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April 1st, 2017, 12:53 am #1

Spoilers for the week of April 3rd

Monday April 3:
Sonny is humbled.
Sam seeks closure.
Carly receives sad news.

Tuesday April 4:
Tracy demands answers.
Finn battles his demons.
Liz sympathizes with Hayden.

Wednesday April 5:
Anna is remorseful.
Dante is intrigued.
Valentin is taken aback.

Thursday April 6:
Lulu suffers a setback.
Sonny gets surprising news.
Nelle has a realization.

Friday April 7:
Dante remains suspicious.
Liz reassures Franco.
Carly finds a way to forgive.

Sonny and Carly have gone their separate ways but how long can they stay apart this time? Nelle may have gotten her revenge on Carly but is there more to the story? Carly receives some heart-breaking news. When she learns the truth, will she be able find a way to forgive? Sonny find himself humbled in light of recent events. Look for the mob boss to receive some surprising information. Meanwhile, Nelle becomes aware of the reality of her situation. Look for Michael and Nelle to continue to cross paths with each other in Port Charles.

Dealing with Lucy’s blackmail didn’t go as planned for Ava, leading her to enlist Scott’s help again. The tense predicament causes Ava to take her frustration out on Kiki. Meanwhile, Dante is intrigued while investigating a new case. Will he be able to put the pieces together? Dante’s suspicions may point in Ava’s direction.

Julian might be MIA but his presence is still felt. Alexis offers an apology while Sam seeks some closure. Sam hires Curtis to work for her.

Tracy and Laura have a heart to heart as they set out on what could be a final adventure. Tracy demands answers and later finds herself on the receiving end of a warning.

Finn battles his demons as he continues to struggle with his addiction. Meanwhile, Hayden gains sympathy from her sister Liz. Will Finn’s drug habit drive drive a wedge between Hayden and him? Liz has plenty of her own romantic drama to deal with as well. Look for her to find a creative way to reassure Franco of her commitment.

•Anna is remorseful.
•Josslyn is conflicted.
•Valentin is taken aback.
•Lulu suffers a setback.

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April 8th, 2017, 1:03 pm #2

Spoilers for the week of April 10th

Monday, April 10:
Nelle confesses her sins.
Franco is put on notice.
Sonny is blindsided.

Tuesday, April 11:
Finn grows desperate.
Sonny fears the worst.
Hayden moves on.

Wednesday, April 12:
Valentin receives a gift.
Nina returns to Wyndemere.
Anna gains the upper hand.

Thursday, April 13:
Andre admits to heartbreak.
Brad betrays Finn.
Olivia worries about Dante.

Friday, April 14:
Jax tries to make amends.
Sonny’s sorrow turns to anger.
Dante pushes forward with his investigation.

After last week’s reveal, where do things stand between Valentin and Anna? The Cassadine receives a unexpected present. What will his wife walk in on when she returns to Wyndemere? Valentin does his best to set Nina’s mind at ease. Look for Anna to gain the upper hand. Meanwhile, Lulu has a scare. Things may begin to take a positive turn for her though when Charlotte starts to soften. Olivia worries about how her son is dealing with all the drama. Dante continues to move ahead with his investigation surrounding Morgan’s medication.

Sam shares what she has learned with from her investigation. Will Alexis put the pieces together? Alexis is in for a shock. Is Julian alive or gone for good?

Still battling with his addiction and rehabilitation, Finn becomes desperate. Hayden moves on without him. Later, Griffin comes to Finn’s rescue while Brad betrays him.
Nelle makes a startling confession. Sonny is blindsided by the truth. Will he fear the worst? Look for the godfather’s sorrow to turn into wrath.

Franco is issued a warning regarding Jake. However, what Jake shares with him may make it hard for him to not get involved. Will a clue be revealed regarding Jake’s blank timeline?
•Liz is touched.
•Laura won’t be intimidated.
•Andre admits to heartbreak.
•Jax tries to make amends.
•Sam and Jason take the kids to an Easter egg hunt.

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April 15th, 2017, 12:25 pm #3

Spoilers for the week of April 17th

Sonny and Jax have a confrontation. Also: Sam gets a lead in her investigation; Jakes confesses to Franco; Tracy disappoints her family.

Now that Sonny knows the details of Jax’s involvement the Bensons, Sonny confronts Jax. Jason has some news for Sonny that could prove useful. Looks for Jax to find himself in hot water thanks to his long time rival. In the aftermath of her revenge, Nelle decides to the high road. Carly feels differently and vows to make Nelle pay. Later, Carly and Jax are interrupted during an intimate moment. Who double crosses Carly?

Alexis gains clarity but will she also find closure? Alexis comes clean about what she has been hiding. Meanwhile, Sam is hot on the trail of an important lead.

Liz is distraught regarding the situation with her son. Jake confides in Franco and what he shares causes Franco great concern. Liz and Jason form an alliance for Jake’s sake.

Tracy’s attempts to upstage Olivia cause conflict between the future in-laws. The Quartermaines are disappointed with Tracy. Later, Ned lets an uninvited guest have it. Who is the intruder? Look for someone from Tracy’s past to make an appearance.

Finn balks at Griffin’s offer to help. Meanwhile, Brad grows increasingly angry about Finn and the situation at the hospital. Hayden faces an uncertain future. Finn is apprehensive of Tracy’s motives.

•Dante fears the worst.
•Monica stands her ground.
•Ava and Scott pay a visit to the PCPD.

Monday April 17:
Tracy attempts to upstage Olivia.
Sonny confronts Jax.

Tuesday April 18:
Tracy disappoints the family.
Alexis finds closure.
Liz is distraught.

Wednesday April 19:
Nelle takes the high road.
Hayden isn't sure about the future.
Carly vows to punish Nelle.

Thursday April 20:
Finn questions Tracy's motives.
Jason has good news for Sonny.
Franco worries about Jake.

Friday April 21:
Liz and Jason show a united front.
Sonny causes trouble for Jax.
Ava and Scott pay a visit to the PCPD.

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April 22nd, 2017, 1:41 pm #4

Spoilers for the week of April 24th

The drama continues for the Quartermaines! Olivia makes a plea for Leo’s sake. Laura is shocked by Tracy’s actions. What has the Quartermaine matriarch so anxious? Will Tracy listen to reason? Meanwhile, Monica buys time for Ned and the Quartermaines win a temporary stay of execution. Faced with a tough decision, Tracy searches for advice from above. Look for some familiar faces from her past to help guide her future.

Sonny’s attack on Jax hasn’t helped his chances of reconciling with his wife. A scornful Carly makes a decision that will impact their lives. Look for things to get messy as they move ahead with their divorce. Michael finds himself surprised by his mother. Sonny is alerted by Diane about Carly’s claim on his assets. Will Sonny be able to turn the tables in his favor or will he make a costly mistake?

Anna continues to spy on Valentin. Will Valentin get caught in her deception? When Nina’s suspicions grow, she finds a confidant in Nelle.

Ava is plagued by a guilty conscience and regret for what happened to Morgan. Look for the femme fatale to make a surprising new connection with someone who could set her on the right path. Lucy contemplates coming clean while Ava has a moment of triumph. Scott puts together a strategy to ensure nobody gets caught.

In light of recent events, Jason wonders if there is something he’s forgotten about his past that could help Jake. Will he be able to figured out the identity of the scarecrow? Jason wrestles with his guilt.

•Dante and Lulu celebrate.
•Jax does his best to be persuasive.
•Hayden receives disappointing news.
•Nathan grows impatient.

Monday April 24:
Carly makes a life altering decision.
Jason wonders what else he can't remember.
Jax makes a compelling argument.

Tuesday April 25:
Tracy is on pins and needles.
Dante and Lulu celebrate.
Hayden receives disappointing news.

Wednesday April 26:
Carly surprises Michael.
Ava is haunted by her guilty conscience.
Lucy is tempted to come clean.

Thursday April 27:
Ava rejoices.
Jason wades through memories and guilt.
Monica buys time for Ned.

Friday April 28:
Scott talks strategy.
Nathan grows impatient.