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January 27th, 2017, 10:29 pm #1

SOD February Sweeps Spoilers

Olivia ‘Liv’ Jerome stirs up major trouble.

Liv’s return is connected to the reveal of what happened to Morgan.

Alexis and Julian’s future weighs heavily on her getting the truth surrounding what’s been going on between him and Liv.

The pills haven’t been forgotten and Ava needs to stay on her toes where Lucy is concerned.

Jason refuses to stop his investigation, no matter what Julian says, and continues to work with Sam and Curtis.

Sonny becomes involved in Jason and Sam’s plan in hopes of clearing his name.

Nelle remains a ticking time bomb.

A dramatic event halts Anna’s pursuit of Valentin. In the end, it will affect others and pull Valentin closer to Anna.

Nina must face the truth about Valentin’s past.

Liz and Franco fans have a lot to look forward to.

Lulu is willing to do whatever it takes to have Charlotte in her life.

Tracy is heavily involved in the quest to save General Hospital.

Finn’s issues will test his and Hayden’s relationship in a big way.

The Andre, Jordan, Cutis triangle comes to a head.

Griffin and Anna face a major challenge together.

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February 4th, 2017, 1:20 pm #2

Spoilers for the week of February 6th

Julian is helpless to his maniacal sister Olivia’s plans. Just what does Olivia have up her red silk sleeves? Will Julian face the consequences of his past? Meanwhile, Sam goes against Jason’s wishes. Alexis leans on her daughter for support during her trying times. Later, Sam gains the attention from someone posing as a friend. Sonny senses Jason is keeping something from him. Jason slings accusations.

Nelle’s charade continues. Will Carly gets a clue about Nelle’s mystery man? Sonny violates the terms of his house arrest and attempts to seek vengeance. Dante gets a break in the case. When he takes a suspect in for questioning, will he learn the truth?

Alexis counsels Lulu on her impending custody battle. Will the outlook be good for Lulu’s chances of full custody of Charlotte? Charlotte finds her mother overwhelming and is not too keen on the idea of having a relationship with Lulu.

Hayden is about to shake things up at the hospital but those already connected to GH may not take to her new approach. She turns to Micheal for assistance. Liz confronts Hayden and later Tracy makes some demands.

Dante questions Carly’s commitment.
Brad threatens Finn.
Anna’s memories become increasingly unsettling leading her to seek medical help.
Ava defends her actions.
Curtis’ doubts are confirmed.
Nina turns to Maxie for a favor.

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February 4th, 2017, 1:22 pm #3

Hillary B. Smith bringing One Life to Live's Nora Buchanan to GH

Emmy winner Hillary B. Smith will take her fan favorite One Life to Live character, Nora Buchanan, to General Hospital. It's the first such crossover since ABC regained the rights to OLTL and All My Children.

Hillary B. Smith (Nora Buchanan) will once again step into the shoes of legal eagle Nora Buchanan. No, One Life to Live is not being fully revived by ABC. At least not yet. But the network is apparently set to take full advantage of regaining the rights to canceled soaps One Life to Live and All My Children.

Smith appeared as Nora on ABC's One Life to Live from 1992 through the show's final episode on network television in January 2012. Later that year, ABC licensed the rights to One Life to Live (and All My Children) to Prospect Park, a company that planned to launch online versions of both soaps. Prospect Park was able to get both shows into production, but the ambitious plan proved to be a little too ambitious and both shows were once again canceled.

Prospect Park filed a lawsuit again ABC, saying that the network had torpoed its plans to resurrect AMC and OLTL by hiring away several of the show's top talents. Roger Howarth (Franco; ex-Todd Manning, OLTL), Kristen Alderson (ex-Kiki Jerome; ex-Starr Manning, OLTL), and Michael Easton (Hamilton Finn; ex-Silas Clay; ex-John McBain, OLTL) were all transported from Llanview to Port Charles. ABC was abruptly forced to find new roles for all three actors.

In December 2016, after years of in-court back-and-forth, a judge dismissed Prospect Park's case. A lawyer representing ABC confirmed exclusively to soapcentral.com that as a result of the suit being dismissed ABC had regained the rights to both All My Children and One Life to Live. Though no immediate plans were announced regarding what ABC would do with the rights to both shows, ABC executive Nathan Varni said that the network was "actively discussing" what to do and wanted to make sure that any decision was "done in the right way."

It now appears that the network has at least one plan in place. General Hospital's executive producer -- with a little help from an angry judge and actress Rebecca Budig (Hayden Barnes) made the announcement that Smith would be joining the show in a video posted to Twitter. You can check it out below.

It is unclear at this time, however, whether Smith's appearance will be for a short-term court case or something more along the lines of a recurring role. A first airdate has also yet to be announced.

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February 4th, 2017, 1:32 pm #4

Spoilers for the week of February 6th

Olivia's manipulations leave Julian floundering

Julian has to answer for his past

Hayden reaches out to a Quartermaine for help

Liz wants answers from her sister

Jason points the finger, but is he right?

Sam defies Jason

Sam helps Alexis through a rough patch

Someone with an agenda tries to warm up to Sam

Brad makes threats to get what he wants from Finn

Nelle remains determined to stick to her plan

Alexis offers Lulu sage advice for the custody battle

Lulu pushes Charlotte away

Nina hopes Maxie can help her

Sonny suspects Jason is keeping secrets

Sonny lands in trouble with the law

Sonny is out for revenge

Curtis realizes that he has good reason to question things

Annas' recollections of Valentin become more disturbing

Anna turns to a medical professional for advice

Dante gets a promising lead that helps his investigation

Dante is perplexed by Carly's strong convictions

Dante questions a suspect

Ava turns defensive

Tracy expects results from Hayden

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February 11th, 2017, 4:46 pm #5

Spoilers for the week of February 13TH

Anna is being watched. Also: Julian is concerned the police are onto him; Liz looks to Sam for help; Finn’s drug habit escalates; Dillon and Kiki have a happy Valentine’s Day.

Someone has his eyes on Anna but who is spying on the spy. When Anna demands answers, will she get the information she wants? Anna’s symptoms grow increasingly worse. What is the cause of her sudden ailment? Look for her to get help from an unlikely source. Meanwhile, Lulu finds herself at Valentin’s mercy. Nina begins to have suspicions
Julian worries that the PCPD may be on to him. Olivia remains one step ahead of the game while Julian continues to feel powerless. Will he make a deal with the devil?

Franco continues to struggle to be better. What happens that catches him off guard? Meanwhile, Liz takes a stand and looks to Sam for support.

Felicia gets closer to the truth. Will she learn what Nelle has been hiding? When Nelle pushes her luck, will things backfire or work in her favor?

Finn’s drug habit begins to have real impact as his temperament becomes erratic. After witnessing strange behavior, Griffin grows suspicious of Finn.

Dillon has a surprise Kiki. The young lovers get romantic for Valentine Days.

Michael is tasked with a tough decision.
Nathan plays peacemaker.
Curtis flirts with danger.
Scott tries to calm Ava.
Ned defends Olivia.

February 13, Monday
Felicia (Kristina Wagner) gets closer to the truth.
Julian (William deVry) fears the PCPD is on to him.
Lulu (Emme Rylan) is at the mercy of Valentin.

February 14, Tuesday
Franco (Roger Howarth) struggles with his dark side.
Nelle (Chloe Lanier) pushes her luck.
Finn’s (Michael Easton) behavior becomes erratic.

February 15, Wednesday
Anna (Finola Hughes) demands answers.
Nathan (Ryan Paevey) plays peacemaker.
Curtis (Donnell Turner) flirts with danger.

February 16, Thursday
Nina (Michelle Stafford) grows suspicious.
Liz takes a stand.
Kiki (Hayley Erin) and Dillon (Robert Palmer Watkins) reconnect.

February 17, Friday
Liz looks to Sam (Kelly Monaco) for support.
Julian (William deVry) makes a deal with the devil.
Anna (Finola Hughes) gets help from an unlikely source.

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February 18th, 2017, 8:57 pm #6

Spoilers for the week of February 20th

Sam has concerns that Alexis may be too forgiving when it comes to her father. Julian makes a serious error in judgement that could cost him. Look for Julian to call out Jason while Liv sets her sights on Sam. Julian becomes very aware of the consequence of his actions. The mob boss has a covert meeting with Gray. Will Laura of all people become a pawn in Julian’s game? Sam looks to her unborn child for courage. What starling discovery will Jason and Curtis make while on the case?

Jason advises Sonny to come clean to Carly regarding the situation with Nelle. Meanwhile, Carly makes plans for a romantic getaway. Nelle and Michael get through a rough patch together. However, Nelle later pushes Michael away. Bobbie gets an investigation update from Felicia. What will they learn about Nelle’s true identity and intentions?

When Nina takes matters into her own hands, she finds herself regretting her actions. Valentin leaves Anna feeling overwhelmed. Is the Cassadine still in love with the spy despite his growing feelings for his lovely new bride?

Hayden turns to Griffin for answers. Will she learn about her boyfriend’s drug habit? Hayden finds herself alienated by Finn.

Ned makes a life altering decision and looks to Dante for advice.
Tensions grow between Curtis and Jordan.
Tracy has cause to celebrate.
Ava grows desperate.
Jason visits Robin at GH.

February 20, Monday
Carly (Laura Wright) plans a romantic getaway.
Ned (Wally Kurth) makes a life altering decision.
Julian (William deVry) makes a grave mistake.

February 21, Tuesday
Ned (Wally Kurth) looks to Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) for advice.
Nelle (Chloe Lanier) and Michael (Chad Duell) weather the storm.
Julian (William deVry) calls Jason (Billy Miller) out.

February 22, Wednesday
Ava (Maura West) grows desperate.
Julian (William deVry) learns the consequence of his actions.
Nelle (Chloe Lanier) pushes Michael (Chad Duell) away.

February 23. Thursday
Nina (Michelle Stafford) takes matters into her own hands.
Hayden (Rebecca Budig) turns to Griffin for answers.
Anna (Finola Hughes) is overwhelmed by Valentin.

February 24, Friday
Finn (Michael Easton) alienates Hayden(Rebecca Budig).
Laura (Genie Francis) becomes a pawn in Julian’s game.
Jason (Billy Miller) and Curtis make a startling revelation.

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February 25th, 2017, 1:10 pm #7

Spoilers for the week of February 27th

Jason and Alexis rush to find Sam before it's too late.
Liv holds Julian's life in her hands as she awaits the vote from the hospital board.
Carly discovers a shocking recording that tears apart her relationship with Sonny.
Tracy and Hayden confront Finn about his addiction.
Robin seeks counsel from Anna.

Unaware of Nelle’s plan, Sonny looks forward to the road ahead with his wife. Does Carly still have her doubts about her future with Sonny? Later, things are awkward when Michael confides in Sonny. Bobbie offers a little friendly advice to Nelle. Nelle plots her escape but will she find herself having second thoughts? Micheal is blindsided and Nelle decides to come clean. Nelle decides she wants a future with Michael.
Julian catches a lucky break. However when Liv’s plans are derailed, will Julian’s days be numbered? Julian finds himself cornered by his sister. Meanwhile, Alexis discovers the truth and turns to Jordan for help. Monica helps Alexis through the difficult time.
Franco makes efforts to remain close to Liz. Jason breaks his promise. Later, Jason and Franco have a confrontation while Liz is on the receiving end of some distressing news.
Finn offers an apology to Hayden. Will she forgive him? Finn makes a sacrifice.
Laura fails Tracy.
Kevin looks for answers.
Robin fears for her mother’s life.
Jordan interrogates Ava.

Monday February 27:
Julian gets a lucky break.
Laura fails Tracy.
Alexis learns the truth.

Tuesday February 28:
Finn makes a sacrifice.
Michael confides in Sonny.
Bobbie offers Nelle a little friendly advice.

Wednesday March 1:
Nelle plans her escape.
Jason breaks his promise.
Alexis turns to Jordan for help.

Thursday March 2:
Jason and Franco go toe to toe.
Liz gets devastating news.
Kevin looks for answers.

Friday March 3:
Robin fears for her mother's life.
Jordan interrogates Ava.
Nelle wants a future with Michael.