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Unable to live with the guilt, Owen tells Jackie the secret about him, Bridget, and the baby she's expecting.

Now that Donna will soon be single again, Justin wants to get back together with her.

Donna stands firm about the terms of her divorce settlement, which includes half of Eric's interest in Forrester Creations, despite Eric's plea that she reconsider.

At a family dinner, Eric makes a shocking announcement about his plans, which prompts Stephanie to make her own declaration.

Hope is dismayed to see a suggestive email that Steffy sent Oliver, but he assures Hope that she is the only woman in his life.

Pam enjoys the company of a familiar face.

COMING: Anything can happen at Hope's graduation party.

• A spokesperson for B&B confirms that Adrienne Frantz will be bringing Amber back to LA this summer. Frantz starts taping on May 18 and will first air on July 1.

• Latin recording artist Daddy Yankee guest stars for a five-episode story arc starting Tuesday, June 1 to Monday, June 7; kicking off a steamy summer story. Watch for a contemporary twist to the traditional masquerade ball, using his rhythms as the catalyst for some of the characters' most shocking behaviors yet. "The consequences for the Forrester family will be devastating," says Emmy-winning Executive Producer and Head Writer Bradley P. Bell.

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I wonder if Little Eric/D will be accompanying Amber back to town and if he does what will they do about the fact that his younger sister Hope is graduating high school and he is still ten years old!