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Spoilers for week of Jan 4th

Anna makes it clear to Julian that she hasn't forgotten his part in Duke's death.
Things come to a notable point in the romance between Franco and Nina.
A wedding proposal takes someone by surprise.
Jason looks for a place to live.
Tracy is determined to regain control of ELQ.
Anna and Mac dig further into Paul's past.

Little Jake (James Nigbor) becomes the tie that binds Jason (Billy Miller) and Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst), but that doesn’t mean he’s forgiven her for lying to him for seven months. Instead, Jason focuses on his son while Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) assures Sam (Kelly Monaco) that Jason will always be hers deep down.
However, even Liz finally starts coming out of her delusional cloud and realizes something is very wrong with her returned son and Laura (Genie Francis) does her best to finally make her see the boy needs therapy.

Laura seems to be everywhere as she also lets Nikolas (Tyler Christopher) know Hayden (Rebecca Budig) can’t be trusted. However, Hayden surprises Nikolas with several things and he may have to change his attitude towards her, as well as how he plans to handle the Jason and Metro Court terrace situation.
ELQ comes into play once more as Tracy (Jane Elliot) puts her focus back on the family company and away from Paul (Richard Burgi). Nobody knows she has a secret she plans to use as a weapon reclaim what Nikolas stole from the Quartermaines.
Franco (Roger Howarth) finally gets the girl and he and Nina (Michelle Stafford) make love for the first time. To add to all the excitement, the first Nina-directed issue of Crimson hits the stands and it’s a make or break moment for the magazine’s new editor-in-chief.
Lulu (Emme Rylan) and Johnny (Brandon Barash) grow closer but Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) finally starts suspecting all is not what it seems on The Haunted Star. His relationship with Valerie seems to be over, but Lulu doesn’t realize that yet, which can get her in a whole lot of trouble.

Now that Anna (Finola Hughes) realizes she never killed Carlos (Jeffrey Vincent Parise), she focuses on who she truly feels killed Duke and warns Julian William DeVry) he’s going to pay for what he ordered. Anna also confides her Carlos suspicions in Jordan and the pair try to find him. Meanwhile, by the end of the week, Sabrina (Teresa Castillo) ends up in the hospital.
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Spoilers for week of Jan. 11th

Sonny is dismissive of the new doctor that he has.
Lulu is overcome with guilt; and she begins to see that there’s no quick-fix way to mend her marriage with Dante.
Detective Sam uses her substantial investigative skills to dig up the truth about how Nik fell.
Kristina's time is running out.
Sonny flexes his muscles to send a message.
Liz and Jason realize that someone is trying to scare them.
Maxie is concerned about Lulu's visitor.
Nikolas plans something romantic for Hayden.
Anna confesses to Jordan that she believes Paul is responsible for covering up Carlos’ "death".
Anna looks to Robert for help.
Johnny's plan for Valerie puts her life in jeopardy.
Tracy puts pressure on Hayden to move forward with the plan.
Dante discovers incriminating photos at PCPD.
Someone's life is in grave danger.


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Spoilers for week of Jan. 18th

Kristina confesses something to Sam.
Hayden has conflicting feelings.
Liz resists -- when Sam offers to aid Jason in investigating the disturbing incident at Liz's home.
Robert and Anna draw near to finding Sabrina and Carlos’ whereabouts.
Lulu is about to have trouble to deal with.

Dante and Jordan work together to figure things out
Johnny gets caught
A worried Liz gets Jake some help
Sonny gets encouraging news
Jason remembers something significant

Monday Jan. 18
Valerie finds herself in a life-threatening situation.
Kristina confesses to Sam about her problems at school.

Tuesday Jan. 19
Johnny is apprehended by the PCPD.
Robert introduces Anna to a familiar face.

Wednesday Jan. 20
Anna, Robert and Andre piece together Carlos and Sabrina's location.

Thursday Jan. 21
Liz balks at the idea of having Sam investigate the ominous occurrence at her house.
Hayden is torn by her feelings for Nikolas.

Friday Jan. 22
Jason has a significant memory.
Laura encourages Lulu to fight for her marriage.

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January 20th, 2016, 4:37 pm #4

Spoilers for the week of Jan 25th

Tracy bumps into a familiar face during her vacation.
Jake is upset by his father's decision.
Liz is rattled by what Franco tells her.
Julian extends an olive branch.
Dillon stands by Lulu's side.
Kristina has an unpleasant encounter.
Curtis and Jordan come to an agreement to protect TJ from the truth.
Epiphany goes along with hiding Sonny's secret; but she implores him to let another person in on the confidential info.
Robert and Anna uncover fear-inducing evidence.
Jason and Elizabeth are alarmed by their realization about Jake.

Monday, Jan. 26
Jason has a breakthrough in remembering his past with Sam.
Kristina interrupts a hot-and-heavy moment between TJ and Molly.

Tuesday, Jan 26
Lulu says a heartfelt goodbye, as Valerie will not forgive and forget what happened to her.
Julian attempts to initiate a truce.

Wednesday, Jan. 27
Sabrina's life takes a turn.
Jake reacts badly to Jason's news, forcing Jason to realize just how disturbed his son is.
When Carly feels there is cause for rejoicing, she runs directly into Sonny's embrace.
Morgan is promised a good time; but he declines the offer.

Thursday, Jan. 28
Anna and Robert discover frightening evidence.

Friday, Jan. 29
Dante and Lulu have different plans for the future of their marriage.
Regarding Jake, Franco gives a wary Elizabeth distressing news and a warning -- which might be key info relevant to Jake's future.
Lulu asks Olivia and Maxie for assistance with rescuing her marriage.
Kristina's secret problem may reach a boiling point when she has an intense face-off with her teacher.
What big issue might the Corinthos family members soon be concerned with?


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January 20th, 2016, 10:21 pm #5

Thanks 2buddy!

I'm still a couple weeks behind but I'm still bored. I would probably be caught up by now except I've been watching late at night and keep falling asleep.

I did enjoy the Robin/Jason scenes though since that was a big favorite couple of mine back in the day.

Creepy little Jake is kinda fun depending on how it plays out.

I really want someone to slap Liz into next week. Self-righteous little twit.

Mildly enjoying the budding Maxie/Dillon friendship.

The rest of it not so much.