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The Week of February 1-5

After a five-year ordeal, Sandy learns the identity of her attacker and confronts him, with Nick and the police at her side.

Sandy's pregnancy is endangered due to the physical and emotional stress of what she's been through.

When Nick finally tells Bridget about what's been going on with Sandy, and his role in it, she questions his commitment to their marriage.

Bridget lashes out at Sandy for her secrets, shocking her with a harsh demand.

Unaware of Graham's wild reputation with women, Hope gets in over her head at a party in Graham's apartment, and is rescued and brought to the hospital just in time.

Brooke and Ridge apologize to Hope for the comments she overheard, and Steffy also expresses regrets to Hope for her behavior.

COMING: Brooke and Ridge hope for a family reconciliation.

FEBRUARY SWEEPS (from Soap Opera Digest)

"Expect transitions, new threats and changing alliances to shake up the canvas," warns Executive Producer/Head Writer Bradley Bell...

Bridget/Nick/Sandy: Bridget learns about Sandy's true identity as Agnes and that Nick has been secretly helping to put her rapist behind bars. "Bridget is devastated by Nick's secrecy, and her trust and confidence in Sandy is destroyed. The idyllic relationship between Nick, Bridget and their surrogate will never be the same, yet their futures remain tied together by the pregnancy." Meanwhile, Sandy can't help but develop feelings for Nick. "When Nick tries to resolve the tension between the two women, a shocking twist could impact their lives."

Katie/Bill/Steffy: "Bill's commitment to Katie is challenged and he shares more kisses with Steffy, whose desperation grows to find some way to return Forrester Creations to her family. Steffy's bold actions will have a profound impact on Ridge, Eric, Stephanie and Taylor in the weeks to come; an impact that will resonate heavily with Brooke, Donna, Katie and Bill."

Brooke/Ridge/Taylor/Whip: "Evolving events at Forrester Creations once again puts Ridge in the middle between Brooke and Taylor." Meanwhile, Taylor "is happier than she has been in a long time. Whip loves her unconditionally, but will tensions between Ridge and Brooke put a damper on this new love? And will the changing face of Forrester Creations bring Taylor's interests into conflict with Whip's at Jackie M?"

Stephanie/Eric/Donna: "Donna's loyalty to her sisters has created tension in her marriage. Eric cannot help thinking back to the past with Stephanie and how things used to be... a past that seems lost to him now—or is it?"

Owen/Jackie: "Not having a child remains a deep loss for Owen that unexpected events may bring to the surface in a dramatic and shocking way."

The New Generation: "Steffy has a plan, but how far will she go to achieve it? If she is successful, the implications will change the Forrester and Logan families for years to come."

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