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Monday, February 8
Nick refuses to answer Bridget's question about Sandy; Brooke confronts Sandy, who turns the tables on her; Nick is horrified when he learns what Brooke has revealed to Bridget; Sandy gets a warning from Bridget.

Tuesday, February 9
Sandy decides to tell everyone about her past; Bridget spitefully reveals Sandy's true identity and insists that she now be referred to as Agnes; Whip gives Taylor the reassurance that she's been longing to hear.

Wednesday, February 10
Whip promises Taylor that he will help her get over Ridge; Agnes assures Nick she will never cross the line in regards to his marriage; Katie learns about Bill's afternoon with Steffy and sets out to confront him.

Thursday, February 11
Taylor and Whip learn that they have a lot in common; Brooke worries about Hope being thrust into the spotlight; Bill and Katie argue about Steffy and her potential threat to their marriage.

Friday, February 12
Katie is devastated by what is happening to her marriage; Whip makes a bold declaration about his relationship with Taylor; Steffy is blunt in regards to her feelings towards Katie and Bill's marriage.

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Monday: The tense situation between Bridget, Sandy and Nick becomes more complicated when Brooke gets involved.

Tuesday: Bridget gives everyone at Jackie M a reality check; Agnes lets Nick know how she feels about him.

Wednesday: Steffy sets Donna up to witness an intimate moment; Whip romances Taylor by cooking dinner at his place.

Thursday: Bill stands his ground when Katie angrily confronts him about his relationship with Steffy.

Friday: Whip and Taylor have no regrets about the direction their date has taken; Brooke tries to give Ridge a hint that it is his daughter causing the strife between Bill and Katie.

Previously Posted 1/29

Under pressure from Bridget, Sandy shifts the explanation onto Brooke, who stuns Bridget by revealing everything she knows about Sandy.

At a surprise party thrown for Sandy by the Jackie M employees, Bridget spitefully tells everyone Sandy's true identity--including her real name, Agnes.

Sharing her true feelings about Nick with him, Agnes promises never to cross the line regarding his marriage.

Despite Taylor's caution about publicizing their relationship, Whip is struck by Cupid's arrow and makes a bold declaration.

Steffy's involvement with Bill leads him to a confession that causes a furious Katie to storm out, a situation that Steffy is more than happy to use to her advantage.

Brooke is concerned about Hope being thrust into the limelight after her ordeal with Graham.

Steffy isn't sorry about her role in Katie's marital problems on Friday, February 12.

COMING: Rick must choose between Hope and Steffy.

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