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July 1st, 2017, 1:08 pm #1

Spoilers for the week of July 3rd

Monday July 3:
Due to the upcoming holiday, ABC will air an encore of the General Hospital March 6, 2017 episode.

Tuesday July 4:
Due to Independence Day, the network will air a repeat of General Hospital's March 7, 2017 episode.

Wednesday July 5:
Sam’s health becomes an issue.
Sonny shares his plans with Jason.
Curtis and Jordan reconcile.
Nina gets a call from Valentin.
Andre looks to Anna for comfort.

Thursday July 6:
A health crisis forces Jordan to make a sacrifice.
Sam misleads Jason.
Olivia misreads a situation.

Friday July 7:
Carly warns Joss.
Monica saves the day.
Nina thinks there is more to the story.

Ned and Olivia commemorate their last night as bachelor and bachelorette with friends and family. Ned enlists the help of his groomsmen to celebrate. He has an important request of Dillon. Meanwhile, Olivia’s night gets wilder than she anticipated leading her to misread a situation.

Sam’s health continues to be a concern for her husband and her. Jason accompanies Sam to an appointment at General Hospital. Will she be honest with him about her disturbing visions? Jason running to Sonny’s aid once again doesn’t set her mind at ease. Sonny clues Jason in on his latest plan and later makes his intentions known.

Curtis and Jordan decide to reconcile despite the recent family drama. Look for things to get complicated when a health crisis pushes Jordan to make a sacrifice.

Joss tries to play both sides but it may backfire on her. Carly issues her daughter a warning. Joss does not get the news she was hoping for.

The romance may not be over for Nina and Valentin. Nina receives a call from Valentin which leaves her questioning herself. Nina ponders that there may be more to the story.
•Andre looks to Anna for comfort.
•Michael tries to warn Nell.
•Monica saves the day.
•Griffin discusses a patient with Liz.

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July 8th, 2017, 1:04 pm #2

Spoilers for the week of July 10th

Monday July 10:
Carly sees through the lies.
Dante dances with Charlotte.
Nina has a run-in at Wyndemere.

Tuesday July 11:
Anna blasts the WSB.
Nathan is devastated.
Finn keeps to himself.

Wednesday July 12:
Julian sets Sam off.
Bobbie has a better idea.
Josslyn continues down the wrong path.

Thursday July 13:
Sonny uses Oscar to his advantage.
Felicia warns Bobbie.
Nathan gets a call from Amy.

Friday July 14:
Laura warns Spencer.
Kiki’s good intentions back fire.
Nathan goes rogue.

Nina has a run-in at Wyndemere when an unexpected guest shows up. Looks like Valentin may not be as out of her life as she thought. Valentin wants to win Nina back but despite his charm she holds her ground. Anna puts the WSB on blast for the debacle. Spencer isn’t happy to see that the man who stands between him and his inheritance has returned. Laura warns Spencer that revenge isn’t always so sweet. Meanwhile, the Falconeri family has grown close. Lulu and Dante are stunned when they learn the news. What will this mean for Charlotte? Dante is unsuccessful in his attempt. Nathan is overwhelmed by devastating news. Later, he receives a call from Amy and goes rogue.

Carly isn’t buying what’s being sold to her. Sonny makes an attempt to smooth over the situation. With the intention of putting the mob life behind him, Sonny entertains a new business venture. Josslyn continues her newfound rebellion. Will Sonny use her pal Oscar to his advantage? Carly continues to grow skeptical. She still wants revenge on Nelle. Bobbie has a better idea of how to keep Nelle away from Michael and enlists Felicia’s help. Felicia warns Bobbie that her investigation may not turn up the information they seek.

After hearing Hayden’s shocking confession to Curtis, Finn keeps to himself. Meanwhile, a vengeful Obrecht is looking for payback. What plan will she plot against Finn?
Nelle gets a make-over.
Julian sets Sam off.
Lucy is the bearer of sad news.
Kiki’s good intentions back fire.
Scott welcomes a special visitor.

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July 15th, 2017, 1:08 pm #3

Spoilers for the week of July 17th

Monday July 17:
Jordan gives Anna her blessing.
Curtis feels guilty.
Griffin has good news.

Tuesday July 18:
Laura faces difficult truths about Charlotte.
Spencer makes matters worse.
Curtis learns what it means to make a true sacrifice.

Wednesday July 19:
Nina has a decision to make.
Finn and Hayden look to the future.
Alexis is conflicted.

Thursday July 20:
Nina’s faith is shaken.
Joss feels responsible.
Lucy tracks Finn down.

Friday July 21:
Sam makes a beeline for Julian.
Nathan calls Nina out.
Sonny receives an ominous text message.

Sonny does his best to calm Carly down. He begins his plans for the next chapter of his life aware of the challenges he’ll face. Will Sonny find himself pulled in opposite directions? Jason offers his full support. Later, Sonny receives an ominous text message. Sam complies but don’t look for her to stay agreeable for too long. Sam heads straight to Julian.

Laura faces some hard truths about Charlotte. Spencer’s attempt to reclaim his legacy makes matters worse. He shares some upsetting news with an unsuspecting Charlotte. Laura looks to Kevin for some guidance and later pleads her case. Meanwhile, Nina has a decision to make. Will she make the right choice? Nina’s faith is left shaken. Nathan calls Nina out on her actions

Jordan grants her blessing to Anna. Curtis continues to feel guilty about his aunt’s health. He’ll make a significant sacrifice for someone he cares about.

Obrecht has a favor to ask. Finn and Hayden look forward to their family’s future. Lucy tracks Finn down.
Ava is a wreck and her depression worsens.
Griffin has good news.
Alexis is conflicted.
Joss feels responsible.

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July 22nd, 2017, 12:59 pm #4

Spoilers for the Week of July 24th

Monday July 24
Jason will stop at nothing to learn the truth.
Dante gets a break.
Nathan's column hits close to home.

Tuesday July 25
Sam confronts Sonny.
Anna arrives with big news.
Nathan gets a welcome surprise.

Wednesday July 26
Finn and Griffith make strides.
Laura has her hands full.
Obrecht seeks revenge.

Thursday July 27
Garvey covers his tracks.
Griffith grows concerned about Scout's health.
Liz is held captive.

Friday July 28:
Alexis rushes to GH.
Olivia Jerome's actions continue to haunt Ports Charles.
Garvey is pleased with himself.

Sonny is prepared to save Spencer but don’t look for his rescue plan to go as he’d hoped. Sam’s desire to remove Sonny from her family’s lives continues to spiral out of control, leading to a confrontation. Meanwhile, Jason ruthlessly pursues the truth and fills Carly in on what’s happened. His senses tell him something is terribly wrong. Garvey takes measure to cover his tracks. The mobster is pleased with the execution of his plan. Back at General Hospital, Scout’s health causes concern for Griffin. Alexis hurries to the hospital and Julian is left devastated. Will Olivia Jerome’s actions continue to have a hold on Ports Charles?

Will it be happily ever after for Finn and Hayden? Finn and Griffin make strides at the hospital however, Obrecht is still out for revenge. Meanwhile, Liz and Hayden share some sisterly moments together. Things get complicated for the Webber ladies when Liz is held captive and Hayden is questioned by Curtis.

The Man Landers column may hit close to home but a warm reunion is in sight for Nathan and Maxie. Nathan gets a welcome surprise when Maxie stops by for a visit. Will he tell her about his new secret life as the face of Man Landers?

Dante gets a break in the case. Nina pushes for justice. Will Spencer be found in time? And just how is Valentin involved?
Josslyn is forced to reconsider her actions. She could really use a friend right now. Luckily, Oscar makes time for her.
Anna arrives with big news.
Laura has her hands full.
Carly shares her news with Michael.