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Google Translate from Italian so it will not be exact. Here's the original Italian page link:

http://roma.corriere.it/notizie/cronaca ... 19d0.shtml

Bruce Lee child found after 45 years
by Francesco Palmieri

Interview with Marco Pane, "I was with him for 12 hours and I will never forget."

It was May, 45 years ago, when a small film crew came down to the Hotel Flora in via Veneto coming from Hong Kong. The film that was to shoot in Rome, the biggest free spot for the Colosseum, was "Chen's scream also terrorizes the West". Subject, screenplay, direction, choreography were signed by the one who, of that film, would also be co-producer and leading actor: Bruce Lee. The traces that the Little Dragon, prematurely died in 1973 just a year after the film, disseminated for Rome have been collected and told in the novel "Little Dragon. The life of Bruce Lee "published by Mondadori and written by Francesco Palmieri. Journalist, master of Kung Fu, has already signed two works of fiction for the same publisher: "The Neapolitan Book of the Dead" and "La Camorrista".

Karate manuals in Italian

On the Roman stay of Lee, Palmieri also investigated digging into the library of the martialist actor, where are kept the Karate manuals in Italian written by the master Augusto Basile, which Bruce got by shooting for the libraries of the Capital between a clapper and the other . But the most touching (and unpublished) testimony is that of the child actor who acted with the Little Dragon in the opening bars of the film, in a scene set at the Leonardo da Vinci airport. Palmieri has discovered Marco Pane, now "a fifty-year-old lover with a nice look" who "does not look so much like a child with a blond helmet and a scarlet suit that tastes ice cream in the airport arrivals hall. When a gentleman knocks on his shoulder and makes the gesture of eating, he screams frightened and runs from his mother - who is sensed beyond the goal - while the cone falls from his hand. Marco Serbian in the heart and on the Facebook profile the still image of that moment. Because he was the child and the gentleman was Bruce in an early scene of the Chen's Edge, "he tells himself in the book.

That" magic circle "around him

Marco reports many details of that unforgettable day: "This is the memory that I have of Bruce Lee: a person who tended to take refuge in his space, which was that of the windows of Fiumicino. This image has remained indelible, every time I go to Fiumicino, although the airport has changed a lot, I have this image of him leaning on the glass that looks out. It is my indelible photo. Because I watched it for hours. I was on the set from 8 am to 8 pm and I did not take my eyes off him. It was so much admiration that I did nothing but look at him. He was a person who did not need filters, filtered himself, no one approached too much, tended to talk to him from afar, as if he were creating a kind of magic circle ....

The Colosseum rebuilt in Hong Kong

Yet, a fact that will surprise many Romans, the highlight of the film, the famous fight to the death between Bruce Lee and the champion Karate Chuck Norris, hired by a gang of gangsters to eliminate the Little Dragon, did not take place in the true Colosseum because the crew did not get permission to shoot. They had to rebuild the interiors of the Flavian Amphitheater in Hong Kong, where they returned to complete the film. By mounting autobiographical pieces with pieces from Lee's biography, Palmieri packages this work of fiction according to his favorite scheme of the non-fiction novel, this time on the traces of a character firmly established as a global icon.

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Great find. Thanks, Nick.

50 yr old Marco Pane really looked vast different from the icre-cream boy in WOTD. But the little child next to him does look a bit like the ice-cream boy.