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November 5th, 2016, 1:22 pm #1

Spoilers for the week of November 7th

Carly and Sonny discuss Morgan’s journal. Will it bring them together or tear them further apart? Nelle makes an insightful observation and grows closer to Michael. What ominous prediction will Nelle have regarding Carly? As Morgan’s funeral begins, Carly continues to rely on Nelle for support. Jax is back in Port Charles to pay his respects and witnesses something disturbing. Meanwhile, Sam and Jason come up with a new theory regarding Morgan’s death. Is Sonny really the responsible party? Max provides Jason with critical information.

Sam expresses her concern for her mother who continues to spiral out of control. Look for Alexis to have some disquieting consequences to her careless behavior. Alexis shares some upsetting news with Laura regarding Valentin.

Griffin and Anna are stunned by something they see. Later, Griffin shares confidential yet crucial information with Carly.

Franco and Liz have a heated moment after she asks him for a favor. Will Franco be able to resolve his jealousy? Franco comforts Liz after she receives disturbing news and Liz thanks Franco for his help.

Hayden steps into the path of danger. Will she find herself in a bad way? What makes Finn flip out? Finn and Laura jump into action when a crisis alerts itself. Meanwhile, Obrecht still hasn’t warmed up to the new doctor and is determined to take down Finn.

•Andre asks Curtis to back off. Later, Jordan and Andre witness a meeting that raises eyebrows.
•Ava is stunned when she learns who sent her the mysterious text.
•Lulu and Dante share a special evening.
•Tracy witnesses a meeting that piques her curiosity.
•Nathan receives a troubling letter.
•Nina’s longing for a family of her own reveals a certain vulnerability.
•Dillon comforts Kiki. Hospital politics interfere with a medical emergency.

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November 5th, 2016, 1:25 pm #2

Spoilers for the week of November 7th

Monday, November 7
Ava is startled to learn who sent her the mysterious text; Andre tells Curtis to back off; Elizabeth and Franco have a heated moment

Tuesday, November 8
Alexis' behavior leads to disturbing consequences; Sam and Jason have a new theory; Franco comforts Liz after she receives distressing news.

Wednesday, November 9
Griffin gives confidential information to Carly; Nelle makes a keen observation; Finn freaks out.

Thursday, November 10
Nelle makes a dark prediction about Carly; Sam shows concern for her mother; Obrecht informs Monica about Finn.

Friday, November 11
Kiki and Dillon have an awkward meeting; Jason gets critical information from Max; Finn, Liz and Tracy try to help Hayden.

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November 13th, 2016, 1:18 am #3

Spoilers for the week of November 14th

Everyone is in for a big surprise when Sonny makes a stunning confession. The teflon don is determined to get answers. Will he find what he is looking for? He’s not the only one trying to get to the bottom of things. A suspicious Carly asks to meet with Andre to discuss Morgan’s treatment. Look for her to be overcome with conflicting emotions amidst some new information. Meanwhile, Sam and Jason follow-up on a critical lead.

Michael finds comfort from Nelle. Will she make her intentions with him clear? Jax remains concerned about the young woman and confides in Alexis. Jax and Alexis come to a mutual understanding. Will Alexis receive a glimmer of hope? Bobbie also has reason to be suspicious of Nelle. Will someone learn what Nelle is hiding?

Laura has a tense encounter with Valentin while Nina spends some time with Charlotte. Will Charlotte get a new family yet again? Anna challenges Valentin’s claims but she may be disappointed with the results. Later, Anna and Griffin face off against their new adversary and Griffin loses his cool. Anna once again has déjà vu. Why does Valentin seem so familiar to her?

How will Liz react when she discovers Franco’s intentions? Franco and Liz make plans for a special night together. Liz will stand her ground and Franco will try to make amends for what he did to Sam.

Ava asks Scott to help her out of a bind. Later, Lucy refuses to be fooled by her bed buddy.
•Kiki thanks Dillon for his patience and friendship.
•Josslyn cooks up a plan.
•Dante observes the impact Jason has on his father.
•Someone offers to buy Alexis a drink.
•Liz is called upon to help Hayden.

Mon 11/14
Sonny makes a confession; Jason advises Sonny; Ava tells Morgan goodbye.

Tue 11/15
Powerful news brings Jason and Sonny together; Jason offers Carly counsel; Liz learns Franco's intentions.

Wed 11/16
Carly deals with conflicting emotions; Hayden needs help from Liz; Lucy shows Scott she won't be fooled.

Thu 11/17
Jax and Alexis reach an understanding; Alexis starts to see hope; Liz gets an upsetting surprise.

Fri 11/18
Franco tries to protect Liz; Sam and Jason chase down a lead; Griffin loses his temper.

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November 18th, 2016, 5:06 pm #4

Spoilers for the week of November 21st

Kiki and Dillon share a nice moment over pizza. Will they be able to continue to deny their true feelings? Later, Tracy attempts to save the Quartermaines from yet another disastrous Thanksgiving dinner. Will she succeed this year?

Tensions fly when Alexis hosts Thanksgiving dinner. Last year, the Davis girls shared the holiday with the Jeromes but things are very different 12 months later. Will Alexis’ destructive behavior put a damper on the holiday? Julian receives a cryptic call. What is the mysterious call about? Later, Julian threatens to tell Sam about Alexis’ drinking. Sam has an important decision to make with Jason about whether to help Curtis with his investigation.

Jax provides Carly with some needed comfort. Carly continues to struggle over whether Sonny and her can have a future together. Meanwhile, Laura pays Sonny a visit on Thanksgiving and the two share some empathy over the loss of their sons.

Dante and Jordan prepare for Sonny’s arraignment.
Nelle eavesdrops on a private conversation.
Dante and Lulu share exciting news with their family.
Scott pulls a fast one on Lucy in order to help Ava.
Tensions mount between Jordan and Andre.
Finn awaits the results of Hayden’s blood test.

Nelle eavesdrops on a private convo
There is an arraignment for Sonny
Jax is there for Carly as she crumbles
Sam and Jason ponder joining forces with Curtis
Jason and Curtis are baffled by what they see
Finn waits on the results of Hayden's tests

Alexis hosts Thanksgiving and it doesn't go well
Kiki and Dillon share pizza (at the Qs?)
Julian gets a strange phone call
Scotty keeps his promise to Ava

Laura and Sonny discuss the loss of their sons
Julian threatens to tell Sam about her mom's drinking
Lante have a surprise for Maxie
Typical Q Thanksgiving shenanigans

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November 26th, 2016, 12:11 pm #5

Spoilers for the week of November 28th

Monday, November 28
Nelle initiates her plan.
Alexis' drinking spins out of control.
Jordan and Andre butt heads.

Tuesday, November 29
Nelle manipulates Sonny.
Franco goes after Tom Baker.
Finn seeks a cure for Hayden.

Wednesday, November 30
Carly confesses to Sonny.
Dillon tries to cheer Kiki up.
Griffin stops a fight.

Thursday, December 1
Kevin gets a surprise from Laura.
Maxie and Nathan worry about Nina.
Anna talks to Valentin.

Friday, December 2
Sam worries Jason's trust in Curtis is misplaced.
Ava takes advantage of Morgan's death.
Carly feels something is amiss.