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11:10 PM - May 15, 2010 #1


Bob, Kim and Tom plan a party to celebrate Lisa's 50 years in Oakdale

Lisa doesn't like their idea and decides to put on a show at Metro

Chris, Ali, Casey, Katie, Tom and Margo play key figures in re-enactments from Lisa's past

During their play acting, Chris and Katie engage in a kiss that is all too real

Later, Katie schemes to trap Chris and Alison together

Katie's plan fails and she and Chris wind up trapped together

Things get heated between Chris and Katie as he puts the moves on her

Chris is just about to kiss Katie when they are interrupted by Alison

Casey is manipulated by Vienna, who continues to sexually toy with him

Alison tries to make Casey see that Vienna is only using him

Barbara gets good news from her doctor, who tells her she's still cancer free

Henry and Barbara celebrate Barbara's diagnosis with a kiss

Vienna witnesses Henry and Barbara's moment and is angry

Seeking revenge, Vienna tells Henry that she is pregnant as Barbara stands close by

Henry is upset by the news at first, but quickly comes to embrace fatherhood

Luke is still confused and uncertain about Noah

Luke and Reid debate how and when to tell Noah the truth about their relationship

Noah continues to question Luke about the tension between Luke and Reid

Luke tries and fails to be honest with Noah about his feelings for Reid

Luke and Noah spend some time together alone and begin to rediscover their connection

Reid is jealous and angry when he learns about Luke and Noah's time together

Luke and Reid later meet and have a heart to heart

Reid thinks it's time he and Luke dealt with their feelings for each other

Jack is angry about Carly's lies regarding Parker's role in Gabriel's accident

Carly justifies her actions, saying she knew Jack would be inclined to turn Parker in

Jack debates what to do, but eventually decides to protect Parker by keeping quiet

With Craig aware of Parker's actions, Jack seeks to make a deal with Craig

Parker's guilt continues to tear at him

Margo notices Parker's behavior and becomes suspicious of him

Margo is stunned to learn that Gabriel is Craig's son

Trying to make things up to Craig, Lily lies to Margo that Craig knew Gabriel was his son before the fire

Margo becomes convinced that Craig would never intentionally hurt Gabriel

Craig and Margo visit an unconscious Gabriel in the hospital

Craig promises Lily he'll be a good father to Gabriel

Gabriel wakes up and he and Craig clash

Gabriel is led to believe a distorted version of what happened the night of the accident

Thanks to Gabriel, Craig looks guiltier than ever

News of Gabriel's paternity makes its way through Oakdale

Dusty and Janet have a romantic interlude

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Craig makes a promise to Lily; Bob, Kim and Tom plan a party for Lisa.


Lisa celebrates her 50th anniversary with a show at Metro; Vienna reveals a secret.


Chris and Katie are trapped; Luke feels pressured to be forthcoming with Noah.


News about Craig and Gabriel's relationship travels quickly; Jack wants to protect Parker.


Lucinda and Gabriel have a talk; Dusty gets romantic.

Posted 5/8
Jack is angry when he discovers Carly's lies

Jack and Carly fight over how to best help Parker

Jack tries to come to terms with Craig

Katie's latest attempt at matchmaking goes awry

Things get romantic between Janet and Dusty

Vienna targets Henry and Barbara for revenge

Margo is shocked when Lily tells her that Gabriel is Craig's son

Lisa takes action to stop Bob and Kim's plans

Gabriel is misled from the truth

Noah's vision continues to improve

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1:55 AM - May 19, 2010 #2

I was very disappointed in today's episode (Tue. May 18). I was hoping to see some real footage from long ago shows.

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2:17 AM - May 19, 2010 #3

Yeah...some flashbacks would have been awesome. It was also very sad because we know that Nancy Hughes was supposed to be part of it too :(
Another thing....anything with crackwhoreAli is a disaster.
I did enjoy the chemistry between Katie and Chris.
Babs and Henry also have some great chemistry. They both knocked it outta the park today. I just love them together :) It brings out Babs long ago character that we havent seen in ages.

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3:45 AM - May 19, 2010 #4

I was also very disappointed about the lack of flashbacks. And agree that Ali's portrayal of Lisa was just an insult to injury.

I enjoyed Lisa's act though. It might be fun to see her show live.

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11:03 PM - May 19, 2010 #5

I totally agree! What the heck was that......FAKE flashbacks??? Dumb, dumb, dumb. Don't they know that the fans LOVE any kind of flashbacks but they have to be REAL???

Ugh. I can only hope that Reid and Luke are on today!