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December 2nd, 2016, 4:41 pm #1

Spoilers for the week of December 5th

Could Julian and Alexis be heading towards a reunion of sorts? Julian makes Alexis a surprising offer, one she might not be able to refuse. Sam is suspicious of Alexis’ behavior toward Julian. Will she figure out what’s really going on with her parents? Sam’s not the only one with doubts. Ava has a hard time buying Alexis’ motives. Meanwhile, Curtis and Jason set off to follow a new lead in their investigation after comparing some notes. Look for the PIs to uncover a huge revelation. Jason and Curtis end up searching for evidence in an unpleasant location. What will they find and will it lead them to the mysterious Oliver Jessup?

Anna questions Laura about Valentin’s past in hopes of finding some answers. Will she gain any insight into the Cassadine’s connection to her? As for Valentin, love is in the air! Valentin and Nina grow closer and passions ignite between them. Nina doesn’t always make the best choices when it comes to matters of the heart. Will she defend her impulsive actions? Meanwhile, Lulu takes an interest in Charlotte. Is there more to the little girls story than what has already been revealed? Dante and Lulu want answers. Maxie and Lulu’s investigation goes awry while Dante and Nathan attempt to obtain information from Valentin. Lulu demands a confession from Valentin.

Nelle panics when she misplaces something of importance. Carly supports Sonny in his battle against Ava and the couple reminisce about happier times. Nelle continues her manipulation of Sonny.
•Maxie and Nathan prepare for their wedding.
•Hayden’s condition takes a turn for the worse.
•Liz takes matters into her own hands.
•Jason and Sam brace to learn the sex of their baby.
•Jordan has some vital information to share with Curtis.

Nelle continues to plot against Carly and Sonny.

Jason struggles with whether or not to tell Carly the truth about Nelle and Sonny.

Julian has a request for Alexis in exchange for remaining silent about the fact that she ran him down.

Ava becomes suspicious of Alexis, as Julian recuperates.

Lulu demands answers from Valentin.

Franco sets out to seek revenge on Tom Baker.

Dillon’s friendly gesture angers Kiki.

Finn thinks he found a cure for Hayden.

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December 5th, 2016, 8:12 pm #2

Spoilers for the week of December 12th

Monday December 12, 2016
Lulu is informed of some life changing news; Franco gets back at Tom Baker by using Kiki; Jason becomes aware of Sonny's carelessness.

Tuesday December 13, 2016
Carly tries to share the spirit of the holidays with a kind gesture; Tom Baker must beg for Franco's mercy; Finn becomes inspired by something he witnesses.

Wednesday December 14, 2016
Port Charles is in danger of an unknown enemy lurking in the shadows; Ava suspects Alexis' motives to be impure; Maxie fights to learn Sam's secret.

Thursday December 15, 2016
Julian becomes curious about Jordan's visit; Laura shares some motherly advice with Lulu; Dante is skeptical about Charlotte.

Friday December 16, 2016
Lulu tries to connect with Charlotte by spending the day with her; Nina warns Valentin to monitor Lulu's intentions; Finn puts himself at risk to try to save Hayden; Franco messes with Tom Baker.

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December 10th, 2016, 2:22 pm #3

More Spoilers for the week of December 12th

Monday, December 12
Elizabeth confides in Griffin.
Lulu gets life altering information.
Franco uses Kiki to get back at Tom Baker.
Jason finds out about of Sonny's indiscretions.

Tuesday, December 13
Carly makes a thoughtful gesture in the spirit of the holiday.
Tom Baker is at the mercy of Franco.
Finn sees something inspirational at home.

Wednesday, December 14
There's an unknown enemy in Port Charles.
Ava remains suspicious of Alexis' motivation.
Maxie wants to uncover Sam's secret.

Thursday, December 15
Jordan's visit creates new questions for Julian.
Laura offers Lulu advice.
Dante has doubts about Charlotte.

Friday, December 16
Lulu bonds with Charlotte.
Nina warns Valentin about Lulu's motives.
Finn risks everything to try to save Hayden
Franco messes with Tom Baker.

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December 17th, 2016, 4:54 pm #4

Spoilers for the week of December 19th

Will the circumstances behind Morgan’s death finally come to light? New information surfaces that will have Sonny spinning out of control. Despite the turbulence, Carly manages to bring the entire family together to celebrate the holiday. Meanwhile, Sonny’s lies continue to snowball.

Julian uses an opportunity to his advantage. Concerned about her brother, Ava tries to discourage Julian’s pursuit of Alexis. Alexis makes preparations for Julian’s arrival home. Will a surprise gift put Alexis in the holiday spirit?

Franco continues to toy with Tom. Seth confronts the artist regarding the whereabouts of his brother Tom. Franco has a illuminating nightmare. Meanwhile, Liz seeks help from Heather Webber. Will she get the assistance she’s seeking or just Heather’s games? Franco westles with a decision about his future. Will he come clean to Liz regarding his recent actions? Later, Dante has a shocking announcement about Tom.

Lulu spends some quality time with Charlotte. With the mother and daughter bond? Nina is weary about Lulu’s intention and warns Valentin. Later, Lulu becomes determined to gain sole custody of Charlotte. Will Valentin take the high road or make things difficult for her?

Finn risks it all as he attempts to save Hayden. When her life hangs in the balance, will a risky decision pay off?
Kevin worries about the future of his romance with Laura.
Maxie throws Sam a baby shower.
Kiki is conflicted by a conversation that she overhears.
Anna struggles to make sense of her memories.

Mon 12/19
Lulu bonds with Charlotte; Nina warns Valentin about Lulu's motives; Finn risks everything to save Hayden; Franco messes with Tom Baker.

Tue 12/20
A risky decision affects Hayden's life; Lulu wants full custody of Charlotte; Anna tries to make sense of her memories.

Wed 12/21
Franco has a life-altering dream; new information about Morgan's death sends Sonny into a tailspin; Liz turns to Heather for help.

Thu 12/22
Ava tries to talk Julian out of pursuing Alexis; Franco considers his future; Finn stays at Hayden's bedside.

Fri 12/23
Dante makes an unexpected announcement; Sonny's lies snowball; Julian and Alexis decorate their Christmas tree.

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December 23rd, 2016, 10:36 pm #5

Spoilers for the week of December 26th

Monday December 26:
Franco makes a startling confession to Liz.
Sonny makes his plea to Carly.
Jordan and Andre reunite.

Tuesday December 27:
Jason searches for clues at the pawn shop.
Alexis grows tired of Julian's meddling.
Laura promises to support Lulu in her custody battle.

Wednesday December 28:
Nathan gets devastating news.
Hayden's recovery comes at a price.
Kiki can't fight her fate.

Thursday December 29:
Nathan's past comes back to haunt him.
Valentin makes a vow to Nina.
Bobbie puts Nelle on the spot.

Friday December 30:
The show will air an encore of its November 14, 2016 episode. Read Soaps.com’s GH Recap: Sonny offers a confession and the paternity results are in for a refresher.