sounds like a very messy situation, IMO. I wonder what the end result will be.

Frankly, at the present time, I think the cast of GH is too large, many characters and some long-time ones like Elizabeth don't get their own storyline and very little airtime. Even Dante and Lulu are only seen once a week and they are suppose to be in a front burner story, now.

I wish this vampire thing would end quickly -- GH doesn't need to go down that road!!!
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February 4th, 2013, 4:59 am #6

This is making me chuckle because when I started watching GH back in October, I couldn't stand the OLTL characters getting so much airtime. Now I don't want Todd to go! Even McBored is growing on me a little!

Changing them to new characters is a rotten idea, IMO. If they can't be Todd, Starr and McBored, just let them go. The show has plenty of characters now, and plenty from its history that it could bring back.

UGH! I really like Lucy Coe but this vampire story is getting real annoying real quick. She just repeats herself over and over. The stuff with Tracy was so fun. This just feels like a waste. I guess I should have expected RC to pull something like this out of his ass sooner or later.

Looking forward to Laura's return. Hopefully, that will spice things up again. I've been a little bored with the show, lately.

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February 4th, 2013, 9:13 am #7

Its funny as a OLTL fan I was happy to see them on GH. When the re-reboot came about I thought eh let them go back. Now for some reason I want them to stay. Though the OL fan in me thinks Todd especially belongs in Llanview, though of the 3 i want him to stay on GH the most. And yes I do realize that none of that makes sense lol.

The vampire stuff is wearing thin. I suppose for those who watched PC its a nice touch but I dont know how many people watch GH now that watched PC.

Hoping Lucys story will get back on track when Kevin returns and we get going with the ball.

Watching this weeks shows as i type this and NuKristina with her bat going after Connie was pretty fun, I wondered if she had any acting chops, maybe she does.

So looking forward to Lauras return. When shes on it gives me those warm fuzzy soaps of the 80s feelings. She was so adamant about her terms for returning, I think her story could be quite good. Hopefully anyway!

Off to scrounge up some new spoilers.....

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Daytime Royalty

Week of 2/4

Monday February 4:
It may be down to Heather to save Todd and Lucy.
Kevin startles Felicia and Mac.
Liz tells Patrick that Sabrina needs to tell him something.

Tuesday February 5:
Maxie receives an ultimatum from Britt.
Two couple are swept up in romance.

Wednesday February 6:
McBain gets stuck in the middle of a murder investigation.
Starr gets a surprise visitor when she drops by Michael's apartment.
Olivia does her best to convince Connie to ease up on Kristina.

Thursday February 7:
Tracy wants Luke to help her rebuild the company.
Carly turns someone in to the cops.
Anna winds up with a gun pointed at her.

Friday February 8:
Federal agents show up to arrest Tracy.
Carly is blackmailed by Luke.
Sonny may have to choose between Connie and Michael.

2/4, Heather has a possible solution to Todd and Lucy's troubles; Kevin's presence surprises Mac and Felicia; Elizabeth tells Patrick that Sabrina needs to talk to him.

2/5, Britt gives Maxie an ultimatum; a familiar face arrives in town; two couples share romance.

2/6, McBain tackles a murder mystery; Starr finds someone waiting for her at Michael's place; Olivia urges Connie to go easy on Kristina.

2/7, Tracy needs Luke's assistance; Carly must call the cops on a former friend; Anna faces a gun.

2/8, Federal agents arrive to arrest Tracy; Luke blackmails Carly; Connie needs Sonny to come through for her


Heather might be the key to Todd and Lucy's problems.

Britt forces Maxie to make a decision.

Romance sparks for two couples.

A murder mystery unfolds.

Federal agents arrive for Tracy.

Someone takes aim at Anna.

SOC Sneak Peek

ABC plot points for two weeks--

Olivia has a vision and accuses Sabrina of being after Steve.

Shawn figures out that Sonny is falling for Connie.

Heather comes up with a plan to help Todd and Lucy escape Ferncliff.

Kevin is knocked out trying to stop Lucy from escaping.

Todd shows up at Michael’s apartment; Starr sees him.

Todd asks Carly to go on the run with him.

Maxie makes a deal with Britt. She will help Britt seduce Patrick if Britt stays silent about Maxie’s pregnancy.

Britt’s plan has a fatal outcome.

Mac prepares to fight for Felicia.

John is arrested for Rafe’s mother’s murder.

Molly sneaks in and visits Rafe in jail.

Andre helps Rafe escape.

TJ and Molly fight over her feelings for Rafe.

Laura Spencer returns.

ABC Hotsheet

This week on General Hospital, John McBain has been falsely accused of murder, or so he says, but the evidence is really starting to pile up. Young Rafe isn't budging from his story that he saw John kill his mother. As the week unfolds, look for a couple possibilities to emerge. Could McBain have a doppelganger? Or is he really Caleb, the vampire prince of darkness?

Meanwhile, Todd, Lucy, and Heather have banded together in order to help each other break out of Ferncliff. They'll have to get past Kevin Collins first, of course. And even then ... where will they go. Can Todd really skip town for good?

Maxie's attempts to keep the details of her pregnancy secret will hit a snag this week when Britt -- who is seriously bitter about her breakup with Patrick -- threatens to spill the truth out of spite. Britt's alternative offer to Maxie: help her destroy Sabrina. But look for things to get even more complicated for Maxie with the surprise return of her father! Yes, Frisco Jones is back in Port Charles this week!

Could Connie Falconeri be growing a conscience? With Kristina facing court for attacking Connie, both Sonny and Connie will try to talk Connie into dropping the charges. Will she? And will she let Sonny and Michael's relationship deteriorate over the lies she told about ELQ? This just might be the week she turns a corner.

All this, plus Tracy and Luke get caught up in the search for a lost Quartermaine heir, and Mac and Felicia grapple with the implications of Frisco's return.

Britt Blackmails Maxie--
Britt almost spills the truth about Maxie's pregnancy to Lulu, but when she zips her lips, Maxie offers to help her win Patrick back in exchange for silence. Britt has a different deal in mind. She wants Maxie to help her destroy Sabrina.

KT thinks that Britt definitely wants Patrick but she wants to ruin Sabrina. She hasn't thought about the consequences to her career. And she feels that if Sabrina wasn't in the picture, she'd still be with Patrick.

Source: SNS

Lucy, Heather, and Todd Escape--
Lynn H says the scene where the trio escaped had the behind the scenes crew rolling on the floor. It was hard to keep a straight face through the shenanigans.

The trio run into trouble when Kevin shows up after being encouraged by Felicia to not give up on Lucy. Heather knocks him out. Kevin thinks it was Todd since he was hit so hard, but Lucy tells him it was Heather before hightailing it out with Todd and Heather. They take shelter in a familiar location where Lucy finds out about Alison's murder and grows concerned about Rafe and more determined to destroy Caleb.

LH promises there will be several gasp-worthy moments by weeks end. She thinks if fans are patient they'll have their 'Oh, I get it!' moment. It could possibly be the best of both worlds: people that don't want a full-time vampire story will get what they want and people that enjoy sexy Caleb will get what they want. She thinks it will be awesome.

Source: SNS

Loose Lips 2/3
Fasten your seat belts, I heard another ball may possibly drop next week in this complicated PP/ABCD affair. I don't know if you are as confused as I am about Prospect Park and ABCD's agreement. PP made a statement as you can read on the main page that the OLTLers were only characters that were owned by PP, NOT the actors. But it seems they are going to share the characters. How this will effect everyone involved is still a mystery. ABC announced that the characters of John, Starr and Todd will stop taping after 2-7 and will not be seen after 2-27 at least for awhile. From what I am hearing the character licenses reverted back to PP. To my knowledge, this is the only thing that has been settled this week. There are larger issues at hand and the larger framework deal is not completely dead. There are union lawyers still in the mix. They call it a win win situation I call it WTF? There is something beyond what we know at play here. We may never know what, although I have a sneaking suspicion that it'll play out for all to see when this situation is resolved.

Alison's dead!! Where is Rafe Kovich? As much as I am digging the Port Charles revisited TPTB were stupid not to bring back Rafe (Brian Gaskill) to reprise his role and be there for Rafe Jr. So what that he is Caleb's kid, Lucy said Rafe loved him and now when he needs him TPTB have not even thought to bring back The Angel Rafe. What the hell are they thinking? With the new mystery "Who killed Alison Barrington" (if she married Rafe shouldn't she be Alison Kovich?) John will become a suspect in Alison's death since he looks so much like Caleb thanks to Rafe Jr. From what I am being told the writers want the viewers to question whether or not vampires could be real or just a some crazy woman's imagination. When this arc ends it is supposed to leave the viewers with answers to some of the questions but also raise new ones. And alot has to do with what is going on with PP and ABCD........With talk of another Quartermaine heir out there, I don't know how many of you remember back in 2009 when Franco and Carly met up at the Christmas tree store and Carly had Joss in her arms and they were arguing about who would buy a specific tree. During that conversation Franco mentioned he had a daughter named Lauren. Yes that is the how the story went back then, don't remember? Go to: (link) If Ron follows through with this story it will complicate the ELQ story, no surprise there.......Now that Duke has been hired by AJ to work for ELQ how will that effect Tracy? Don't count Ms Quartermaine out just yet, Duke will be very helpful to Tracy since he has the associations that could help her. And then we have Luke who will blackmail Carly for the information about another heir.....We had the tale of 2 Todd's, then we had the 2 Dukes, so now will there be the tale of 2 Q's? This story is planned long term so don't expect it to wrap up soon.....As we all know Ron is all about past stories and with Laura coming he is bringing back one that old time viewers are sure to love, "The Ice Princess" revisited...... Same goes for Frisco. Just remember a revisit is not a duplication of an old story it is an exploration of old events and how they effect the present as this will be the case upon Frisco's return. We all remember Maxie's heart transplant when Mac went looking for Frisco. Felicia and Maxie's problems were discussed recently and mother and daughter healed. Now it's time for Frisco/Maxie/Felicia to do the same. Just look at the similarities: Maxie faces a crisis, Frisco returns to help, Maxie is choosing to give up her child as did Frisco allowing Mac to raise his children. Frisco and Felicia make amends which triggers the Mac/Felicia/Frisco triangle revisit. And in the end a Maxie and Spinelli goal. This is RC's way to engage in a recognizable plot, throwing many many complications in true love's way for a couple to overcome.....What if Kevin really was Ryan?


Jack Wagner interview--
http://www.accesshollywood.com/jack-wag ... icle_75952

SOD: Comings and Goings

Jack Wagner - Frisco - returns Feb 4. He and Maxie share scenes in the first week

Scott Reeves - Steven Webber - it says that he's set to leave this month

Status Change:
Kelly Thiebaud - Britt - On contract

GH is looking for a 25 to 30-year-old African American or mixed race male, who will be an intern at GH and is described as handsome, dynamic and charming with a kind heart. The role is contract.

http://www.soapoperadigest.com/content/ ... ting-roles

Rumor mill--
Could Scott Baldwin (Kin Shriner) and Lucy Coe’s (Lynn Herring) daughter be joining her parents in Port Charles? A little birdie told yours truly Carly Schroeder will reprise the role as Serena Baldwin on General Hospital. This will mark Schroeder's first time returning to GH since 2001.

Fans of GH and Port Charles may recall, Serena was born via surrogacy. When her now deceased, biological mother Dominique Taub Baldwin (Shell Danielson) found out she was dying, she asked Lucy to carry her child. Years later on PC, Lucy adopted Serena as her own. Last time viewers heard about Serena, the heiress to the massive Taub fortune was said to be studying in Europe.

http://daytimeconfidential.zap2it.com/2 ... l-hospital

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February 4th, 2013, 9:53 pm #9

Thanks for the spoilers, everything sounds pretty good! Except the fact that they are putting Brit on contract :puke: . I just can't stand that character, and now that Patrick has seen what a bitch she is why keep her??? I do think they are doing a great job balancing such a large cast, but with all the old ones coming back it may get tricky. I like the fact that they are interacting characters that have never interacted before (such as Tracy and Connie). Lots of good stuff, still the best soap out of all of them!

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February 5th, 2013, 8:34 am #10

Yeah I'm not sure why they put her on contract either. The character is awful and the actress isnt all that amazing either. We finally got rid of Lisa just to get another crazy bimbo? Its a head-scratcher.

RC does a pretty good job with balance, the cast is too big but its more balanced than it was under Guza so thats a step in the right direction. I wouldnt mind a few cuts though.

It is the best soap by a mile....