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June 1st, 2016, 12:20 pm #1

Spoilers for the week of June 6th

Mon Jun 6
Lucas and Brad try to make new plans.
Maxie learns some information that leaves her shaken.
Franco offers to help Liz catch Hayden.

Tue Jun 7
Alexis is surprised by Julian's confrontation.
Maxie draws a conclusion about her future.
Things begin to warm up between Kristina and Aaron.

Wed Jun 8
Julian tries to make things right.
Anna wonders if Paul's motives might be different than she thought.
Tracy makes a surprising offer.

Thu Jun 9
Jason discovers a piece of evidence that could be incriminating.
Emma receives a gift.
Julian and Alex fear that they have reached the point of no return.

Fri Jun 10
Ava goes on a trip.
Spinelli discovers some vital information.
Carly makes accusations.
The festivities come to a halt.

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June 4th, 2016, 12:15 pm #2

Ingo Rademacher Is Bringing Jax Back This Summer

Sounds like Port Charles is in for a heat wave this summer: Ingo Rademacher will be bringing Aussie playboy Jasper “Jax” Jacks back to General Hospital on a recurring basis, TVLine has confirmed.

The actor, who recently had an arc on Hawaii Five-0, kicks off his return engagement on July 29. His story arc is sure to find Jax dealing with former wife Carly and the mystery kidney that saved the life of their daughter, Josslyn. (Originally, the organ was thought to have been harvested from little Jake upon his death. But since the boy didn’t actually die… um, yeah, it’s a big question mark.)

Originally having joined GH back in 1996, Rademacher has played Jax on and off ever since, and is especially well known for his popular on-screen coupling with Vanessa Marcil (ex-Brenda).

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June 4th, 2016, 12:18 pm #3

Sneak Peek: Liz’s New Beginning, Jason & Sam’s Investigation, Crimson & more!

June is set to be an action-packed month on ABC’s General Hospital. The network has released preview stills from an episode airing June 20 featuring Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) in her new home with Franco (Roger Howarth), Jason (Billy Miller) and Sam (Kelly Monaco) on the hunt, action within the Crimson offices with Dillon (Robert Palmer Watkins) and Nina (Michelle Stafford)!

The next couple of weeks will be interesting as the relationship between Elizabeth and Franco continues to develop. It’s no secret Franco has a soft spot for little Jake, but is he developing a soft spot for Elizabeth too? Look for a specific interaction that might put that question into focus.

On the JaSam front, their investigation into Nikolas disappearance leads them on a journey that’ll have them asking more questions than answers. Sam develops a theory that the couple considers sharing with the PCPD, but why put them on the case when they can solve it themselves? Or so they think. Look for Sam to wind up in a bit of trouble.

Meanwhile, Nina’s new friendship has tongues wagging at the office, but so does Dillon’s blossoming relationship with Kiki.

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June 4th, 2016, 12:20 pm #4

Finola Hughes Takes Break From 'General Hospital'

Actress Finola Hughes is taking a break from her mega-popular role of Anna Devane on General Hospital.

In the June 13, 2016 issue of Soap Opera Digest, the magazine reports that Hughes is taking a summer break and will be off-screen for much of the season.

Hughes took time off from General Hospital last summer to direct the movie The Byrd and the Bees, a movie that ultimately didn't get made for financial reasons.

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June 4th, 2016, 12:21 pm #5

Roger Howarth Signs New Contract With 'General Hospital'

Soap Opera Digest is reporting in their June 13, 2016 issue, that actor Roger Howarth will remain on General Hospital as Franco Baldwin.

Per the magazine, insiders are saying that Howarth has reupped his deal with the show.

This is great news for GH fans who have been hoping for sparks to fly between Franco and Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst).

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June 4th, 2016, 12:24 pm #6

Spoilers for the week of June 13th

What really happened between Nathan and Claudette? Nathan decides to bite the bullet and tell Maxie truth about his disastrous first marriage. Will admitting he’s been lying to her for months have Maxie second guessing their engagement? Or will love conquer all? Maxie’s not sure how to respond to the new information. She loves Nathan but she’s now seeing a much different side to him. Look for Nathan to pull out all the stops to win over Maxie. And just how is Griffin connected to Nathan’s past? The priest neurosurgeon is at the end of his rope. Meanwhile, Nathan has a warrant for someone.

Things remain strained for Julian and Alexis. Alexis continues to have mixed emotion regarding her husband. She loves Julian but not the spot he has put her in. To add to the intensity of the situation, Julian finds out his wife didn’t destroy the evident that he killed Carlos like she had promised. When tensions reach their breaking point between Julian and Alexis, where will it leave the newlyweds? Is their marriage over already or do they still have a shot at happiness? Later, the mob boss advises Ava to lie low for a while.

Jason and Sam’s theory about Nikolas has them considering doing the unlikely – contacting the police. Jason carefully plans out the perfect time to gather more evidence. Could some help from his old friend Spinelli be the ticket? Spinelli is thrilled to learn that Jason remembers his past. Meanwhile, Hayden’s mother Naomi is in town and Hayden is on the fence about her sincerity. Naomi covers for Hayden, but what will she ask for in return?

Sonny realizes that someone wants to break up Kiki and Morgan. Meanwhile, Morgan is concerned what his life will be like once he’s released.
Franco reaches out to Liz in a surprising way.
Monica has no choice but to confront Finn.
Kristina can’t get Parker off her mind.
Paul asks Anna for a fresh start.
Tracy’s good-natured encounter with Sabrina stuns her family.
A suspicious Dante puts a tail on someone.

http://tvsourcemagazine.com/2016/06/gen ... 6-edition/

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June 5th, 2016, 9:04 am #7

I know alot of people don't like Ingo but I do, sure his acting can be a little wooden but he's nice to look at and I'm a sucker for an accent so it'll be nice having him back for a bit.

I love Finola but I'm ready for a break from Anna, I can't stomach this weak, cartoon Anna anymore. Clearly whoever is writing for her right now has no clue how to do it properly.

I could have been ok with a Franco break too.

I finally finished the Nurses Ball and while it was much more low key than it should have been, there were moments I really enjoyed. Unfortunately now its over and I'm back to being bored stiff.

I am curious what is up with Finn. Clearly its a red herring and he's not the killer but wth is he shooting up? I can't decide if I really want him to be a closet addict or not. I like the concept of it if he is but I have little faith they can tell the story in an interesting way. Though if he's not shooting up illicit drugs this whole thing is just silly.

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June 12th, 2016, 8:25 pm #8

Spoilers for the week of June 20th

Mon Jun 20
Finn's state begins to deteriorate.
Nina has a proposal for Franco.
Griffin is feeling troubled about Nathan.

Tue Jun 21
Alexis can't seem to get past Julian's selfishness.
Liz hears something that is potentially incriminating.
Michael shares some positive news with Sonny and Clark.

Wed Jun 22
Nina has a fantasy involving Franco.
The Crimson staff is delivered an unordinary package.
Morgan shares a secret with Kiki.

Thu Jun 23
Nina clears up her feelings with a talk with Dillon.
Liz and Franco have an encounter that leaves them feeling shaken.
Anna agrees to go on a blind date.

Fri Jun 24
Diane and Alexis strategize their next moves.
Finn is called to the Quartermaine mansion.
Sabrina voices her concerns about her situation to Felix.

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June 21st, 2016, 11:50 pm #9

Spoilers for the week of June 27th

Monday, June 27
An unsettling diagnosis is given to someone by Dr. Hamilton Finn.
Ava is appalled regarding what she has done.

Tuesday, June 28
Kristina has mixed emotions regarding Aaron.

Wednesday, June 29
Maxie wonders if she is very unlucky.

Thursday, June 30
Kiki tries to calm tensions between Dillon and Morgan.
Nina and Franco have a chat and then perhaps they'll realize what they actually feel.
Dr. Hamilton Finn learns that someone is supporting him, but is that person actually reliable?

Friday, July 1st
Someone feels a need to know what's going on with Dr. Matthew Mayes.
Something surprising is offered to Franco.
Elizabeth and another hospital employee have an odd encounter.

Sam gets wind of her mother's troubles.
Aaron and Kristina discuss their relationship.
Tensions mount between Nina and Franco.
Hayden tries to help Finn.

Mon June 27
Ava is horrified by her actions.
Julian is reminded of what he has to do.
Finn gives a disturbing diagnosis.

Tue June 28
Sonny drops a bombshell on Julian.
Jason gets knocked out.
Kristina has conflicted feelings for Aaron.

Wed June 29
Julian makes a surprising demand.
Morgan's reliance on Kiki alarms Sonny.
Maxie worries that bad luck is following her.

Thu June 30
Hayden vows to help Finn.
Kiki intervenes when tensions rise between Morgan and Dillon.
Franco and Nina have it out over their failed relationship.

Fri July 1
Liz has an odd encounter with Dr. Mayes.
Alexis reaches out to Julian.
Franco receives a startling offer.
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