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Daytime Royalty

Week of 10/29

Episode Titles and Previews

(The Family Fight)
10/29, Sonny and Michael have a heartfelt conversation about their family; Carly reaches out to Sam.

(The DNA Test)
10/30, Steve gives Sam the DNA test; Todd worries that Heather will expose his lies.

(The Party)
10/31, Starr agrees to go with Michael to the party; Lulu and Dante discuss adopting a child; Maxie informs Patrick that she is moving out.

11/1, N/A

(Making Love)
11/2, Starr gets an unexpected visitor; Sonny confides in Alexis about Kate.

Daily Spoilers wk of 10/29

10/29, Connie crosses a line; Carly stands up for Todd; Olivia hallucinates about Heather.

10/30, Trey tells Sonny he will help with Connie; Todd is haunted by someone from his past; Sam is in a celebratory mood.

10/31, Luke arrives at Todd's in a hockey mask; Port Charles prepares for the Halloween party.

11/1, N/A

11/2, Todd and Carly get close; Michael hesitates in his relationship with Starr; Connie runs into Sonny and Alexis.


This week on General Hospital, family secrets crawl back from the grave. On Friday, we found out the secret that Monica had been hiding: A.J. is alive! But how? And why is he back now? Can Monica keep him hidden from the rest of the family, particularly a snooping Tracy? Don't expect A.J. to want to stay hidden, either. In fact, a Halloween costume party might be the prime opportunity to re-acquaint himself with Port Charles

With A.J. back in town, all eyes will naturally go to Michael, A.J.'s biological son. Will A.J. go right for Michael and try to start up a relationship again? It's not like Michael and A.J. had the closest relationship when A.J. "died," after all. Get ready for the father-son reunion!

As ever, Todd is tap-dancing as fast as he can, trying to deflect any and all connections to Heather Webber. It's not working so well, and this week, look for Luke to confront Todd. But it's not all bad news for Mr. Manning, as he spends a quiet Halloween evening at home with Carly ... and things get romantic.

The Haunted Star Halloween Party promises to be a source of much drama this week, particularly when Luke accompanies Tracy, and Anna agrees to meet Duke there. Look for Luke and Tracy to continue to snoop into Duke's business, while Anna has no idea that the man she's investigating for Jason's shooting is the man she thinks she's in love with.

All this, plus Patrick gets some unexpected advice from his daughter about his dating prospects, and Maxie's moving out!

Monday, October 29

•Sonny and Michael discuss their family.
•Michael wants a position in Sonny's business.
•Connie tries to convince Trey not to have her committed.
•Carly offers condolences to Sam.
•Olivia has a hallucination regarding Heather.
•Todd places Danny's paternity test in Heather's effects so that it will be found.

Tuesday, October 30

•Steve gives Sam a DNA test.
•Todd is worried that Heather will turn on him.
•Trey remains uncertain if he wants to know Kate.
•Starr and Kristina get closer to some sort of friendship.
•Lulu asks Johnny why he married Connie.

Wednesday, October 31

•Starr attends a party with Michael despite the fact that Johnny will be in attendance.
•Lulu and Dante discuss adoption.
•Maxie tells Patrick that she's moving out.
•Luke wears a costume to Todd's.
•Carly wants Todd to trick or treat with her and Josslyn.
•Duke invites Anna to the Haunted Star party; so does Luke.

Thursday, November 1

•As of now, no information is available.

Friday, November 2

•Starr gets a visit from Blair.
•Sonny talks to Alexis about Kate.
•Todd and Carly grow closer.
•Johnny and Connie see Carly is in Todd’s room at the MetroCourt.
•Starr waits for Michael but gets Trey.

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TV Guide Previews

10/29, Connie pushes things too far. Carly defends Todd to Sam. Olivia has a hallucination about Heather

10/30, Trey tells Sonny he's willing to help commit Connie. Just when Todd thought all of his secrets were safe, someone comes back to haunt him. Sam has a reason to celebrate.

10/31, Luke shows up at Todd's wearing a familiar hockey mask. Port Charles prepares for tricks and treats at the Haunted Star Halloween party.

11/1, Michael has a strange, unsettling run-in with a masked man.

11/2, Will Todd and Carly make love? Something keeps Michael from taking the next step in his relationship with Starr. Connie has a run in with Sonny and Alexis.

Soaptown Loose Lips- (10/28)

Besides the no surprise visit of AJ on Friday and that Monica knew all along (did Alan know too?) and the annoucement that Ned and Skye will be returning, get ready for more to come, Duke goes to see Robin in Switerland who just very may have lost her memory, another veteran returns Tristan Rogers comes back as Robert Scorpio the week of 11-15. Will Robert help Anna realize that Duke could be an imposter? Could Duke be Fiason in sheeps clothing? So much more coming and it's just the beginning....The next several months will be about AJ's return as well as the Quartermaines, The Scroprios and Corinthos families. We will learn next month what Duke is all about and what he is hiding besides Robin. Who else does Duke have hidden away?.....Get ready for a spectacular Thanksgiving at the Quatermaine mansion, I can tell the unexpected will happen.....John may be on the path to a new life but can he make peace with the life he left behind?....Has Todd finally paid for his past life of crimes as he believes or are there other demons lying in wait ?.....All wrongs will be made right as the year ends and a new one begins. Expect forgiveness, love, and happy endings for some as Port Charles heads in a new direction. Some stay, some leave, but all find resolution.


Sam Learns the Truth

In the November 5th issue of Soap Opera Digest, it features an article titled, "Sam Learns the Truth about Dan’s Paternity."

On the heels of Jason’s apparent demise, Sam discovers this week that Dan is Jason’s son. “It seemed sort of unnecessarily cruel for Todd to hold back this information with the baby switch all out in the open.” So he finds a way to get the information into Sam’s hands and hope it does not lead back to him. Sam deserves some good news even though it’s bittersweet for her. Steve is present at the moment of the revelation and worries when Sam expresses her conviction that Jason will return to her. Carly and Michael are also holding out hope of Jason’s return but deep down they fear he’s dead. However, Sam feels in her heart that he is alive and is not letting go of that. She’s not going to give up hope until she sees a body.

For more pick up the latest issue of SOD.

Wally Kurth and Robin Christopher Return for Edwards Memorial

Sean Kanan won't be the only familiar face soon traipsing around the Quartermaine living room set on General Hospital. I'm hearing Wally Kurth and Robin Christopher will be reprising their respective roles as Ned Ashton and Skye Chandler Quartermaine for episodes honoring the passing of Edward Quartermaine (the late John Ingle).

Look for Skye to mix things up with Todd (Roger Howarth), Blair (Kassie DePaiva) and Tea (Florencia Lozano) during her visit. What will these past and current residents of Llanview, PA have to talk about?

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October 29th, 2012, 3:41 pm #2

I was hoping Sean Kanan was returning as AJ! Didn't watch the show when he was on but I read AJ's history on Soap Central and he sounds like a real piece of work!

While watching Heather Webber scenes on youtube last night, I came across a scene with the original Edward Quartermaine, David Lewis. Stuart Damon looked so young! I knew John Ingle had passed but didn't realize the character was still alive on-screen.

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October 29th, 2012, 8:34 pm #3

Thanks for the spoilers! This is definitly the soap to watch right now. The pace is just right and the stories continue to spin off of each other with ease. Can't wait to hear where AJ has been all these years and why Monica decided to keep it a secret...

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Daytime Royalty

Week of 11/5

Luke can't shake his doubts about Duke

Emma answers the phone to Robin

Tracy makes a shocking discovery and calls the police

Carly confronts Monica

The hearing for committing Connie takes a surprising turn

Anna admits to her returning feelings for Duke

Someone is not who they appear to be

National Enquirer

Episode Titles and Previews

11/5, Luke investigates Duke's past; Johnny and Connie have a touching moment.

(The Call)
11/6, Duke receives an urgent phone call from Dr. Obrecht; Maxie tells Trey and Starr that she is reclaiming her home.

(The Secret)
11/7, Starr lets something slip to Michael by mistake; Ellie hopes to become Maxie's roommate.

11/8, Alice gets physical with Tracy; Lulu tries to persuade Dante to agree to her plan.

11/9, Anna confides in Mac about her feelings for Duke; the judge reaches a conclusion.

TV Guide Previews

11/5, Luke can't shake his doubts about Duke. Duke shares a romantic dance with Anna. Will Johnny fall for Connie's advances?

11/6, Emma answers the phone to Robin. Sam refuses to give up. Sabrina asks Elizabeth about the Nurses' Balls of the past.

11/7,Will Starr take Todd up on his invitation to move in with him? Ellie wants to be Maxie's roommate.

11/8,Tracy makes a discovery that prompts her to call the police. Carly confronts Monica. The hearing for committing Connie takes a surprising turn.

11/9, Anna admits to her returning feelings for Duke. Carly has a surprising run in. Someone is not who they appear to be.

GHHs Week of November 5th

11/5 Will Sonny and Alexis get the upper hand or will Connie pull out all the stops to make sure Johnny stays where she wants him?
Connie will pull out all the stops to make sure she has Johnny exactly where she wants him...
(on her side).
Luke investigates Duke's past.
Duke and Anna share a romantic dance.

11/06 Duke receives an urgent phone call from Dr. Obrecht.
Maxie tells Trey and Starr that she is reclaiming her home.
Emma answers the phone to Robin.
Sabrina asks Elizabeth about the Nurse's Balls of the past.

11/07 Starr lets something slip to Michael by mistake.
Ellie hopes to become Maxie's roommate; it certainly would make it easier for Maxie to keep an eye on Ellie's developing relationship with Spinelli.
Todd makes someone an unexpected offer.

11/8 Carly has a major bone to pick with Monica.
Connie's future will be decided.
Tracy makes a shocking discovery and calls the police.

11/9 Someone is not who they appear to be.
Carly finds herself blown away after an unexpected run-in.
Anna confides to Mac that she can no longer deny that her feelings for Duke are resurfacing.
The judge renders his decision.

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The A. J. Games Begin

This week A. J. encounters his now grown son, according to the November 13th issue of Soap Opera Digest. Kanan says we are seeing a guy who is a decade older and ready to except responsibility for his mistakes. He’s also going to go after what he feels is his birthright and building a relationship with Michael is key to his mission. Part of AJ’s motivation is he feels he was deprived of his parental rights by Sonny and Carly. He wants Michael to understand that maybe Sonny and Carly didn’t tell him how things really were. It will create drama with Carly. When Carly sees A. J. for the first time, she hits her head and when she awakes she sees Sonny. Immediately she tells him she saw A J. She heads to docks to think and Michael is there. When Michael begins to question her about AJ she freaks and calls Todd. Carly says she would normally call Jason but he’s not there. RH says he added in the lines, “I have a black shirt on!” which he thought was funny.

For more pick up the latest Soap Opera Digest.

November Sweeps

"GENERAL HOSPITAL" - November is about family on ABC's "General Hospital," with family secrets that will change what everyone thought to be true, and includes a bittersweet goodbye. The Quartermaine, Scorpio and Corinthos families are shocked as loved ones return in body and in spirit. The truth is revealed about the mysterious Duke Lavery, while Patrick tries to move on with his life. The Quartermaines' Thanksgiving tradition continues as they give thanks for all that is involved in being a family - the good, the bad and everything in between...the circle of life. The November storylines coincide with the surprising return of fan favorite Sean Kanan. "General Hospital" airs MONDAY-FRIDAY (2:00-3:00 p.m., ET).


http://www.welovesoaps.net/2012/10/gene ... ights.html

SOD Sweeps Spoilers

Sam is hesitant to lean on John even though she needs him. John is lost and trying to find his place.

Michael's life is turned upside down and he needs Starr.

SK's arrival in Port Charles is a new chapter to the story. His character affects the whole canvas.

There is going to be a big Q Thanksgiving this year that honors JI and Edward.

Luke is determined to get to the truth about Duke. Anna is being wooed and looking for the guy Joe Jr was working for. Questions about Duke will be answered in November.

Robin will be seen and she makes an attempt to contact her family.

Patrick is struggling to move forward.

The door is open to the possibility of romance for Carly and Todd but she's gunshy. Something upsets Carly's life. Todd tries to get out of trouble and generally does.

Lulu is open to the idea of surrogacy and adoption, adoption first. They explore that together. It's their main November story but they will be involved with other things.

Maxie doesn't give up easily but Ellie is so nice and has a lot in common with Spinelli. She realizes that Spin is the man for her and she is going to try to get between them. She stumbles onto an idea to launch her first "attack".

Liz doesn't want to believe that Jason is gone. Rebuilding her life without him is basically where her life is going.

Heather has dirt on Todd and he's trying to keep that quiet.

Sonny is coping with life without Jason and possibly Kate. He and Alexis head to court. Connie has some tricks up her sleeve.

Sabrina finds out about the Nurses' Ball. The possibility of it coming back is explored in November.

Olivia has a hallucination that is pretty major and leads to a major revelation about one of the characters. Steve is by her side and trying to contend with Heather, who just won't go away

Trey's relationship with Kristina was built on lies. Can they start from scratch?

Interesting sidenote: Sean Kanan is dressed as the Grim Reaper for Halloween.

Soaptown Loose Lips 11/4

It's official Helena Cassadine IS returning and has a huge surprise for Luke when she comes back. Helena is a big part of the story connected to Duke. Or is it Duke? While I can not give out details at this time I can say Anders Hove was on the set of GH saying hello to old friends and in town promoting his new series "Sub Species". But it is more? Think "Mission Impossible"......If you are a long time fan of GH then you have realized that Sean Kanan has not skipped a beat. Unfortunately for Monica she may regret the day she helped her son. Is AJ involved with Duke? I will tell you that this is not the old AJ who was spoiled and a drunk. AJ has secrets, lots of them. What I can tell you is to pay attention and follow the money trail. Don't take for granted that all the villains and there are quite a few of them share the same goals. There are some that have memory manipulation and this will be a huge part of the umbrella story, confusing yes, but from what I am being told this storyline will prove a link to GH and tie into the story with spies, memory manipulation experiments and mental patients, the FBI, WSB, DVX, OLTL's rogue and the CIA. Holy Cow Batman!!!! Insiders say when it all comes to a head it will make sense....Lynn Herring coming back to Port Charles is like a heart beat bringing life back. Sabrina and Elizabeth team up to find ways to resurrect the Nurse's Ball and it involves Lucy Coe a very wealthy benefactor. Herring will first air Friday, December 14. Held from 1994-2001, the Nurses' Ball was used as a fundraiser for HIV/AIDS awareness in the fictional city of Port Charles as well in real life. For those viewers who are not familiar with the Nurse's Ball just check out yahoo or Youtube.com for information and clips from those days......The holidays are not far off and once again the Quartermaine's will have a day that will rock their world as well as the viewers......Will it be the end of Sonny? Benard's negotiations appear to be going down to the wire as all negotiations do. I can only say under FV the budget will rule all decisions, so only time will tell.....Coleman on Young and The Restless? Yep Blake Gibbons has gone over to CBS, with no contracts for either network, Gibbons has the luxury to cross back and forth.


There have been quite a few familiar faces returning to Port Charles, but this one might not be as welcome as say, AJ, or Robert... That's right, Helena Cassadine is on her way back! Soaps In Depth has learned that Constance Towers is reporting back to work at the GENERAL HOSPITAL set this morning!

Towers isn't talking yet, so we can't do more than speculate about what brings Helena back to the canvas, but rest assured that as soon as we can get any scoop out of her, we'll bring it to you! So stay tuned!


With the return of AJ Quartermaine (Sean Kanan) this past week and the fact that Monica knew all along (did Alan know too?) Port Charles welcomes back another to the fold, Kimberly McCullough is back soon but does she remember anything? On top of that return Robert Scorpio (Tristan Rogers) comes back to Port Charles. Will Robert help find Robin or is he back to give Luke a piece of his mind? Look for Robert and Robin to appear during BIG Novemeber sweeps month!!!


The resurrection of the Nurses' Ball prompts another fan fave return! Lynn Herring will return on December 14 as Lucy Coe, who is sought out for her expertise on the big event. Herring originated the role in 1986 and told Digest recently that she'd "love to slip on Lucy's clothes one more time."

http://www.soapoperadigest.com/content/ ... returns-gh

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November 6th, 2012, 4:25 am #5

Thanks for the spoilers! I have to say that bringing AJ back right after Jason's demise was a great idea!!

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November 6th, 2012, 6:31 am #6

Yes, AJ's return has gotten me sucked into the show. And as you mentioned in the October thread, jbrr, it's moving right along. I'm surprised he's revealed himself to Michael and been seen by Carly already, as I expected him for lurk for at least a week or two. I'm liking the actor who plays Michael. He did a good job in those scenes in which AJ revealed himself. If only Kristin Alderson didn't annoy me in the ways that she does, I might even enjoy the Michael/Starr pairing.

Really cool to see that "shirt off your back" scene of Monica and Alan's. I don't know when that happened but it reminded me of when I watched the show back in the early 80s. Oh, how I miss the 80s!!!

The Kate/Connie stuff has become groan-worthy. I feel like she's been saying the same thing since I started tuning in a few weeks ago. Always something about being committed! Knowing this is being written by Ron Carlivati, I was hoping it'd be fun like the Jessica/Tess story when I last watched OLTL but it feels a little silly.

Looking forward to Heather coming out of her coma but I'm guessing it's going to be awhile.

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November 6th, 2012, 12:37 pm #7

The writers are holding Kate hostage until MB signs his contract!!

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November 6th, 2012, 4:05 pm #8

I'm still waiting to decide on the AJ story -- since I didn't watch in the 80's, I'm not familiar with his background. The actor playing Michael is doing an excellent job.

I have grown a little tired of entire Maxie/Spinelli -- I prefer him with Ellie.

I agree Kate/Connie is groan worthy!! Johnny is being dragged even further into a black hole with her!!

It is ridiculous that they are having Elizabeth mourn over Jason for this long.
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November 8th, 2012, 6:21 am #9

Good Wednesday show! Really enjoyed the Michael/Carly scenes. The kid playing Michael continues to impress me. AJ and Monica were pretty good, too. A nice mother/son chemistry between the two actors.

I don't know much of what's going on with Robin but I was getting close to the edge of my seat with the back and forth of Patrick going to get on that phone. I'm guessing Duke is holding her there against her will.

And while I'm usually annoyed with the OLTL characters on this show, I liked the Todd/Starr scenes.

Tracy walking in to find AJ in the room was good for a chuckle.

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November 9th, 2012, 4:50 am #10

I'm loving the AJ return stuff. Its been well done by everyone. They've given us plenty of catch-up dialogue so they've covered all the major points in his backstory. From causing Jasons brain damage, to Carlys shenanigans, to the custody fight, to the meat hook, to the eventual kidnapping of the kids and his "death". I loved that Carly told Michael the truth and then found a sympathetic ear in Todd. Its probably one of the most well executed back from the dead stories I've seen at least in recent history. And as much as Billy Warlock defined the role of AJ, Kanans AJ is definately a more formidable foe for Sonny/Carly. Warlock was forced to play AJ as almost a wimp/victim so seeing a stronger AJ is fun.

Chad Duell is a very talented young actor, hes had quite a few impressive moments since he took over the role of Michael. I think this could end up being some of his best work yet.

Its so nice to see Leslie Charleson getting some work finally. Poor Monica has been on the backburner so long i think she got pushed clear off the stove at some point.

Yes Duke has Robin. Those scenes were very good even my hubby who hates soaps and tries very hard to ignore them, turned from the computer and started watching and asking questions about what was going on. I think I read somewhere that she will "escape" soon but really Duke decides to let her escape. It bothers me that Duke would hurt Robin given the fact they were close when she was little. Love seeing the old Robin flashbacks she was fantastic even back then. I do hope they get her back on canvas for Edwards memorial, their bond was sweet and his last scene was giving Emma the antidote for the toxin.

The Kate stuff is horrible. I skip most of that. Even Johnny who I like is just unappealing now.

I dont like the new doctor lady or the babysitter/whackadoo. I havent bothered to learn their names but they can both exit stage left. I dont mind Ellie but now that KS is back I want Spin/Maxie.

If I had to grade the show right now I think I'd give it a solid B+ maybe even an A-