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Spoilers and Previews -- Week of 4/19


A tragic accident changes lives forever.

Reminiscence leads former lovers into each other's arms.

National Enquirer

• A tragic accident changes many lives forever.

• A couple faces a difficult hurdle in their marriage.

• Former lovers fall into each other's arms.

• A wife notices strange behavior from her husband.

SNS Spoilers

While the Logan family support Beth following the accident, Stephanie tries to convince them that what happened wasn't deliberate.

Donna storms out on Eric and turns to Bill for friendship when Eric refuses to back her pursuing legal action against Stephanie, who is ultimately cleared by the police.

On returning home and finding Stephanie still living there, Donna gives Eric an ultimatum: her or Stephanie.

Donna leaves Eric when he won't cut Stephanie out of his life.

Steffy's attempt to flirt with Oliver and remind him of their kiss doesn't lead to the reaction she hoped for.

During a second "Cabana Boy" photo shoot, Jackie notices a big difference in Owen's attitude from that in previous sessions.

Bill sees Donna as the means to his goal on Friday, April 23.



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