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September 2nd, 2017, 2:33 pm #1

Spoilers for the week of September 4th

Monday September 4:
"General Hospital" will air an encore episode today, due to the Labor Day soap opera pre-emptions.

Tuesday September 5:
Finn is met with disappointment.
Valentin is in a position to help.
Kiki gets an invitation.

Wednesday September 6:
Sam doesn’t feel like celebrating.
Kristina takes Scout to the park.
Dante shares his regrets.

Thursday September 7:
Ava makes a rash decision.
Bobbie’s curiosity is piqued.
Jordan is amused.

Friday September 8:
Scott is of little to no help.
Elizabeth counsels Griffin.
Amy has bad news for Nathan.

Griffin has been great emotional support for Ava and after he receives devastating news, she finds herself in position to return the favor. Look for her impulsiveness to have an impact on their budding attraction. Will their connection grow? Ava redirects her energy. Elizabeth offers Griffin words of wisdom. In light of recent events, the nurse has her own dilemma to deal with and takes steps to protect Jake. Meanwhile, Kiki gets an invitation that may not be what she bargained for.

Carly accepts her future. The newly discovered intel has Bobbie’s curiosity piqued. Dante shares his remorse as Lulu finds herself back to square one. Meanwhile, Kristina runs into a familiar face when she takes Scout to the park. Did Valerie’s kiss have the effect it was meant to have? Valerie can’t help but feel like something is missing.

Also this week:
•Finn is met with disappointment.
•Valentin is in a position to help.
•Andre works to unravel a mystery.
•Jordan is amused.
•Scott is of little to no help.
•Amy has bad news for Nathan.


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September 2nd, 2017, 2:34 pm #2

SOD GH fall previews

A man returns with Jason’s face and will be connected to many who wouldn’t have known him with that face.
The friendship between Jason, Sam, Sonny and Carly will be affected when Jason and Sam pursue a new life.
Josslyn and Kristina’s pursuit of romance will challenge Sonny and Carly’s relationships with their daughters.
There may be more to Oscar than many know.
Franco’s journey of discovery takes him in a terrifying direction.
Franco’s past demons may affect his relationship with Liz.
Andre plays a part in Franco’s story and also has connections with some other people.
Alexis heads back into the dating pool while trying to ignore her feelings for Julian.
Finn and Anna’s partnership in an attempt to locate Hayden delivers a surprising response.
Valentin and Nina’s relationship could be stirred up as Anna continues searching into the past.
Ava and Griffin’s bond is explored.
Kevin helps Laura deal with the challenges of Spencer’s civil suit against Valentin.
Bobbie and Carly created obstacles in Michael and Nelle’s relationship.
Maxie comes up with a plan in regards to the publishing party surrounding Man Landers.
Charlotte’s custody case is finally settled.
Stella continues to be anti-Curtis/Jordan.
Kristina makes a self-discovery and her and Valerie’s friendship grows.
Ned and Michael may not see eye to eye where EQL is concerned.
There may be romance in Dr. Bensch’s future.

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September 9th, 2017, 12:26 pm #3

Spoilers for the Week of September 11th

Monday September 11
Lulu has much to celebrate.
Carly keeps vigil.
Sonny takes Griffin for a heart to heart.

Tuesday September 12
Alexis and Sam share a heartfelt moment.
Carly decides it's time Michael knows the truth.
Ava gains a supportive new ally.

Wednesday September 13
Sonny does his best to protect his family.
Michael defends Nelle.
Anna looks to Finn for help.

Thursday September 14
Nina is taken aback by Valentin’s honesty.
Griffin is forced to confront his feelings.
Maxie eyes a second chance at Crimson.

Friday September 15
Franco makes his intentions known.
Alexis consoles Monica.
Anna uses any means necessary to get what she wants.

The mystery behind the identical pictures of Jason and Franco’s not-so-imaginary friend has the artist obsessed. Looking for the story behind his bizarre discovery, Franco visits Heather. Will he be able to trust what he is told? Does Heather still know something the Quartermaines don’t know? Franco lets his intentions be known. Back at General Hospital, Carly keeps vigil over Jason. The overwhelming situation makes Sam feel threatened. Alexis has a heartfelt moment with her daughter and later consoles Monica. Will things turn around for Jason? Carly decides its time Michael know the truth. Will he still continue to give Nelle the benefit of the doubt? Carly has a lot of questions for her young daughter’s suitor as well. Is there something surprising about Oscar than Joss and her family aren’t aware of? Sonny takes measures to protect his family.

Sonny has a heart to heart with Griffin. Could the godfather provide the father/doctor with some good advice? Kiki lets Griffin in on what she knows. Will he be forced to confront his feelings regarding his commitment to the church and his attraction to Ava? Meanwhile, Ava finds support in a new ally.

In order to continue her search for the truth, Anna looks to Finn for help. Is jewel thief on the list of Valentin’s unsavory occupations? Look for Anna to use any means necessary to get what she desires. Nina is shocked by her husband’s honesty. What does his confession mean for their future? Meanwhile, Maxie eyes a second chance at Crimson but will she lose the opportunity when she crosses Nina?
•More trouble surrounds Amy and “Man Landers.”
•Dillon drops in on Kiki.
•Jordan is put off by something she sees.
•Lulu has much to celebrate.
•Bobbie reaches out to Monica.

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September 16th, 2017, 9:02 pm #4

Spoilers for the Week of September 18th

Monday September 18:
Griffin worries about Ava's well-being.
Anna's determination grows.
Curtis attempts to explain himself.

Tuesday September 19:
Ava’s curiosity intensifies.
Sonny is conflicted.
Liz is accosted.

Wednesday September 20:
Carly confronts Michael.
Nelle receives some unexpected advice.
Kristina has second thoughts.

Thursday September 21:
Ava gets positive news.
TJ calls Jordan out.
Sonny visits Sam.

Friday September 22:
Elizabeth remains committed to Franco.
Sam leans on Alexis.
Joss is put on the spot.

Knowing that Ava may have made a deal with the devil, Griffin is concerned about her well-being. Curiosity may get the better of Ava. Will she finally catch a break? Meanwhile, Lulu’s instincts are on point. Will she soften towards Valentin? Not likely once she learns the truth about Ava. Look for Valentin to stay two steps ahead.

Franco finds himself the victim of deception. Franco is outraged meanwhile, Liz is on the receiving end of someone else’s attacks. Elizabeth reaffirms her commitment to Franco. At General Hospital, Sam grapples with a big decision regarding Jason’s future. Sonny feels conflicted and visits Sam. Will the two come to an understanding? Alexis provides her daughter a shoulder to lean on. Look for a familiar face to pop up!

Carly confronts Michael about his choices. Nelle is given some unanticipated advice. Will she take it? Look for Michael to make a bold move
Anna’s determination to solve the mystery behind Spencer’s diamond grows. Will Finn be reluctant to support her crusade?
Curtis attempts to explain himself.
Sonny and Carly put two-and-two together.
Kristina has second thoughts.
TJ calls Jordan out.
Joss is put on the spot.

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September 23rd, 2017, 12:08 pm #5

Spoilers for the week of September 25th

Monday September 25
Franco is asked to keep a secret.
Griffin grows frustrated with Valentin.
Nelle finds Michael's gesture unnerving.
Ava faces a moral dilemma.
Carly cannot help herself.

Tuesday September 26
Ava is propositioned.
Griffin makes his intentions known.
Sonny has a task for Brick.
Franco confides in Scott.
Maxie puts Nathan’s mind at ease.

Wednesday September 27
Carly has mixed feelings.
Bobbie extends an olive branch.
Anna isn’t convinced.
Nelle and Michael celebrate.
Nathan comforts Amy.

Thursday September 28
Nelle is ambushed.
Sam checks in with Monica.
Liz gets good news.
Carly and Micheal are at odds.
Mac and Felicia are astonished.

Friday September 29
Liz has trouble explaining herself.
Franco is ready for a fresh start.
Sam raises her concerns.
Ava dreams of Griffin.
Dillon feels threatened.

Ava finds herself facing a moral dilemma. The femme fatale doesn’t always make the best choices; this time will she take the right path? A proposition could make the situation more complicated. Griffin’s frustration with Valentin intensifies. He makes his intentions crystal clear. Griffin remains on Ava’s mind. Will Franco comply when asked to keep a secret? He finds a confidant in Scott while Liz receives good news. When asked to explain herself, Liz has trouble. Is Franco ready to put the past behind him?

Carly cannot help herself when it comes to meddling in Michael’s life but is she right to do so this time? Nelle finds Michael’s gesture unnerving and she’s not the only one. Carly’s feelings are mixed but Bobbie extends an olive branch. Nelle and Michael’s reason to celebrate puts that later at odds with his mother. An ambush is set for Nelle.

Is the Man Landers charade putting stress on Maxie and Nathan’s marriage? Maxie puts Nathan’s mind at ease. Later, Nathan comforts Amy.
Sam checks in with Monica and they discuss Jason’s situation. Sam voices her concerns.
Sonny has a task for Brick.
Anna isn’t convinced.
Mac and Felicia are astonished.
Dillon feels threatened.
Griffin's frustrations grow.
Franco compromises his relationship.
Anna suspects she isn't getting the whole truth.
Sam's optimism is shaken.
Kristina has surprising news.